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Its all done. Sprayed sills in unfinished portion of basement… was easy and had fun doing it

Michael B.
Mcfarland, WI

Thanks again you have a great product and very easy to use. I would recommend it to anyone. Only needed one nozzle

Gordie A. Waupaca, WI

Job is complete and was very easy. We insulated the back portion of ourhouse that only had 20 inch clearance.

Cliff W.
Effort, PA

I sprayed today, December 29, 2015. I followed the instructions, making sure the canistertemperature was in the green. I finished spraying my gutted kitchen in about an hour and a half. Once I got the hang of trigger control it was very easy to spray. I actually found it easier to control the evenness ofthe foam withoutthe fan tips. I’m very pleased with the result. There are no drafts and the kitchen isnow well insulated.Reading and following the instructions made it a very easy do-it-yourself project.

Ronald A.

It worked great in our barn, will be ordering another kit soon.

Tim H.,
Big Spring, TX

Yes I have finished my project in the aspect of the spray foam, and putting up the sheet rock but now I have to do the mudding.I have noticed a considerable amount of difference in the temperature in the rooms and can’t wait to compare utility bills from last year.

Mark H.
Conyers, GA

The project went off without a major hitch. The application process took some getting used to, but I think the end result was acceptable. So far I am happy with my decision to use Foam It Green.

Although its was cool when I applied it (attic temps around 60 deg F), I was able to preheat the tanks and area to get within range. However, this added complexity to the point that I have decided that I will not use the product again where (and/or when) preheating becomes a monumental task. Outside temps are below 40 now so use of the product becomes difficult.

Lee B.
Westborough, MA

Project is finished, things went smoothly. I am not much of a picture taker if my fiance took any I will have her put them on your Facebook. Looking forward to a warm house without drafts, they just fired the geo system up yesterday and we should get moved in within a month.

I was surprised you cannot reuse the gun, and I’m not sure I followed all the directions perfectly for disposal but whatever.

Dave J.
Tiffin, IA

I used the foam kit yesterday on my ductwork. The product was super easy to use and the instructions were very easy to follow. I sprayed it all over my ductwork in the attic. Will have to wait until summer to see how well it works. I will need to spray the flex runs in the spring since it is getting cold here in the northeast. But so far very pleased with the product.

Bob G.
Trumbull, CT

My project was not very sexy and photo’s will not do it justce. I sprayed the bottom of an old house trailer. Much of the trailer was just over three feet high, so getting the proper distance from the area being sprayed was difficult. There was one area of approximately three feet square wherre the foam fell off. Not sure why. The second attempt was successful.

Overall I am very happy with the product and would certainly use it again. I have recommended it to several friends as well.

Steve H.
Lawrence, KS

My project was not very sexy and photo’s will not do it justce. I sprayed the bottom of an old house trailer. Much of the trailer was just over three feet high, so getting the proper distance from the area being sprayed was difficult. There was one area of approximately three feet square wherre the foam fell off. Not sure why. The second attempt was successful.

Overall I am very happy with the product and would certainly use it again. I have recommended it to several friends as well.

Steve H.
Lawrence, KS

Got along great on the walls. The attic space was a little difficult. Just waiting to put up interior walls. Will use foam it green again and will refer friends to use. Hired a pro last time, will do it myself from now on.

Steven F.
Saint Charles, IA

I used Foam-it-Green inside 2 8’x20′ used shipping containers.I married them side by side and removed most of the marriage wall.I wanted to foam the interior primarily -- TO PREVENT CONDENSATIONand to insulate -- but any other insulation product would address the condensation issue.I am extremely satisfiedFirst time userfelt comfortable about 3 seconds in Idid a nice job -- look uniform.

Extremely please with the amount of waste -- much less than expected.There are a few spots that have to be sawed down -- but not many.Will but it again and recommend it to everyone and anyone.

David F.
Trinidad, CO

I just used the Foam It Green product to insulate the interior of a 2′ x 6′ 3 story wood framed fireplace/chimney chase prior to having to new fireplaces installed. This is a 1970’s house in the mountains of Truckee, CA, and it was poorly built and poorly insulated, so there are a lot of air leaks.My goals are reducing air leakage and insulating.Considering it was my first time using it, things went pretty well. I will probably do it again when I open up more walls in another phase of the remodeling.

Tim C.
San Francisco, CA


I sprayed the foam last week and it came out great. I will be buying your product again in the spring for a second project. My only complaint is the one size fit all suite is too small. I will need an 2X for the next order. Product is great.

Gary L.
Salem, MA

Drilled maybe 150 3inch diameter in existing plaster walls…brutal. On the plus side got an entirely new home, sitting in a 70 degreed house with a furnace that hasn’t run in days. One room left and than going to spray basement rafters. Insulating existing walls isn’t for amateurs.

Marcus R.
La Salle, IL

Using to stop condensation inside my steel garage, insulation factor is aplus.

Russell R.
Rising Sun, IN

Used the kit yesterday and was very pleased with it. My house is over 100 years old and has always been cold. I need to save on heating costs, but more importantly I want to be warmer this winter. I hope this will do the trick. The spray gun worked great and the odor from the foam was pleasant compared to what I anticipated. I am a satisfied customer!

Dave J.
Cromwell, IN

I did great I’ll be back next year for some more but got the important walls done.

Tammy M.
Howell, MI

Sealed the crawl space from mice yesterday. All went well.

Jeff K.
Rifle, CO

Oh wow that was fun, people get paid to do that!Kit arrived early Wednesday while I was at work, when I got home I sat on the porch to read the instructions. Ok I’m a guy, I read page 1 and maybe part of page 2. Assembled 1st kit as per instructions, kited my self up and went to work, It took a little practice to get the speed right but that wasn’t difficult. Approximately 2 hrs and the whole room is covered. Hmm yeah everything is covered lots on the old sofa I didn’t clear out the room and lots on the floor. But clean up was pretty easy too, threw the sofa out and used a scraper on the floor. Only thing I would have done different is clear everything out the room and put the system on a cart to move it easier while spraying up inside the roof joists.

Well guys, thank you for your help, I really did have a great time and will be calling on you next year when it’s warm enough to rip out a couple of more rooms on the house to do.

Phil G.
Bellefontaine, OH

The reason we chose Foam it Green is that we: 1) were required to have a minimum of R-7 beneath the WarmBoard radiant floor system we install throughout our new home in Tennessee (or the warranty would be voided), 2) the Master Suite was constructed over a crawl-space and needed some form of insulation between the floor joists and along the joint between the block wall and wood banding, and 3) we have constructed an “Off-Grid” retirement home with a number “small carbon foot-print” initiatives and Foam it Green fit right into the overall DIY (as much as we can) goals.

The spray foam job in the crawl space is complete as of last Thursday and my wife and I have noticed the Master Suite stays warmer longer with very little heating. In fact, the radiant floor heating system has not been fully completed, so we have been using heat from the ductless mini-split system, which can be a huge energy draw to the batteries.

Thomas P.
Bloomington Springs, TN

The product worked great in spite of colder than optimal temperatures.

Justus D.

The place I used your product on, was a total Rehabbing project, So I don’t have any past heating or cooling Bills to compare to. On the other hand, I LOVE “Foamit Green”. One of the best decisions I have ever made when doing a job of this Magnatude. I really like the Idea of insulating and vapor barrier in One product.. Because I have a brick exterior and 2X4 construction on the interior, which means there was a gap of about 4-6″ so I filled it with “Foamit Green” and batting Insulation too!. “Super Insulating”!!!

Steve T.

Everything went great. My house is warm will be doing other projects with you in the future.

Brandon H.
Brodhead, WI

Yes, loved the Spray foam kit. Now we have a four-season sunroom in theback, which increased our living space. With the way the room was beforethe renovation, it was impossible for us to insulate properly withoutspray foam.

Jim D.
Landisville, PA

I got the spray foam up this summer and had pictures taken, but my phone broke and I couldn’t get them sent in to you. I have noticed a big difference in the temperature of the bedroom that we put the spray foam in. Great product and easy to use. May be getting another kit this year for our bathroom remodel.

Seth D.
Lena, IL

Installation was completed without any major difficulties. Number of nozzles and other accessories supplied was about right. I’m confident that the installation has improved the value of the house. As for energy savings, that will take a while (maybe 2 years) to confirm.

Overall, my experience with Sprayfoam Direct and its product was good and I recommend it to others.

James P.
Park Ridge, IL

Novelty will never wear off!!! Your product is AWESOME!!!

No electric installed yet, so I haven’t been able to enjoy my barn/office/photo studio so far. But, while working in it, I’ve noticed that the rain doesn’t drive me crazy hitting that metal roof, hell, even the leafs in the fall drove me crazy. The noise insulation factor novelty will NEVER wear out with that! Foam RULES! Thanks for offering a great product that is easy to apply.

John B.

Just a quick note to say thanks for your great product. I sealed the basement of my old house in Maine from the sill to about to frost level. I had scheduled a contractor to do this work, but due to weather issues, they had been unable to get the job done.I got the work done in one afternoon, and the cost was about 1/3 of what the contractor’s quote was. A local plumber who looked at the work said it was better than the professional jobs that he had seen.

Our town is on an island and many of the basements, which are made of granite block, need sealing. I may do a presentation at the local “energy club” to tell them about how easy it was to get the job done.

Hal H.

Sorry I have not responded sooner, it has been very hectic around here for a while now. I want to thank you for the great customer service and superior product. The kit worked perfectly for my needs and made my local building inspector happy. I will be on the website soon to leave a positive review.

Jason C.
Mansfield, MA

My project is complete, sorry I did not take any pictures. I used your product on a clients house.I’m not sure how fun it was, but I can say that your system was very easy to use and the directions and all the extra pieces were needed and very helpful. I can say this much, in the spring I will be ordering 2 more 602 kits for my house. I have a crawl space under my house, spray foam will be the product I’ll be using to insulate!

Orwigburg, PA

The job is done. Just wanted to get the roof insulated and the new ceilinginstalled. Your product performed as it was supposed to without anyproblems. I will have no hesitation to use this product again if the needarises.

Charles B.
Duncannon, PA

The product was great. I sprayed the underside of a floor over a crawl space that was a little less than 2 feet deep and very little light. Wore a head lamp. Not really able to take pictures. The heat released and the protective clothing was an extreme experiencej. I looked at a variety of ways to insulate and the foam was by far the best choice.

John H.
White Bear Lake, MN

Project is completed and all went well. Sorry no photos.Going to have another project soon, will order more Foam.

William M.
Port Bolivar, TX

My project is done. I came up short on foam but got most of it covered. I wouldn’t say it was fun but it wasn’t bad. My project was the ceiling of my garage that runs under my kitchen and bed room. So I spent about 6 hours with my arms over my head and spray foam in my face.

I still have to install Sheetrock but I am hopeful that the kitchen floor won’t be so cold now. I don’t do Facebook so I will not be posting pics.

Dennis C.
Jenkintown, PA

It turned out ok. I got everything covered that I wanted. I was impressed at how strong the foam is after a couple of days. It really tightened up the roof rafters and did a good job of sealing the roof. I was not the best applicator of foam so some areas are not pretty, as a result I am not going to include any pictures. My only problem was at the end it took me a little while to notice that the foam had turned blue. After a few minutes the blue foam turned back into a blue liquid and started dripping. I should have noticed sooner but I got it all wiped up and everything seems fine.

In your very helpful list of do not’s please include to watch out for foam turning blue at the end and quit spaying immediately.

Bruce T.
Medford, NE

It turned out ok. I got everything covered that I wanted. I was impressed at how strong the foam is after a couple of days. It really tightened up the roof rafters and did a good job of sealing the roof. I was not the best applicator of foam so some areas are not pretty, as a result I am not going to include any pictures. My only problem was at the end it took me a little while to notice that the foam had turned blue. After a few minutes the blue foam turned back into a blue liquid and started dripping. I should have noticed sooner but I got it all wiped up and everything seems fine.

In your very helpful list of do not’s please include to watch out for foam turning blue at the end and quit spaying immediately.

Bruce T.
Medford, NE

Yes my project is done,The good news is I have already seen an improvement with the temp in my sunroom.The project was fun and now gratifying, just wish I would have used your product last year when I built the addition. I could have saved myself a lot of time!

Ernest K.

Yes my project is done,The good news is I have already seen an improvement with the temp in my sunroom.The project was fun and now gratifying, just wish I would have used your product last year when I built the addition. I could have saved myself a lot of time!

Ernest K.

Yes my project is done,The good news is I have already seen an improvement with the temp in my sunroom.The project was fun and now gratifying, just wish I would have used your product last year when I built the addition. I could have saved myself a lot of time!

Ernest K.

My project was not very sexy and photo’s will not do it justce. I sprayed the bottom of an old house trailer. Much of the trailer was just over three feet high, so getting the proper distance from the area being sprayed was difficult. There was one area of approximately three feet square wherre the foam fell off. Not sure why. The second attempt was successful.

Overall I am very happy with the product and would certainly use it again. I have recommended it to several friends as well.

Steve H.
Lawrence, KS

It worked very well.I’ll be ordering more!!!

Mark R.
Wethersfield, CT

I just used my kit one word for you and the team AWESOME!

Mark P.
Bellefontaint, OH

I completed my project on Sunday and have already reinstalled my insulation over the Foam it Green that I used to provide a leak proof seal in my attic. I unfortunately did not take any pictures, but I am happy with the outcome.

Thanks for your help.

Robert H.
Cockeysville, MD

I just used my kit one word for you and the team AWESOME!

Mark P.
Bellefontaint, OH

I am done, sprayed my sills and rim joists last Friday. It seemed to go well, the prep work took the most time (cleaning, moving stuff out of the way, etc). I would say I got the spraying done in 1.5 hours. We have an old farmhouse and it was clear we were losing a lot of heat through the sills. It will be interesting to see how much of a difference it makes, need a stretch of cold weather before we’ll know for sure.

Joseph S.
Buxton, ME

Thank you for checking in. My husband ended up ordering the outdoor spray foam and we did the bottom of our refurbished travel trailer. It worked great! We stayed toasty warm on our recent trip to Yellowstone. We will definitely use your products again when we have the chance.

Robert L.
Gillette, WY

Experience: I purchased 6 602 Kits in Sept. of 2013. I used 5 of these kits to insulate my Garage. I stored my last kit in my new room out in the Garage. Kept it heated during the winter.Today, October 12, 2015 I used the last kit on my recently newly built 12 x 16 shed that I at age 62 sprayed the 4 walls and was more than enough to insulate.Even though the manufactures recommendation states up to 1 year after purchase. Was leary of it not working , but it worked just fine.I live in Alma, Michigan

Benefits: Seals out and air leaks, and also, keeps out the bugs that find their way through those cracks.Great product . You should ask the purchaser what size is the buyer so the fit would be better.

Vernell S.
Alma, MI

I will be ordering another spray foam kit shortly to omplete stage two of my refurbishing project, The first kit I utilizes was a complete success eliminating unwanted air flow and accomplishing the insulation properties I was hoping to obtain.

Thank you
Sam D.
Brookville, OH

Experience: Exceptional, easy, and economical. I am your average diy-er that can handle most home improvement projects; however, until I found Foam-it Green, I wouldn’t come within a mile of spray foam.

I did my research and quickly realized that Foam-it green was the safest, easiest and most economical option. I ordered the 602 kit and literally within 10 minutes of it arriving at my house, I was spraying, within and hour and a half, I was done. The kits are put together with the consumer in mind. Buy with confidence, you will not be disappointed. Furthermore, if you find yourself with a question, Foam-it Green’s 24/7 customer service and online/YouTube presence is amazing.

What are you waiting for? Stop letting your hard earned money vanish leak out your walls and into thin (cold) air.

Benefits: Easy to set-up/apply. Professional Results.

Seth T.
Portsmouth, NH

I decided to use Foam It Green spray foam to insulate a new 10’x20′ wood frame building that I planned to use for storage. I have never used a product like this, but I thought it was the best product for sealing heat and humidity out of the building, which will be air conditioned.

I watched the instruction videos on the website last night, and started to spray the foam this morning. I put on my protective gear, attached the hoses and nozzle, and started to spray the product. Everything went perfectly. No problems; no glitches. I was amazed how easy it was for me to tackle this project completely on my own with no help.

I thought it would take a couple of days, but I was pleasantly surprised when I was completely done with two coats in 3 hours…ceiling included.

Thanks for making such a great product! There are a lot of choices out there, but I am so glad I chose your product.

Lisa P.
St. Petersburg, FL

Experience: This was the best experience, bar none, from ordering through installation. The video tutorials, instructions, 24/7 customer support were fantastic. And the installation was super easy!

Benefits: The clarity of instructions and how easy it was to set up and use the kit were beyond expectations.

Justin B.
Fairfax, VT

Used it and loved it!Awesome product!

Carol G.
Massena, NY

We have used up all the product, & so far are happy with it, we will need more to finish the walls but that can be done next year, when we have the money to do it. Turned out to be a not so hard project once you get the knack, wish we had covered the tractor & 4 wheeler ( used to get us high enough to spray the roof of the barn/shop.) I wish we had ordered more tyvek suits as they ware out if you have to do it a small amount at a time as we had to. Are we happy? YES!!!!!!!!!! we have recommended it to several others planning to do projects, And plan to get more as we can afore it to do more as well.

Donald B.
Philomath, OR

Experience: We moved from Alaska to the mountains of New Mexico last year. Winter can be harsh here but it doesn’t last for months on end. Last winter was our first in NM and I noted during those winter storms with high winds I could feel the wind blowing through the house. In NM they don’t insulate crawl spaces so I figured this is where we were losing significant heat and this is where the air pressure was getting in. We are also expanding the original 1,400 square foot house by another 1,100 square feet. I purchased two 602 insulation kits and insulated the both the existing crawl space and new crawl space. The kits were complete, the directions detailed and accurate, and the kits performed exactly as stated. In a world where companies too often over promise and under deliver the Foam It Green Kits were first rate and I expect we will save substantially on our heating bills and the house will be far more comfortable this winter.

Benefits: 1. Substantially reduced heating costs.

2. Dramatically increased comfort this winter by stopping air infiltration from the high winds of winter storms at the 7,300 foot level in the NM Manzano Mountains. I will forward project photos to the testimonial address.

Kim E.
Tijeras, NM

Experience: Everything went well, installed in rim joist pockets between basement and main floor.

Benefits: Easy to use kit had everything required for installation.

Thomas L.
Esko, MN

Experience: The directions are straight forward and product easy to use. I installed the kit on a Saturday morning in just a few hours and the product was exactly as described in all of the literature. Will definetly use this product for all my insulation needs and recommend to friends.

Benefits: I had large ice dams on my roof last winter and this product created an air tight insulation barrier which should prevent this and I heat with propane and the insulation has noticibly lowered propane use!

Nick M.
Macedon, NY

Experience: We are undertaking a major second home weekend renovation and in doing so we were concerned with insulation. After hours of research we decided on foam insulation. After many more hours of DIY foam research we chose FoamItGreen for several reasons. I called to talk to a rep that was more than helpful. He advised us on prep, what to expect and a 24 hour help line. We are limited to how much foam we can spray at 1 time and the 202 kit fits our time frame. We are new to foam and was concerned about all the extras we would need. The 202 kit was all inclusive with easy to follow instructions. We have used our 202 kit with amazing results and are working towards finishing another room to order again.

Benefits: Sealing off the outside walls from air leaks.

Ease of use.

Jenny M.
Lake Jackson, TX

Experience: The package came a lot quicker than I had imagined. The directions were easy to read and understand and before I knew i was done and my basement was a beautiful hue of green.

Benefits: i enjoyed the directions and the added safety equipment that come with the package. I also enjoy how easy it was to spray the insulation once I had read the instructions.

Patriceo G.
Severn, MD

Experience: It was amazing! This product is easy to use, and so fast. The best part is, that when the insulation inspector came, he said, or you sprayed foam it, great! Couldn’t be better.

Benefits: The fact that this foam is closed cell, preventing humidity between my rafters, is the number one benefit for this particular, job. By applying Foam It Green, I saved a lot of space giving me the opportunity to provide the costumer with a cathedral ceiling effortless.

Rafael D.
Parsippany, NJ

Experience: As my wife and I have recently entered the “empty nest” period of our lives, we decided this would be a good time to complete the remodel we have wanted to do for the past 14 years. As I started researching options for insulation, I realized the importance of choosing the correct product for your application.

After much research and speaking with different manufacturers of spray foam products, I decided to go with Foam It Green. Although I am very much a DIY person, I was very hesitant prior to using this product for the first time. What a mistake! Simple and very well written instructions, very easy application, full advertised coverage. 24 hour support is awesome. Unfortunately, a hose was damaged in shipping. This was replaced without question. I could not be more satisfied with this product.

Benefits: Great vapor barrier that I have gained, much needed in the deep south.

Maximum R value obtained.

David C.
Moss Point, MS

Experience: Let’s just say that you could see daylight through our old stone foundation. After a particularly cold 2014-15 winter, and large heating bills I finally broke down and decided it was time to cut out some of the drafts. Our house is old and has a scary crawl space, so what better way to get it taken care of than hiring someone else to go down there. After having a couple of contractors look at it, and give me a price we settled on one. Fast forward to fall of 2015 and he still hadn’t shown up. Needless to say I didn’t want to fork out the extra money on the heating bill again this year. I decided, being kinda handy that I should take care of it myself. I purchased foam it green as it seemed to be novice friendly. In I went to the crawl space spraying foam over everything including some gaps that I could see daylight through and a couple of creepy crawlies. It took me the best part of an afternoon, and I was done. As of right now I’m sitting in my living room typing this with no drafts at my feet planning my next foam it green project. I’d definitely say I’m a happy customer and will certainly purchase this product again.

Benefits: The color. It was handy to know that I’d run out of yellow. If it had been regular foam I would never have noticed that one of the cans was empty before the other.

John R.
Derby, VT

Experience: My experience with Foam it Green was great. I have a totally new house and since installing the slow expanding foam in the perimeter walls of my 1926 brick house I haven’t had to use the furnace. I drilled about 185 3inch diameter holes into the plaster walls, I used a diamond edged hole saw with a hammer drill. As I drilled the holes I would hold a shop vac hose at the hole being drilled which really helped keep the dust down. I learned as the foam started to expand out the 3inch diameter holes I would press my hand over the hole and try to keep the foam in the cavity increasing the insulating value and decreasing the foam waste.

Benefits: Best benefit is a warm house for my 16 month baby girl, I’m literally typing this sentence in a home that is nice and warm without using my furnace. Before the foam installation, this house was the worse- cold and a furnace that never stopped running. Another great benefit with this foam is I don’t hear any outside road noise anymore, no more noisy motorcycles or trucks with my windows closed.

Marcus R.
La Salle, IL

Experience: Dealing with the team was a wonderful experience. All of the online documentation was helpful. But, I was more impressed with the support and help received when I purchased the product and then the follow-up emails after my purchase to ensure that I had everything I needed.

Benefits: The instructions were clear and concise.

The customer service was beyond excellent.

It made me feel that I had a whole team helping me complete my project.

Ben V.
Westville, NJ

I finally got my project done with the 602 kit it went as easy as the direction said it would I am very pleased with the project nothing is as easy as most ads say but this was I will use it again for sure. Thank y’all.

Jay H.
Kemp, TX

I bought a 1258 sq ft two story A frame house and completely gutted it. I sprayed your product on every surface except the floors to seal my structure. I then insulated with rockwool and between the two insulations gave me an R rating between 36 and 43. We use a single mitsubishi hyper heat 18,000 btu on the down stairs currently. We kept the bottom floor 850 sq ft at 69 degrees all summer long.. We are a complete electric house.. We use induction cooktop, electric water heater 50gal and led lights throughout the house. Our highest electric bill was 90 dollars. Our average was 80 for the summer. We will add a smaller hyper heat unit upstairs for cooling during the summer next year but only anticipate a 15 -- 20 dollar increase during peak months. In the winter both floors are comfortable temperatures. 74 downstairs and 69 upstairs for sleeping. I know this kind of comfort and energy efficiency wouldn’t have been possible with out your product. The next house we build will have your product the full thickness of the studs and rafters.

Jeremy J.
Neosho, MO

Experience: The Foam-It-Green product is great. I put 1.5 to 2 inches on the tin roof of a shop, approx 1000 sq ft. Excellent results.The info provided with the product is accurate and adequate--but you never know the real story until you climb the learningcurve. To wit: if spraying above
1. cover everything below. There is a lot of “rain” that falls and it sticks to everything.

2. The rain falls on you too--so cover yourself completely. If you have hairy arms and you get in on them--you got trouble.

3. Even working at 65 to 75 degrees I got hot (going up and down step ladder) with the coveralls, respirator, mask,gloves, etc. on.

4. Unless your respirator (or face covering) is air tight your breath will leak up into your goggles and fog them.

5. If your breath doesn’t fog the goggles the “rain” from above will cloud them. My wife suggested cutting covers for thegoggles out of Seran Wrap. Then you can just peel it off and replace it. Saves your goggles cause the F-I-G will ruin them.

6. They advertise 1 minute for max time you can suspend spraying without replacing the nozzle. I went as much as 2 or 3minutes with no problem which helps if you have to reposition the equipment as you go along.

7. When the product starts sputtering as the product is used up--stop immediately. Don’t try to squeeze a little more outof the tanks, cause at that point it is not mixing properly and you will get the stickiest goo you have ever seen all overanything below.Don’t be discouraged. You can do it. It will be easy if you follow the directions. This product is very competetivelypriced. I check other sources of similar products and F-I-G was the best deal. Getting it shipped right to you is prettynice also.

Benefits: Saving on heating costs! This was really the only option I had available in my situation and the FIG made it do-able.

Timothy L.
Lancaster, TX

Experience: The Foam-It-Green product is great. I put 1.5 to 2 inches on the tin roof of a shop, approx 1000 sq ft. Excellent results.The info provided with the product is accurate and adequate--but you never know the real story until you climb the learningcurve. To wit: if spraying above
1. cover everything below. There is a lot of “rain” that falls and it sticks to everything.

2. The rain falls on you too--so cover yourself completely. If you have hairy arms and you get in on them--you got trouble.

3. Even working at 65 to 75 degrees I got hot (going up and down step ladder) with the coveralls, respirator, mask,gloves, etc. on.

4. Unless your respirator (or face covering) is air tight your breath will leak up into your goggles and fog them.

5. If your breath doesn’t fog the goggles the “rain” from above will cloud them. My wife suggested cutting covers for thegoggles out of Seran Wrap. Then you can just peel it off and replace it. Saves your goggles cause the F-I-G will ruin them.

6. They advertise 1 minute for max time you can suspend spraying without replacing the nozzle. I went as much as 2 or 3minutes with no problem which helps if you have to reposition the equipment as you go along.

7. When the product starts sputtering as the product is used up--stop immediately. Don’t try to squeeze a little more outof the tanks, cause at that point it is not mixing properly and you will get the stickiest goo you have ever seen all overanything below.Don’t be discouraged. You can do it. It will be easy if you follow the directions. This product is very competetivelypriced. I check other sources of similar products and F-I-G was the best deal. Getting it shipped right to you is prettynice also.

Benefits: Saving on heating costs! This was really the only option I had available in my situation and the FIG made it do-able.

Timothy L.
Lancaster, TX

Experience: The Foam-It-Green product is great. I put 1.5 to 2 inches on the tin roof of a shop, approx 1000 sq ft. Excellent results.The info provided with the product is accurate and adequate--but you never know the real story until you climb the learningcurve. To wit: if spraying above
1. cover everything below. There is a lot of “rain” that falls and it sticks to everything.

2. The rain falls on you too--so cover yourself completely. If you have hairy arms and you get in on them--you got trouble.

3. Even working at 65 to 75 degrees I got hot (going up and down step ladder) with the coveralls, respirator, mask,gloves, etc. on.

4. Unless your respirator (or face covering) is air tight your breath will leak up into your goggles and fog them.

5. If your breath doesn’t fog the goggles the “rain” from above will cloud them. My wife suggested cutting covers for thegoggles out of Seran Wrap. Then you can just peel it off and replace it. Saves your goggles cause the F-I-G will ruin them.

6. They advertise 1 minute for max time you can suspend spraying without replacing the nozzle. I went as much as 2 or 3minutes with no problem which helps if you have to reposition the equipment as you go along.

7. When the product starts sputtering as the product is used up--stop immediately. Don’t try to squeeze a little more outof the tanks, cause at that point it is not mixing properly and you will get the stickiest goo you have ever seen all overanything below.Don’t be discouraged. You can do it. It will be easy if you follow the directions. This product is very competetivelypriced. I check other sources of similar products and F-I-G was the best deal. Getting it shipped right to you is prettynice also.

Benefits: Saving on heating costs! This was really the only option I had available in my situation and the FIG made it do-able.

