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The Importance of Value and Price

I wonder whether you’re aware of how important it is to distinguish between value and price.  People who choose insulation based on price are always disappointed.  They spend the least they can and then find out they didn’t solve the problems they wanted to.  The net result is they spent more than they ever needed to if they’re not solving the problem at hand.

Think about it – they had a problem.  Then they spent money and still have the problem.

That means by spending the least amount of money they could, they wasted a lot.  The so-called “more expensive” solution would actually have solved that problem driving them crazy.

That’s why you should make your consumer decisions based on value and not price.

Do you wear the cheapest clothes you can possibly buy?  Do you wear the cheapest shoes, drive the very least expensive car, own the cheapest home, live in the cheapest part of the country?

Probably not.

So price is not that important.  It’s certainly not the most important thing.

However, many companies love to get well-meaning consumers to focus in on price and not value.  Here’s how they do it with some examples of the shell game from our own industry.

o   A company can offer you an attractive lower price if they know they can use the non-fire retardant foam in your home.

o   They can offer you a lower cost per item if they jack up the shipping costs.

o   They can strip out things you’ll need

o   They can skimp on service.

o   Or skimp on support such as fixing issues or handling defective products or installations.

o   They can slash quality.

o   They can focus on a low board foot cost while leaving necessities like the costs of nitrogen tanks, licensing and transportation, and hoses off the table.

o   Or perhaps they use a lower density of foam so you end up with spongy foam instead of closed cell foam.  Who’d ever know?

These are all great ways to lure people in to looking at price, focusing on it, making a decision based on price.  Who wins?  They win.  Who loses?  Surely you can guess by now.

The important thing to focus on is value.  Will it really and truly solve your problem?  How much more will you need to spend to fix your problem?   What happens if it doesn’t go as planned?  How does your problem get solved then?  Is this what you really want for your home?

In other words, if you want the lowest possible price on spray foam, go find someone to spray foam that should never pass inspection. If you want the lowest price on insulation, go to your local home improvement superstore and price shop.  Or buy someone’s used insulation.

The truth is finding the lowest price isn’t hard at all.  It never has been.  However, I already know you’re not concerned solely with price because you’re reading this post.

You want to make an informed, intelligent choice for your home.  That’s truly excellent.  If you want that, ask questions, and don’t focus on price.  Focus entirely on value, on how to solve the problems you want solved, and your results can be phenomenal.