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Focusing on Home Improvement Leads to Improvement!

The truth is we get what we focus on.

Try this experiment with me:  Look around the room you’re in.  Notice everything that’s blue.  Study it, memorize where it is.  Take 20 seconds to do this. Now close your eyes and tell me what’s brown.  Or Green.  Could you only list what was blue?

The fact is, when you focus on exploding your home’s value, you will get just that.  It’s not magic.  You will notice what you’re getting and make adjustments as necessary.

Energy costs have gone up dramatically since 1999.  Electric has gone up 50%, natural gas over 130% and fuel oil an astronomical 200+%!  With costs going up like that, it’s near impossible to keep up unless you’re using a lot less.

The truth is, the American dream is becoming more and more expensive every day.  Home energy costs continue to rise even when the costs per oil barrel go down.  Do you foresee energy costs going down as non-renewable supplies diminish and demand increases around the world?

Even if our country invests massively in sustainable energies, the trillions of dollars in capital costs involved will absolutely inflate our energy costs.

The only way to make energy sustainable at the individual level is to dramatically curb our use of energy.  The fastest and easiest way to do that is to control how much we spend heating and cooling our homes.  And to do that, we must focus on it.

When we focus on saving energy and having more money to do with as we please, that is what we get.  We also end up with a more comfortable home, a healthier family, and feeling better about our place in the world.

With every $1 you save in annual energy costs, you end up adding roughly $20 to your house.  That means dropping your yearly costs by $300 can add $6,000 to your home.

Sooner or later, you’re going to have to do something to keep up.  You can do it. Keep focusing and working on the issue and you’re sure to get it fixed.

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