Timothy L.
Lancaster, TX

Mark just put the kit in the bathroom. Gotta say ” I’m Loving It.” We have always had a problem with noise tranferring from the outside in. We waited about 5/10 minutes after spraying, went back into the room just see how it looked and noticed that we weren’t hearing anything. Nothing Zilch Nada. My wife and I just goofy grin

I just this day used my second spray kit, having used the first yesterday, with fairly good results…..let me stress that these kits survived the worst winter on record, at least in these parts, were subjected to freezing temps and little attention and were shaken only infrequently…….if there had been a problem with either I would not have been surprised… fact both worked fine, older tanks yesterday left a more popcorney effect, but with more practice todays was smooth and flowing…..covered about 40+ feet of a 7 ft wall(less studs and 4 windows) with hopefully enough left to finish(8 ft) A big thumbsup for your product and you can expect me to buy more at a later date….like spring!

Charles R.
Matinicus, NE

Mark just put the kit in the bathroom. Gotta say ” I’m Loving It.” We have always had a problem with noise tranferring from the outside in. We waited about 5/10 minutes after spraying, went back into the room just see how it looked and noticed that we weren’t hearing anything. Nothing Zilch Nada. My wife and I just goofy grins on our faces. My brother in law and his bestfriend want to add this to their contracting buisness. Go figure. I had to convince them this was I wanted not the batt insullation they wanted to put in. So yeah we are quite pleased. My wife wants me to finish the whole house in this. Like I wasn’t gunna do that the whole time she was complaining about the cost. Yep I had to convince her too. I DO LOVE BEING RIGHT.

Brian P.
Austin, TX

I must say that the amount of follow up mail that y’all generate is impressive. It is very reassuring that y’all provide quality service and support. Thanks.

I used my 602 kit to insulate the joist cavities underneath my house. It is a 1946, wood frame house on piers about 2 Ft off the ground. I have done several energy and efficiency improvements over the years, the spray foam being the last step. As with most houses of this era, the floors are nothing more than 1″x8″ pine sub floor with finished pecan flooring. Wide open joist cavities underneath. He floors stay very cool to say the least.

The closed cell spray foam was the ideal choice for insulating the floor joist cavities beneath the house. As the house is on piers, moisture can be an issue as well as the air intrusion and temperature. Your closed cell foam solved these problems.

I ordered the 602 as a trial and will most likely order more to complete foaming the rest of the underside of the house. The weather is supposed to turn much cooler for us next week, so it will provide a working example of the insulated vs non insulated square footage of flooring.

I am very satisfied with the use of your products despite the trying conditions of shooting under the house. Space was a bit of an issue, as I did not always have optimum spray distance. Despite that fact the job went well. I will be sending a picture soon to show what I got accomplished

Adam E.

In answer to your three in one question let me answer this way. We used it under the old family home where my sister-in-law lives. The house was built 100 years ago and the floor was not sealed very good. It worked well and she is happy because the house is cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. We have told others about using the product. We have not had another project but we will keep you in mind if we do.

Ted H.
Hilliard, FL

In answer to your three in one question let me answer this way. We used it under the old family home where my sister-in-law lives. The house was built 100 years ago and the floor was not sealed very good. It worked well and she is happy because the house is cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. We have told others about using the product. We have not had another project but we will keep you in mind if we do.

Ted H.
Hilliard, FL

Experience: We live in an urban area of Akron, Ohio on the edge of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. It was an old inner-city area where most of the home had been demolished over the years. Six years ago we built a new Arts and Crafts style home employing green building techniques. The amenities of the area are living in the heart of the city, yet the feel of living in the woods.One of the older century homes remaining in the area went through foreclosure and I was able to purchase it at a reasonable price. Initially, I was just interested in the land. However, after seeing the inside of the 900 square foot home, I realized it could be salvages and updated. After removing the old lathe and plaster, I realized I needed to do something to protect the clapboards. Unlike today, they did not sheath a house before installing the exterior siding. The clapboards are simply attached to the stub walls. In looking at alternatives, I realized that foam insulation would be best. In researching the various brands available, I learned that the Foam It Green product was highly praised.

I purchased the 602 kit to use on the exterior walls in the dinning room and kitchen. It worked wonderfully. The instruction were clear, installation was not difficult and the coverage was much better than expected (make sure to stir the tanks regularly). While construction is still underway, the home is toasty warm and the gas bills have been much less than expected.

I would highly recommend the Foam It Green product and plan on purchasing another kit to complete other sections of the house as work progresses.

Benefits: Easy installation (follow the instructions which are easy to understand) and great results.

Jeffrey J.
Akron, OH

It’s been a crazy year! but the spray foam is working amazingly!! the cabin is staying pretty toasty even in four feet of snow and -10F. I used most of it in the walls but still sprayed some in the attic floor, then blew-in cellulose over that, then floored it with wood. Gotta say, after getting the hang of the foam kit, it was much easier than that blown-in mess. Plus the blown-in takes 2 people to operate, where the foam could easily be done alone. Hey Mark, thanks again for the great product, service and followups! Let me know if you’re looking for a lake cabin in SW CO for the summer, I know a guy.

Nicholas K.
Durango, CO

Sorry for not getting back to you earlier -- have had some personal issues come up and i’m a procrastinator. Two week ago I actually used the product I purchased back in July of 2013. Not the most ideal time-frame for my project, but I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with it. Wish I was further along so i could do the rest of my house. Everything worked fine and I immediately feel the difference.

Robert J.

Everything worked great.

Devin L.

I did the walls of my mancave andit is next to the outside exposed garage. The cave is at 60 degrees without the heater being put on. When I put on the heater it stays warm for a long period of time. Foam was easy to use. I can only give you positive feedback.

Joseph B.
Holland, PA

We used your product and it worked well. The color change is helpful.

Mike D.

Yes I took pictures.. Will send once my project is done.I also pulled out the old electric and pulled new electric through the walls before I used the spray foam kit.I found the spray foam easy to use after the prep work (finding the studs, drilling the holes, etc) was done.I bought two kits a large kit and a small kit. I only used the large kit. Luckily I have a bathroom project coming up and will use the small kit on the project.

Chris L.

I did the walls of my mancave andit is next to the outside exposed garage. The cave is at 60 degrees without the heater being put on. When I put on the heater it stays warm for a long period of time. Foam was easy to use. I can only give you positive feedback.

Joseph B.
Holland, PA

I have a two-story home that was built in 1906. It has pier and beam foundation. When it was built there was no subfloor put in at the time. The wood floors were just put in over the floor. The following winter it got to be pretty cold. When it was 25-30 outside I would put my thermostats on 70 and it was probably still 35 downstairs because of the gaps in the floor and the cold air coming up from under the house. I used your foam product and sprayed under the house the following summer.This winter when it was 28-30 outside and I put my thermostat at 68-70 in the house it stayed at68-70 in the house.Great product.

Mark M.
Dallas, TX

Here is the pics of my spray foam project. Worked great other than decreasing pressure when tanks get lower.

Benjamin W.


I have only sprayed the foam 12 high and one wall in the big portion of my garage. This will require many more kits to finish the 100 X 60 but the thing I really like about your product is I can budget to do sections at a time with no issues starting where I last left off.

Kacee K.

Testimonial 2

Testimonial 3

With the help of a friend (driving the forklift I used as a lift) we did the entire 3400 sq ft ceiling of my future workshop. Coverage was better than expected, and the foam thickness wound up being 2-1/2 inches to 3 inches thick, even though the calculations were for a 2 inch thickness. We still have one kit left! The temperature we were working at was perfect- 75 degrees. I really like this stuff. My poor forklift will have green freckles for a while, and I have bracelets of foam that are wearing off!

Jeffery M.


The project is basically done. I have to put tile around the fireplace and reinstall the mantle to finish. That is on order and should arrive the end of July.

Roger E.



Pictures of our finished patches.

Dustin N.




Before and after



Used to do the under carriage insulation ?under Sterling RV’s LegendModel.

Chad S.



My husband put up foam in about 3/4s of the attic. And, after all the snow and cold, we had no ice dams, no icicles on most of the roof, except for the ? of the roof that didnt get the foam. There was a nice snow cover that slowly melted. He was really pleased. Hes waiting for the spring to finish off the rest of the attic and make it deeper. He looked rather like a Martian when he sprayed the foam (photo attached), but we (he especially) are very pleased with the results!

Many thanks,
Lynda S.

Yes, an old guy can learn new tricks. I’ve built four houses over my lifetime, always improving the energy efficiency until a giant leap forward with building a SIP (Structural Insulated--foam--Panels) home. With the panels installed I enjoyed the heck out of winter. When finishing the Sun Room I wanted to get in on the foam revolution and wanted to do it myself. But at 70 years old did I want to learn new tricks? “Go for it,” I thought; saw the ad for Guardian Energy Technologies and did the deed.” It was almost fun and certainly exciting to watch the foam do the job in a tenth of the time and with no itchy fiberglas at the end in my throat and up my nose.

Stu W.



My son and I did the job today.This is a terrific product and all the stuff that went with it is all first class, including the instructions.We installed the product on the underside of a Chicago bungalow porch which had been converted to living space. The floor that we insulated is outdoors.We spent about an hour prepping the surfaces, -wire brushing then compressed air to remove anything loose. We then draped a visqueen sheet vertically on the three open sides to eliminate “blow-away” and put down a plastic barrier to protect the crushed rock floor.

You can definitely see where I first started spraying in comparison to where I finished. The surface had a much better appearance as I got better at it. Isn’t that the truth? You get good at these one-time jobs just in time to never have to do it again!

Anyway, looking forward to enjoying the space now that it is no longer going to be too cold to walk in the floor in the winter.

Thank you for a great product and great service.A picture of me all “suited-up” and ready to go. Frightening. I wonder what the neighbors thought.

Stuart L.

Yes my project is done, attached is a picture. It wasn’t difficult or take too long to finish.


Alan B.

Works great!!! Need more!!!


Steve B.

Everything went great!


Russ H.

Everything went well. Pretty slick kit.

Brian F.

Experience: The foam it Green boxes arrived at my house in no time. I purchased the slow-rise kit as I have a 110+ year old house with no insulation in the walls. After doing all the drilling, grinding, and prepping for the product I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to set up and use. The tank temperature display and the provided reading materials and extras were very useful and made the whole process a success. I am now planing on doing the rest of my house. Thanks Foam it Green!

Benefits: The extra mixing attachments that hook to the gun were a must. I used all but one on my project and could see how it would be very frustrating if extras were not provided.

The color of the foam is very helpful in knowing that you are mixing everything correctly.

Abraham N.

This morning I used my foam kit to spray the exterior walls on one of the bed rooms in my house. Everything went well, it was fun and easy to apply the foam.I will be ordering more foam kits when I get the drywall out of the next bed room. Planning on doing the whole house, just one room at a time. Thank you for the quick shipping and a great product.

Robert K.

The area we insulated was framed out with 2x4 s on their side allowing only approx.. 2 inches for insulations. We wanted the max R-value for the client, so we went with your product.

It worked out perfectly.

Dennis W.

Frankly I was expecting disaster…why because gravity was involved…(gravity; a law we should repeal!!) Anyway, I got suited up and went at it. I was spraying the underside of a floor from the dirt floor basement of an older house (+- 150 years). Amazingly enough the stuff stuck!!! Not only did it stick but it repeatedly stuck where I shot it for the whole job. Did some “snow down”, yes but I have to tell you that overall it stayed where sprayed as described in the instructions.

You know, I watched the video of the guy that applied it to the underside of the floor and I thought: ” sure pal”, ” as if ” nothing goes that easy. I was amazed that it went as described.

Now I have another under floor space to be insulated that is even more challenging, because I cannot stand up to do the work as I could in the previous project. I will be flat on my back in full gear and I will more than have the confidence that this product will perform in the excellent manner that it did with the previous project as long as I carefully follow the directions. ( That is the key; right application and media temperature, surface prep. and application distance.)

If you can read and understand these basic concepts you are insured of success.

I am going for it!! The old fiberglass insulation that I installed 20 plus years ago is sagging and useless. It is a task for removal, but reinsuting with this product it will be immensely easier and effective given the relatively short time and effort it will take.

I was a skeptic, but I am solidly sold and will happily recommend this to anyone.


Jim B.
Lovettsville, VA

The house is from 1750 in CT, just bought it few months ago to find out is was NOT insulated at all. 4000 SqFt. We will be very good customers!! 🙂 The pictures are for only 3 bedrooms, much more to get it all done!

Benedetta G.



First project finished this past Saturday. I applied foam to the sill plates and walls above drop in ceiling in thebasement. this being my first foam job, Ilearned a lot about how to apply. I had a lot of moving around to dowith the scaffold from room to room, soI used all my nozzles and mixing valves. This isa great product. Wish I had this when the home was built in 1986. I can already tell the difference in the basement. It is a finished basement house w/ kitchen, bedrooms, 2 baths and we spend all of time here.Thanks. I will let you know my next project as I have some left over and will do this week. May You be Blessed. OH, by the way I am 71 years old and anybody can use this product!!!!

Ray G.

Everything is going fine so far…I’ve gone through 3 of the kits already and couldn’t be more pleased. I’m doing the install myself so it’s going slow as the house is being renovated in phases by yours truly. 🙂 I just finished another room yesterday, so so far I’ve insulated approximately 515 square foot of exterior walls with approximately 3-3.5 inches of the Foam It Green. So far so good!

Gary B.

I just finished the attic project. The house is in Florida and in addition to AC ducts being in the attic, we also wanted to use the space for storage.

Tim D.


Awesome product. Word of mouth is the primary reason for your product choice. Customer support is very impressive after I called also.I will be using your product in the future, for sure.

Troy J.


This only took an hour.Studs are 6 inches from the foundation wall.
Thank you Foam it Green


Project done! Amazingly easy! So far am pleased with product.

Gene W.

After spraying 2 602s, I find it hard to believe that anyone has trouble with your system. You follow the instructions, turn the tanks on and start spraying.It’s foolproof. I sprayed a sprinter van. It took about a month before all of the odor was gone. But, we drove it to Florida last week, it was 100 degrees and the front air conditioner kept the van cool. It is so well insulated. So, a month of odor is well worth a life time of comfort. The alternative is paying $7,500.00 for a rear A C unit.So, your system was great.

Brian B.

Kit installed without a hitch.I used the kit to seal two stone walls in a wine cellar. Sprayed 6″ in stud wall cavities and made an R42 wall which was thermally broken from the adjacent masonry. I have the thermography to show that --It was easy and well packaged.

James B.


The foam was not applied so well in the small spaces, where it is very lumpy.This building will be used for a bookstore, as it lies on the highway and is conveniently accessed.We expect to buy more foam for the actual house when we get the bookstore finished.

Rusty M.



Here is a before and after pictures that I took. I was amazed at how easy it was to spray and apply. It went on just like I was spray painting. I will be utilizing the spray foam to complete my renovation. My house was built in 1914 and I am completely refurbishing it room by room and there’s all kinds of cracks and holes that need to be closed. The spray foam allows me to do just that with ease and speed. What a wonderful product I only wished I had used it before in other areas of the house.

Sam D.


We were pleased with the result on the foam on a metal corrugated basement ceiling.

Alice S.

Big difference in the “comfort” level in the house this summer compared to last summer (and I only got half of the attic done this spring). I am waiting for the fall so I can get back up in the attic and finish up. We have had heat indexes as high as 107 so far this summer and the difference is night and day from last year. Now my “dated” air conditioning system can keep it comfortable. I’ll keep you posted as I finish up this fall and early winter. You are so right about the first time is the scariest…………I was very apprehensive about the attic in general, but once I got started, the “competition” of fighting off the heat, to not just save money, but to ease up on my old/worn out air conditioning system became a great source of motivation. Now, I can’t wait to finish. Great confidence builder.

Thank you for a “top notch” product.

James F.

Worked great for rim joist. pest control and draft problems. Very easy to use.

Edward H.

Foam it Green is the best insulation product!! It’s easy to use and so much better than using the rolls of itchy stuff. In this summer heat the room is noticeably cooler. My cooling bills are down and I know my heating bills will be down then the temperature drops. Instead of spending money on heating and cooling I can live like a queen thanks for Foam it Green!!

Danielle S.

Worked great…had a little too much though….If I knew how much I had I would have gotten less or tried to use it up in another location…hard to know how much is left in the tanks! It was fun after I started using it… I was really happy how non toxic it seemed…I did use all the safety suit…ect..but probably wouldn’t have needed to worry about the product’s toxicity…

Greg P.

We are done with our project and we were very happy with the results! Such and easy process to use. Great instructions.

Rick H.

My experience with the kit was great! All of the instructions were very helpful and the product worked exactly as planned.

Paul T.




Put up 2″ plus of foam in two layers. It is a big space- 3400 sq ft, so took two days, but the foam worked great and went further than I expected!

Jeff M.
Cedar Crest, NM



Used your 202 kit for sealing and insulating my project. Here in Mayhill, NM they really don’t have “cold” weather so your smaller kit served well to close up the rim joists and other non-16″ insulation sites.

Application was quick and easy and I actually had more insulation than I expected. To fully expend the chemicals, I went around and sprayed the bottom plates and other small areas to assure a good seal. As I am 6′ 5″ I was pleased that the coverall actually fit and there was an extra set of gloves.

Bob H.
Mayhill, NM

I finished up the main foam project on the floor of our bonus room last week. Overall, the project went pretty well. It was simple to use, but being an overhead project it was made more difficult due to the many obstacles on the ceiling which made stopping and starting difficult. I don’t know if I would call it fun, but I imagine a vertical project would be much easier and probably more fun. It was cool to see how quickly it set up and cured. I had a few spots where the foam cracked and pulled away from the side of the rafter every so slightly, which I sprayed a thin layer over to seal that off. I figure I used about 2/3rds of the the tanks on the project and plan to use the remainder on either the knee wall of the bonus room, or on the floor joists.

Kevin Z.
Harrisonburg, VA

The job is complete. I’ve attached pictures that were taken; before, during and after!The product is easy to work and it worked as it was supposed to. We ran a bit short as we had 2 spaces that required the insulation so we may be ordering more. We have the coupon that was sent with our original order. Time is what we are lacking at this point! Hopefully by the Fall.

Robert P.
Walden, NY


We were able to complete our project of foaming our chicken house roof inside. The reason was becausethe roof is metal and condensates in the winter. It will stay drier and warmer now. I have attached the before and after pictures and filled out the testimonial.

Thank you!

Yes all went well, here is a picture I had taken for my girlfriend. I enjoyed it so much I was thinking of starting a spray foam business.

Chris J.
White Lake, WI


The foam part of the project is complete. My wife took photos. Overall, I’m happy with the product. My project was challenging because I was mostly spraying the underside of a 45 degree pitch roof. Fortunately, the kits you provided come with more than enough nozzles to facilitate frequent changing of nozzles.

Andre B.
Palatine, IL

I guess I would fit into the FAST category. All kits have been used and the only work left is to trim areas that expanded beyond the roof trusses. Overall I am pleased with the product and the speed at which Ron S. and Linda L. were able to get the product out the door to me. I was fighting two time constraints. I had a short window of time to complete the project prior to flying to Seattle to assist my military family. My son-in-law is deployed through the end of the year, and upon his return he is reassigned to a base on the opposite side of the country. My daughter and two kids need my help to move across the country while he is out to sea. Also, weather in the UP of Michigan had to also cooperate.

Bill W.
Crystal Falls, MI


Should have taken more pictures before I put the other over. Your Foam kit sealed every little crack that my workmanship missed. I did 2 inches on the metal ceiling and an inch on the walls of my 12x30 room. What a difference. I’ll be ordering more in the near future.



Daniel H.
Belleville, WV

Yesterday I started and completed my goal of foaming the sill and under ourmaster bedroom. The temperature finally made it to the desired reading. Ithink it was my last chance. The process went without a hitch. I know thatI have not used all of the product so I may go back and put a layer over theconcrete walls.

Here are some pictures attached of my project.



Tommy D.
Raymond, ME

Vapor guard under house. To keep dampness from coming into house.

Carl J.
Flushing, OH



The process went smooth and I had no problems, if it wasn’t for the fact that it was like an 80 degree day and I was doing this mid-afternoon all suited up in the Tyvek suite then it probably would have been a little fun but that has nothing to do with your product. Everything performed as expected and went smooth. I would recommend your product to anyone. Thanks

Shawn D.
Derby, NY



Works great!!! Need more!!!

Steve B.
Gloucester, NJ

I just got done foaming my basement. What a difference it has made. We can feel the difference its not as cold and dank, and by foaming the rim board full it has almost stopped all the road noise. This was well worth the money and it was fun to do! Thanks for all you support.

Mike L.
Kalispell, MT

I use the foam it green to fill in windows that I removed from a RV. I first placed a fiberglass panel on the outside then use the foam to stiffen up the patch. It worked better than I thought it would thanks for a quality product and the fact it can be used for more than just its intended purpose.

First benefit to this product is the ease of use. If you follow the instructions that are given with it I don’t think you can go wrong.The second how easy it can be controlled when you spray it one very minor splattering or overspray which made my work on the inside of the RV very easy and I didn’t need to spend a huge amount of time on prep. Thanks again for a easy to use and quality product.

Dustin N.
Allentown, PA

We’ve completed the initial foam installation. We’re waiting for heating season to see results. About 70% of the building is now foam insulated. We’d prefer for various architectural reasons to leave it at that but oil consumption could change that decision. Oh, and by the way this project is quite out of the ordinary. The building is on an island in Long Island sound -- about 10 miles from New York City. It was an old broadcasting station for CBS (columbia broadcasting system) The building has been derelict since the early 60’s and we’re turning it into a residence. There’s about 6000 sf of living space and the building is completely off the grid. All electricity comes from a largesolar installation. The water supply is a marine desalination plant. We’re very pleased with the properties of the foam, which integrated very well with the structure and obviously added to the moisture resistance of the building -- very important in this situation. One advantage we noticed, that has not beenadvertised, is that the foam has the capability of stabilizing the framing system considerably. Our setup was 2x4 framing inside masonry walls. The framing was installed with a 2-1/2″ space between it and the masonry to allow for 6″ of foam. Once the foam was installed it attached the framing to the masonry in a surprisingly solid assembly.

Allen D.
Brooklyn, NY

Saturday morning I sprayed one of the two sets purchased. It went well, but I am not new to this. I sprayed a few HandyFoams a few years ago. I do appreciate several things you do. The kits being very “complete”, suite, two sets of gloves (longer gloves are nice), googles (they are ok but still fog up. It is just a hot messy job. The “green” feature is good, I knew all was well and stopped as soon as it turned yellow. The temp meter on the tank is nice as well. Directions were very good and I do appreciate the customer service, your e-mails.

Over all -- a very good experience. I have some more prep work before I will be ready for the other set. You have done a good job of making “Spray Foaming” successful.

Mark V.
Fremont, OH

Kit worked pretty well. I would suggest adding a mask of some kind to the kit or recommending one, I did not see that if you did. I thought I had some disposable masks. I used a ski mask that worked ok, but it did allow some in. cleaned up well. I have a few small spots that ended up turning blue and not setting correctly. when I first started, my test patch was not working, I had to wipe it off and start over, but worked well after that. only issues was the clogging of the tips, but cleaned them off or replaced and got back to it. I live in Texas so 85 degrees outside is vary rare, I waited until the evening, and luckily the shed was lit, dark by the time I finished. goggles got splattered so i went a little thin in areas, but went back over them. Overall I think the product worked well. I have a few pictures, I will post them when I get a chance. I posted on a Texas Poultry showers page and got questions on where I got it. Sent them to your website, so hopefully will drum up some business.

Lennon J.
Bellville, TX

I used it work good waiting to see how much saving with my utilities bills this winter. Like the application went good.

Ronald C.
Pataskala, OH

I don’t know the results at this point for cost containment, and no way to determine home value or sales efficacy, but I had a lot of fun doing it (perhaps fun should be in quotes, but I am thrilled that it is done and I was able to do it myself).

There was a huge learning curve, but it was relatively quick. I’ll be interested to see if there is a noticeable difference this winter. And if there is, I have 2-3 more big projects I will want to use this for.

I look at the work I did with your product with pride.

Darren O.
Pittsburgh, PA

Finally got started. My basement rim joists was the first project. I have two sets of the 602 combo. The product was simple to use and worked well. Although my spray patterndoesn’t look as smooth as your videos. I was really hampered to easy access by my drop ceiling. I had placed plastic on walls and carpeting and clean up was hassle free. I can’t wait for my other project which is to remove all sheetrock and insulation in my master bedroom, spray foam which i will not need a ladder (Yes!). I will refinish the walls with a 1/8 inch Mass Loaded Vinyl (MVL) for soundproofing then sheetrock again.

Joseph S.
Middleburg, OH

Used the spray foam a few weeks ago and it was fantastic so easy and quick. Sprayed the entire project in less than an hour. Thanks for a great price on a great product!

Denny S.
Shelbyville, TN

It was great and easy to use.

Ion S.
Paramus, NJ

Your spray worked great and was perfect for the project I did.

Stephen P.
Decatur, GA

The project was a great success. However, the foam didn’t cover as much area as I had planned, because I think I got a little greedy with filling the space. Nevertheless, I will send the pictures and show the excitement from my contractor whom had never seen or heard of the product.

I had the closed cell product installed in a commercial building I manage and it was just too expensive to install at my home. Needless to say, it was a joy finding this product last year then finally ordering it for my basement project this year. I can’t wait until I save a little more money to install it in other parts of my home.

Andre K.
Atlanta, GA

Good Morning Mark,

The project is complete, the foam worked perfectly.
Thanks for the follow-up.

Daniel A.
Troy, MI

All three projects completed. Did my own place and made money on two subsequent jobs! Wish I could get a deeper discount as an insulation contractor through you all without having to buy 6 however I’m still bidding jobs for my new found add on to my business scope of work!

Chris H.
Homewood, CA

Project completed and went well. As a contractor I think things went great.

Tim F.
Baltimore, MD

Your product is working nicely.As our pool house is staying mild temps inside while the boiling heat is outside.We used spray foam.Then covered that with conventional insulation rolls.A ceiling fan is helping move air too.

Thank you,
John S.

Dickson, TN

The reason for my Foam it Green purchase was largely based on saving money, I wanted my basement rim joist area done and had an estimate done. He wanted $1900.00 to do the job, well I did it for $700.00 and had some Foam it Green left over to do a couple smaller jobs. Very happy with your product and will definitely use it again, Thank you.

Cecil H.
Albion, NY

spray foam insulation picture from rick hBlueribbonHaving decided to build a quonset hut and then turn it into a “Hobbit House”, I knew that I wanted it sealed as good as possible and turned to spray foam to ensure a leak free structure. It Worked! I have included pics of the completed “Hobbit House”. It has been three years since it was covered with dirt and has been through some VERY cold and snowy winters and wet springs (we live in the mountains of Western Maryland). NO leaks and it can be heated with a candle! Hope you enjoy the pics.

Rick H.
McHenry, MD

spray foam insulation picture from daxExperience: Loved using it for our basement insulation, especially around the rim joists. Check out my blog post/ video with your product mentioned:

I loved that it was easy to use,
I loved that it was colored to make sure it was mixed appropriately.
After the blizzard we just had, there is no leaky air coming in our basement this year!

Dax (Heather) K.
Amesbury, MA

The application of the foam was almost ludicrously simple. Two of us were quite experienced in the use of airless paint sprayer, but even if we had not been, a ten year old could have sprayed the building. We did make sure that we acquired (borrowed) really good HEPA filtered masks and used blowers (really big fans that we rented) to solidly vent the building while we were putting that amount of spray onto not only the interior wall surfaces but also the ceilings in the cellar and between the first and second floors. We had enough left so we also “soundproofed” the Director’s office interior walls for confidentiality…

Sidney J.

Great product and easy to use. Thanks!

Mike L.
Chicago, IL

Project is done, sprayed the inside of my van, here’s some photos. Worked out pretty well.

spray foam insulation picture from dan spray foam insulation picture from dan

Dan P.
Driggs, ID

spray foam insulation picture from jamesGot started foaming today. Your product is VERY IMPRESSIVE. Very little mess, easy to learn, and solid insulation. I can’t say enough good things about this stuff. While my architectural “nightmare” of an attic is being worked in stages, I did send some pictures of the worst part of this process. The rest of it should not be as challenging as this first stage.

Again, my thanks to you and your company for an outstanding product. As you can see in the pictures, foam was the only feasible solution in this attic and I’m glad your product was available to make this a sound defeat against the heat and cold. I’ll keep you posted as I get more done. I don’t believe I will get all of it done before it gets too hot, but I certainly have the worst portion covered with insulation.

James F.
Willow Springs, MO

I finally got to use my 202 kit today…worked really well. Here’s a pic (I shared on your Facebook page as well).

james james

James B.
Burkburnett, TX

spray foam insulation picture from eddie

Eddie K.
West Virginia

Keeping my metal shed cool!

spray foam insulation picture from rogerio

Rogerio P.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Here are the pictures of my project. Not bad for the first try. Over all I would say that it turned out very well.

spray foam insulation picture from allan

Allan P.
Minot, MD

It went great…. We are very happy with the results not only is it insulating under the crawl space but we had enough for 2″ and did another space. My son in law Peter wants to try it on his attic.

