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Spring Cleaning – Attic!

Spring is here!  And it’s time to do some Spring cleaning.

After a harsh winter and high heating bills, this Spring is also a good time to assess what’s going on with the insulation up in the attic.  Foam It Green has heard it all- people finding holes they can see through, damp or moldy fiberglass batts, and sometimes no insulation at all! Problems like these will cost you lots in higher energy costs and in potential structural problems later on.

Poorly sealed and insulated attics are one of the major causes of energy loss in US homes.  When was the last time you made sure you have sufficient insulation in your attic? For most of us, Spring is the perfect time to get this done quickly and easily.  It’s cool enough to work upstairs, and early enough we don’t have the air conditioning on.

The steps are 1-2-3 easy:

Step 1: Make sure you wear a mask, long sleeves, pants and gloves.  Most people have fiberglass in their attic and that’s not good to inhale or touch.  If you have cellulose or vermiculite, it’s still very important to have a mask on to make sure you aren’t inhaling any tiny particles of dust, insulation, mold, or pest droppings.

Step 2: Carefully peek around and assess what you have for insulation.  Lift up the insulation on the attic floor and check for droppings, wet insulation or floor, and dirt or mold.  Remove any moldy insulation immediately and consider contacting a professional to have deeply inbedded mold remediated.  Go beyond the large gaps which need to be repaired and look carefully to find the air leaks where the insulation can be improved.

Step 3: Fix any problems you find. In Southern states, consider using closed cell spray foam insulation on the underside of the roof instead of the floor of the attic.   This will keep the attic cool for your home cooling system to work properly.  In Northern states, unless you plan to use the attic for living space, make sure you have a tight air seal on the attic floor.  Heat rises and during the cold winter months, unless you have livable space in your attic, you’ll want to keep the heated air inside just the home itself.

Wherever you are, closed cell polyurethane spray foam insulation provides the following benefits:
·          The highest R-Value per inch
·          An airtight seal, vapor retarder and structural support
·          Mold protection and Pest resistance

By stopping air-infiltration, you’ll lower your energy costs significantly. Now that we’re turning off the heat, it is coming time for the natural heat to begin.  Air conditioning costs will be higher this year, so prepare now and save!