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A Bungalow Testimonial

“My wife and I live in a 1924 bungalow home in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our house has plaster and lathe wall construction with no insulation in the exterior walls. We are converting an old Summer Sleeping room which we used as our office into a master bathroom. The room was originally designed with 8 windows so that sleeping there was more comfortable during hot Oklahoma summers before air conditioning in the 1920’s. Because of the room’s 3 exterior walls with many windows on a Southern exposure, it was consistently cool in the winter and hot in the summer.

As we are currently living in the house, tearing out the plaster and lathe to insulate and drywall was not an option due to the dust and mess. I was doing internet research and found the Foam It Slow Rise Foam to be the solution. We were very reluctant to actually do the Slow Rise Foam due to the cost and fear of it failing because we’ve never attempted this type of project. The cost of the project was $750 with the foam and probably very close in cost to a tear out and re-drywall, but allowed us to avoid huge mess and maintain the original integrity of the house’s construction.

We found the process to be much easier than expected. One of our big concerns was the speed at which the filling had to be completed due to the potential problem of having the foam harden between fills. That was not an issue at all. We even had 3 spare tips left over! The project went very quickly, had very easy cleanup (with proper prep) and seems to be very effective. The room no longer has cold spots as you move along the walls and is now a very even temperature throughout. Even with the large number of windows in the room, the overall temperature has improved several degrees. We can see how use of the Foam It Slow Rise Foam in a room with a smaller number of windows would have an even bigger impact.

As we repaint additional rooms in the house we plan to continue to add Foam It Slow Rise Foam to the walls throughout our home. Thanks for making a great product and for having a website that gives the information homeowners need to set this project up well to make it easy to complete.


Michael & Jennifer K.
Tulsa, OK