We noticed a difference right away with the sound insulation. WE had done half the crawl space but not the other half and walking across the floor area you could tell a big difference which is an added bonus. It was easy to apply and my son did a great job.

Karen K.
West Bend, WI

Just finished my project. A little more complicated than some. I cut sections of flooring out around the outer walls of my kitchen and family room. Then i used your spray foam to seal and insulate the outer wall area between each floor joist. Everything went as your literature suggested. Very easy to use, filled all the air infiltration points, literally no mess no fuss! Product coverage was even better than predicted from your charts. I will be using it in other places moving forward. Thanks for the assistance and the constant follow up!

James B.
Fishers, IN

Just finished my project this weekend. It was awesome and worked. I started using the larger kit with the spray gun and finished right at the end with the small roller shut off kit. Anyone can do this.

60 year old woman user 🙂

Donnetta J.
Grant City, MO

My project is done. I didn’t take pictures but I did enjoy using the product. I was nervous with messing things up and wasting a lot of my hard earned money. The second I started spraying “This is a peace of cake”. I feel the website calculator was right on target for the amount of product I needed. I instantly realized the difference in temperature of my basement. Nice and cozy. I was able to spray 1200 sq feet in 3 hours. Try doing 1200 sq feet in 3 hours with standard batting insulation.

Jesse S.
Maplewood, MN

Hi Mark, I did complete the project but forgot to take any pictures.Foam it green worked just as advertised. It was very easy to use. I did write a review on the face book page but did not have pictures to post. In the future I will recommend this product. Thanks and have a good day.

Steve B.
Worthington, OH

The property where we installed the foam is heated with wood. I can tell you that the foam helped retain a lot of heat, and we also made several other insulating improvements. The foam was ideal for the place (area) where it was used.

John Q.
Allendale, MI

I love the kit everything went great.

Leroy R.
Ortonville, MI

We used your product to insulate our bare metal building where the A/C units are not on thermostats. They are either just switched ‘on’ or ‘off’. What I’m expecting (and already feeling) is a noticeable improvement in the comfort level in my business. So by that metric, the product is performing brilliantly.

Robert S.
Ingleside, TX

foam is up and drywall is going up now. it was extremely easy and fun to do. i did take a few pics so if you want me to try and send them to you let me know how you would like them. thanks again for all your help.

Jamie W.
Elysburg, PA

I have one bedroom which, in the winter, was always 10 degrees or more colder then the rest on the house. I purchased an electronic point and shoot temperature guage which I used to discover on really cold days, when my bedroom walls were 68 degrees, the walls in my son’s room dropped to below 50. For the two winters we owned the house, my son had to move out of the room in the winter and we kept the door closed.

I found spray foam on line while researching ways to improve the insullation in the room. Though I purchased the spray foam kit in January, I was, due to the wall temperatures, not able to install the insullation until April.

We had one night since the installation of the spray foam when the outside temp dropped to 30. We noticed a considerable improvement in the room temperature. The difference in the wall temperatures from my room to my son’s room was less than 4 degrees. I hope that is a good indication of the success of the installation.

Anthony E.
Freehold, NJ

We heat with wood and gas so our bill is not a good representation of what our heating costs. However, The room we did with Foam it Green is warmer. It is an outside basement wall with sheetrock. The inside wall temperature is 71 degrees. The wall one floor up, with the same finish and normal fiberglass insulation, is 65 degrees at -5 degrees outside temperature. Future remodel project will include foam it Green as the insulation of choice. Thanks!

Kerry C.
Lakeville, MN

We did do the project, the foam and insulation seems to be doing as we projected. The project went well.

Michael M.
Manakin Sabot, VA

Excellent product and easy to install. Even with less than a 2″ layer there is absolutely no temperature when you put your hand on the foam with a 20 degree delta between inside and outside. I highly recommend the product even to use a 1/2″ layer and then apply fiberglass as “usual” for the most economical installation and to avoid the problems associated with a conventional vapor barrier. Follow all safety instructions and installation is a breeze. Completely and easily stops air leakage.

Cary S.
Sherman Oaks, CA

Everything is going fine so far…I’ve gone through 3 of the kits already and couldn’t be more pleased. I’m doing the install myself so it’s going slow as the house is being renovated in phases by yours truly. 🙂 I’ve told several folks in person and on-line about how simple and easy it is to use and I know of one individual that has ordered a kit from y’all based on my comments already.

Gary B.
Sherman, TX

Things went just fine. Very happy with the results.

Mark O.
Merriam, KS

The previous projects were completed. We will be using more, but at my house!

Jason T.
Chicago, IL

Our project is done! We are super pleased with your product. Thank you for making it so easy! We used your online videos and it was a breeze. Thank you!!

Sandra P.
Seattle, WA

All done, worked great!

Todd M.
Goddard, KS

I completed my project several weeks ago. Everything went fine. The foam was easy to apply and use.

Wayne K.
Phoenix, AZ

Project is done. Everything is good.

Steven I.
Street, MD

all is good. Finished. thanks.

Robert H.
Troy, NY

I have all of the contents of the two containers. I foamed the exterior wall of the new tile shower I am installing along with
the exterior wall where the new whirlpool tub is going to be installed. The foaming went very smoothly. It was very easy for me to do this myself.

Brian R.
Lafayette, IN

Everything went well and the client is happy!
Your product is fantastic!

Michael M.
Plymouth, MI

We have completed the project and everything went well.

Philip W.
Southhaven, MS

The project is finished. We used just about all of the 602 kit to insulate our long wheel base Sprinter van. We added a liner kit to the walls, doors, and ceiling then foamed the edges together to make it as tight as possible. We boxed in the wheel wells and foamed them as well. We insulated our custom-built aluminum bulkhead and covered the cargo side with 1/4″ plywood for a nice, finished look. With the Carrier heat/cool unit, our tomatoes have been arriving in Pennsylvania in great shape!

Jesse P.
East Thetford, VT

We have finished our project and the foam worked great! Was easy to use and works great! We will be ordering more!

James W.
Lusby, MD

Everything went great

Joe N.
Chesterton, IN

My project is complete now. Beings as it was all new to me is was definitely an adventure. Once I got going with it everything went well. I used it for an overhead project in our “man cave”. I pulled out all of the ceiling drywall, approximately 750 sq ft and left the exposed attic flooring and rafters then used your product to fill in between the rafters. It looks really good and provides us sound proofing as well as insulation. Thank you for all of your tips and help!

Jennifer D.
Columbia, SC

Things went great wish I could afford another kit and I would do the rim of the entire house!

Scott W.
Paola, KS

Everything went well. The kits were fantastic!

Justin W.
Half Moon Bay, CA

I finished my project last fall and noticed quite the improvement over our harsh winter. You guys were super helpful with getting me another gun so I didn’t end up wasting a half tank of valuable foam. I would certainly recommend your product to anyone re-insulating. It’s super fast and works great. Thanks again.

John U.
Independence, MO

Just finished my project, looks great and can feel the temperature improvement overnight, thanks.

Dean B.
Springfield, NJ

Awesome product. Ordering more for a future project

Yuly N.
Bronx, NY

I watched the video’s and read the instructions several times before I bought it or used it. I was nervous because there are a lot of scary stories about similar products out there. I finally sprayed my basement floor. I knew it would be a little messy but not bad at all. The product dried fairly quickly and was easier to use than I anticipated. Project is not finished I will update when I am done.

Easy to use if you read All the directions and prepare for the job and two everything I saw and read performed as described. I had no complaints which in these times is rare and refreshing. As an inspector it’s an occupational hazard to look for faults and the reasons for them so I was extremely happy to have a day off.

Joe L.
Jefferson, SC

I am pleased with your product. I used it along my rim joists and sill plates which I first covered with one inch foiled faced foam board. The Foam it Green foam went over the foam board to seal any
gaps and add another seven plus R-factor to these areas. Your instruction sheets, do’s and dont’s were well thought out and helpful.

James R.
Edina, MN

I am pleased with the results of foam. Between work and weather I only have half of my project finished. I used one 600 kit and it went well easy to apply. We will be ordering more from you in the future!

Dewey M.
Cushing, TX

I have used it and it worked great!

Helen W.
Alpharetta, GA

Just a note to report my complete satisfaction with the two component closed cell foam kit. I pulled down a wall next to a door in an entry that was drafty and cold. I cleaned away the cob webs, old insulation and dirt and applied the foam in the two bays containing the door as well as around the door jamb itself. I filled the space and then trimmed away a little extra to get the foam flat with the studs. I kept the area open for about a week before placing the wallboard. There was no shrinkage or other issue and the foam completely sealed and insulated the wall from air infiltration and cold. It worked great and I plan to target other areas to gradually improve the general thermal performance of my home.

Paul K.
Cambridge, MA

We did an exterior wall in the kitchen and the difference is astounding compared to the rest of the house. Can’t wait to finish this year and see the difference in utility bills next winter. Look forward to working with you again in the future.

Sheryl L.

KevinGreat site! Very informative, especially for a new user like me. I loved the step by step instructions well as the very helpful videos. Your site was the only one that gave instructions on how to spray an open wall and use temporary plastic covered boards to virtually eliminate the waste. Yours was the only site to include gloves, the Tyvek suit, and goggles! The followup emails I received after I purchased were great, as I got to ask questions about MY job before I started. The DO’S and DON’TS booklet, included in the shipment, was great as I avoided the most common mistakes. Speaking of shipments, I got mine in 2 DAYS!

Loved the complete kit with great instructions and personalized attention BEFORE I started the job.

Kevin M.
Troy, MI

This experience changed my mind about d0-it-yourself home insulation. It couldn’t have been easier. I unpacked the kit and read through the material in 10 minutes. About an hour later I had finished applying the first coat of insulation to the entire exterior wall of the basement. Another hour later I applied a second coat and I was done with the project. I will definitely order more when it is time to redo the garage ceiling since there is living space above. It should take care of the drafts coming through the unsealed corners and edges. I love this stuff.

This has been an easy product to use and it has helped to overcome some of the issues with standard insulation.

Lowell S.
Rockville, MD

I have just finished my first application of foam it green and am very happy with the results. This is my second order and I will be ordering more in the future.

Joshua C.
Los Gatos, CA

Excellent experience. I had a gas fireplace that had a bump out and the fireplace fit into it. However, since the house was built, the wood shrank creating a gap, not to mention all the nail holes that was letting air in also. So, my gas fireplace was leaking a good amount of air. I had a service guy come over, and he stated he would need to pull the fireplace out and he would insulate and silicone caulk the gaps. I talked to a friend at work who told me about spray foam. I did some research and found many different brands available. I choose foam it green because of their using no lack of chemical additives that other brands add. I told my contractor what we were going to do..he was going to pull the fireplace out, and I would spray. He was skeptical at first, but after seeing it done, he is now going offer this to all his customers. He fixes alot of fireplaces with this same issue. He would have been caulking all day. Within 30 minutes of spraying, we were putting the fireplace back in it’s place. It saved us tons of time, and I have a much better job then he could have done. He was so impressed. I am thrilled..not one hint of air coming through the fireplace. I wish the rest of my house was done with this product.

I am thrilled with how fast the product dries.
I am thrilled with the fact that I have no gaps in my wall for air. This will save me money on my heating bill. I will use this product for any future projects I have moving forward.

Terry H.
Martinsburg, WV

I have finished my project and was very satisfied with your product. I used it under a porch in the basement where the cue decking was showing. It is a storage room without heat and this has stopped the condensation. I have shown it to people that come here and they seemed impressed by the product also.

Matt S.
Morgantown, WV

Cannot believe how warm (and USEABLE) my basement has become. It’s been great having this space back through the winter months. Thanks to the new insulation added, the little bathroom in-floor heat (set at 70) has been enough to keep my entire basement comfortable.

I’m very happy I tackled my fear and did it -- Just sorry I didn’t do it earlier.

Michelle H.
Lakeville, MN

Now that winter’s in full bloom I can feel the true value of your product. It has also been noticeable in my oil tank level! So glad I did it! Thanks for making it easy.

John M.
Stamford, CT

Foam it Green was the easiest insulation I have ever installed. As a middle aged female, I was worried about the tanks being too heavy, or the foam not mixing correctly. However, this system is fool proof. I read all the directions, suited up,and had all the rim joist foamed in about 2 hours. We loved this product so much, we decided to return the fiberglass insulation purchased and foam the basement walls as well.

Due to the age of our home, we had a lot of drafts and Foam it Green filled all the areas. We could feel the difference of airflow coming into the house within a day. We are looking forward to a better sealed home and lower heat/cooling cost for years to come with Foam it Green.

Jamie S.
Vinton, IA

I am remodeling my basement and was looking for spray foam for insulation. I called the first company I found and didn’t bother looking any further. From the very first phone call I knew the staff knew what they were talking about. They were more than willing to help answer my questions and didn’t make me feel like I didn’t know what I was talking about. I finally decided to make my purchase and pick up the product. It was easy, no hassle. I went home, reviewed the DVD and geared up with my husband to go for it. It was the easiest application. You really do have to make sure you read the instructions or you can make some serious mistakes but overall it went on EXACTLY as it is described. This is the very first product I have ever bought that works exactly as it is in the instructions and in the description.

We sprayed 2 of our basement exterior walls in December, before the Arctic Blast hit Chicago with -25 degree weather and boy did it make a difference. Our basement was always very cold and drafty and typically about 50 degrees in winter time because there was absolutely no insulation. This year, we covered only half of the basement and our temp was a nice and toasty 62 degrees! We still need two additional walls to foam but we need to take down the panels and buy more foam. We are extremely satisfied with the service and the product. Wow!

Ana N.
Chicago, IL

Best experience I have ever had with a sprayable foam. The kit contained everything needed; the info was simply and easy to understand. I was a little unsure of how the product would spray in the middle of winter but the system preformed great! Only used 2 spray nozzles. Foam sprayed great. No issues. A very hassle free complete packaging system with great results and very easy to apply. I would recommend it to anyone. The product was sprayed in a basement in the winter and had NO ODORS in the house. No issues with kit. It was just GREAT and the results were Fantastic! Will order again on my next project. Great value save a ton of money instead of hiring a contract very easy to do. Great Results !!!!!!!!!!!!

Rick L.
Rochester Hills, MI

Everything worked out great in the basement. It has been warm and toasty so far this winter. Thanks for checking in on us.

Debra O.
Ferndale, MI

Since completing my project of insulating the garage I have seen the savings on my utility bill of being about a $20 reduction each and every month. In seven years time this will have paid for itself. Great product!

Joseph E.
Union, KY

It actually went really well-I was surprised how good the kits worked comparing it to my $100k spray rigs I have. Was for sure impressed with how well it sprayed. It will make a big difference in using it for smaller projects we do and also in smaller confined areas like under peer and beam house that we do.

Mike C.

All done. Worked well. Thanks.

David W.
Murray, KY

Everything went well and I was very pleased with the product thanks.

Richie P.
Pennington Gap, VA

I used half my kit to insulate the front walls of my Philly row home first 2 floors. The second half is for the third floor front and back which is under construction.. I’m so stoked on the draft free downstairs. It’s a life changer. Good stuff. Thanks.

Ben M.
Philadelphia, PA

All good, loved the product.

Noel B.
Manson, OH

My project is done, the kit worked great!

Ho-Ching Y.
Elliot City, MD

I’ve completed my project and are well satified with the final results and the ease of use. It was a lot easier than i was expecting. Will certainly use on any other projects and refer to others.

Danny R.
Dry Branch, GA

The job was completed a few weeks ago, so now I am just waiting to see how it does when all of our snow melts! Here are some before & after pictures.

Toni B.
Albion, ME

Everything was great. Bought a little more than I needed, so trying find other projects to utilize all the material.

Pete M.
Marion, IA

Project competed. See photo.


Daniel C.
Asheville, NC

The project was a huge success. I had problems at the beginning with what turned out to be a broken spray gun but Linda on the support line was patiently able to help me figure it out and ultimately send me a new gun.

Since foaming the sill in my basement along the perimeter of my house, I’m happy to report that the efficiency of my radiant heat system has increased dramatically. It seems that drafts from the sill were creeping cold into the floor and robbing heat from the radiant tubing.

I’m planning to spray foam the attic as my next project. I look forward to working with you and the helpful team at Guardian Energy again.

Leo L.
Glen Head, NY

I completed the project. It was my second time, so thats why I did not have any questions. It was great, easy and very good material. I will always use Foam it Green. I will strongly recommend my friends.

Pjerin V.
Cortlandt Manor, NY

We are all done. We had no problems and it all worked as advertised.
Will recommend to others in the future. Thank You.

Kevin K.
La Porte, IN

Job completed, love the product and how easy to install , I highly recommend this

Kenneth M.
Sea Isle City, NJ

Done…. Went better as we gained a better touch… Like painting a car….

Gary C.
Mountain Top, PA

We are done and everything went as planned. I thank you for your help and a great product. We will be purchasing more from you in the near future.

Dave B.
Nashua, MT

Thank you, just finished everything went well.

Chris R.
Fort Thomas, KY

All went great! I Love the Green Foam

Stephen H.
Newburgh, IN

Finally got time and weather good to do work came out great and will buy agian.

Scott W.
Boca Raton, FL

Our project is done. My husband, Steve, did a great job.

Suzanne H.
Royal Oak, MI

The project is complete, everything went well. I ran a little short of the spray foam but I made it work.

Joel C.
Carroll, NE

It is done and went very well. I did have to wait for the walls to reach the right temperature. There is a little learning curve but after a few minutes it goes smooth. I will be orddring more in the future.

Mark D.
Arlington, VA

Project has been finished and on to the next. Will probably be back to purchase more product as I rehab the house one area at a time.

Keith D.
Chicago, IL

We are done and it was very easy. We have recommended you to several friends.

Valerie B.
Erie, CO

I am proud to say everything went as planned. After I received the product I warmed it up to the requested temp along with the areas to spray and then called for an inspection. Sounds a bit out of order but I had to call prior to 5 pm for an inspection the following day. I started suiting up around 7 pm. Started my first wall shortly after and around 3 am I finished everything including cleanup. That morning around 7:45 am the inspector came to look over the insulation. First thing he said was ” oh, it was sprayed” followed by “they did a great job.” Then I told him I had done the work by which he said “oh you have done this before” and I said no. I passed with flying colors and the guys came to Sheetrock at 830am for a seamless worksite.
I cannot thank you all for providing a homeowner with such a great and easy product to add value to my home.

John D.
Sherman, CT

The project is finished. -- It’s for a theatrical play, so I’m hoping to have photos of the project done in a few weeks after all the lighting is installed on the set.

The foam worked very well for our needs.

Richard B.
Fort Lauderdale, FLA

The spray foam works awesome at insulating, it creates a great seal unlike fiberglass. I have already recommended the Foam It Green kit to a colleague as he is purchasing an old farm house.

James H.
Berlin, MA

Hello, We LOVE the spray foam. We are saving money up because we need to order another kit to finish the basement. We love the product. it went on great. Energy bills have gone down. and we believe the only way to insulate is Foam. We have showed it off to many people.

Ashley E.
Pierce, NE

Great Stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian M.
Garland, TX

Used kit (200 sq ft) to seal and insulate rim bays ( 1- 2 inches thick),… then covered foam with Roxul (split R15 down middle) for fire blocking and for added insulation (1/2 of R15 = R7.5). So far I have noticed an approximate 5-6 degree increase in basement temp . I also have covered walls with 2 inch xps foamboard. Area has never been heated and ductwork was exposed but I have also insulated the supply’s so I don’t have the “radiant” heat escaping off that like it was doing, Was happy to the increase in temp even though I eliminated most of the “lost” heat coming off the ductwork.

Stacey S.
Parkville, MD

Thank you so much for your help, we completed our project and it worked beautifully.

Tom D.
Crescent Valley, NV

We live in a 28x60 Shultz double wide home with a 3ft deep crawl space. I cut back the insulation and the black underbelly about 2 to 3ft from the floor cavity. I sprayed the cavities and the walls up to wife no longer complain about a cold floor.I got it so tight my internal combustion water heater pilot light keep going out. So, had to keep I vent half open. It can be single digits outside and crawl space is around 50 degress.
Instead of keeping the thermostat at 73 we now can set it at 70 degrees and still be comfortable.

Mark M.
Lagrange, IN

We used it and have loved it.

Josia S.
Sacramento, CA

Just finished using the foam on Saturday. Job turned out fine. Thanks for all the concern.

Linda G.
Annapolis, MD

project turned out well. we sprayed when outside temp was zero degrees, the room was 75-80 degrees. followed directions on video and it came perfect. thank you for a great product.

David C.
Erie, PA

First time using any type of spray foam insulation. The web site was very helpful and informative. I purchased the double 602 kit. Product was a little messy but very easy to use…definitely follow the directions! I was short on my calculation so I ordered another 602 kit to finish up. Totally happy with the outcome.

As a somewhat handy person I was very happy to save almost $4,000 by doing it myself. Thought the cost of the product was reasonable.

David Z.
Braintree, MA

Everything went well. The kits were fantastic!

Justin W.
Half Moon Bay, CA

Things went great wish I could afford another kit and I would do the rim of the entire house!

Scott W.
Paola, KS

The foamed walls of the crawl space in addition to the 10 mil plastic I laid down has made a huge difference in the temperature and dryness of our crawlspace. I’m pleased. I’ll need to purchase a couple of touch up kits to make some additions/alterations to one area of the crawl space.

I will be foaming the attic floors next. I had enough foam left over to do the attic floors over one room upstairs. It will make a huge difference in the house once I get the entire attic done. It will probably take a couple 600 sq ft kits to get that done. I’m saving my money to make that purchase in June or July.

Don B.
Carnesville, GA

We were renovating a cabin on the gulf coast which involved taking the existing structure down to the studs along with doubling the size through a new addition. My Aunt had also used this product with good success so I purchased the wall kits. The product went on with very good coverage and outstanding results. I am heating and cooling this cabin with two Mitsubishi split units very efficiently.

The heating and cooling efficiency is much better than expected and I have seen virtually no insects since applying this product. It went up very quickly with consistent coverage.

Chris H.
Pell City, AL

We purchased the 600 board closed cell to insulate our ledger board. It came promptly and was very easy to use. We did the whole house in a day. We wanted spray foam to seal gaps as well as properly insulate. Before using the kit our floors were frigid cold, and with small kids we needed to insulate. What a difference!! The floors are so much warmer and now there’s no way mice and other pests can get inside!!

The best parts of the kit was how easy and efficient it was. Using other insulation types would have been more difficult to install and for about the same or even less insulating value.

Anna G.
Christiana, PA

Your product works great and saves money on heating cost.

Scott L.
Fort Wayne, IN

Just thought I would let you know that my basement room I foamed has worked excellent this winter. We had a week of temps that didn’t go above freezing, I checked the temp in the room one night and it was 47.5 F with an outdoor temp of 9 F. No doubt about it the Foam it Green has help seal this room and hold the heat in.

I also fixed the condensation problem as well when I foamed the ceiling. Great Product!

John H.
Danville, VA

Wonderful and easy to use.
Highly recommend your product. definitely cut down on my heating. Bill with this negative degree weather.

Becky G.
Athens, PA

I finished my project in late October, spraying foam on the underside of our sunroom. The tip about using Vasoline on the goggles did not work for me so I bought several extra pairs of goggles at Home Depot.

The sunroom is warmer this winter than last winter when we had R30 fiberglass insulation in the floor. I have a few thin spots so I thinking of buying a 300kit, fixing the thin spots and adding additional thickness to the what is already there.

Thank you for a great easy to use product.

Tom L.
Andover, MN

All done worked great. No more icicles.

Brian K.
Churchville, NY

I’ve got to say, buying and using Foam It Green insulation has been such a great experience that I look forward to using it for more projects! I spoke directly with Linda on the phone and she helped me determine the best size kit for my needs. She also helped me get the kits as soon as possible.

thank you guys again for making such a great product so easily available! I plan to spray foam insulate my main house this summer.

Andrew S.
Los Angeles, CA

It was a great experience! Product worked exactly as advertised! It went on super easy, and stuck on the wall. Very little droppage, or overspray. It ABSOLUTELY works. I woke up this morning (it is cold outside), placed my hand on the foam on the inside of my house, and then placed my hand on drywall on the inside of my house, and the foam is SIGNIFICANTLY warmer! So, it absolutely works! Further, just by touching the foam, you can feel how the closed cell technology adds structural integrity to the dwelling. I will ABSOLUTELY order more and do future projects with you folks. Thanks again!

Lance P.
Austin, TX

We purchase another van to use as a service van, and wanted to insulate the walls & ceiling before covering them with plywood. I was amazed at just how easy it was to do. I just covered any area that I did not want over-spray to touch and went to work. Presto.. 15 minutes later I was done. Looks great.

I really appreciate the sound-proofing effect that foam gives me, let alone the heat / cool savings!

Robert B.
Wheelersburg, OH

I used the foam for my floor end joist what a big difference great product

Thomas B.
Thurmont, MD

The standard 602 kit was plenty of foam to fully insulate the 170″ Sprinter including the rear doors and our custom made bulkhead. This gave us at least 2″ of foam (R-14!) on the open panels as well as getting into all the enclosed cavities.

So far I’m pleased with the outcome. We will be covering the walls and ceiling with a liner kit so we’ll have a well insulated and neat-looking truck!

Jesse P.
East Thetford, VT

Our project is completed. We use from and green and are quite pleased.

Sheila G.
Walworth, NY

I’m actually on my fifth set of 602. It’s going great! As soon as you told me last was good to go we rallied on. Great product by the way!

Karen S.
Tacoma, WA

The project went well and I have told others about your company.

Aaron E.
Chicago, IL

I have been looking online for a spray foam insulation for my garage. I can across Foam It Green and watched a few videos and decided to call Foam It Green. The woman whom I spoke with answered all my questions and told me which product I should use that was best suited for my project. She was knowledgable and helpful and did not try and sell me anything I didnt need. I ordered the product on a Friday and it was on my doorstep on Monday. I couldnt be happier with my overall experience. Once the weather breaks I am looking forward to spraying and writing another review on how well the product works. Thanks again Foam It Green

Jayson S.
Bethlehem, PA

I was very skeptical about using this product at first, I mean having to tackle a big project with a new product and no help or guidance to doing it. I felt relieved when my kits got here with detailed information and instructions on how to do it. The dose and donts, the extra tips, fan spray tips, gloves, goggles, and safe suit were all great gifts for my 602 energy efficiency kit. After spraying the first couple of rafters I was good to go. My project went great and I sprayed my entire home with a couple of kits. What I spent on my home was nothing close to half the price I was being charged by my contractors price of $11,800. Thanks foam it green!!

Attached are some photos from my project!

Eduardo G.
Edcouch, TX

I had questions and uncertainty in the beginning, but all that went away between the online resources and the phone and email support that I received. All the information provided empowered me and gave me confidence that I could do a task that I’d never done and had little knowledge about. And when I did have questions, they answered everything and let me know I was still on the right track. What impressed me was that when I called and they didn’t answer, I chose to not leave a voice mail and they still called me back!

The product itself has been exactly as described all the way. The hardest part is the temperatures. I’m insulating a metal building. So it doesn’t take long for the temperatures to go from too cold to too hot on the surface from the sun, while the ambient temperature cooling the canisters off too quickly. But all of that is just part of the fun of my project. The product itself has made it easier to ensure I don’t screw anything up in my circumstances. And since I don’t have a means of measuring the surface temperature, I just took the temperature strip from one of the tanks and put it on my wall to see how the surface temperature was doing.

In the end, I’m really happy and glade we went this route, and I’ve already told a few others about it.

Brandon M.
Sparta, TN

Job is completed and it worked like a charm.
Thank you very much.

Christopher B.
Crownsville, MD

Effective…and little fun putting in. Perfect for DIYer’s!

Mike R.
McCullom Lake, IL

Things went fine with my installation. It was very cold and I was only able to get the surface of my roof to the minimum 65 degrees but other than that, no issues. It was a bit cumbersome to attempt by myself but I managed. I had no idea how to estimate how much I would need…that combined with the cold I don’t think the foam expanded as much as it might have had it been warmer. So, I am saving up to do ’round 2′ before I proceed with having drywall installed. I did post a pic on your facebook page. I have recommended the product to friends and am definitely a happy customer. Attaching some pics for you.

Dubuque, IA

The project went well with the spray foam. it is keeping us very warm. John wants me to extend his thanks to you as well. said he will probably look you up again in the Spring for the next “to do” project for us. thanks for the email. Have a wonderful day.

John D.
Conneaut Lake, PA

My project is completed successfully. The product worked well!

Thomas F.
Medina, NY

We had tremendous success on Sunday. Although we started a bit early in the morning, about 9:30-10:00 am and it was still 65 degrees in the attic, but I had stored the canisters inside overnight and bumped the thermostat to 75+. The first pair sputtered a bit, but the next two pairs performed well with even spray. We wrapped up spraying approx. 630 ft2, laying down 2.5 to 3 inches of foam product. Travis was impressed on the performance of the product compared to what he used previously 7 years ago on his place in Wisconsin.

