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Not Just Insulation – Sound Control

Foam it Green Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation is not technically an acoustical material (meaning it does not absorb sound), it can be used to control sound because it stops air flow.  This means, it will block the transmission of sound from one area to another.  Spray a layer of foam on an interior wall to muffle sound between rooms.  Foam it Green is great for maintaining privacy in homes, offices, hospitals, schools, libraries, and RV’s.

By spraying a layer of foam onto very hard surfaces, sound is reduced because the echo is reduced. For instance, a room with concrete walls and floors reverberates sound.  Spraying Foam it Green on the walls will reduce the echo and sound since it is a softer surface than concrete.

Internal rooms that are not below grade (the basement), bathrooms or the kitchen can use Foam it Green Dual Purpose Open Cell Foam to stop sound transferring.

Use Closed Cell Foam It Green for any exterior walls, basements, bathrooms and kitchens- anywhere that moisture can be an issue.