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Can I Spray Foam it Green While My Furnace is On?

We know it’s cold outside, but before you start spraying, please turn OFF your furnace.

Foam It Green should NOT be sprayed around open flame or sparks, so the safest thing to do is turn off the furnace or pilot light (if applicable) while you’re spraying and keep it off for at least an hour after you’re done (while you’re airing out the space).

If you’re heating the area with a portable heater, warm the surface up to the proper temperature (65-85 degrees F) and then shut the heater off while you spray.

If you need to reheat the surface or heat another area, wait until the room has aired out before turning the heater back on.

Lots of people insulate during the winter months, and it is safe and easy as long as you follow directions. Questions? Please email us at and we would be glad to help.