We finished by blowing in 38 bales of fiberglass (1240 ft2) to make a snowy blanket of about 28 to 32 inches in the attic. The house is quiet, temperature +/- 4 degrees during the day. How many ways can I say happiness is a 70 degree home!

Excellent product and a tremendous thank you for your efforts. Shipping arrived on Wednesday with delivery on Thursday.

Hat tips to you!

Robert M.
Davis, CA

I sprayed the roof of two metal storage buildings to reduce condensation,the product seems to be working good. The product was very easy to use.spraying overhead is a little messy so good covering over items below is very important.I was really satisfied with results.Just follow instructions and use proper protective coverings and safety equipment. Would highly recommend product.

Herbert A.
Montesano, WA

I was looking around the internet for spray foam insulation when I came across foam it green. After reading all the details about the product I knew it was prefect for the project I was working on which was spray foaming the crawlspace of my home. I ordered my kit and within a week it was here and ready to use. The kit I ordered was the 602 sq ft and it was just perfect to fit into the limited space I was working in. All the parts went together perfectly and with all the extras that I received I was ready to spray within 30 minutes. Spraying foam it green went about as smoothly as I could ask for in the small space I was working in. Clean up of the product was easy and simple and made my project that much easier. I will be using foam it green again on my next spray foam insulation project in my house.

One benefit is that with this product I didn’t have to call out an expensive contractor to do this for me with the easy to read directions of foam it green I was able to do this myself.

The other benefit I most value is that now my home is sealed from the damp air that was seeping up from the crawlspace and making my home that much more comfortable to live in.

Robert C.
Mantua, OH

Really easy to spray my rim joist in my basement compared to cutting & fitting another type of insulation into every area. A big time saver. Plus foam in green is fire rated, mold resistance and a air barrier. When I tore out my old insulation I was disgusted with all the mice waste and insects that were using my insulation for nests over the years.

Love the: Speed. Mold resistance. Fire rated. Air barrier. Pest barrier.

Matt B.
Prospect, PA

Finished the rim joist foaming

Thank you,

Dennis M.
Lynn, MA

Your product worked great! Looking forward to doing more this spring/summer!

Andrew L.
Cuba City, WI

I chose green foam because the website seemed more authorative than tiger foam (canada)…

It turned out the green color is very helpful because the first kit I used, the yellow product ran out a little sooner and it avoided me making a gooey mess. On the 2nd kit, both tanks emptied exactly at the same time.

On completion of the foam application I was satisfied that I had sealed the space up sufficiently to then apply 8# of blown cellulose. There is no going back now. Trust everything will be oK

I also used the green foam to seal pipe/plumbing penetrations, renovated areas, in the basement where the industrial foam application had been compromised.

Mark P.
Saint Gedeon, QC

I have had a Great experience from “FoamItGreen”. The slow expanding foam worked perfectly. I achieved the results that were promised. I followed the directions and prepared all work areas in advance. Clean up was a breeze! I am totally impressed by your product and highly recommend it!

We live in a big old barn and it was drafty! the loft was insulated by a spray foam contractor three years ago. The lower area was insulated by a “contractor” that did blown in celulose. The celulose settled about 50% and the “beverage bottles” from the past farmer were left in the bottom of the wall cavities. Not very good insulation! Foam It Green was able to provide us with a product that could insulate these areas without tearing out the walls.

The benefit of a job done well with minimal effortis top of the list. Next would be the savings on our heating and cooling bills in the future. Finally the knowledge that we have reduced our reliance on fossil fuels and are leaving a much smaller carbon footprint.

Walter P.
Otisville, NY

It is simple to use. We watch the videos on your website a few times before trying it ourselves. Once we started we got the feel of it rather quickly. We were nervous at first because of the initial cost and if we were able to do this ourselves. We are very glad that we decided to try this product.

The time we saved compared to using fiberglass insulation and also the money we will save over the winter season is a big benefit. We have just started turning on the furnace and already we can see the difference in temperature and the amount of time the furnace is running. I can’t wait to see the difference in the fuel bill at the end of the season.

Claire A.
Rouses Point, NY

I was hesitant to take on the job of using closed cell foam to insulate our crawl space but the estimate from a local professional was beyond reach. Then I discovered Foam it Green.

It was clear from their web site that they were a competent, professional outfit and that they believed in, and were willing to support, the average homeowner as he tackled the job he’d been told should be left to contractor$. It certainly helped too, that they received a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on Amazon.

In the end, I was thrilled with the results. I was able to cover a considerable amount of surface (sills and concrete walls) and was even able to seal to the walls the vapor barrier I had used to cover the dirt floor (big win).

Job well done! Now it’s time to enjoy the benefits.

Thomas D.
Wolfeboro, NH

LOVED the product!!
Three friends saw my basement b4 and after and they regretted JUST finishing their basents and using ” the pink stuff””

Ed S.
Mineola, NY

While this is the first time I have used this type of product, I have spent 40 years in the construction industry, so not a newbie. That said,the product was easy to use and met my expectations. The website was very helpful, I felt comfortable with the system.

Loved the ease of use, effective sealing of all gaps, trouble free purchase and shipping.

Keith M.
Elmhurst, IL

While this is the first time I have used this type of product, I have spent 40 years in the construction industry, so not a newbie. That said,the product was easy to use and met my expectations. The website was very helpful, I felt comfortable with the system.

Loved the ease of use, effective sealing of all gaps, trouble free purchase and shipping.

Bob L.
Ironwood, MI

I ordered two kits to foam spray a crawl space in a house we were flipping. After my husband used the first kit I asked how he liked it. He loved it and said “it’s so easy even you could do it”. He was right. We will denfinitely be purchasing more on future projects. Thanks to the gent I spoke on the phone prior to purchase.

1.) The R value
2.) The cost effectiveness to do ourselves instead of hiring a insulation contractor and being held up by scheduling.
3.) the easiness
4.) there’s an ole saying if ma MA’s not happy nobody’s happy. Well this ma ma is happy! Lol

Sheryl L.

Everything went perfect. It was as easy as you advertise. I have recommended this my friend as a must use if your doing a project. Thanks.

Peter M.
Richmond Hill, NY

My foam it green experience was great. I used it on the better part of a new construction with a 602 closed cell and a 1202 open cell. Shipping was quick- which I needed in the high mountains of West Virginia as the cold is coming. The most fun part was to hook up 2 next to each other and have a spray foam battle (just kidding).

Benefits: 1. Making it tight- I wanted the little house I am building to be tight and well insulated. So tight that I can heat 576 sq ft with a candle and a cigarette. Thats what I’m talkin’ about.
2. Speed- I only get to build my house after work, so I needed to go faster than batts. Spray foam is the obvious answer to crankin it out.

Matt D.
Seneca Rocks, WV

My project went great. It was easier than I had expected. I just followed the instructions and I was done in no time. Great product, will use it again and recommend it for sure.

Lee B.
Warren, VT

Perfect. Just as easy to use as everyone makes it look, and is great that it can be shut down for later use if you run out of time/energy with your project for the day. I ended up needing enough foam to need to get the 602 kit which gave me almost twice as much as I needed, so I used the remainder foaming a large portion of my attic’s roof and I can already tell the difference in energy bills and comfort. Even though I’ll need to wait until next year, I’m now considering buying another 602 kit to spray my entire attic -- roof and floor -- which was not at all in my plans before purchasing this kit for a separate project.

Love knowing that my roof is nice and sealed from moisture, as well as watching my energy bill drop while increasing the comfort inside my house (I live in Miami, so it gets hot). Not to mention the satisfaction of having done it myself, and knowing that I saved hundreds more in labor costs alone. Thank you, Foam it Green!

Graham K.
Miami, FLA

Outstanding customer support (Phil)

I just wanted to say thank you for the outstanding customer support on my recent order. I have used Foam It Green several times, it’s a great product and I have always had the best customer support. My recent order was a rush job and Phil helped me out by getting the product shipped as quickly as possible. Please pass on my thanks to Phil.

Jimmy O.
Centreville, VA

To all the people who are hesitant to try a do it yourself spray foam project, keep reading. I too read lots of reviews when considering a DIY spray foam job. Some said it was hard to do, it didn’t work well or cover as much as stated…..Forget all that. Read the simple instructions and yes follow them and you will be fine. I sprayed the rim joist of an old farmhouse and also sprayed some walls in a new construction project. I actually did them a few days apart, followed the shut down instructions, and restart was a breeze. I was actually surprised of how much coverage I got and how easy it was to spray. I would much rather spray foam than cut and mess with fiberglass batons any day, it was actually kind of fun!

Customer service was top notch whether it was via live chat or a phone call, I used both.
love the fact that it completely eliminated the air leaks.

Dean L.

Foam it Green was AMAZING!. I save a bout $2,000 dollars and my wife thinks I’m a stud! Win/Win situation!!!!! I plan on buying more of your product next Spring, when the weather warms up in order to apply the foam correctly. Thank you for your time and wonderful product!

Jeremy O.
West Newton, PA

I live I Montana and was concerned about having warm enough weather to apply my 600 series foam kits. I had a few nice days above 70 degrees. The product works exactly as advertised. I foam sealed all my soffits and all penetration holes in my new addition. I sprayed every wall and ceiling in my theatre room for sound control. I even used the spray foam under the staircase to control sound on the steps.

This product is amazing and very easy to use. Follow the basic instructions and you are a true professional.

If you have areas where fiberglass insulation is not practical, using Foam it Green is truly the best option. If my budget would allow it, I would use this product on 100% of the house.
Don’t be afraid of using this product. If you can spray a paint can, you can spray this foam.

Jeff W.
Billings, MT

This is the link to a video I made and would like to submit it for your testimonials.

Todd S.
Ridgefield, WA

These spray foam kits work very well easy to use and great instructions to fallow. I applied a 600 square foot kit in my crawlspace on the walls in a few hours. I highly recommend these spray foam kits.

Benefits: The benefits of this spray foam is it sealed all my cracks and opening’s in my Crawl Space. My home is 100 years old which let in a lot of cold air. This spray foam will save me more than the cost of the kit this winter. I already notice that my furnace run half the time.

Before and after pictures. These kits work very well.



Chad B.
Monte Vista, CO

I am very pleased with the spray foam. I do need to purchase the 202 kit to finish off my project but may have to wait until the weather breaks again. View my project here and also here

Leonard S.
Livingston, TX

I bought an old drafty farmhouse on 50acres along side of the west branch of the Mahantango creek in central pa. every animal .reptile and bug had a nice place to live until u and your foam showed up. the heat was escaping everywhere and it was not very cozy. NOW its like living inside a coleman cooler. its reminds me of my first wife. not very pretty but keeps me warm. its a good product and unlike my x :it should pay for itself in the long run. I am happy with green foam and I tell and show other people the job if they are curious. …there ya go mark that’s the story. thanks for a good product.

John G.
Boothwyn, PA

We used Duct tape and thumb tacks to cover the holes so the spray foam would not ooze out through the siding to the exterior, and then sprayed 1 inch of Foam it Green on 3 of our downstairs walls. After it dried, my husband trimmed away the excess and installed the 3 inch pink batting over the top. In some places he had to tear of some layers of batting to avoid compression of it. Then plastic went up and the drywall. It was 57 degrees out that day and my husband used a point-and-shoot thermometer to measure the temperature of the original walls. They were a full 10 degrees colder than the finished wall with Foam it Green! Now we are cozy and warm and no more moisture or wind can come through. We are confident our heating bills will be much lower this winter and the project will quickly pay for itself.

Affordable DIY project about $300 for 3 walls in our condo

Amazing results. The insulated walls are a full 10 degrees warmer than they were before and no more moisture getting in!

Jill F.
Columbus, OH

Used Green Foam to stop condensation in our metal building! Works awesome and very easy to do! This stuff is amazing!


Debra S.
Stockton, MO

I choose Foam it Green because the price first of all. Saved me roughly $8500 off the quote I was given by the pros.

The fact that it says it blocks Radon is a major bonus. I literally just finished with the crawl space, and will need to order one more time to finish the job, your yield is pretty close, I have a 1200 square foot area to do, and it did half of the space and maybe a little more. I can already tell the benefits of the product. First off, the smell dissipated in like a 35 minutes ventilated crawl, the smell never even really came upstairs at all. One suggestion I would give is the tyvec suit was too small for me, I am a bigger guy so it was a no go. You should provide like a shower cap which I used. I pretty much trashed an old pair of jeans and a old shirt. The product does not come off the skin really easy either!! Anyway, I will probably finish the other half of the crawl next year, unless I come into some extra $$$. Great product, and supper easy to install, just a tad messy when over head. Cant wait to see the benefits of this in the 40 below weather up hear in Montana.

Shannon B.
Belgrade, MT

Hello so I got the green stuff it all worked out great!! ( see pic)


James B.
Jersey City, NJ

Where’s that stupid “easy button”?

Now my kitchen floor doesn’t ice my toes and chase the dogs into another room.

Much warmer and JUST IN TIME for cold weather (polar vortex) that came flying in from the north FLIPPIN pole this morning.

Yeah BABY!

Kent F.
Saint Charles, MO

I found the Foam It 602 kit very user friendly and the directions thorough. I specifically liked the added thermometer strip on the tanks to ensure that the product was at the appropriate temperature for optimum application. I had conducted an energy audit this last summer and one of the largest areas for improvement was found to be leakage and lack of insulation on the rim joist in my basement. After performing the site prep I completed all the foaming in less then 2 hours by myself. I have already noticed that areas of my floor that had always been cold to the touch in the winter are staying warm and I cant wait to see what kind of return I get in reduced heating cost due to my investment in improved insulation!

Ryan W.
Lansing, NY

Everything worked out well. A few learning curve mistakes but pretty small in comparison to the results. I have a few more smaller projects for late winter/spring. I will definitely order from you again.

Michael B.
Wappingers Falls, NY

everything went great. your product was excellent . I won’t hesitate to use it again when needed.

David L.
Amherst, NY

Job is done . everything went great. Thanks for everything. I will have more projects to do.

Edward S.
Homeworth, OH

Everything went well. Kit was delayed in shipping from you which caused me to miss last warm spell. Nevertheless we were able to warm the wall surfaces to above 60 deg and the product went on as easy as pie. It was one of the easiest tasks I ever performed. Only issue was at end of kit we sprayed what looked green but was not and did not rise. Next day it was a gooey mess. This was just at the end of kit and If we do this again we will understand better the signs to stop spraying. We need to wait for warmer weather to do any more to insure the wall surfaces will be above 60 deg. You have lots of good videos, maybe by including video showing how the product behaves at the end of the kit, as well as a video showing how to clean up that gooey mess would be beneficial.

Daniel D.
Holly, MI

I’m happy to say everything came out great. I was very happy with the product and plan to purchase more in the near future (short on funds right now). THANKS AGAIN

Joshua S.
Sebewaing, MI

the project that my son did was completed and as it was on one of our apt. buildings, we saw it first hand. product performance is excellent. right now, our son, joe, is busy with service calls. we intend to do some of our other buildings this spring and summer. i know that joe is going to promote the spray foam insulation portion of his business when the weather breaks. so i would expect that there will be jobs beginning in the april time frame.

Vincent C.
Everret, PA

The project was completed the week the spray foam arrived. It went well. I’m sure we will be contacting you guys in the future for other projects.

Nancy S.
Lawrence, KS

The project is partially complete. the project was to insulate a cathedral ceiling. I am pleased with the out come.

Dennis C.
Indianapolis, IN

Project is done and went very well. Thanks!

Lee B.
Maple Hill, KS

Very pleased with the results will definitely use again in future. Thanks for you checking on us not many places follow up like yall have.

Clint S.
Junction, TX

Everything worked just great. My project was I had built our attached sun room over a concrete patio which had a foundation all around. When constructed I put in 6″ of insulation but was not enough around the outside walls. So I drilled 3/4″ holes and inserted 3′ of plastic hose attached to a wire. Then slowly pulled it our as Spray Foam was installed. It has greatly helped keeping the floor warmer at the outside wall.

Thomas K.
Oswego, IL

The project is complete and the whole experience was great! My contractors found the kit very easy to understand and use. They especially liked that everything was included. We will be using your product again since my son has a project coming up. Thanks.

Barbara D.
Keeseville, NY

Hi Mark, my small project is finished. I spray foamed the rim joist in my basement. Major improvement and difference in just shear comfortability factor. I also replaced my boiler with an Energy Star Condensing Boiler and Indirect Water Heater. These 3 measures should make a huge difference in our power bill. Thanks for everything…Randy Hastings, Scotia, NY. Merry Christmas my friend.

Randy H.
Schenectady, NY

Finally got it done -- went just fine -- put on two layers -- actually very

Anthony S.
Plano, TX

It works great, has kept our basement from leaking since applying. Am in the process of finishing off an area of the basement and so far am very pleased with the result.

William C.
South Charleston, WV

I chose your product for a couple reasons. I knew I wanted to go with a closed cell spray foam insulation and my research on the internet (Amazon reviews and your website) drove me to you guys primarily due to the rave reviews your customers gave the product. The other thing I found impressive was all the raving fans out there regarding your customer service. Really Mark, 7x24 support? That’s unheard of unless it’s defined in a service agreement where customers are typically paying a premium for said services. Whatever you’re paying Linda it’s not enough. I’ve worked in customer service for more than 20 years. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced customer service like Linda and your team provides. From the time I started to place my order on line (and did not complete the order) Linda called me the next day to ensure everything was okay and I had what I needed to make my decision. Her follow up e-mail’s etc.

Jeff S.
Quincy, IL

I like the fact that you included the extras and the videos I watched help me decide. I did my project today and it turned out great.

Kenneth R.
Faribault, MN

we are very satisfied with your insulation. we have a pre-civil war farm home in michigan and it will be interesting to see how much warmer it will be this winter. Product was easy to install and we will recommend it to our friends and customers.

Norman F.
Bellevue, MI

The project- basement re-insulation, is done. The spray foam worked great. As I sprayed the last stud cavity it turned blue, and I knew I had bought exactl enough. Your turnkey kit saved me from multiple trips to get Google’s or tyvex suit. You should add suggestion in instructions to tape exposed wrists between suit n gloves. I already knew to do that. Am very happy with your product n service. I had to wait for a warm week to apply it, but otherwise everything went great n I’ll be looking to use it again on my next remodel.

George V.
Florence, KY

Project is done drywall going up and it went great.

James F.
Elliot City, MD

Project went fine. Just wishing I could buy another kit. It was easy and fast. Very pleased with it.

David F.
Mineral Wells, TX

I just wanted to take a second to say thank you to you and your company. Throughout the process, your support agents answered every one of my questions and concerns without haste. Your product has been fantastic and really has helped out in my basement with reducing humidity and keeping it comfortable for my family. A secondary use for it was to seal up any little spaces that bugs could gain entry, which so far, has been working fantastically.

Joe P.
Malverne, NY

It has been 6 months since I purchased the spray foam.

It is now winter. We have the bed against the outside wall and it is great.
We have an infrared temperature gun for surface temperature. 3 degree
difference in the interior and exterior walls and an outside temperature of
36 degrees. My heating for the bedroom only used to cycle on and off every
10 minutes. Today it has run only once in the last 2 hours.

Earl M.
Grand Prarie, TX

All done went well. Thank you!

Carl S.
Walbridge, OH

I have enjoyed using the spray foam. I have done about 7/8 of my attic but am waiting for warmer weather to complete the last section and add a second layer to get it to at least 2 inches. The videos were very helpful and instructions were very clear. I would emphasize the need to cover the floor with plastic or old tarps-I did not realize at first that little bits fall to the floor when spraying overhead. they stick very well to the old wood floor of my attic!. Glad I had the respirator and goggles. those small particles form overspray would have been dangerous in eyes or lungs. Preparation took the longest, the actual spraying was only about 1-2 h with the 602. Would definitely recommend to others and I will be ordering more when the weather gets above 50 or so.

Thomas S.
South Bend, IN

Hi there project all done went smoothly thanks for asking.

Phillip W.
Meredith, NH

All done. Worked great. So far it is doing what it says it would do. Thanks
for the follow up.

Matt O.
Minneapolis, MN

Everything went well. I really like the product. I just wish it was more affordable. Even with the high cost I will probably buy another set or two in the future. I own a large, old and drafty house. I’m probably about half way through of spraying the necessary places that would cut down on the draft and reduce my energy bills. Even with the areas that I have a sprayed, there is a very noticeable difference with how much my HVAC system is running.

Brian S.
Baltimore, MD


Ken B.
Bridgewater, NJ

Went very smoothly and the product worked great!
I intend to post on Facebook to get the free T, but just haven’t gotten around to it.

David A.
Appleton, ME

I had to wait for the right weather and managed to get just enough heat to
raise the surface temperatures to the minimum. Everything went great and
only had adhesion problems in small number of places most likely due to
temperature. I was able to use a couple cans of Great Stuff and spray it
into those areas and it is good.

My project was to spray the exposed cement areas on my superior walls. I now
wish I could have filled the wall cavity but it would probably take 2 or 3
kits. I’ll have to consider it…

It had made quite a difference already an I would definitely recommend it.

Tom G.
Mars, PA

Plain and simple as the kit, fan-friggin-tastic!

My 14 year old son and I were able to rip out old moldy, squirrel/mouse/rat/who knows what animal dung infested fiberglass insulation for a few hundred square feet in a dirt floor crawl space in about an hour. Then completely encapsulate the same area with FoamitGreen, preventing the mold and animals from returning in the next two hours. Absolutely drop dead simple and awesome!

Craig A.
Harrisburg, PA

The product was used to infill existing walls in a triplex where for decades I have bee trying to track down the source and pathway of an occasional leak into one of the first floor rooms; repairs to the roof and plumbing have not solve the problem. Also the cost to heat the building are excessive; furthermore I previously hired a contractor to install spray insulation but the insulation was not closed cell so it settled and diminished when wet.

Some of your closed cell insulation escaped through gaps into exterior wood shingles so those openings have now been sealed and I am applying exterior caulking to enhance the seal. I also expect cost savings from the insulation and elimination of moisture entry from condensation on interior steam piping risers due to temperature gradients during severe cold weather.

John D.
Philadelphia, PA

I insulated the basement ceiling in my very old, very poorly insulated house. The old part of the basement walls are stacked stone with no mortar so the basement tends to be not only cold, but damp. Since I work from home in the room above the area I was working in, I have seen an immediate improvement in the heating of my office! The Foam It Green sprayed on exactly as described. I followed the instructions on temp for both the tanks and the surface to be sprayed (of course I waited until the outside temp was in the 40s before starting my project!)and had no issues at all. I had hoped the covered area would have been larger, but due to virtually 100% of the application being overhead, and my uneven application as I dodged around wiring and plumbing and built in obstacles, I was able to cover most but not all of my planned route. I’ll be saving up for another kit!

Cut down dramatically on air infiltration around the sill plate & around 3 ancient windows. The foamed ceiling will prevent the moisture and damp odor from seeping up into my home office.

Barb W.
Edwardsburg, MI

We have a 500 square foot addition connected to a steel container. Every time it rains the water wicks into the living space causing damage. We have tried 3 part systems, fillers, you name it. A week ago we applied your product. Today we had rain. Not one leK. For the first time in 4 years I’m not getting buckets out or placing shower curtains over my couch. Thank you

Mark R.
Columbus, NM

I’m still a few months out from re-finishing my walkout basement, so I’m still in the planning stages for new wiring, structure/support and re-framing as well as putting foam board up. I plan on purchasing either another 202 kit or a 602 kit to do the rim-joist on that level and possibly around all the windows and a light 1/2″ layer on the wall stud cavities. My subterranean basement (I have a Quad-Level home) is doing extremely well, I was able to fill in the rim-joist perfectly after installing r-5 extruded polystyrene foam boards with taped seams. That level has held a constant 63F with no added heat from the furnace. Before insulating, it was something on the order of 51-53F depending on the day. So rest assured, I will be ordering your products, just need to finish the basic layout and restructuring of the support beams in my house. So I guess I’ll probably be emailing you sometime around March or April, depending on progress. Have a great Thanksgiving!

P.S. And thanks to the spray-foam and attic insulation, my bills have dropped significantly, nearly 40%! As compared to November of last year.

Corey P.
Cincinnati, OH

Very user friendly works great! Inslulating and sealing all air leaks also protection against mold.

Mark P.
Mount Holly, AZ

I started to seal my walk in attic which has about 80% flooring . I put down 1.5 -- 2 of closed cell foam after pulling up the floor and 12 of fiberglass bats. Your videos were right on the money. I had no problems with the foam application. Actually I found it quite easy to apply. Due the weather being so cold, I plan to finish the last 1/3 of the attic in the spring when it warms up, and plan to do my basement when I finish the attic.

I live in an old farm house, so I have many holes due to electric upgrades etc. over the years. I like the idea of a complete vapor barrier, sealing all the holes, and adding significant additional insulation to the house. I considered a foam contractor but I would have to clean the entire attic out which I didnt want to do. With your product I am able to do part of the attic. Move storage items around and the finish the project.

Robert B.
Saint Charles, IL

We received our kit sooner than expected, so the whole process got off to a great start and we were excited to start our adventure. We have done lots of remodeling to our older home and nothing usually goes as planned when doing to yourself. My husband is very crafty and handy and once the kit arrived he was like a kid at Christmas! He had our whole project down in a matter of a few hours and felt it was a very easy kit, more than enough of the product and it has made a dramatic change in our home and without the opportunity to buy the spray foam kit ourselves we would have spent a lot more than what we did in hiring people to do it. Since this experience we have referred this website and product to others and praising this product and its quality as well as easiness to use. If need be we will for sure use your product and services again!

Yours truly,
A happy spray foam customer!

Tristan G.
Riverside, IA

Foam like a pro with Foam it Green!! Great quality and customer support. Very easy application. Try it and you will like it. Great for any DIY.

Easy application. Great customer support.

Joel K.
West Union, IA

Shipping is on time and good package condition. Compare to local store. Price is cheaper and better product.

Tolinh D.
Clifton, VA

I’m working up a series of photos as well as a write up for both your firm and our Board of Directors. This job went really well. e applied all of the tanks in two days with one technician. We covered all of the walls, the cellar ceiling and first floor ceiling. We had previously put 51/2″ of rigid foam panels in the second floor joists. We deliberately did not take the 24 large windows and door openings into account in our square footage calculations. As a result we were able to get almost 4″ of green spray between all of the studs and almost 2: in the floor joists.

We now have a building with an astounding R factor. As a non-profit operating on a very limited budget, over the next few years this will really “pay off.” On a dollar cost comparison, we had $210 in actual labor costs so the entire job cost us less than $7,000 as against the $25,000 bid from two “professional” companies!

As soon as I finish the write up and get the pictures back, I’ll mail then to you with a release to use them as you may choose. Again, thanks for your support.

Sidney J.

I’ve used the 602 kit twice this year. Both times for free standing “additions to houses. I have used it or sealing the roof sheathing and the subfloor before fiberglass. The second to seal the walls as well. The benefits are twofold, complete air sealing, especially in the roof cavities, so that it can be unvented, and in the building envelope to stop drafts and moister transfer. The product worked as advertised and I am very happy with eh service and product provided. I have foamed three houses, using a commercial company, and they are great but tremendously expensive for small projects. Foam it green was perfect for my needs.

Erik H.
Tahoe City, CA

I did some insulating on the crawl space wall , the summer temp was 61 degrees temp . There has been some temps outside of -15 degrees and the crawl space stayed up to +52 degrees so far this winter. No extended -0 temps for good test yet but looks promising to stay above freezing with no added heat. Good green foam and easy to apply.

Dale B.
Shepherd, MT

Purchasing Foam IT kit was one of the best purchases of the remodel. We had to pull the siding and plywood off from the outside of hte house because of one room that did not get spray foamed when we did the rest of the house.
I did my research and found Foam IT. It looked like the best and most complete kit, plus the price was great.

The contractor said it is the best kit he has ever used and will only purchase these form now on!

It applied easily, had everything we needed. And really made the project run smoothly.

I would highly recommend. Includes everything y ou need to do the job.

Richard R.
Milford, CT

I was doing some research on insulation for my new home, got some quotes on having a company come in to spray foam the entire home and then I came across your web site! I figured hey I can do this! I have done the perimeter walls so far and it worked awesome! I’ll be ordering more after I get my interior walls up to do the ceiling.

Danny A.

We have completed our Foam it Green project and the results are fantastic !! Completely user friendly and equipped with not only great application resourses but also the tools needed to stay safe during application. Your customer service is also top of the line.

Unfortunatley, our company does not use facebook or have a “page” so I am unable to post pictures, but would really like a “Foam it Green” Tee-Shirt :). Thank you for all your assistance !!

Andrea B.
Utica, NY

Is easy to install and grow perfectly.Also change my house from cold to warm and comfy ,friendly.

After use Foam it Green insulation ni cut my heating bill to 30 % ,that really work .THANK YOU FOAM it GREEN.

