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Professional Foaming

For many considering a foaming project, they cannot decide whether they should/can do the project themselves; or, if they should hire a foam contractor.

Things to consider in making this decision are:

1) What is the size of the project?  Often times, unless you’re doing a whole brand new home, it is cheaper to do it yourself with the portable, disposable kits, even if it takes multiple kits.  To find out how many kits you need for your project, check out our project estimator.

2) What is the budget for the project?  Doing it with the kits allows you to split up the costs and do the project as time or money allows.

3) What is the real benefit you want to achieve from doing the project?  Use that to figure out if you need to do multiple inches of foam to achieve that benefit.  Many people are looking for the tight air seal that spray foam provides.  In most cases, someone can use the flash-and-batt method to build up to an R-value of their choice, which is a cheaper yet effective solution. If you have questions about this step, you can call us at 800-516-0949 and we’d be happy to help audit your personal situation.

4) Do you already know and trust a foam contractor?  If not, please keep in mind that as with any type of contractor, there are good ones and bad ones.  Being certified and licensed and bonded doesn’t always mean you’re going to get a professional result.  We sell a lot of kits to homeowners after they’ve hired contractors to fix what they did wrong.

The foam you get from Foam It Green spray foam kits offers 2 lb, fire retardant formula. This is not always the case with contractors.  Often, they just have what they have in the truck – selling it as closed cell, but really it’s open cell, or not fire retardant, which can be dangerous for your house and personal safety.  With the kit, you know what you’re getting.  And, the kit is easy enough for even first-time-foamers to produce a professional result!  You don’t need any prior training to be successful with Foam It Green.