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Save Money This Winter

We can’t do anything about the cost of oil and gas rising.  However, we can do things to use less and keep costs down.  Unlike driving or cooking, heating one’s home uses energy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  And, if your home isn’t using energy efficiently, it will be costly this winter season, and every season going forward until it’s fixed.

Here’s the problem. Warm air inside rises and increases air pressure. The difference between inside pressure and the lower pressure outside drives warm air out through gaps in the attic and pulls cold air in through gaps in the basement or slab.

Consumer Reports explains that to stop the bleeding, you need to plug the big holes first.  “Start by sealing large gaps around chimneys, furnace flues, plumbing pipes, ductwork, light fixtures, and soffits in your attic.  Seal air leaks in the basement as well.  Insulate ceilings in unheated basements and around the walls in heated basements or unvented crawl spaces.  Also be sure to insulate ducts and hot-water pipes.”

Check out how closed cell Foam it Green spray foam insulation kits can help fill these gaps and save you big money on your energy bills this very winter.