Miroslaw B.
Middle Village, NY

The stuff is awesome! Easy to apply and it gives me the confidence that it’s air tight and impermeable to insects and other pests.

Michael B.
Virginia Beach, VA

CarmenA Wife’s Review -- My husband, who I love dearly, takes FOREVER to get a project done. We are in our third year of construction and when I hear “I’ll have it done in a weekend”, I know that means many, many weeks. So when I was asked to order the spray foam from Foam It Green and have it delivered the day BEFORE THANKSGIVING because he had the day off and was going to “get it done in a day”, I cringed as we were spray foaming the kitchen AND HOSTING Thanksgiving! With much reservation, I did it anyways. The ordering was easy. We needed expedited shipping and customer service was super helpful with that. The delivery was prompt with no problems and the best part!!?? It is so easy the use and get the job done that — YES — my husband got it done in one day!!! Everything was cleaned up and the turkey was in the oven by 6am the next day!!

Easy ordering.
Easy to use.
Easy clean up.

Carmen S.
Syracuse, NY

My experience with Foam it Green was great! Ordering was super easy. Within a few days the 202 kit was on my front porch. I was able to insulate the rim joist in my new addition in about an hour. I was Bke to obtain everything that I needed for the job from Foam it Green. It was truly a one stop shop. Cleanup was a breeze. Even with the small improvement, I have already noticed a difference in my energy bills. The entire experience was everything that I wanted. I am now making preparations to insulate my attic with the Foam it Green 602 kit. The investment is well worth the no st and then some.

Quality product that performs as advertised. Convenient process from beginning to end.

Chad P.
Beaver, PA

A year ago I researched the possibilities. Appreciate that you include negative reviews as well as positive. Decided on Foam It Green. Purchased in June. Project delayed and warm weather got away. I was scared and discouraged but got the advise and encouragement I needed from you. Well … today I did it. I applied two 602 kits without a hitch. I didn’t get it as even as I would have liked but I am pleased. So glad I took time to cover the face of studs with painter’s tape — came right off; rolled it up in the drop cloths from the extras, and the room is ready for drywall. THANK YOU!!!

Al M.
York, NE

Really liked the product and would have loved to have gotten one of your tshirts but they sealed up the wall before I could get back to take a picture. The foam worked great though.

Corey W.
Selah, WA

Extremely happy with the results. I highly recommend it.

Vincent C.
Palatine, IL

The kit had all the safety items necessary to protect the installer performing the installation, from the droppings and fumes of the foam material. In addition, the kit also contained all the extra nozzles and tools necessary to perform the spray of the foam seamlessly. However, because of the cool temperature, my foam installation didn’t expand to full growth on my shed steel, as anticipated, but did seal every crack and crevice beautifully.

It was exciting to notice the temperature drop of the treated structure was pronounced. In addition, it was a pleasure to visually see that no moisture had entered the treated structure through the roof and walls, do to recent driving rain and wind. It has always been dry and has stayed that way, from the original day of the foam being installed.

It is also a pleasure to use such a product that exceeded my expectation, in so many areas: safety, ease of installation and performance.

Thank you for a great product.

Gregory K.
Buckeye AZ

We are happy with the spray Foam the project went well.

Jeff A.

EDOne of my exterior walls I sprayed last weekend

Ed S.
West Islip, NY

I am finished with my foam it green project and have to say that I’m very pleased with the end result. I already liked you guys on facebook, posted a pic, and got my t -- shirt, thanks!

I’m so happy with it want to do it to my entire house!

So a quick synopsis, I took what amounts to a shed, 1416 foot, I sprayed the entire inside walls (24), ceiling, and underneath the floor. The whole structure just sits on some cement blocks. I put up 2 layers of sheet rock on the inside, mostly for sound, along with electrical, and now I have a movie theatre in my backyard! I live in New England so it gets super cold up here, but that’s when I started to understand the power of the green foam. I have a computer and a flat screen in there with some stereo equipment, and a small space heater that is only for supplemental heat. Here’s what’s cool, I keep my computer on 24-7 and the heat the computer generates is almost enough to keep the entire space warm! That’s how effective this stuff is! I don’t work for green foam nor was paid to say this.

Jason J.
Stow, MA

AngelIt amazing how fast it is, I bought 25 kit of 602. And I scheduled to do that in 3 weeks, and just took me 5 days. It saved me over $3,000 on labor!

Angel R.
Lynn, MA

I am 52, and my son and I are doing this project ourselves. It didn’t take us any time at all. It was really easy. I did most of the spraying. My son did a little. It’s a great product. Anybody can do it if I can! Here is a short video:

Ruby M.
Ridgeland, MS

RajI finished my little project last Thursday and I will tell you that your “Foam it Green” insulation was a LOT easier to apply than I was expecting. The application went very fast… I’m very impressed with your product. The hardest thing about the project was getting my body in and around in the crawl area. I’ll be ready to tackle the basement perimeter sill soon and It will be a piece of cake… I’ll be standing up on this one. I will be putting in my order soon.

Raj D.
Lake Bluff, IL

PaulThe barn apartment…This stuff is fantastic in a metal building! Seals it up tight and minimizes the noise from rain and heat expansion down to nothing. There is a 20 degree temp from in here and the rest of the 2000 sq ft barn. It really works! Here is a shot from the outside of the barn apartment. Another note: besides insulation, noise, and vapor barrier, this stuff also adds a ton of structural integrity!

Paul S.
Portsmouth, VA

Our recent Foam it Green installation!!! Hubby did GREAT! Awesome product, easy to use & get the feel of. We will recommend it to everyone!!


Brett H.
Sidney, OH

MikeMy next and final projed will be the upstairs which will entail 6 kits. I do like the product it is easy to use, and from my project of last year where I converted an enclosed porch to a 12 month room the results were very good. I sprayed the walls, crawl space, and underside of the floor and the heat retention was superb. I sprayed the underside of the floor not so much for the insulation, but to keep the bugs out and it did just that . I attached some pictures of the Labor Day weekend project.

Mike F.
Chicago, IL

The hardest part was pulling down the old insufficient fiberglass insulation. Foam It Greens kits were quick for me to understand and easy to apply. Will definitely be recommending Foam It Green to all of our clients! Benefits include: Ease of application -- Not having to have a backup hand to handle bulky fiberglass insulation. Getting a full seal on a room with added mold and fire resistance!

Shea M.
Clearlake Park, CA

This is truly an amazing product. Easy to use, fast to apply and does the job very efficiently. I had never used this product before and was astonished at how well this product works. I spray foamed a 30X36 workshop (walls and ceiling) in less than 5 hours with the help of my son. Before the insulation my workshop was extremely hot from the summer sun, but after I completed I’ve noticed a significant difference in the temperature. This insulation has dropped the temperature of my shop by at least 15 degrees F during the day.

The only negative thing was I needed more safety goggles for the job. I ruined the two goggles in the first hour. This foam does not clean off plastic at all. Then I discovered another trick. I used a ziplock bag to cover the lense of my goggles. Remove/replace the bag when vision gets blurry and save your goggles!

Robert G.
Colorado Springs, CO

I sprayed my entire house with Foam it Green and it went great. Even better, I saved over $8,000 versus going with a “professional” spray foam contractor, and did it on my on schedule while being in total control of the results. The service I received from the people I talked with at Foam it Green was outstanding.

Sandra C.
Alabama, AL

Are you kidding me!!!! That stuff rules! This will make you laugh. I live on the water in Rhode Island. Our house is a 980 square foot bungalow. No basement, just a very small crawl space and NO INSULATION under the house! Even worse, Only the original sub flooring is there from 1915. In between some of the planks you can see light from outside. I always ask contractors what to do, but they wouldn’t touch it. That is because half of the house has dirt right up to and even up in between the floor joists. It is as if the builder plopped it right down on the ground.

Well, I climbed under there and dug the whole thing out myself. I lost about ten pounds in 2 long weekends. Then, it was even more cold! It had a better air flow (convection). By the grace of God I found your company! The best product for insulation ever invented- simple as that. I ordered the medium canisters (closed cell). The ones about the size of grill propane tank. I blew about 4 inches in some spots and 6 inches in others, but I ran out! It was too cold outside to finish the job (late October), so we went through the winter almost finished. From inside the house you could feel exactly where I ran out. Most of the floor was warm and one inch over cold as ice. That product is amazing! I am waiting for my next paycheck to order the next kit. I will finish it off this year.

Joseph C.
Bristol, RI

I would just like to say that with so few products living up to their hype these days, it was refreshing to find that Foam It Green worked as advertised. It appears that a lot of reviewers are in the east and are using Foam It Green to keep their homes warm. I needed the opposite I am in California and I built an accessory structure pool house/game room with an open ceiling and no ridge vents. The roofing material and OSB underlayment were getting so hot that on warm days the entire room felt like an oven. I used Foam It Green on the entire underside of the roof, and it did an unbelievable job of mitigating the heat. Now, on a 90 degree day, a single 8000 BTU air conditioner keeps the place (670 square feet) cool. I cant believe the difference and it was so easy to apply! Thank you!!

Mark R.
Pleasanton, CA

I used almost one kit of the duel 602 item I bought, on the exterior walls on one apartment. First time I did it and it was pretty easy. There was no insulation in the walls and you could tell by the sound in the apartment that is was insulated. I probably put on two inches in most of the exterior walls.

Chris S.
San Antonio, TX

I was really surprised how solid and quiet it made my “cabin” project. I’m building a small off grid place out of shipping containers. I plan to use your product more in the future as I build. Here’s a picture!


Emily S.
Newton Highlands, MA

Having seen spray foam done ‘professionally’ at work, I was skeptical about doing it myself. After my experience, I’m going to keep coming back. My house has 4 additions that have been added over the years, and usually insulation was never on their mind. My latest project is my kitchen where the original outside walls are tongue and groove, with vinyl siding over top. The insulation was bare and there was NO insulation in the rim joist space. Now I’ve got the rim joist spaces insulated on the outside wall and a solid vapor barrier sprayed in the wall cavity. Looks like a warm winter is headed my way! In my kitchen I am happiest to have the vapor barrier qualities as well as the mold resistance in the sometimes wet area.

Glenn F.
Burtonsville, MD

I work for a stage and set fabricating company, We use spray foam to build up and shape our pieces,( rocks, caves, statues, buildings). The customer service is great and ships fast. This product saves my company time, and time is money.

Ryan W.
Indianapolis, IN

I finished my Foam It Green project!!! It went great and covered more than I thought it would! Looking forward to a warmer house this winter. Very happy with Foam It Green application!

Randy C.
Blueridge, GA

I purchased a 1200 unit to spray my sister basement ceiling and it went pretty week for a first project! We will see this winter if it helps with her heating costs on a 40 year old ranch home. she has asthma so if she does not have bad summer its been worth it. Even thou when she ask me how many time i had done this she about had a heart attack when I said counting your house “one” but she’s happy now!

William T.
Spartanburg, SC

The foam job on my addition went fantastic. The kit was easy to use and I’m very satisfied with your product. I’ve been rotating in and out of Russia since January and will be heading up into the Russian Arctic / Northern Kara Sea in a few days. Will wrap things up this fall and return to the states. In the future I’m sure the delivery truck will be delivering more to me. Thanks for a great product.

Marion H.
Chauvin, LA

I would like to tell you about the results of my project. I sprayed the underside of my shop roof then used fiberglass batts to fill the 2 x 6 rafter space. last year it was unbearably hot upstairs during the summer. This year we are in the midst of our hottest weather so far. The shop is now pleasantly cool with a few windows open! What a difference! The shop is divided into 2 sections. One is insulated and one is not. It is very obvious of the benefits of insulation. Next year I hope to spray the rest of the roof as well as the underside of my floors in the house. Thanks for the great product!

Dennis O.
Mt. Vernon, WA

We’ve worked with FIG before and had good results in the two previous towers. You have a great product.

Jorge S.
Miami, FL

I did the job on Saturday everything worked great.

Zdenek P.
Oak Park, IL

I’ll admit that I was skeptical of the do it yourself foam kits. But I am so pleased that I went with Foam It Green. From the time I placed my order, I knew I chose the right company. They kept me updated on my order and delivered ahead of schedule.

Once I opened the package though…my skepticism came back when I saw all of the extra spray nozzles that were included, thinking that this would be a clogging up nightmare from begining to end. However, once again I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of use of Foam It Green. The instructions were simple and the “how to” videos I watched before hand were spot on. I was able to complete coverage of roughly 1450 square feet in about 2,1/2 hours with very little mess. Oh and the extra spray nozzles I mentioned before.. I never had to change one. I have already and will continue to recommend Foam It Green. Great job to you all and “Thank you”

Shane H.
Tickfaw, LA

It was an easy product to apply and I am very happy with the results. Due to the nature of my full exterior remodel I had to jump in between the contractors as they tore off the old and put on the new. The quick dry time amazed them as by the time I got down from the ladders it was ready for them to start siding. Thank you for the great service and easy to use product. While some of my job wasn’t the prettiest that’s more technique and not product. I layered it while spraying, filling in walls that have not seen the light of day in over 100 years in minutes. I will be calling again when it’s time to get under the house.”

Bradley S.
Nicholasville, KY

Completed with my project approx. 2 weeks ago. Used the 602 kit to spray foam my rim joists in my basement area. Now in the framing stage to finish basement. Product applied great and noticeable improvement in basement with draft and air leaks. This is the 3d time using the product and have not had an issue and easy to use.

Brian N.
Elysian, MN

First time using spray foam. I am insulating our travel trailer, this product makes the job very easy. I am looking forward to how much tighter and warmer our trailer will be this winter. We will be using Foam It Green as we build our new home.

Foam It Green is our vapor barrier and insulation in one easy step. It is very easy to learn to apply well.

William R.
Alpine, TX

I was skeptical about using the foam kits, but went for it anyways. I bought two of your 602 kits for filling in the walls of my 1955 (built) Ranch home. The kits were really easy to use, and I was really happy with the results. Fast forward 1 year now. I live is Sacramento, California. Between the kits I bought from your company and the extra insulation in my attic, I have been able to keep my home cool with just a Whole House fan. Foam it Green has made my home much more insulated. It is also much quieter than before. I recommend your product. I must also add that the various videos on your website are quite helpful. Thank you!

Rodney W.
Sacramento, CA

I live near lake Ontario and have used your product on two homes on the lake that have no basements and both customers are very pleased with the results. No more drafts from the wind off the lake and they do not need slippers in the winter anymore. Will be placing another order soon.

John N.
Hilton, NY

My basement was damp and a mold growing area. I used your product on the walls and band board. no more mold and no more dampness. Basement is unheated. Looking forward to see how well foam it green helps keep the cold out this winter. Thanks for a great product! Instructions were spot on. Easy to use and will tell anyone that will listen about Foam It Green. Thanks again.

Gregory P.
Bel Air, MD

The first project 10 years ago saved my life! No more mold in the walls. It cut our heat bill in 1/3. This project was a continuation. We ripped out the old fiberglass when remodeling the other half of our house and used Foam it Green. We love how easy it is to use, the insulation factor and how well it seals off the moisture. It controls the Moisture coming in the house and lowered our heat costs.

Richard P.
Wisconsin Dells, WI

The foam it green kit was easy to use. I am 5’3 and I didn’t have any trouble at all. I spray’s on easily and hardens quickly just as stated. We live in Northern Wisconsin and last year most of our winter temps were below zero. We always noticed our kitchen cabinets were cold, but last year we could have used them as a refrigerator. We had pink paper back insulation in our basement, but it just didn’t do the job. We already noticed this summer that it was cooler in the house, no heat coming in and we’re hoping this winter it will keep out the cold.

Victoria H.
Glidden, WI

Product arrived perfectly. Entire application was under a cabin floor (100% overhead spraying) in a small crawl space. I had zero issues with applying the product. It was actually easier than I thought and went on perfectly. If anything was questionable, it would be the actual “rise” from the product. I thought it would become much thicker than it actually did, but the bond is super tough. Loved the hardness of final product, the final application material is very tough and durable.

Bruce L.
Bellingham, WA

Wanted to let you know that I used your product doing my attic banks 2 years ago and achieved tremendous results. This time, I’m sealing the basement. Great product!

Jarred M.
Fairfax Station, VA

I could not be happier for choosing Foam it Green. I was in a bind. I had to achieve an r-30 value on a cathedral ceiling but the roof rafters were only 2x6’s. the only way to achieve that would be to spray foam but I was running out of money. Foam it Green made it possible for me to achieve the required r-30 rating. It actually came out to be an R-35 rating.

The cost was only 50% of what it would have cost if I professional did it. I couldn’t believe how easy it was. Just about anyone could do this. Although I did not call the support hotline it was nice to know that there was someone available to answer any questions. Awesome product. Thanks so much.

Michael C.
Morrisville, PA

The product components are user friendly to use. I foamed the dead space above my block foundation, in between the floor joist and sill board worked well. It was a tight space to work in. It would have been nice to have some angled tips 30 degree. It would also be convenient to have a compartment on front of box to hold the extra tips. I taped a long narrow box on the front of the foam tank box worked great. That way I dragged everything with me in the crawl space. It kept everything out of the dirt, and handy. I would buy this product again.

Daniel R.
Atlanta, MI

I have a house built in 1903. I had to insulate in a 3′ crawl space. When I checked with a professional outfit it was going to cost me $10,000. So I tried your product and found it very easy to apply. I applied over 2500 square foot and will have an additional 1000 sq ft to complete in the future. I will purchase your product to complete this project.

Greg D.
Enterprise, AL

I don’t mind spending top dollar for a great product that is everything it’s advertised to be. This product just that. Everything work exactly like it was described on the website. My only problem was the goggles kept fogging up on the inside so I just used safety glasses. I have no doubt my basement will be much warmer this winter. I am ready for old man winter. I completed the whole job myself for around $1000.00 . I had gotten a quote from a reputable insulating contractor that was for over $2000 just to spray everything 1 inch thick. I sprayed all the areas 2 inch thick or more and saved myself over $1000.00. I got twice the R value for 1/2 the money. Not bad.

I like how the two colors blend and come out green. You don’t have to worry the mixture. I also like how easy it is start and stop with just changing the tip. I actually have have a few extra tips I didn’t need but I can see how some people could need more depending on the project.

Michael R.
Morton, IL

Just a couple of kudos to you last summer we redid our master bathroom for the past 15 years the pipes would freeze at least once a season an sometimes burst this past winter after foaming The outside walls not a one freeze up and were talking about wind chills of -25 for more than a day at a time worst winter in decades spray foam WORKS thank you

Bob K.
Rockaway, NJ

Here are some photo’s of the spray foam job I did under a mobile home.


Leo R.
Tamaqua, PA

I had to delay my project due to an unexpected cold front that came through my area. And to give the foam the best conditions, I waited until temperatures were in the mid 70’s prior to starting.

With 2″ of foam on our rim joist in the basement (partial basement), my wife now sleeps more comfortably. I know I will be ordering the 602 kit when I refinish the laundry room and the den next year. I’m hoping that this year my heating bills won’t be absolutely insane compared to last year. Overall, doing my own spray foam was an extremely rewarding experience, and extremely easy. It makes me wonder why some people pay $8-10/sqft for sprayfoam insulation to be installed. I look forward to my purchase next year!,

Corey P.
Cincinnati, OH

JohnI applied my product yesterday after work. Check out the pictures and let me know if you have any recommendations. It doesn’t looks super even but I am pretty sure I have at least 3 inches in the ceiling and more in some locations.

I feel this will solve my condensation issue this winter having the cold metal ceiling insulated with Foam it Green! I will be able to sleep easier knowing I do not have a rain forest in that room during the winter months. P.S.- the hardest part with the kit is shaking the tanks for 30-60 seconds. Of course I wanted to make sure I have the tanks mixed so I probably shook for a little over a minute.

John H.
Danville, VA

The product did as advertised. I appreciated the extras: the tyvek suit, the generous supply of nozzles. I did not find the fan nozzles useful, but that may have been a lack of skill on my part. The finished insulation job is what I wanted. I believe I will do a better job the next time I do this, and the next time, I will start with the same supplier.

Good product, good website, good customer service. By the way, I do not casually write recommendation letters. You earned this.

Eric W.
Pullman, WA

Recently I was able tackle the insulation project for which I ordered the green foam late last fall. I thought I had good success given the difficult circumstances a basement environment can offer. The product made up the difference for my inexperience and working conditions. I appreciated the completeness of the accessories that were furnished with the kit.

I still have some left in the tanks for the remaining places and look forward to finishing up this phase. Given the need I would definitely look to purchasing more product.

John Q.
Allendale, MI

Sprayed the crawl space last night. Everything went well as anticipated. The 602 kit worked great, even had a little extra to fill in another spot in the attic.

Glen D.
Gilberts, IL

Hi spray foam guys! Just wanted to let you know I completed my spray foam project which included a rim joist on an old farmhouse and some new construction.

All I can say is you could not have made it easier! I received my order in one day, read the instructions, and everything went exactly how it was supposed to. Actually spraying the new construction walls was kind of fun. Read some online junk that said it was hard to do and didn’t cover as much as stated……I would totally disagree. Also your customer support was fantastic, thanks for all your help.

Dean L.
Wisconsin, WI

I used your product on my 18 x 25 metal building. I was pleased with the results. Easy to use and looks good. I would give your company an A+ and would recommend to anyone.

Gary M.
Plumerville, AZ

Have to say foam it green is everything you said it would be will be in contact with you to order more also posted a couple pic’s on your face book page also mine hoping to get free t shirt when I reorder more foam. Thank you for great service and Great product.

Eddie B.
Loyall, KY

It has improved the a/c billed by a load. I would like to purchase more for different places on my house.

Kenneth A.
Berea, KY

I was in a crawl space only about 30″ high. We foamed the sill and building block foundation and so far I am very happy with it. We put plastic on the ground and up the walls. It’s staying clean and dry. I also put a 8′ baseboard heater on the beam down the center. The envelope seams to be the way to go. There is no insulation in the floor joist and all is good.

Joe T.
Westford, MA

Since my application of Foam It Green insulation, I have notice 3 things, so far:
1. The road noise from outside the home is quite a bit less
2. The house is less drafty
3. I’ve notice a moderate energy costs drop, compared to last year.

I’m happy with the foam insulation as a whole.

Ward W.
Saint Paul, MN

I finished my project, which was a bit different, I think, from most people’s. I sprayed foam on the air conditioning duct work in my attic, to protect the sheet metal from the extreme heat of the attic. The sheet metal duct work only had a bit of glass mat laminated to the inside surface for insulation, and I thought it could use a little help. I figure the foam provides the additional benefit of sealing the seams, to prevent leakage. The job was hard, but I like the product. Thanks!

John N.
Mclean, VA

I chose your product because it received great reviews. I bought a 602 kit from Amazon and loved how user friendly it was. I got great results. I decided to buy my second kit directly from your company.

Juan N.
Dubuque, IA

BrunoI’m all spray foamed up! Pretty easy. Just got the tv cabinets installed. Looks great -- time for a bigger tv. I have radiant floor heating waiting to be installed and some cork laminate flooring on order before I’m done. Thinking about changing the crawl space insulation to spray foam in the future. Love the sound deadening I’m getting by doing the ceiling in the basement under wood floors!

Bruno C.
Rockport, MA

I couldn’t be happier with my spray foam insulation and spray foam direct. I took down two walls in my basement bedroom and found a mess. There wasn’t any insulation on the concrete walls and the rim joists were improperly insulated. The rim joist had unfaced fiberglass the inside of the wall and polyethylene sheet on the outside of that. The polyethylene on the outside caused condensation when the moist air hit the cold polyethylene. There were water marks on the concrete walls where the water ran down and pooled on the floor causing mold growth.

After all of that was cleaned up I applied spray foam to the walls and rim joists. In less than 24 hours the room felt dry and much warmer. I have another 35 feet of wall with the same construction. So in the spring I will and repeat the process. Not only am I impressed with the product buy your Ladies in Customer Service are awesome. They were friendly, knowledgeable and patient with me when I called with “newbie” questions. I will definitely use your product next spring when I start on “phase 2” of my project.

Doug W.
Palos Heights, IL

I have used it in several of my projects around showers as well as fur out walls and exterior walls and even floor systems over concrete. Amazing product.


Brian F.
Port Trevorton, PA

Everettfoam it green allowed me to turn a shipping container into a cabin in 3 days. the insulation install was so fast it took less time to install than it did to move the camping gear out of the way.

Everett W.
Vlg of Loch Lloyd, MO

Beth This was so easy! I sprayed the sill plate in the basement and a crawl space. Took me about an hour. I have a yard cart that I brought in and put the box with the tanks in that and that helped a lot being able to just pull it around the perimeter of the basement as I worked.

Beth H.
Davenport, IA

Use one inch of Foam it Green, then fiberglass batts. Love using this product!


Eddie B.
Loyall, KY

Insulated a metal building -- went on easy and results were great!


Robert B.
Fraziers Bottom, WV

Not too bad for first timers, and it will keep us warm this winter!


Jen C.
Curtice, OH

Leo RI used Spray Foam Direct -- Home of Foam it Green on the underside of a mobile home to add insulation and a vapor barrier. Well satisfied with the results and a third of the cost of having a contractor doing the job.

Leo R.
Tamaqua, PA

We have pretty much finished using the green foam and it seems to be a great product. We were hit by a devastating flood in May 2013 and have been working on gutting and rebuilding our home since that time. Basically, we gutted the entire house up to 4 feet in most instances. Then we rebuilt the walls with 3.5 inch foam board and then sprayed the green foam on top of that to seal the walls. We then used hardy backer board instead of sheet rock; thus hopefully water proofing the walls. We are now in the process of mudding and taping the walls for painting and paneling. It is quite a lengthy project for just the two of us, progress is slow but I think we will be happy with the end result.

Phillip R.
Heavener, OK

I had 2 walls in my living room that were not insulated. There was a 3-5 degree difference between the living room and the other rooms on the main floor. I did not want to tear out the plaster walls to insulate. Then I used your spray foam. Now the living room is the same temperature as the other rooms. The instruction videos and the printable instructions had some great hints. These hints made the installation easy and kept my plaster walls from cracking. Now my living room is as comfortable as the rest of the house.

Jack W.
Oak Park, IL

Material is great the fan spray a little difficult to control at first. one suggestion is to use a good quality chemical mask and don’t remove mask until you exit outside and wait about 15 minuets before entering area. Really solidified wall and the sound proofing effect is great not to mention the great r value and by the way no itching from fiberglass when your done.will always use this over fiberglass.

Joe H.
North Huntington, PA

I tried this 602 Kit for the first time on my basement floor. It was very simple to use spent maybe 3 hours total and was able to do 600 ft. sq. My utility bills have seen a change this summer with the air condition running and cannot wait until the winter to see results. I recommend this to everyone I know.

Jonathan H.
Mount Vernon, IN

Im very glad I used this product, it works as advertised, the shipping is fast and the customer support is great. (Read on for heat map of temperature change and project photos)

Jovica A.
Rochester, MI

Spa insulation project done!


Kevin F.
Sterling, MA

It was so simple and so fast no other solution would have allowed my to turn a container into a cabin in 3 days. the days temperature got into the mid 90s the first day it was quite warm in the container. The second day after installing the insulation the container stayed cool and felt like it was in the 70s the whole day. awesome product!!!!

Chris R.
Houston, TX

Great service and easy to use product! Good hands on video, and it applied just like described. We are seeing good cooling so far on the warm days. We expect to see great heat retention in the winter.

Thomas C.
Angora, MN

Easy to follow directions, great support, really liked the 17 extras, and great hose/nozzles which made foaming it green look like a professional did it. My garage feels cooler even in our 90+ degree heat after I foamed it green. For insulating my garage it actually looks aesthetically pleasing that I think it is not necessary to cover it up with drywall.

Joseph E.
Union, KY

There is nothing any easier than spraying this Foam insulation. It is picked up within 15 seconds. Applies so much faster that fiberglass insulation. The sound deadening properties are wonderful, as the cleanup compared to trimming Fiberglass insulation. It is air tight leaving lo places for insects to make a home. I know I will purchased more to complete the attic, before this fall.

Richard C.
Acworth, GA

Very quick to install. Simple set up. The only thing better would be if it applied itself. Delivery was quick, too. Great experience!

Made insulating areas that were poorly done by the builder very easy to remedy and greatly improve the efficiency of the ac in the house. Our ac would run continuously and still be above 80 degrees on hot days. Now we set at 75 and even hot days the ac is maintaining that number and Able to cycle on and off. Thanks so much for the easy improvement!!

Joel D.
Easton, PA

Thanks again for the wonderful product, the support, the website movies and information, and for giving DIY home owners the affordable ability to perform the work with Foam it Green products.

Michael I.
Naperville, IL

It turned out very clean and well sealed and it looks super fresh. The smell was gone in just a couple of hours. The suite, gloves and eye protection worked great along with my purchased chemical mask from Lowes. There was ample tips and I used almost all of them. Clean up isn’t to difficult as it scrapes clean and fast, just a little messy until you sweep it up. Would I spend that much again? Yes I would because it made the whole house feel more solid with less noise inside plus I don’t think tiny ants or bugs will enjoy it as much as fiberglass that is easy to nest under. So thank you Foam it Green for a clean alternative.

