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Why You Want a Comfortable, Healthy, Money-Saving Home

Lower Energy Costs

The number 1 reason people invest in insulation is to save money on heating and cooling a home.  The U.S. Department of Energy states that 40% of the energy in a home can be saved by sealing air leaks.  With energy costs skyrocketing, this makes it more and more important to plug the hole in your pockets.

Higher Resale Value

2008 Research shows that 80% of Americans are willing to pay more for a green home.  That means energy efficiency not only saves you money month after month, it also puts more money in your pocket when it comes time to sell.  That’s like owning a stock that puts large dividends in your pocket each month and goes up in value considerably.

More Desirable

Not only will people pay more for energy efficient homes, they want to pay more.  That means your dollar saving home is more attractive to buyers.  Not only can it fetch more money, people are going to want to compete for it more.  It’s more comfortable, it has substantially lower energy bills, it’s mold and moisture and pest resistant, and so on.  The days of uneducated home owners buying empty walled homes are coming to a close very quickly.

More Comfortable

A home without air seeping through it is much more comfortable.  First, it retains the conditioned air that you set on your thermostat.  So, your thermostat no longer says 70 in the winter as you shiver with drafts and wear long johns because it’s 55 in your home.

Second, drafts are distinctly annoying and noticeable.  Cold floors are not very pleasant – just imagine if your floors actually were room temperature like they should be.  You’d let your kids play on them again.  Friends and neighbors come over and envy your draft free rooms and warm floors.

When your energy costs are lower, and you don’t feel drafts, and you don’t worry about mold or moisture or pests, you’re just going to be more comfortable.  That’s easy to take for granted.  However, peace of mind is truly a wonderful thing.


The slime and grime every home owner fears.  Mold destroys a home’s value and can be very expensive to remediate.  It’s also a significant health risk and can force people to move out of their homes while still having to pay the mortgage.  Mold comes from moisture that can’t escape the home.

A properly sealed and insulated home resists mold because moist air doesn’t infiltrate.  Better yet, there is insulation that doesn’t hold moisture because the cells are tightly packed together.

The cheaper insulations trap particles that serve as food for the mold spores, almost like a spider’s web holds food for the spider.  Rigid and solid insulation leaves no room for this “food” to exist within them.

Pest Resistant

Most insulation doesn’t offer a barrier to insects or rodents.  The fact is insects and rodents want inside your wonderful home for very good reasons.  Let’s call it the survival instinct. It’s comfortable, there’s plenty of food, and it’s safer than being outside where they’re at the bottom of the food chain.

Having dense, rigid insulation provides a solid barrier to entry that makes it harder than it’s worth to get in.  They’ll look for an easier port of entry, perhaps at the home next door.

Fewer Allergies

If your home is breathing like most unhappily do, you’re letting in outside air and dust.  This can lead to allergies or at the very least, it prevents your home from providing a nice retreat from allergies outside.

Thankfully getting your home the very same air barrier that saves money and makes it more comfortable also makes it much healthier for you and your family to live in.

How to Get it

As you sit here, reading this, you might feel how great it is to have a comfortable, healthy, money saving home.  It’s surprisingly quick and easy to have and the payback can be dramatic.  One of the simplest projects out there is a rim joist/sill plate project.  It can take under an hour and most homes can be sealed with 200 board feet of spray foam.  Here’s a quick VIDEO showing how simple this can be!