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Now is the Time to Seal Your Attic!

All About Attics!

If you’re in a Southern State, you need to get your attic insulating project done NOW – before the heat comes. You don’t want to be in your attic in the dog days of summer. It is dangerous for your health. And, you don’t want to blow it off again this year because your cooling bills will take a big bite out of your wallet all Summer long.

Spring is the perfect time to get in the attic, sweep away all the old junky insulation, and lay down a simple single layer of Foam it Green closed cell spray foam insulation on the floor of the attic. Once the tight air seal is in place, pile it high with whatever insulation you please to build up the R-value and enjoy a comfortable, money saving Summer.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of having a contractor do the work for you, make sure you vet them well. Too often, we’ve heard them recommend you do the underside of the roof with open cell foam.

This is often not what’s best for your home’s construction, but is the most common plan of action from spray foam contractors in Southern states because it is a larger bid, and less work.

One reason they say this is the way to go is that it will keep your attic cool. Unless you are hanging out in your attic, there’s no sense in paying to cool your attic. If your air handler is in the attic, it needs to breathe, and a sealed off attic doesn’t allow for that.

Plus, if you have bathroom or kitchen vents that dump into the attic from the house, all of that exhaust gets trapped up there, too.

Another common reason contractors claim open cell on the underside of the roof is best is because you’ll see if your roof leaks. If your roof leaks, by the time you’re seeing it through your spongy open cell foam, your whole roof may be damaged since sponge-like open cell hold water against the underside of the roof, and spreads it out. This is just like a dry kitchen sponge. It will first absorb moisture across and not leak out of the sponge until it is fully saturated.

So, why do many high pressure rig contractors pitch you on doing it this way?

Because it’s the fastest way for them to do the job, and the total square footage is higher under the roof than it is on the floor.

If they spray the underside of the roof deck, they don’t have to sweep the floor of the attic of all the old product. If that old insulation has moisture, pests, and maybe even mold- all of that gets trapped in the now sealed off attic. You don’t want that.

Also, be on the lookout for any contractors telling you that you don’t have to leave the house. The truth is, when using a high pressure spray foam rig, the entire home should be evacuated of all humans and pets that breathe air for 72 hours. That’s 3 days.

So, Southerners, please let Foam it Green help you do it once, do it right, and do it safely.

Do what’s right for the home – which is most likely the floor of the attic. Talk to our building science spray foam experts at 800-516-0949. We’ll walk through all the factors for your specific home to see whether the floor of the attic or the underside of the roofdeck is the best choice based on your home’s needs.

Do what’s right for your wallet – spraying the floor uses less foam because it’s less square footage than the underside of the roof. And, because you can do 1 inch to seal and fill the rest with cheap R-value, you save on having to pay for many inches of foam. You’re also paying less utilities because the total square footage you’re cooling is less when you cap the house at the ceiling of the living space instead of including the entire attic’s square footage.

And, do what’s right for your family’s health – low pressure spray foam kits like Foam It Green only have a 1 hr re-entry time for the area that’s being sprayed, meaning your family can stay home while you spray, and you can be back in the attic an hour after the spraying is complete.

We’re here to help – call us toll free at 800-516-0949. Just because we’re from Chicago doesn’t mean we can’t help your Southern home stay energy efficient and comfortable!