Susan K.
Branson, MO

I finished my insulation project, which included foaming the rim joist around the perimeter of my house. It has made a huge difference in the climate of the basement. I would have to empty a dehumidifier at least once per day, previously. Now, I go up to three days without it filling up. Also, I have previously had problems with mice/insects. I didn’t know this previously, but my exterminator said I have now taken care of 80-90 percent of the problem by foaming the rim joists. I also have a work colleague who is ordering some foam it green due to my recommendation! I don’t normally endorse products, but I think your product is awesome.

Benjamin R.
Port Jefferson, NY

It worked perfect. The Freezer is no longer letting in any air and it stopped snowing in there. Thanks a Bunch. If I decide to do my other two coolers you will be hearing from me in the future.

Harry K.
Ballwinn, MO

I was very impressed with the 602 Spray Foam Kit. I read all the instructions of what to do and what not to do. After perfect site preparation and utilizing ALL of the protective apparel; I began spraying with two helpers, one to hold a bright light and one to mix and move the tanks. I continuously sprayed all 602 Board Feet of material in about 60 minutes. I only stopped twice to move to different rooms which justified changing spray tips; so I used a total of 3 spray tips. Really excellent material, packaging, instructions and your sales staff is also very helpful. I gladly recommend your product.

Jonathan H.
Stilwell, KS

The process is as simple as you advertise it to be. The directions and the videos have made this project easier than I could have imagined. Thank you so much!!!

Jim M.
Urbandale, IA

Hi my name is Brooke and my experience with it Foam Green was very good. My project was to insulate the walls and roof metal barn where I work. Bought the kit and I got 602 in 5 days.

The assembly of the equipment was very easy and I recommend preparing the area well before application to simplify the cleaning at the end. Another thing is to choose a warm day, or too hot or too cold. Once everything is ready, I recommend to start with the most important to cover areas if we run out before the end product and do not want to order another kit just for a bit.

The results, As work on a Metal Shed of the thermal difference is very large during the summer in Florida and most importantly had no installation costs. It is a highly recommended product.

Brooke G.
Freeport, FL

I used the 602 kit in my crawl space because there was no insulation under my house and we had a very cold winter. Once under my house there were visible gaps (where sunshine could be seen) between the foundation and the framing -- regular (pink) or blown insulation would never block the air coming in through these gaps.

Foam It Green filled them perfectly. I needed about 3-4 hours to prepare my crawl space, removed stored items, removed air vents and replaced with cinder blocks, and broom cleaned the cinder block walls as instructed. It then took about an hour to foam the walls. Read and follow the instructions, I did and had no problem whatsoever.

Lex P.
Parthenon, AR

The project went great. The foam went on very easy ,did all that was recommended in you info sheet and was done in about 45 minutes.

Larry B.
New Washington, OH

I have completed my first project and I am very happy with your product. I will be a repeat customer.

Michael F.
Lyons Falls, NY

The foam work great we used it in a shower that two walls were outside walls not only it added strength to the wall it insulated it for the heated walls that the granite went on the owner was happy to see it because of the seven thousand pounds of granite we added.

David R.
Sunnyvale, CA

Foam it Green is very easy to use and looks great! It came to our door quickly and was easy to use and worked great! after was sprayed on it stuck very well and kept out moisture! very happy with product!

Brian K.
Sioux Center, IA

Jeff RI used the foam to line and stiffen a homebuilt camper.

The small camper is made from very thin sheet steel and the foam both insulated and stiffened the skin. Just spent the weekend in my ANVILSTREAM camper and it stormed hard. 2.25″ overnight and I was warm and dry, and the foam also made the rain impact noise bearable.

Only material I could use with all the attributes I needed. Major Benefit: stiffness and ease of application to a complex surface.

Jeff R.
Floyds Knobs, IN

I made the decision to order mainly because everywhere I looked on the web there you were, but I didn’t find anything negative. I also found Ron and Lauren very friendly and patient (professional). The fact that you have an anti microbial was a big plus. I received the package yesterday used it today and thanks to your instructions, every thing worked out perfect. You run a real American company that I know I will use again.

Mike D.
Blue Point, NY

The kit is the best thing since slice bread. you can install at the time you want no when they have time to come out.the kit has every thing you need to do the job right. i will tell everyone i know that is doing this kinda work. this product is the best i have ever used

Mike T.
Valencia, PA

Great stuff, made the roof in the horse stalls sooo much quieter with the rain! I guess I sprayed it a little thick, so I’ll just order some more, great stuff!

Eve G.
Copley, OH

Thank you for a great product. In spite of the nine months that have passed, it was only late March early April that we installed the spray foam in the ceiling of a new construction add-on room with cathedral ceiling. The application went well, the outcome was pleasing and so far, the insulation value is working.

Daniel C.
Phippsburg, ME

We recently purchased the 602 Foam It Green kit to insulate the rim joists in our house and our sons house. The kit arrived promptly at my house in 2 days. We cleaned the rim joist area, and after reading the instructions, and viewing set-up and installation procedures on your website, we felt comfortable in spraying the insulation. We put the two tanks on a rolling cart, so my son would spray a few joists and move ladder, and repeat this moving around the perimeter of the basement. I followed him with the rolling cart of insulation. Cart saved me from lifting each of the tanks and moving them. The insulation was easy to apply, very little clean- up and we had a large number of spray tips left over, as the kit includes more tips then needed.

Great ease of use and full coverage in the rim joist area. Also can return and add additional depth of insulation if needed.

Dan L.
Wayzata, MN

Foam it Green is working well for my application.

Gerard S.
Saint Germain, WI

So far I am very happy with the performance of the foam. We have touched triple digits down here in Texas a few times and there is a noticeable difference in temperature if you touch the wall of a spray-foamed room and the wall of another fiberglass insulated room--the latter is warm to the touch at 3PM. Love the product!

Rob M.
San Angelo, TX

I just received the Foam It Green 602 kit that I ordered. I recently purchased an early 1900s house that I am in the process of flipping. After gutting it and making many room changes and additions, the plumbing inspector told me that I had to have an R value of 21 behind the water lines for my shower that ran up a 2x4 wall. Ya, right! R21 in 3.5inches. Well, Foam It Green allowed me to do this, and do it very easily. I got the product, followed the VERY simple directions, and had the foam up in no time and reached my R21 value with no problem. Worked so good that I am now filling the old 2x4 attic rafters that I have furred to 5.5 inches with Foam It Green so I can get to R30 and put another bedroom up there. I Love This Stuff! Follow the EASY directions and you CAN’T mess it up! Thanks.

Ken J.
Omaha, NE

It’s easy to use and works well on my RV repair. Thanks Foam-It-Green. I had estimation on my RV insulation repair for $1200. I bought Foam It 202 and did the job myself. Save lots of money!!!

Tyler L.
South Pasadena, CA

I love the sprayer because it was strong and reusable. Most foam products have a lousy sprayer that dies after the first use. This one works great and made working on the roof easy.

Michelle S.
Washington DC

The shipping was very prompt. I watched multiple videos on You Tube and read the instruction. I hooked everything up, was all dressed in my protective gear, and pulled the trigger. The Spray Foam It Green product worked AMAZING! I am a huge fan of the product. The closed cell foam did just as advertised, sealed and stabilized. I will continue to share the amazing news of this product.

Fast shipping. User friendly website. Solid customer service. Great product.

Matthew A.
Streator, IL

My father and I used “Foam it Green” based on several positive reviews to insulate a basement. We were both very impressed with everything from this company, from shipping, instructions and finally the product itself. Applying “Foam it Green” was fast and easy and lived up to everything we have heard. My father and I would/will/do recommend this product.

Chris H.
Grandview, MO

I got great results from using your product and expect I shall use your product again before the end of 2014!

Kim L.
West Hollywood, CA

Thank you, we had great success with your product!

Heather H.
Saint Johns, MI

I originally chose FiG because I liked the fact that I could see videos of it being used, the website gave clear indications of pricing and coverage and the documentation was so extensive and complete.

Nathan H.
Seattle, WA

I chose foam it green because of how informative your website was, and the fact that “green” color let’s indicates when it is mixed properly. Also, I liked that you offered same day shipping.

Plus -- I just received my order!! I placed the order yesterday, and have it today! Very impressed.

Lucas C.
Paso Robles, CA

Well we have been looking for along time on how to insulate our house that was built in the late 1800s. So I did some researched and your foam was to be the easiest to apply ,and had a very good reputation!

John W.
Woodstown, NJ

I did some extensive reading and searching on the internet. A while ago I ordered two small kits for a patch project. It was easy, and kind of fun to use. With the kits I ordered I will finish insulating rim joists and sill plates. The foam will be installed between the floor joists in the basement for sound control. Once I found your site I really appreciated the video library. It made it look easy enough for me to do! Thanks for a great product.

Donald L.
Miles City, MT

So I used your product for the 1st time today and loved it! I had plans to just flash coat the wall with the foam and fill the rest of the cavity (actual 2″ x 4″ studs, not 1.5″ x 3.5″) with roxul r-15. Then I got to thinking, I love this stuff so much can I buy the open cell at approximately 1/2 the cost of the closed cell and fill in the rest of the cavity. Will it stick to each other? Thanks for your time. Sincerely, very Happy customer.

Hi Domenick, To answer your question -- yes It will. The important thing is to do the right amount of closed cell first if the wall will be closed to avoid moisture issues ( flash and fill hybrid).

Domenick D.
Whitestone, NY

“Foam it Green” was easy to use. I wanted to air seal my basement to stop the cold drafts. I came across “Foam it Green” and then did my researched and watched YouTube videos to see if I could do it. It looked easy so I order the 602 Spray Foam Insulation Kit. I was then able to stop all the air leaks and now we can use the basement as a rec-room.

William B.
Chicopee, MA

I’d like to take time to thank Linda and team for proving SFD really does have the best customer service around. Unfortunately my gun packet was lost somewhere in transit and my project was dead in the water. Linda and the owner went to bat to make sure my new guns got to me as quickly as possible. In this day and age products are a commodity but the customer service is where the value lays and SFD proved they are #1 in customer service! I’m soon to be back in business.

Jonathan M.
Villanova, PA

I must say…your product is AWESOME! I’ve had spray foam professionally installed and it was extremely pricey. Foam it Green is easy and fairly priced for the yield.

Matt B.
Valparaiso, IN

Thank you. I cannot tell you how fantastic my place is with the foam insulation. My power bill dropped from about $200 per month, last winter, to $75 this winter. I know, pretty cool! Thank you, again.

Andrey Y.
Brian Head, UT

I did a lot of research on spray applied foam insulation, looking at different brands and even getting a contractor to price the job. I selected your product after watching the videos and reading the reviews in DIY and other sites. The application was easier than I thought it would be, the time for application was less than expected and the results were great. There were no hidden surprises and I would use this product again. The cost was significantly less than the contractor and I have had many lookers that are interested in the product. Thanks again for a great product!

Sammy W.
Dallas, NC

We had frost in the attic and received an estimate of $5,000.00. We did the wet batt insulation removal. Used the cost calculator @ 850 sq ft that brought us in at an estimate $1400.00.Seemed high, but as we got into the job discovered all the attic moisture leaks from basement bypassed to attic came in around 1200-1400 sq ft. Only working on warm attic days over a month we were able to eliminate the need for batt and create an improved seal with closed cell at least just as durable as the plaster and lath already there plus improve on its structural life.

This compared so well to new batt & cellulose cost plus we have cleaner air! The economics alone made this one of the best home improvement decisions we made. Plus, shipping and accessories were flawless.

Robert O.
Neptune, NJ

The foam sprayed flawlessly! Thank you!

Frank R.
Berkeley, CA

I actually just sprayed the room about two weeks ago, and it worked GREAT! I will be building a shop in the next 2 to 3 years and will be insulating with your product, quick and easy. Please keep me on mind with your newsletters as I will be purchasing the kit again. Also I would like you to thank Ciana for all of her help and following up as often as she did!

Luke S.
Iola, KS

Unquestionably FIG helped us strengthen our Depression Era attic and lath floor.These structures are being restored/improved nationally & locally due to climate change. Math-wise we compared FIG to batt insulation & Roxul for 850+ sg ft coming in around $980.-1100.00 even with the help from Lowes HQ reducing the amount. This made FIG feasible to consider. Plus, all FIG products even when wet-tested evaporated quicker than batt.

Robert O.
Neptune, NJ

Spray foam went great. After 5 minutes I got the hang of it and just kept going. I could tell a difference in temperature by the time the job was complete. I’m a believer.

Jeff H.
Uniontown, PA

We are TOTALLY IMPRESSED with this spray foam! It was a blast to install, it stopped all drafting in our basement. The rooms down there are consistently warm and dry!

Maria T.
Aurora, IL

So far we are seeing that our floors are warmer. I will be doing a commercial building at some sites and will be looking at scope of insulation and will incorporate a green approach with your products!

Elaine S.
Fort Defiance, AZ

I have finished the crawl space job. The foam and application process went very well. I was skeptical with how easy you had indicated the installation would be; however I found it to be just that easy. The only slight issue we had was keeping the material above freezing this time of year. Very happy with the product and the fact we could do it my self. I would use the product for future project.

Bill H.
Salisbury, MD

I purchased the 602 pack for a crawl job I was doing on my own home and I found the coverage claims to be accurate and the units to work as advertised. I already can feel the change for the better!!! Competitive pricing, fast shipping, easy to understand to instruction for the first time user.

Chris O.
Bozeman, MT

It was quick and simple is the best way to describe it .I have a big pole barn and we get hit with 60mph winds so I wanted to seal up the building and for the 602 system to be the best. I like to to do things my self and found this very simple even my wife did some of it thanks again

Chris P.
Seneca, IL

Foam it Green is great! We all ready used the product and willbe purchasing some more. Wehad a few projects that we used it on and I love it. Easy install, easy clean up, no irritants, it is great. Eachclient that seen the product thought that it was amazing and I even referred a few people to check out your website. I hope they do, and we will place an order in the near future. Thanks again.

Matthew B.
Oscoda, MI

The spray foam made a big difference in my bedroom which used to be the coldest room in the winter and the hottest room in the summer. I still have plans for more insulating as I ran out. The rest of the house is still drafty but I live in an old house and I think there are places here and there with little to no insulation. I also want to insulate my basement walls because they are rock and I feel air around the outer edges of the rooms in the main living area. I also need windows , but that is a whole other issue 🙂

Elaine R.
Chattanooga, TN

I can’t believe the difference in temperature--both cooler in the day and warmer at night (I took an extra quilt off the bed). I had enough spray foam left over from the loft to insulate the north east wall of my living room. My heating bill is about half of what it used to be. By the way, I am a 59 year old woman who teaches college during the day and my assistant is a retired computer programmer. We followed directions and had no mishaps. It was a project, but one we could manage with our minimal handyman skills. My only regret is that I didn’t use spray foam insulation earlier (I’ve lived in this house for 4 years). Thank you for this great product!

Mary K.
Oakland, CA

I recently (3-weeks ago, during one of our “Deep Freeze” periods this winter) had a sales rep in my home to quote me for new doors. He was the same guy who came out and did my windows, and we got to talking about how the renovation had been progressing since his last visit about 9 months prior. We were standing in the kitchen, discussing the windows in there, and he suddenly realized that I don’t have any centralized heating or air conditioning anywhere in the house, at all. He couldn’t believe how warm the room (an extension) and the rest of the house was, with nothing more than a single space heater in the dining room for a heat source. (The temp that day was somewhere in the low teens.) It’s all your foam and his windows, and literally, nothing else, in terms of climate control!

Gregory C.
Catonsville, MD

I used the foam today,and it was incredibly fast and easy and the results were simply outstanding! Couldnt be happier! What an amazing product! It even passed the ‘snow test’ overnight. This area would melt and refreeze into ice dams previously.


Maurice S.
Marlborough, MA

Foam It Green is as advertised—plain and simple. All my research pointed to one company, Foam It Green. The website was a one stop shop for all my foam insulation questions. Like many others, I was undecided on whether or not to use spray foam insulation for my project. And if so, should I hire a contractor or complete the job myself. The website is full of helpful information. There is also a 24/7 hotline you can call. All my questions were answered and then some: from the benefits of spray foam, the various kits available and their uses, how to instructions, what to expect and video tutorials. Everything was as advertised.

Pierre D.
New Hyde Park, NY

The foam worked better than I could ever expect. This spring we plan to do the attic.

Linda D.
Souderton, PA

I purchased a 602 kit to insulate a fish house. It was easy to use and cost much less than having it professionally done. The kit came with everything I needed including more than enough spray tips so that I didn’t have to rush and could do a good job. The instructional videos were a big help and made it easy to learn how to apply the foam. My fish house is now well insulated and very easy to heat. Which is a big plus considering the rise in LP costs. Foam it Green delivers excellent at sealing and insulating plus noise reduction.

Jamie M.
Wahpeton, ND

This is my first attempt using a spray foam product. I have had various experiences with different insulating products as I insulated parts my home over the past fourteen years. My project was to insulate the block walls and rim joist of my eighty one year old home. I did some research and found the Foam-it-Green product with really great explanations and instructions on the Internet. After viewing the tutorials and calling the help line, I felt prepared to start the project. The kit was very complete and the instruction were very clear, including the disposal of the containers. The project was a complete success. The basement is quite definitely warmer during one of the coldest winters in the last twenty years. I feel like a pro. I value the insulating of the block walls in the basement and the vapor barrier effect that I now have that will control the summertime humidity.

Carl O.
Cleveland, OH

Loft project is done. The foam is very good at stabilizing humidity levels here. I also sprayed a layer under the loft floor (garage ceiling) as an additional moisture barrier for the bamboo flooring that was installed in the loft. Great product!

Gary O.
Silver Springs, FL

I am very happy with the results I achieved with your product. I have told several other folks about you. I used the sprayfoam to seal the floor of our house which is over a crawlspace. It was both to insulate and to stop the air from the crawlspace from entering our home. It worked on both counts.

Dale F.
Asheville, NC

Using the 602 kit was easy and above my expectations. At the rating of the kit I shouldn’t have been able to do the area I did. I can’t wait to see how much of my house I can do with the next order.

Ian M.
Barryton, MI

I recently used the 202 kit from Spray Foam Direct and found it the EASIEST and FASTEST foam kit I have ever used. So simple a kid not knowing anything could just about use it. The company itself responded to every phone call and every email I sent them immediately. The foam went on fast with no overspray whatsoever. They say it would cover so much and it is very exact. When I finished, I had none left.

I used the product this morning on a 45 x 8 foot wall. Not solid of course, IT worked great. Perfect product. ‘first time I used anything like that so was leery. Needn’t be. Just read directions, make sure it is warm enuf, have a helper shaking and moving all the time. Fantastic product.
Tom W.
Yuma, AZ

I recently used the Foam it Green 102 Spray Foam Insulation Kit and two Foam It 12 Patch and Repair Kits to insulate below the new floorboard of my 1962 22′ Airstream Safari I am completely rebuilding. This area will be completely wrapped with aluminum so temperature and sound insulation will be vital as well as moisture protection. Following the re-installation of the top shell, I plan to use Foam It Green Spray Foam Insulation within the entire interior prior to re-installing the inner aluminum skin. Though this project will not be “road-ready” for some time, I look forward to being comfortable and saving valuable energy inside my Foam It Green “shell” while traveling. Foam it Green was so easy to use.

Russell G.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

This was by far the easiest and smoothest application of an insulating product I have ever done. The videos on the Foam-it Green site are accurate and show you exactly how do properly use the foam and get great results. I used the spray foam to insulate my basement joists and sill plate. And now that Ive finished there is a noticeable improvement in temperature, air flow and noise reduction. highly recommended product!! It’s so easy to use with the gun and the tanks pre attached I was able to very quickly get to work without confusion. The temperature indicators on the tanks were also a great help to let me know I was in the “green” zone to start spraying.

Jamie B.
Yardley, PA

I put the foam in a house that was built in 1920 and to feel the difference is wonderful,,,the power bill went down by 60%! Thank you. In the long run -- 3 years -- it will come back to me then it is free! It was also easy enough to apply.

Richard R.
Inverness, FL

This is a new construction project of sorts. I am building a living quarters inside of an airplane hangar at a residential airpark. The first wall I built fits up against the outside wall of the hangar. The hangar is a “pole barn” style construction if you are familiar with that. I already had R10 fiberglass on the hangar wall, and just wanted to add a bit more before it got sealed up behind the stud wall. It was a test to see if I could handle spray foam insulation by myself. Your product worked as advertised and was easy enough to apply.

Topp R.
Flower Mound, TX

We live in a 1930’s Tudor, with no insulation in the walls. As part of our master bedroom/bathroom upgrade we used FoamItGreen slow rise. These rooms are now the warmest/quietest rooms in the house. On top of the comfort we got to keep our lathe and plaster walls in mint condition. No more drafts and street noise. Also no dust and debris to demo the wall, insulate, and the use Sheetrock (which can never compare to the feel and hardness of lathe/plaster).

The two most beneficial values of Foam are the warmth/quiet from the insulation, and no muss or fuss of installation by getting to keep our plaster walls.

Simon M.
Washington, DC

We have been so pleased with the product which is simple to use, and works wonderfully to insulate against the cold Wisconsin winters. The best part is the wonderful customer service from start to finish. I know up front what my costs will be and for a small restocking fee I can return canisters if the project doesn’t use as much as originally planned. Great product with great customer service…it doesn’t get any better than that.

Cynthia K.
Madison, WI

Foam it Green really makes a big difference and I am very pleased with the product.

Guy H.
New Carlisle, OH

It should have a “spray foam for dummies” label-it is that EASY to use! Quick install and very effective! Our room was immediately warmer and the walls were made sturdy. Videos to watch in preparation of install have me confidence that I could do this job. Easy, fast, quiet, and mess-free!

Willie H.
Crossville, TN

I am finishing my basement, myself, and am very particular with the products I select and making sure things are done right. With that said, I have reviewed pretty much all of the DIY spray foam kits that are available for my rim joists and had selected Foam It Green for a number of reasons that lead the other competitors. Their system is as close to “fool proof” as you can get, but like anything else, you need to read the instructions, view the videos, and you’ll be on your way.

I must say, their customer service is by far more satisfying and caring than any other business I have dealt with in the past few years. They went beyond the call of duty to ensure I could complete my project. If you are thinking of purchasing a DIY spray foam kit, Foam It Green is the real deal! Thank you Foam It Green

Raymond L.
Centreville, VA

Living here in the northeast, we as well as many folks experienceda cold snowy winter not seen quite for some time equating in high heating costs. Installing Foam it Green on the basement walls as part of a finished basement project I was able to cut my heating costs drastically. With the installation oftwo small propane heaters in the basementI’m now heating twice the squarefootageforapproximately30% less than I did during last years mild winter. There are a few moreprojects I can do toimprove the energy efficiency of our home. When that time comes, I will be incorporating Foam it Green in my construction plans.

Michael G.
Howard, PA

This product was delivered on time by a lite truck line. After watching some of the videos I setup for spraying the walls of my new steel garage. I wanted a product that was a moisture and thermal barrier for my steel building in Florida. It was easy to apply and I did the whole 35’x30′ building walls in two sessions. What a great product, it expanded to fill the walls about an inch thick. Now it is a much quieter building along with the obvious moister and thermal barrier. Now I have to sheet rock and eventually air condition my garage.

Don C.
Port Richey, FL

My home had a pretty bad roof leak that had been leaking for several years. Once discovered there was a great deal of wood repair. When the sheathing was removed, all of the original foam went with it. It was about 75 square feet and because of cost I searched for a way to repair the foam myself. The cost of Foam it Green was very economical. Also great was the ease of use. I was in the attic in a very tight area. I did not have any problems with the spray reaching the tight areas.

Robert B.
Winter Park, FL

So far, great product. Being a contractor (Electrical) have passed this on to my contractors who loved it and have bid it into some of there jobs. Why call the big guys for a small job when you can do it yourself and you know when your going to be there. No delay on jobs. I just put it into a bid for a dog house, it made sense. Should I ever need in the future I know where to go.

Blair H.
Potomac Falls, VA

Yes we finally got our house sprayed with FOAM IT GREEN. First shot at it, the OD. temp was 20 took awhile to get walls up to temp. but it worked out well. The fan tips seem to plug up quickly. So sprayed most with out it. Second time, 60 OD. temp. Went a lot better, hope to see significant improvement in our new house. Last house is only 200 yards away, nothing around to stop the wind, we had drafts though every light switch and outlet. It took 1.5 hrs to spray 1-602 kit, spayed 2 kits that day and finished all ext. walls on main floor. I have 2 kits left to start on basement and rim joist. Probably will need 3 more kits this summer. Your product worked very well, and have couple co-workers asking about it.

Steve L.
Pierre, SD

From the beginning it has been nothing but outstanding. When we place the order we received a follow-up call as well as emails ensuring us that if we had problems, questions or concerns Foam-it Green would be there, great customer service! As for the product itself it was extremely easy to use and it did its job. We had a drafty attic and it was put to the test this weekend and where we could once stand and feel the wind blow we felt nothing. AWESOME!

Ryan H.
Wichita, KS

The stuff is impressive and looks cool too. I know of nothing better than stopping air infiltration along basement rim joists. Previously I used method of canned expanding foam along the seams. It helped a little, but did not insulate very much or cover as well. This has been the colder winter in decades and the basement and house has not been as cold. My girlfriend lives in a condo built in 1993 and kitchen pips froze because the builder merely put insulation in the joist pockets where the some of the walls extend beyond the foundation and covered the bottom with aluminum flashing. I recommended the closed call spray foam to one of the condo association trustees.

Ronald A.
Cleveland, OH

After much research I took the plunge. My first purchase ever was pallet full of 602 kits. I tackled a whole house built at the turn of the century. Had wormy chestnut logs for floor joists. So lots of gaps and uneven areas. There was near zero insulation in the home. I did a full cavity fill on every place I could put it. Wow what a difference, immediate results. We had purchased the home in Dec 2012 and by summer 2013 had spent about $2000.00 in fuel oil with the thermostat set at 50 degrees. Just warm enough to work on the building and keep the pipes from freezing. In the fall of 2013 , I installed the foam. It is now spring of 2014 and I have used $850.00 so far in heating and will probably need an additional $150.00 to complete the year.

Don M.
Johnstown, PA

I recently purchased your product, and was pleased with the results. I would like to offer a suggestion, that I think would improve your safety instructions. I am a six foot male, and found that the body suit, gloves, goggles, and foot coverings were adequate. The problem that I experienced, was that as I reached to spray the upper portion of an 8 foot high wall, that the wrist section of my spraying arm became exposed, creating skin exposure to the chemicals. An extended glove, or at the least, a warning about this hazard, would have been a more complete safety precaution. I hope this suggestion is of value.

Note from Foam it Green: James, we are happy to provide XXL or XXXL suits for tall sprayers, which would keep wrists covered. Just ask at the time of purchase. Thank you!

James B.
Lake Worth, FL

Foam it Green is the best money I have ever spent, and I plan on spending more in the future. The ease of using the product and the results are outstanding! Have to give you all a 5 Star rating!

Eugene R.
Creston, IA

Your product was great. The set up was simple and the directions explained how and why which for me made the job go even faster. I sprayed the interior of my house walls and ceilings. It was a two step process first I added two inches of board foam a R-12 value. That left me with a full two inch cavity for the Green it Foam and another R-14 giving me in a true 2x4 inch wall R-26.

Irving S.
Poughkeepsie, NY

Just use your product and loved it. It done the job great.

Mark H.
Spencer, WV

Both products worked like a charm! Did my walls by filling them with slow, ceiling with regular. free stuff was a blessing! I just could not believe how simple and fast it was. Tip: Filling the walls I counted 15 seconds twice (30 seconds each) to fill bottom and top cavity worked perfectly.

Adam M.
Los Angeles, CA

This project was for Habitat for Humanity house, I am a volunteer for our local chapter. We installed the foam in poured concrete basement walls for additional living space in this house. Everyone is very pleased with the product and it the need arises again we will us the product. I have a project at home I want to use it on, but I have not made the time to work on my own home yet….

Keith T.
Marietta, OH

I was looking for insulation for a metal building. After looking in to all the different types insulation I decided spray on foam would be best. I got bids from several local contracters , that were all out of my price range.Then i found foam it green online. The foam it green is much more affordable,simple and works great.appling the foam was easy and if I cant make a mess with it no one can.Now my shop is warmer quieter and no more dust blown in from outside.looking forward to feeling the temp differance this summer.A great product easy and affordale thank you so much will so order more for other spot I may foam everthing i own.

I loved the extra tips, I was by myself and had to stop and move ladder alot so the extras were nice also web site was infomative and easy to find info.

Brad G.
Pampa, TX

I am very pleased with your product. It was simple to use and did everything I expected. I have another project in the spring when I’ll use your product again.

