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Can Foam it Green be used to Insulate my Hot Tub?

hot-tub-768x559During the winter, a hot tub is a great way to stay warm and have fun.

Most spa owners use a cover to help maintain water temperature. But, they often miss the importance of insulating the sides and bottoms of pools and tubs to help prevent heat loss. Studies have shown you can reduce your monthly operating costs by half with the use of a sufficiently insulated shell and a cover.

Sufficient insulation can be achieved by having a minimum 2″ thickness of medium density polyurethane foam on the shell. If the manufacturer has not provided at least 2″ of foam, FOAM IT GREEN® enables the installer, even the owner, to supplement existing foam to meet this minimum requirement.

Wrapping valves and fittings with kitchen plastic wrap and then applying the foam will allow you to access these fittings and valves if a repair is needed. The plastic wrap inhibits the adhesion of the foam to these specific parts, allowing you to cut the foam away, make the repair, and reapply the foam when the job is done.

Choose our closed cell, fire retardant formula for insulating your hot tub, pool, or spa.