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Successes in Money Saving with Foam it Green

No one insulates for fun – we do it for comfort and energy/money savings. Read and watch below for how Foam it Green helps you succeed.

Willy D. in NY “I have a small home in Upstate New York , and Foam It Green is a Life saver, literally.
Besides being small, my home is old, built 1930. I have tried and tried to stop mice from coming in,Not only
do mice come in , but bugs come in, and I guess they attract the mice ,and the mice and bugs attract snakes. Well I used can foam found at hardware stores and it made a mess, I filled a few cracks and had foam everywhere else besides the cracks, Mice Bugs and Snakes still were coming in.
One day out of the corner of my eye, I see a Rattle Snake, In NYS you are not allowed to kill them, they are an endangered species here .I am not a snake charmer, or handler in any way, but I have to move the snake out and keep it alive, and I did , but it was a close call. I cannot imagine what would happen if My Wife or a Child was there. I went online to find a real good SPRAY FOAM, with good reviews and a 2 part chemical that sticks well,expands properly and dries strong but also does not make a mess. Other kits looked similar but all had 1 star reviews ,people mainly complained the others made a mess, did not spray well,and left a lot of product stuck in the cans .. but not Foam It Green. Your reviews were all 5 stars , You deserve the 5 star review..The instructions were excellent, the kits came with everything, the coverage was amazing and the expanding made certain there would be no gaps. There was and is no chemical smell at all.
Today I have NO bugs, or Mice or most importantly SNAKES entering my home . The cold snap came this month and I was amazed HOW WARM my basement was,Turns out the same gaps that allowed pests and deadly vipers to enter were also draft points. My Humidity stays low, and my electric bill went down since my dehumidifier runs less. I one day hope to fully insulate my walls and roof with this product and save a huge amount on heating and cooling costs for the rest of this drafty little cabin.
I recommend you product to anyone looking to insulate, or seal out pests.
Thank You Foam It Green,
William D.”