Robert K.
Toney, AL

I actually completed the job last Thursday. I did my rim joist and the framed walk out wall in my basement. Not having any insulation in the rim joist and wall, I’m looking forward to seeing the difference it will make this year in energy cost. The product worked fine and I used it until empty. Directions were easy to follow. Thanks for a great product.

Doug S.
Augusta, MI

Thank you for your great service and product! I am about done with my project here and I wanted to let you know I am really happy how Foam it Green works! If I hadn’t already installed fiberglass in over half of the building it would have been much easier… lol! Timimng is everything!It will be another month or two before I wrap this up but at that point I think it will be time to insulate the rest of the building….lol! I NEED MORE!

Billy T.
Kingfisher, OK

foam job is completed. I covered hvac ducts and it got the job done. I had many leaks in the return duct, which made the house smell bad, since the ducts are in the crawl space.This also wasted a lot of energy!

Santo A.
Shirley, NY

Thank you for your interest in how Foam it Green improved a cottage insulationproject. I’m so glad to report that all went terrificfrom soup to nuts. As a first time remodel, I have trusted on word of mouth, yourinformative videosand the help of others who used your product with great success. From the moment I made the phone call to order Foam it Green to the completion of the project, everything has ran smoothly!I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Susan H.
Kansas City, MO

I have completed using the foamitgreen insulation. It works great to seal up our new addition.

Brian M.
Whitmore Lake, MI

I am really happy with the product. I only used it to seal around the base plates of my pole barn. I had a severe problem with ants getting into my shop. I have not had any problems so far. It was far easier to use than I had ever imagined. Thanks

Brian H.
Baytown, TX

Your product is great, Ive already noticed a difference.. I plan on buying more in the late summer early fall to finish my attic. Not sure if you can answer this question but I have 3 attic fans.. Im thinking that I should disconnect them and seal the vent area with spray foam since cold air is getting in and or warm air is escaping through the vents. I read different sites and each one say different things.

James W.
Paoli, PA

I have to say, This is one of the easiest projects I have tackled in a while. I followed the instructions,watched videos and read all the helpful tips. I was nervous as I started but soon was spraying pretty well. I started on the ceiling first as suggested by the instructions. The only bummer was I could not see out of my goggles after a little while,They where trashed.I shut down according to the instructions.About 5 days later after a trip to get new goggles( I tried without them, Trashed my glasses)The kit worked as advertised. This time I was applying like a pro.This product sealed up my space like a zip lock bag. I will never use another insulation material again. Cost versus time,performance,ease of use. Cost is not a factor.Much cheaper in the long run. I want to thank this group for actually being there. This is a great product,Works as advertised and is a great value.

The best benefits I see is it sealed and insulated in one easy step. Also like the idea of being able to stop for an extended period of time and restarting without any loss of product. This equals money saved/money earned.

Anthony T.
Jacksonville, FL

A year ago when I removed fiberglass from the basement rim joist, I noticed substantial cold air flow and began looking into methods of stopping air infiltration and insulation of the rim joists. I came across Foam It Green. I applied it on 1/5/2014, when the outside temp was ~30 degree F. The following day, the temperatures dropped to -8 degrees F and no air infiltration was felt. Furthermore, the furnace did not seem to turn on with any increased frequency and the first floor felt warmer. I kept checking the furnace to see if it was working because it was not coming on as frequently. I had previously tried spray foam in cans, but it will not completely cover as well as Foam It Green.

An easy and effective method of sealing the gaps and insulating the rim/band joist areas of the basement. When I prepped the areas, I noticed many spiders like to hide in the crevices. The Foam It Green should also prevent insect access. I intent to apply powdered Diatomaceous earth for insect control then fiberglass for additional insulation.

Ronald A.
Cleveland, OH

I purchased the 6, 602 Kits to insulate my renovated Garage. I still have 1 kit left as I ordered an extra just in case to which it will be put to good use. The product is as good as advertised, the support was second to none, and actually came before I was ready to use it. The only problem that I encountered was the Tyvek suit was too small as when I put it on and stood up ripped out the back. ordering 6 kits I would have thought I would have gotten more than one suit.

I insulated a part of my garage 7x23x7 room and am heating it with a 750 watt electric heater set on the low setting and with the outside temp right now in Alma Michigan at 10 below, the inside temp is 48. Don’t know what it would be without this foam, but the walls 6″ thick, does not have any drafts and am not worried about critters or pests getting in. Five stars to this product as well as the support staff.

Vern W.
New York City, NY

Dear Foam It Green….I wanted to let you know how much I value your products and service. I recently used your closed cell kit on a cottage in New York…there are two equal sized bedrooms on the north end of the cottage. One room had been insulated with 4″ fiberglass…the other I put 2″ of your 602 closed cell foam. The foamed room is literally twice as comfortable. I am amazed…I will be a loyal customer!! Please feel free to share this email.

Im renovating an old Church Rectory in Maryland and I will be using the closed cell foam there too…it is perfect.

Gary W.
Centreville, MD

It was quick and simple is the best way to discribe it .I have a big pole barn and we get hit with 60mph winds so I wanted to seal up the building and for the 602 system to be the best. I like to to do things my self and found this very simple even my wife did some of it thanks again

Chris P.
Seneca, IL

Your kits are perfect! Rarely, it seems these days, do products perform as advertised. Your 602 closed cell foam does everything as promised!

How can I help you get the word out?

Gary W.
Centreville, MD

Great product and it worked wonderfully to keep my sell pump house secure and warm.

Larry S.
Buhl, ID

I want you to know that Foam it Green was very easy to use and at least in my case not messy at all. I had a very cold floor in the kitchen and a cold basement. One application solved both. I won’t know until spring but I’m quite sure that I sealed up the spots where the lady bugs were getting in too. Thanks for a great product.

Keith H.
Bristol, WI

It worked great. Our boat project went better than expected and we used the remainder of the kit to insulate a small shed that needed it. This stuff is awesome. I’ll be using it in the future.

Doug H.
Richardton, ND

I just used the foam kit yesterday. I love it. In fact I ordered anouther kit this morning .

David B.
Madawaska, ME

it worked out great my costumer loved the results

Dan A.
Campbellsport, WI

Well, I was in the crawl space. What a horrible place to be with two 60 pound canisters. At any rate the product performed very nicely. I probably used more than I intended, but that is OK. Longer hoses would have been a big plus. A curved nozzle would have very nice for parts of this application as there were a few gaps inside a bay cavity and getting foam to fall down into it was problematic. Fan tips were unnecessary for me. Hopefully I still have enough product to use in some of those hard to insulate spots around the house.

Thanks, this was the right product for the job. I very pleased.

Dave J.
Mooresville, IN

overallwe are very pleased with your product from the application to noise reduction. This is the first time our house has had proper insulation and wewill closely watch the fuel usage this winter. Our location is in southern Vermont and the heat fuel is propane gas; at this time, in this location, propanegas runs about $3.49 a gallon the test will be time for us to see if gas consumption will be down this year. I will tell you that we have noticed a good amount ofexternal noise reduction since the product and the walls have beeninstalled, we can say we are pleased with this result, the house location is close to a travel road and the noise from cars and pedestrians isless noticeable now. Over all the ease of use and the results are more than we anticipated, we are planning to use your product again when we move to another project in another part of the house.

Gregg W.
Brattleboro, VT

Consistency of application was the hardest thing. I wasn’t happy with the consistency but that was my fault, not the foam. Practice makes perfect. This was a one in a hundred job, which is done now. We plan to use your product to seal the slab were it meets our wood siding as a bug deterrent but that will be next year. I am waiting to see how my electric bill will be affected by the AC in the Beach House. I’ll let you know when I get one or two bills under the belt.

Greg H.
Sarasota, FL

I ordered your product and installed it last month, all went mostly well. : )

Daniel R.
Waterford, MI

Great product that was easy to install. I’m not done yet. This is a live in remodel. Great service too.

Bob P.
Hixon, TN

Your product was great and easy to work with. I will keep your product in mind for future renovation’s. Thank you

Derek W.
Lewiston, ME

This is the second order I have received from your company and still very satisfied with the product. I’m currently renovating a home built in 1901, and it needed some serious updates. After stripping the house to the studs inside I discovered only about two inches of wall depth for insulation. Closed cell spray on seemed ideal. Love it so far

Scott D.
Garner, IA

The spray foam I used is helping a lot. Think we will be getting more next year togo above our breezeway.

Walter G.
Chesterville, ME

The spray foam worked great! Our basement is much warmer. Thank you! We will use your product again if needed.

John F.
New York, NY

Thanks for checking in, the job i did turned out great .I,m working on getting a thermal gun to add to my tools so i can show the home owner where they are losing their heat and ac. thus getting to use your foam to fix the leaks. i do remodeling and see this as a good fix to lot of problems.

Michael M.
Gilbert, LA

Just finished spraying the rim joist on my crawl space. Crawl space is 16 feet by 24 feet. Every thing you told in the directions was spot on. I had no problems. Nozzles lasted longer than I expected. Now I am ready for winter. Thanks for a product that works as advertised.

Walter G.
Chesterville, ME

Thanks. Used it all up this weekend. Worked as advertised.

John R.
Indianapolis, In

This is just a quick note to let you know that your Spray Foam system is AWESOME! My beautiful wife and I prepared for the spray foam and then took about two hours and did the work. I have to say that this was extremely easy to do and took a whole lot less time than if we would have used fiberglass.

When we finished it was warm that day and of course we had the ac on and set at 75 degrees which is usually comfortable because the part of the house that we did is always in the sun. We could tell a difference that has to be the insulation because with the temperature set at 75 it was cold in the living room and kitchen.

We are able to set the thermostat lower for heating and cooling. This is a GREAT product, EASY to use, and will be using more of this in the future. Thanks for the great Foam it Green Product.

Lenny S.
Wilmington, DE

For first-time experience -- the job went well. We had enough to spare to cover, not only the floor area, but also the 2 by 12 studs.

Donald C.
Dayton, MD

Well I worked for 11 year in a seating factory so I was a little concerned about he chemicals knowing the danger of tdi. But this i don’t know how you do it but I didn’t smell it at all. It went on really easy and even. I was impressed to say the least. I needed to do my crawl space and it was too small to do any other way. It made a word of difference. Thanks I would recommend it to anybody. Easy installation.

Todd S.
Marion, MI

Ordered It , Got It, Sprayed it , Happy Happy Happy Will order more soon.

John H.
Columbus, NC

I would like to submit a video testimonial for your contest. I think you do it quarterly but I am not sure. I am almost done with this project and though I would put it on video and let others know about your product.

Carl W.
Yampa, CO

my project seems to be better since using the spray foam, not as many drafts and cold spots

Tim H.
Alton, VA

Foam and caulking cured the smell I was getting from leaky hvac return ducts, which is distressing in a new house or even an older one. they are located in a crawl space and the damp smell was being pulled in and circulated thru the house via the supply ducts.

Joe A.
Shirley, NY

I couldn’t be happier with my spray foam insulation and spray foam direct. I took down two walls in my basement bedroom and found a mess. There wasen’t any insulation on the concrete walls and the rim joists were improperly insulated. The rim joist had unfaced fiberglass the inside of the wall and polyethylene sheet on the outside of that. The polyethylene on the outside caused condensation when the moist air hit the cold polyethylene. There were water marks on the concrete walls where the water ran down and pooled on the floor causing mold growth. After all of that was cleaned up I applied spray foam to the walls and rim joists. In less than 24 hours the room felt dry and much warmer. I have another 35 feet of wall with the same construction. So in the spring I will and repeat the process.

Not only am I impressed with the product buy your Ladies in Customer Service are awesome. They were friendly, knowledgeable and patient with me when I called with “newbie” questions.

I will definitely use your next spring when I start on “phase 2” of my project.

Doug W.
Palos Heights, IL

Thanks for the follow up email. I’m restoring our 1880 home in Baltimore so a lot of conventional insulation methods are not practical or easy to install. My project involved applying Foam-It-Green to the 20x10 crawl space under our first floor bath room (always cold tile floor in winter). In the crawl space I applied the foam between the overhead joists and on the three exterior concrete walls.

When the first cold spell hit this Fall we noticed a significant difference in the temperature in the bathroom being more comfortable. Also the cold drafts that would come from the opening in the basement wall that accessed the crawl space was entirely eliminated. I’ll be using Foam-It-Green for other home projects in the future.

Andy B.
Catonsville, MD

It has been a couple of months since i did the foam it green install. i used it for the crawl space of my retirement home here in warwick rhode island. the house is a hundred and ten years old, and on the water. about a week ago i retired from my job in sunny warm california and moved here to warwick. i did the prep and foam spraying over the last six months when i came to visit.

Nicholas P.
Livermore, CA

I am so pleased with the outcome of my bathroom and closet insulation projects. I had ordered (2) FR and (1) SR Kit about 10 months ago. I used the FR Kits immediately with ease. I waited 10 months to use the SR Kit. It was good as the day it was sent to me. I was relieved to know that more of the ghosts in my 1810 house in Easton, MA were eliminated. I have had foam professionally installed and the cost of DIY with your product is 2/3 the cost. Thanks!

Mike H.
South Easton, MA

Experience: If I had to use one word to describe my experience with foam it green it would be simplicity that’s the beautiful thing about this product ANYONE CAN DO IT.

It’s about as easy as you can get other then having someone else do it for you save time on your labor or for a do it yourselfer you don’t have to pay through the nose because the average person with no experience can read the directions watch a short video and your good to go.

1.Time savings
2. Labor savings
3. Environmentally friendly
3.Future savings on heating and cooling
4. Antimicrobial
5. Water won’t ruin it.
I can go on and on its just dare I say a revolution in insulation technology.

Irving E.
Woodmere, NY

Just wanted to let you know that I used the Foam it 12 kit for a small project and could not be happier with the result. If I ever have another need for that type of material I’ll certainly keep your products in mind.

Kenneth K.
Amelia, OH

I applied this insulation on my small hide shed…… It has allowed me to heat it with a small house heater. This insulation was easy to apply and affordable. I could do it myself.

Ryan N.
Sedan, NM

I just wanted to write a little here since I have finished my projects with a foam it green DIY kit. This has been a great experience and we just had our first snow. When driving up to our home I was in awe because all of the snow was still on the roof! My wife said how is that good and because it is still there means we are not loosing heat like previously.

Thanks again for a GREAT experience! We have more projects that will be coming along and we know what we will use “Foam It Green” !!!!!!

Lenny S.
Wilmington, DE

Michael D.
Oceanside, NY

I found this experience very pleasing overall. The customer service was very good. With my order, there was a potential of having the shipment delayed due to a back ordered product. There was a representative on the phone with me within a few hours to let me know that and to discuss my options. I value great customer service, which is what I experienced. If I ask a question, I like when they have a honest answer. I also like when they are informative. I like knowing if there are any issues like back orders or when orders ship, like your company provides.

Josh H.
Baraboo, WI

Always a great experience as I now have ordered your product on three occasions. Each time I received the product promptly within 3-4 business days. Twice I forgot to add my discount code and your staff assisted me in correcting my error ASAP.

I can now comfortably work in my detached garage no matter what time of year it is in New England! Due to the Foam it Greens excellent insulating properties the garage retains the heat of my small electric heater allowing me to tinker in the garage on my many projects!

Mark S.
Springfield, MA

Very pleased with your product,I sprayed the new addition myself and got 3 coatings on all walls. It is a very easily installed if you are capable of painting a car that I can do.Will probably use your product again. Instructions very easy to understand. Your calculator worked out exactly.

Ronald R.
Roanoke, VA

The remedy page was superfluous. The system worked. I learned. The room quieted. The problems, stuff I have to adjust, were my fault, as usual. This project is huge and therefore slow. It is good to have warm and hard walls that cut the dust, stop the breezes, and impress the visitors while all the other tasks happen.

Insulation in Michigan is not optional. I cut the wood that does much of the heating. Cutting wood is hard labor. Cutting that labor is pleasing. Green Foam insulation does that. The included tyvek suit is reusable for the added fiberglass and roxsul. The education, like most education, is worthy. Cold weather will confirm such sentiments.

Frederick J.
Allegan, MI

I used Foam it to insulate the ends of the floor joists after I built a basement under my house. I knew temperature was critical, but I also knew that I wasn’t getting a warmer day before spring. The basement temperature was approximately 60 degrees, the outside temperature was just above 40, and the product at 75 degrees. The kit worked better than I expected. The foam stuck tight where I sprayed it, but the overspray/splashback (which was minimal) cleaned up easily. Partway through the spray pattern changed, so I removed the mixing nozzle to find a bit of foam inside. A new nozzle and I was back in business. The excess foam trimmed off nicely with a masonry trowel that was heated with a propane torch. I am very pleased with the product, and will use it again. Also, I had a quote from a local company to spray the foam for exactly twice what it cost me to do it myself.

High r-value per inch, and expands fast enough to let you close larger holes with several applications.

Larry M.
New Paris, PA

I recently ordered two 602 kits, honestly I was a little nervous about this purchase, but the product worked great, and i actually really enjoyed spraying it on, was even a little sad when it was done.

I sprayed a cathedral ceiling in PA in november managed to use it on days in got up to fifty degrees outside, no problems at all, and by my estimates covered more square footage than advertised. I will use this product in the future if needed again.

Danny R.
Johnstown, PA

Your product and support have been truly commendable throughout this whole endeavor, I am very grateful for Guardian Energy Technologies delivering on their promises.

James C.
Annandale, VA

I was so impressed with the customer service. I had started out and ordered the product twice by accident. I was greeted by a pleasant voice on the other end of the phone who said they were in the process of calling me to check and see if it was mistake. She was very competent and took care of the matter quickly for me. Then shortly after we hung up I received and email assuring me that it had been handled. I could have not ask for better service. I is very rare to get that in a company today.

We were instructed on how to use the product and had all the pieces to the equipment sent to us. I can tell you how many times I have bought a product, got home opened the box, and start to assemble it and half of the parts are missing. But you guys had everything needed and simple instructions to follow. Not only that but you had a video that could be viewed. Thank you so much for the experience. The 2nd benefit is that it does what you say it will. It is not a smoke and mirrors product. It really does insulate well and water proof. I could not be happier

Lisa B.
Midland, TX

We have installed 11 units on the underside of the metal roof (3200 sq ft) and are very pleased with the results. I will probably use the remaining unit to touch up and “smooth out” the underside, which will be exposed to the interior, so that it does not just sit there unused. I am considering doing the 2 x 6 walls next year after I have saved enough money but so far have been very satisfied.

In fact, a buddy of mine, Chad Shirey of Oil City, PA came out and tried the system and really liked it. He will be taking pictures to show prospective clients of his business and has signed up with you guys for the contractor program. Thanks for all your assistance..

Andy S.
Cranberry, PA

Great website! Easy to select the product that you need for the specific job. Customer service available if needed. Places my order and had a confirmation sent to me to inform me when the product was shipping. Had the tracking number within hours of it shipping. This makes it easy to schedule my work knowing when the product would be there.

The product comes with very detailed instructions. Applying the product was so easy to apply. I will use this product again and have already recommended this product. Quick shipping and price. Thank you.

David P.
Springfield, PA

Foam it Green makes homes more energy efficient, quieter, healthier and more comfortable.

Leonard K.
Staten Island, NY

Hello, I just had to write and tell you that I am very satisfied with your product. I recently ordered a 12 foot kit for a small project. My bay window on my cape style house had no insulation below it, just some plywood. I sprayed about 2″ of foam on the outside below the window. The inside temperature of it is now at least 10 -- 15 degrees warmer. Great stuff.. I plan to do my rim joists in the future.

Roger G.
Seeknok, MA

I had requested a quote from several contractors for their application of spray foam to the band board of my house. The contractors cost estimates were excessively high. While the original builder had insulated the side walls and attic quite adequately he forgot to figure the heating and cooling loss in the band board area of the structure. The floors were cold in the winter and, while not uncomfortable in the summer, the cost of cooling was high. Im a fairly handy guy, so figured that I could apply the foam myself if a cost effective, handy solution was available.

Enter Foam it Green. I found several offerings of spray foam on the internet but settled on a Foam it Green Spray Foam Kit. The order was received as promised, application was easy, the documentation was thorough, I cant speak for the technical service (it just wasnt needed).

Cold weather is upon us now and the floor is toasty warm, and as an added benefit, my newly remodeled basement is cozier and less noisy. Thanks for a great product.

Joseph S.
Lancaster, OH

I do not know if this goes anywhere in your organization or not, but I used the green spray foam today, and it worked every bit as well as described by your materials.

Randy W.
Silverton, OR

Product lived up to expectations. I prepared and followed directions. Especially that temperature rule. I used the product in an 100 yr old house. I just did the basement, shooting the product upwards had its challenges. This issue made it difficult for evenly distribution for inexperienced. Causing overuse of product in areas. Could’ve used more product for the 600ft area.

Would buy more but product is expensive and then comes the shipping cost on top. Will probably use in future to finish house as I keep working.

Frank M.
Hankins, NY

I have a bathroom in my home that has a ceiling to floor bump out box window. The floor joists were insulated with fiberglass insulation and the room has been cold every winter since we built the house 15 years ago. I have always known about spray foam insulation but did not know where to get it in a larger quantity for the do-it-yourselfer. I came across your web site, did some investigation and watched all the videos you offered. I decided to try your product and bought one of your smaller kits. I wanted to spray insulate 1 X 6 X 10.

When the kit arrived I took inventory of the kit, it was everything you said it would be. I took out the fiberglass insulation, vacuumed out the space, there was also a lot of spiders and spider webs in the space and sprayed in the Green it Foam. The only way it could have been easier is if someone did the job for me, but I dont pay anyone for work I can do myself. Now the weather has turned cooler. When I go into the bathroom in the mornings to get ready for work, I just smile, it still surprises me, the bathroom is as warm there as the rest of my house, I am so happy I found your company and products. In the spring when the weather warms up, I will be ordering more kits to re-insulate other problem areas in my home.

Daniel S.
Syracuse, UT

When my husband and I purchased our house we knew that the basement would be a major project. Water damage had caused several problems--the largest being mold and mildew which we knew would cause us to remove all of the batt insulation. We had learned of spray foam insulation from several contractors in the area and started to do the research. After researching several companies we decided to go with Foam-it Green and were thrilled with the decision!

The videos were 100% accurate in that it was quick and easy to apply. The system was clear and straightforward. We will definitely use it again for future projects and now both of our parents are thinking of using it for their home insulation projects as well! Because the foam is an anti-microbial, we don’t have the same worries about mold and mildew. Also,we didn’t have to install and additional air or vapor barrier.

Margaret J.
Enfield, NH

I was an old country boy looking for foam insulation for a special project I was involved in, I visited several sites in research, then I opened Foam It Green site and from the very begining their experinced staff displayed professional guidance to product and useage, which turned out to be better than they explained.

I appreciated the honest down to earth instruction & prompt and precise expidition of the order that arrived in very good condition

Roger B.
Orange Grove, TX

I had a crawl space that needed rim joist insulation, and some HVAC with bare sheet metal where it entered my house that was condensating when the A/C was used. Foam It Green closed cell foam seemed like the perfect solution: a vapor retarder, as well as being anti-microbial. This had previously been a fairly damp crawl space. but I have corrected the dampness issue by using a product called SmartVent. I still did not want to use fiberglass, so I ordered a 602 kit. This was ordered on Monday, shipped on Wednesday, and arrived on Friday. The extras were very helpful, the extra tips and the tyvek suit was a nice addition to this kit.

Chris S.
Springfield, MO

I just wanted you to know how fast your product arrived, how great and important the videos were, how easy to use with the proper set up and safety equipment I learned about on those videos, and how wonderful your customer service is. All told, you were very right on the mark when you stated that if you can spry water from a garden hose, you can use green spray. The product is phenomenal.

Now, granted, it has only been 2 weeks, but there is a noticeable difference is the temperature in this cottage. right now, the outside temp is 48, but the inside temp is 73, and no heat is on. That temp is holding from the daytime warming, and is holding. Great product -- I’ll let you know how the product works during the winter here on Peaks Island, Maine

Tim M.
Peaks Island, ME

The experience with Foam It Green was similar to walking into a deep green forest for the first time. At first, along with the excitement for a new experience, there is a little trepidation and fear of the unfamiliar. But talking on the phone with the representative helped to quell the insecurity involved in trying to enter into this uncharted territory for the first time. The people I dealt with were very courteous and clear about every step involved in this project. When I received the product it was also very clear and simple as to how to go about the procedure with plenty of tools and equipment to get the job done properly.

I would recommend this company for those who want to insulate their house on their own, especially without prior experience. Thank you. Two benefits of being able to do this on our own were to be able to control how much coverage we wanted and when and where we wanted to do it. At first we were depending on an outside company but they were not reliable enough to get it done when we wanted to and never finished the job they started.

Arpan D.
Queens, NY

I decided to use the Foam-it-Green closed cell foam kits because of the high R value and the ability to seal out air and moisture better than any other type of product. It is also easier to insulate an overhead surface. Once the foam is sprayed on it stays where you want it without any of the sagging youd get with fiberglass batts. Just be sure to cover any surface you dont want foam on with lots of plastic sheeting. The exposed insulation has a rather hard surface and is less apt to be damaged by objects kept in attic storage spaces. We are only halfway through the project and can already feel a difference. We.along with friends and neighborsare amazed at the difference in temperature between the area that has been sprayed and the area that has not.

Gary O.
Silver Springs, FL

My drafty old farmhouse was sad.
The heating and cooling bills were bad.
I sprayed Foam it Green.
It worked like a dream.
Protecting the environment, saving money, makes me glad.

Fred F.
Columbia, MO

Blue-ribbon The Foam it 602 kit was excellent in every way. The ordering and pick up process was simple and fast, the instructions were clear, the application process was very simple and the results are impressive. I can’t wait to tell my acquaintances about my experiences.

First of all, the kit allowed me to use a unique solution to insulate my pole barn. I used the kit as one step in the process of insulating the exterior walls of my new pole barn. I installed 1.5″ dense cell foam insulation on the walls between the perlins, then sprayed the Foam it product over all joints and cracks. I covered about 1,140 square feet and as a bonus I also had enough Foam it left to add 1″ of product over the top of the other product in my shop area. I believe this section of wall will net about 14.5 R value, which is a great start. My next step is to purchase the open cell Foam it product and apply an additional 2 to 3″ of insulation.

Secondly, the cost was very competitive. I received 2 estimates from professional insulation firms to insulate my pole barn walls and the least expensive was just over $5,000 for the exterior walls. The rigid foam cost about $530, Foam it cost about $800 and the open cell product will cost about $1,200, for a total of $2,500, which is less than 1/2 of the cost for professional installation.

Here is a video I made of my experience (Or, view it in a separate window here)

Jeff R.
Lockport, IL


I used Foam It Green to insulate an In Law unit that had issues with temperature, moisture and sound.
Initially, putting the kit together was a breeze. Everything was well organized and the kit came with everything I needed.
I have to admit I had been anxiously awaiting this spray foam experience because I likened it to filling my walls with whipped cream.

I even blogged about it on my website
(be sure to check out the video on YouTube --


I had a few hiccups early on with one of the canisters leaking where I attached the hose.
I contacted customer service and they immediately began troubleshooting the problem with me. They were fantastic to work with and I truly felt like they were trying to ensure I had the best possible spray foam experience. After a little while the leaking stopped and I was able to get to spray foaming.
Happily, it was as much fun as I thought it was going to be.

The foam went on perfectly and stuck to the walls without a lot of dripping.
When everything dried I truly felt like the space was more protected from, specifically, moisture and critters than it had ever been! I would absolutely recommend this product to friends.
Between the great results and the helpful and friendly customer service I couldnt have asked for a better experience.

1) Easy and fun application
2) Drys very solid and clearly protects from moisture, critters and temperature.
3) Customer service was fantastic

Beth M.
San Francisco, CA

At first, i was hesitant about spraying properly, but the videos made me much more hopeful and eager to spray. I was unsure whether the temperature and moisture would affect the spray, but the videos showed me shortcuts, preparation and setup that was so quick and easy that my first day was a breeze. I was on my back spray a roof storage area. Cleanup was simple and my wife was impressed. My next challenge was the crawlspace under my house, and that was even easier with the 30′ hose. Your videos explained so much, that I had no problem with any part of the projects.

Benefits: Since spraying both locations (crawl and roof), the temperature in the house has risen 10 degrees during the night, but remained the same outside (45 degrees). The ease of spraying, cleanup, and benefits completely fooled me but saved me a weeks labor and costs of all the material I would need.

Timothy M.
Peaks Island, ME

The foam kit was delivered in the time they said, the instructions were clear and easy to follow. Results were exactly as I imagined having it never used before. I used my kit to insulate ductwork that was not otherwise accessible for insulation!

Looking like the man on the moon with all the gear the mask and the respirator. The odor was not bad adn gone pretty fast after I was done spraying. Results were good. It was very easy to use, wish the kit could be cheaper but when I see how much the shipping is because it is two pressurized vessels than I must say that I would be willing to pay it again.

Helmut S.
Ruckersville, VA

The foam it green experiance was nothing but spectacular.

Ease of use was incredible.

Dominic C.
Franklin Square, NY

I had a small window of opportunity to improve the insulation in my uninsulated house when it is reroofed from shake to composition this week. I found Foam it green through a Google search. Their web site was extremely use full in explaining the products available and how to use them. Ordering was easy, shipping was quick.

Online videos covered every part of set up and application of the products. After looking up other companies I went back to FIG because of the quality of the website. After ordering I got a couple of follow up emails and then they said they were there to help if I need them, but then they did not pester me. They have my 5 star rating for their website and the way they do business and their excellent customer service

Dietrich K.
Santa Ana, CA

At first upon seeing the warning and safety information, I was scared out of my mind. Understand I have been in the construction industry near 15 years, and I guess I never read any of the stuff I used. Since this foam was new to me I read it all. Lots of warnings there.

That said, upon reading the directions and seeing all the included gear, my fears rapidly subsided. Every inch of my body was covered in safety gear. I was told exactly what type of respirator to get. And the tanks themselves? strapped together with a metal grip, hoses pre-fit, and ready to go after a bit of shaking.

After about 5 minutes I was so at ease using everything that I didn’t really register that I was wearing a Tyvek suit in 95 degree weather. I used the techniques I read to alter my distances and foam thickness, and was done in no time. The few times I had to stop and move the platform were no problem because I had so many new nozzles thrown in to the kit -- jamming up was never a problem. Clean up was also easy -- just drained and vented the tanks and done.

My biggest gripe honestly is not getting a larger volume of product from you guys because I could have done so much more, but I’m definitely glad with what I received.


Chris A.
Hicksville, NY

I have purchased another vendor’s spray foam product, but this time I tried FoamIt Green. Compared to the other product I tried, the FoamIt Green did not have the odor like the other product did. I did not have to use a respirator. Further, the FoamIt Green product was a better deal because it came with the bonus pack which included the suit, goggles, etc. Lastly, the color of the foam made it very easy to tell where you sprayed. Also of note: The nice temperature color-coding on the cannisters made it VERY easy to determine if the foam was ready to be used (other product I tried, I had to guess). I LOVE FoamIt Green and will definitely use it again!

Benefits: Low/No Odor
Value for package purchased.

Kevin H.
Loudonville, KY

It is the easiest foam to use on the market. It goes on smooth and the R value can’t be beat. It effective and so easy it should be called Easy Foam it. I love the product and I will continue to use it. The spray foam applicators and the accessories they provide you with are great.

David C.
Hancock, MI

I completed the spray foam insulation about two months ago and it worked as advertised and expected. Cudos there.

My primary objective was to increase the comfort of that particular area in the basement. So far, so good. Cudos again.

Of lesser importance was lowering costs and increasing home value.

Next step, in the mid-term (about 1-year out), is converting an unused “cold storage area” in the basement to a usable space. I will definitely use your product to do that.

Thanks again.

Glenn S.
Elizabethtown, KY

Hi, I did my first project last weekend. Came out great. Almost can’t wait for cold weather to see how much it will improve the space I did (basement sills and under the first floor of my usually cold addition with 2″ of foam).

Scott M.
Hampstead, MD


We are doing an RV conversion on a Sprinter van and needed a solution for thermal and acoustic insulation. After much research and debate, we decided on your closed cell spray foam product and could not be happier with that decision! Your informative website and tech support folks gave us the confidence that we were choosing the right product and that we could do the job. The work went ultra-fast (and super fun!) and the result is far superior to the other options we were considering.

Thanks for providing such a great product with excellent service! And enjoy the picture of me striking a Bond girl pose in my Tyvek suit!

Keith W.
Edgewood, NM

Thanks Lauren for all of your help and assistance. The project was a 16 X 9
foot crawl space under our first floor bath in our 1880 home.
Traditional insulation applications were just not feasible in this cramped
crawl space. Foam-It-Green worked beautifully between the overhead rafters
and on the three concrete surrounding perimeter walls . The directions were
easy and the online demo videos were very helpful also.

Andy B.
Catonsville, MD

Easy to use, clear instructions, covered smoothly. I insulated the water tanks and some inside areas on my new RV so we will be better able to travel when the temperatures fall below freezing.

I liked the ability to insulate in tight places under and in the RV, as well as odd shaped areas inside structural members, with heat resistant, closed cell foam.

Don K.
Skaneateles, NY

Product is awesome! Almost can’t wait for winter to set in on Southern New Hampshire to really experience the difference. Almost! 🙂 We’ve already hit the mid-30’s and it’s only middle of Sept, so no hurry Mr. Winter.

We bought our house in Peterborough, NH at the end of Jan this year. So in the spirit of taking office in January we set out on a 100 day and a 200 day plan. The previous owners of our new 1960’s home did many things to update the house cosmetically, but mostly ignored energy efficiency upgrades. Four bedrooms, and a finished downstairs, yet only one heating zone for the whole house, ~2000 sq. ft., on a oil powered boiler/furnace. Our very first item on the 100 day plan was fixing that and zoning the house into 3 zones. Done, in like 30 days of moving in!

Raymond D.
Peterborough, NH


A little background and some pics for you to use if you so choose to..
Our house is over 100 yrs old,,granitestone foundation below grade was good,,above,,not so good,,lots of air flow between the stones..
Re-pointed the outside as best as possible,,came inside the cellar and used cans of expanding foam in between all thestones to stem the air flow..once that was done we used your spray foam to put a continuous coat of insulating foam over the entire inside above gradestone foundation..Came out good,,noticeable difference in temp and air flow in the cellar..On 1/2/13 it was -15 degrees here,,cellar with just the hot water furnace running was 63..normally would have been in low 50’s…Now we are sheet rocking using the moisture/mold resistant Sheetrock..

We are very pleased with the sprayfoam and I already have another project planned using it.

Clinton S.
Fort Edward, NY


Foam it Green is a fantastic do it yourself product. Guardian Energy Technologies provides incredible support to assure that your job is completed easily and properly. We watched the videos on line that provided an easy step by step guide. We geared up with all the protective supplies provided and sprayed away. The job was as easy as expressed in the videos and was completed quickly without any issues. In fact, it was a fun job.

The most important of Foam it Green is the R value that surpasses other foam spray insulation products. The foam is sprayed on the entire wood framing structure and prevents air movement that can lead to temperature differential and mold. This was the main factor for us using this insulation on our vaulted ceiling in a cold mountainous climate. We added another 30R batt insulation over the foam and the insulation combination provided a relief knowing the room will stay warm in the winter saving money due to the insulation efficiency, quiet, and prevent condensation that would lead to mold.

Lori B.
West Palm Beach, FL

We live in a condominium and the builder used cotton/fiberglass insulation around the duct work, which created an increased moisture to the point of saturating the double dry wall ceiling. Cut out the dry wall pulled all of the soaked insulation out, let it completely dry, ordered the spray foam, read the easy to follow instructions, and started to spray the area, completely encapsulated the problem area. Closed up the sheet rock. Not only insulated but also sound proofed the area. Great easy to use product. Will highly recommend it to others. It is a great moisture sealer and sound proofing solution.

James A.
Norfolk, VA

While our application of Foam it Green is rather unconventional, we found the product to be the perfect solution to our need. We are a scenic design studio we used Foam it Green to create organic shapes to simulate stalactites forming on a man made structure. The scenic artist who applied Foam it Green said it was the most fun he has had at work in a long long time.

Benefits: The instructions we simple to follow. The material behaved just as expected. We finished the fabrication well under the estimate time.

John M.
Oakland, CA

John murray John murray

I completed my foam insulation project and things went very well.

After reading everything posted on your web site I placed and order. There were a couple of determining factors for purchasing your system. First of all, there was the price, with Foam it Green I could do it myself for nearly half the price of a contractor and at my convenience. Secondly, the detailed information available, all my questions going into this project were answered. The support from you folks is incredible. Three days after placing my order a truck pulled up in front of the house to deliver my order. Everything promised to be shipped was shipped.

My project was to insulate around the ceil plate and the concrete block wall. Prior to spray foam, I studded out the perimeter of the basement wall keeping the new wall 1″away from the concrete block wall. Applying 1″ of foam I now have room for 3 1/2″ of fiberglass insulation. The basement walls are a now pretty green and is providing great sound proofing. My summer project is to finish the basement adding several small propane heaters to get ready for Pennsylvania winters.

Can’t wait to see the year round energy savings.

PS The only difficulty for me was the Tyvek suit, I’m 6’4″ and the suit was a little snug.

Great product, I give it five stars.

Mike G.
Howard, PA

After a hard days work of excavating dirt and rubble by hand, we had a peace of mind with the Foam It Green kit since it applied so quickly and easily, allowing us to get out and move on to the next job. We’ll be bringing another Foam It Green kit along!

The inclusion of a tyvek suit goggles, gloves, nozzles, etc. is what really made this kit great. Everything was included and made it much less of a hassle in gathering materials.

The shipping was almost unbelievable. The kit shipped same day and arrived from half way across the country in just three days. This is great to know if I’m in a pinch in the future and need to get my hands on some foam quickly.

Mike L.
Springfield, VT

At first I thought it would be hard to do, but after reading your directions boy was I wrong. Your foam was so easy to install. I love that you send me everything I needed to do the job. I sprayed every nook and spot I could find. It couldn’t have been any easier thank you.

I saved money buying insulation, it was easier then putting in insulation, I will save a ton on heating and cooling costs, and I had fun doing it!

John G.
Philadelphia, PA

As a first time user I was extremely suprised how simple it was to assemble the Foam It Green kit and it was even easier to use!!!! Go Green!!

I’m confident the air tight seal Foam it Green provides will reduce my energy bills and pay for its self in no time!

Shawn F.
Cuba, NY

I’ve used professional services for my insulation needs in the past, and Foam It Green is the exact same quality as the insulation the (far more expensive) professional team used. After watching a short video and reading the instructions on the FoamIt Green system, I was able to spray the walls of my kitchen renovation in under an hour. These kits, unlike their competitors, come with plenty of spray and fan tips (I had a few left over when I was done). The system was set up in minutes, and covered an area exactly as described in the ordering process. The ordering and shipping process was honest and straight forward (refreshing when compared to the other sites I visited). Thank you Foam It Green!

I loved the ease of use, ease of setup and ease of disposal. My kitchen is now significantly warmer than it was prior to the foam. I am a customer for life.

Matthew S.
Dix Hills, NY

Foaming a crawlspace, top down approach.(no digging of crawlspace required). Roll back the carpet, cut plywood 4 feet wide down center of room, pop plywood, remove old insulation and plastic vapor barrier, place plastic on ground for initial vapor barrier, allowing to reach to exterior walls, spray walls/subfloor, replace plywood in 4’x4′ pieces, reaching under to spray replacement plywood as you go, last piece, mark plywood joists, pre-spray subfloor with plastic covering temp floor joists. Short but sweet, you get the idea.

Benefits: Improved air quality of entire house. Many thanks, you’re all house savers. Gordy.

Gordy H.
Solon, IA

Product is fantastic it did everything they said it would it w easy and quick

My bathrom is on a nrth wall and always was brezzy and hot in th summer and cold in the winter immedatly ate spraying the oam i nottied a differce and is lke nihtd day in that room wih no breez even ater cut ahole threwth wall nd ran an outside faucet befor foaming

Robert W.
Kansas City, KS

I was so pleased to see the personal protection included right in the package. Also, the information included was very detailed and useful. The actual assembly and spraying of the foam was even easier than I had expected. This is definitely a must have product which I will be recommending to all of my friends. Thanks.

Very easy to use. Great coverage for the price. Excellent quality of the product.

Mark S.
Plainwell, MI

Easy to use , adheres easy, cleanup easy. took no time at all to do 5 walls and presto done.

It stopped the dampness in the downstairs area which has 2 walls below ground level. got rid of the musty odor and looks great. have pictures which i will attach to email.

Frank S.
Pequannock, NJ

MarioI thought you would like some pictures of another project gone good.

The product worked exactly as described on your web page. The instructions were explicate and concise. It was a good thing I followed the recommended 20% additional as I ran out of product on the last panel under our stairs. The job was completed with zero left over… Perfect in my opinion.

You make a quality product and it will be recommended to our friends for their insulation projects when they come up.


Mario F.
Lewiston, ID

All went off without a hitch. Used both tanks an only one hose and nozzle tip set for each. Sealed up all the air leaks under floor and plan on using as a first stage on addition in the future. Basically applying a 1″ layer on walls and completing with batt insulation over.

Brandon Q.
Ketchikan, AK

The job went well, considering it being my first time. Have a bit left over and I’m keeping an eye out for where I can use it. All the information and videos prior to beginning were a BIG leg up and helped make the job go smoothly.

Thanks to everyone at Spray Foam Direct.

Earle M.
Lost River, WV

Product is excellent! … Easy to apply and made a huge difference in the comfortability of ourbasement area in our new house. Thanks!!

Rich N.
Cameron, WV

I was impressed with the amount of product provided in each tank. It was exactly the amount specified for the job. Although the cost is significant, the labor and time saved was worth it. Energy cost savings will surely pay off. Prompt delivery and great customer support!

Linea B.
Herscher, IL

My sun-room has been warmer this winter because of the spray foam.
I used to have a cold floor and no longer have that.

Jay B.
Springfield, IL

thekit worked great. I used itto airseal & insulate walls that had been flood damged from hurricane Sandy.

Robert Y.
New Jersey

I try and validate all the upgrades I do. The inside floor
temperature in my sons room prior to spray foam was 50 degrees, outside air
temp -10, crawlspace temp 27. After spray foam the next morning with the
same OAT and crawlspace temp the floor temperature was 57 degrees. That is
an impressive 7 degree increase. Since then I have installed the R21 Batt
but have not had a super cold day to test the final results.

Love the product.

Carl W.
Yampa, CO

Used 1202 kit to insulate roof and gables of attic went well done in three hours little messy when spraying overhead. I found it easy to use and a real time saver -- delivers to house three days after ordering and job complete in 3 hours

Steven S.
Roseville, MI


My project was applying foam for insulation and vapor barrier in an uninsulated garage wall that abuts the heated and cooled interior living space on our fabulous 50’s brick veneer ranch style house. The wall was mildewing significantly in the garage during the summer months while we were running the A/C. My supposition was that the wall in the garage was able to reach dew point during the hot summer (I’m in Southwest Louisiana-a hot and very humid environment).

It really was a fun little project!

Patrick W.

Very pleased with results. Room is much warmer even without drywall. I’ll use it again for my next remodeling/building project! There is a learning curve to get the best results but even less than great technique achieves success. I used the product in a bathroom which included many small spaces due to our remodeling project (bathroom) so my learning curve was probably much larger than others who are working with standardized spacing and 8 or 9 foot heights. When spray went over outside of steds, it was an easy fix to just trim off the excess. I used a machette with sereated edge purchased from a tool outlet for less than $15. My wife and I love the product and results.

I needed help from Technical Service and got immediate help. Not many companies offer this type support — Thank you.

Mike E.
Mansfield, TX

Sorry I know it’s been awhile since my purchase. I had to wait till I had walls up because my house was totally gutted after hurricane Isaac and it took insurance forever it felt like but I recently had some warm weather and sprayed the outside walls then it turned cold again but the house stayed right at 65 degrees and we still don’t have electricity yet, I was very amazed and pleased with this product and recommend it to everyone. Today we finished spraying inside walls and the garage.

I did make a short video for ya. The only problem I had was I am color blind so figuring out the difference in color when it’s at the prime temp was an issue but figured it out after the first set and had plenty to do my house.
I sincerely appreciate what an outstanding product your company makes we will give it the big test here with summer coming and unfortunately another hurricane season.

Tara M.
Moss Point, MS

I have a 112 year old house with a sand stone basement,which feels an ice block in the winter. I had gotten an estimate from a contractor for the coast of $1550 to have 1” of closed cell foam sprayed on the walls. I purchased the 602 Foamitgreen kit for $750 delivered to my house. The project only took one and a half hours with very easy clean-up.

With only 1” of foam my basement is staying about 6 degrees warmer. I had many mice all year round, I haven’t had a mouse for 6 weeks now.

Scott O.
Strum, WI

With the weather, we had to wait to install the foam. We are almost finished and are very impressed with your product. It was easy to do and we noticed a big difference with how the AC unit works. It seldom comes on. The home stays at a temperature were really we don’t have to turn on the AC unit.

Kevin H.
Houma LA

I will end up ordering another kit fairly soon.

I used the spray foam in my basement around the sillplates and in the joints -- to dampen noise- but to also provide a seal between the outside cracks and mice. Mice can flatten themselves out to get into most spaces easily. I found hundreds of nests in the rolled insulation used prior.

Pat B.
New Fairfield, CT

My experience with the service was a professional super rapid sending and of good quality 100% satisfactory I recommend foam it green


Hermi R.
Lebanon, PA

This was my first time ordering from and I’d have to say that I was a little nervous about taking on my crawlspace project by myself since I’m a little bit of a perfectionist.

However, Mark at Foam it Green was very courteous, super-responsive at answering my questions via emails and sending me informational papers. -And, with the online instruction videos, copious amounts of support materials and phone call support, I was able to complete the project successfully and felt confident from start to finish. Thanks Foam it Green for help making this project successful, I’ll be ordering again soon!

Chris H.
Springfield, MO

I couldn’t be happier. Totally awesome fun experience. Turned out great. I shud have ordered a little more, like one more A and B tank. But, I’ll make due. Perfect product you have. Perfect!

Danny C.
Texarkana TX

I spent time preparing to make sure the surfaces were ready, that I had a way to move quickly to cover all my areas, and that I had a plan. I suited up, rather nervously, and turned on the tanks and I began. After a few test sprays I was off and running and in under an hour I had covered every last bit of space I needed to insulate. It went very quickly and smoothly and the detailed instructions and online training were key to my success.

I’m pleased with the training, the ease of use, the quality of the outcome, and the overall accomplishment of sealing up every last nook and cranny in my 50 year old house.

The training was truly stellar and made a daunting task simple and successful.

Paul T.
Cedar Park, TX

Quick and easy to used, one stop shop,and one phone call and 3 days it at your house very easy to work with its my number choice THANK YOU THANK YOU.

Martin F.
Havertown, PA

Worked great

Will probably order more this summer when we do most of our major body repair work.

Thanks again

Rodney R.
Little Falls, MN

I am the State General contractor…Not often I find something in building this good…

We would have spent two long days, itchy days, doing the reverse tyvec and plastic and fiberglass and it would have been way less protection! We were done and cleaned up in two hours…

Jim H.
Spring Hill, Fla

AWESOME!!!! The kit came with everything we needed, and was easy to use. We logged into the website and watched the videos to be sure we were doing it correctly. We have an entire house to do, so we are just getting started!!! WOW, can’t wait to get the next batch in!

Already the house is showing signs of less air loss, and we are only about an 1/8th of the way through!

We had a professional company come to give us a bid, and we are accomplishing the same thing with a lot less outflow of money!!

We took many before and after pictures we can send if you would like.

Valerie R.
Imperial, PA

Everything went fine! My basement walls are foamed and sheetrocked I am sure that It was a great decision I just always have difficulty being happy when spending a load of money.

WHen I get a chance to sit down and enjoy my new rec. room I will be singing the praises of Foam It

Bryan Z.
Staten Island, NY

I’m very impressed with the ease of use, your very clear instructions, and your customer service.

I sprayed the entire parameter of my basements foundation, where the wall sill meets up with the floor joists and filled those cavities completely. I previously had just fiberglass insulation shoved into those spaces, but always had drafts coming right through. I then sprayed overhead, onto the floor of our family room, which is directly over the dirt portion of a typical Michigan basement.

Rick P.
Traverse City, MI

Liked the product easy application. Stopped a lot of drafts we were having. Wasn’t as hard as we expected for a closed cell foam. Like what we had contractor use in crawl space. Seemd more like open cell. But overall working fine.

Lonnie B.
Baldwin, NY

From a marketing perspective, I think people are basically afraid to do some of there own work themselves. you should set up booths at the renovation shows and show how how easy that it is. I foamed my wall a little different. I used recycled roof hard cell foam sheets in the wall then sprayed foam it green over top. I get the seal that i wanted plus using the recycled product saves me money.

John G.
Louisville, KY

I was able to go on-line and watch the videos over and over until I felt confident I was able to do this alone. I called and asked questions prior to purchasing and was able to get specific delivery needs met. The foam goes on as easy as it says it does. It is not smelly and it is not itchy like the insulation I removed. I did this alone in one hour! I am going to buy more to finish my new place!

Tori L.
Bettendorf, IA

I purchased a 602 kit to spray foam my unheated garage space. I sprayed two inches of foam and topped that off with R-30 Batt. I have achieved around R-45 and a huge noticeable difference in room temperatures with two bedrooms above the location. I would highly reccomend this product and can’t wait for my next project using green it spray foam.

I used a close cell foam which now no fumes from the garage will come into my home when pulling cars in and out of the attached garage. Secondly I love the fact that the heat is not dumping out of the house in that location, I had a huge draft before and now I don’t notice it at all. I can’t wait to see the next heating bill to see how much I was losing before.

Jesse H.
Philadelphia, PA

Just out of the blue i started to research spray foam companies in our area.I had called one and discussed the possibilities of insulating my pole barn with spray foam technology.I quickly determined that the cost was very expensive for the common person.Then while searching on do it your self spray foam insulation i came across your company foam it green i researched and found that your product looked like it would fit my needs so i ordered a 602 kit and used it the following week i only wanted to seal all the cracks of my pole barn but quickly determined that it would do more i am very pleased with the outcome its simple to use and works great and with the extra kit gives you enough tips to change them out frequently so it does not clog up

I used the foam it green 602 kit to seal all the cracks in my new pole barn and it works great it sealed all of them now there is no wind or draft blowing through or any bugs or spiders that can get in.and in my area there is a lot of brown recluse spiders thanks foam it green.

Robert M.
Evansville, In

Application was easy, even though I feared the worst. After completing the task I could see where I can be more efficient next time. I was able to spray and clean up in about 1 hr.
I am ordering another kit today.

House is located on the Iowa / Minnesota border. I have a north facing kitchen wall with lots of electrical and plumbing in the wall. No way I was going to get it insulated well with fiber glass. Decided to spray 3″ to get the best R value. Before spraying you could feel air moving in this room. After spraying the air movement stopped. Just what I was looking for. Just feels warmer already.

Dan V.
Sioux City, IA

Tried Foamit green for the first time in my basement, Just as advertised! It works great!
I was amazed at the great results I got applying it. Very easy to use and stuck on my cement & stone foundation wall great!

Richard M.
Berlin, NH

I am very happy with my 602 SR kit. I blind filled the wall cavity between the interior plaster and exterior brick walls of my 1910 house. I had concerns about the plaster cracking, but I did not have a single crack. Amazing!

Prior to ordering, I called your help line to ask whether I should get closed or open cell. Initially, I was drawn to the open cell for the cost/yield ratio, but the person I spoke with told me how open cell could hold water and would not be a vapor barrier. She recommended closed cell which would prevent condensation inside the walls. Plus, it has a higher R-value. I appreciated herknowledgeableanswer and ordered my kit on the same call.

David S.
Media, PA

Thanks for the great customer service! I have successfully used the foam and am very happy with the result. I highly recommend your product.

Chris H.
Ballston Spa, NY

From the time I found the kits and ordered them my experience has been nothing but positive. Yes, my house presents numerous challenges, and it is my first time to try spray foam but the instructions were clear and simple. Everything worked as the paperwork said it would. I had plenty of questions before the kits arrived and the friendly staff answered all of them. When the kits arrived it all made perfect sense and has worked well without any problems.

Thank you for all your help.

Sandra C.
Mentone, Alabama

My girlfriend is writing a blog and made an entry about Foam It Green.

And there are two videos on youtube:
Part 1:

and Part 2:

(the videos are also linked in the blog entry.)

Although the blog entry is humorous, and our application is maybe a worst case scenario, we are very happy with your product and it made an immediate, noticeable difference in our old log cabin. I did go back and re-do the parts you see me doing terribly in the video so they were properly covered.

Thanks for a great product!

David H.
Elizabethtown, NY

I have taken the time to create a video testimonial:

Looking forward to using more of your products in my crawl space next year!

Thanks and I have more pictures if needed.

Carl W.

Just used the Foam-It 12. Absolutely awesome!!!! The waterlines were hanging about 3-4″ from the wall. The foam was easily and quickly able to cover and fill in the gap. Very tickled how quickly it set up and how dense it was. Absolutely amazing product. Was able to shut off the foam several times with the roller stop. Haven’t even cleaned up or put things away. Had to email you! Wonderful product! Quality product! Excellent how to videos! When I need spray foam in the future, Guardian Energy Technologies will be the choice!

Thanks again!

Craig A.
Prescott AZ

Impressed by the follow-up email. Lets me know that you care about your clients. The foam was great. Did just what I needed it to. I can feel the difference in the way the room retains the heat. Will definitely use it in the future and recommend the product and your company. Have a great holiday season.

Tom M.
Bronx, NY

I sprayed the 3 outside walls of my farm shop. can’t believe the difference. so much warmer inside and i can’t even hear the wind blow. best decision i”ve made.thanks for the help in ordering. your staff is well informed. great product. thanks again!

Dean S.
San Jose, IL

I used the slow foam to insulate the top of my RV school bus, I maded foam “studs” glued down to the roof and then stretched heavy plastic over that. I sprayed the foam in the 2″ studs and it worked perfectly!
I had the exact amount I needed to do the roof, but ended up with enough to seal all the cracks and spaces in the bus too…it was like it wouldn’t end. I would recommend the slow foam to anyone who is doing a blind fill.

I used it over 3 weekends and it stayed just fine following the directions for storage.

There were 13 tips and I only needed about 5 of them, I was worried about that part and there was no reason to worry.

Vince A.
Longmont, CO

We are doing fine with the spray foam. I will be ordering another kit shortly to complete another section. One of the rooms insulated was my bedroom which is now much quieter and definitely warmer.

Paul C.
Brick, NJ

The price is fair and Foam it Green is an excellent product for any DIY job. We have already recommended it to other people planning renos and will use it again ourselves when required!

Here are some pictures of our project. This reno is a manufactured home in Florida, we gutted the building right back to the metal.

Harry S.
Largo, FL

I have to say that using the Foam it Green spray in foam was as easy as described. I have to say that the project went very smooth. The directions were very clear. From the first to last layer of insulation, the pressure from the tanks was consistent with no decrease until the very end of the tank. I had very little waste except for the initial testing and mixing of the two components till they became green which took about 10 seconds. The room immediately felt warmer once buttoned up with the foam insulation. This is my 4th renovation project that required insulation. This was by far the easiest. I did not have to deal with the skin irritation associated with batts insulation, no cutting involved, no stapling, and no worries of mice making a home in my new insulation. I have already planned on using this product again to insulate under my floors to help make the tile floors warmer.

I was able to get more insulation value in a 2x4 wall than i would have gotten with batts insulation. Able to seal out the wind in a post and beam barn.

Mitchell G.
Litchfield CT

I used my 2nd 602 kit today and once again it has worked like a charm. I even made some boxes to go around the recessed light and sprayed them.

I will end up probably need 2 more of the 602 kits once I can afford them in order to finish the attic and get the extra depth I am looking for but so far SO GOOD!

Tony D.
Newport, NC

Sprayed my rim joist shortly after receipt of my kit. The product is easy to work with -- I had no problems at all. The key is proper prep work -- setting everything up so you can keep moving once you start.

I am very impressed with the noticeable difference in the temperature of the unfinished basement and first floor of the living area. I wish I had done this years ago.

Douglas K.

All went very well with my FoamItGreen project (insulate the basement rim joists). Execellent in all areas of the web site, video training, ordering process, fast shipping service and the high quality of the user friendly FoamItGreen products. Only advice to new users is to watch carefully at the end of use ……. when color changes..STOP SPRAYING! Basically, try not to spray every last ounce of foam from the system! The system may use more A than B or B than A resulting in the color change to understand that the product is at it’s end use for proper foam application …. it’s a learning curve, but that is why your FoamItGreen spray foam product is bluish green! This is an excellent DIY product and an outstanding company to do business with.

Thanks Mark, and Happy Holidays to you and all of your staff at Foam it Green!


Robert E.
Auburn, NY

P.S. Just placed a new order for our bathroom remodel project. We will insulate the outside wall for R-value and the remaining walls for sound barrier!

Love the product!! Recommended it to many of our friends and family, Thanks for the great service!!

Ruth K.
Aurora, IN

Easy to spray. I have about half my attic done.

Since I have painted cars in the past, getting the hang of the spray was rather easy.

Chuck A.
Mesick, MI

I was so impressed by the product! It was so simple to use and saved our company from having to bring in another sub-contractor on a project and saved us a bunch of money! I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking to use spray foam for their insulation.

Benefits: The 2 main benefits that I have gotten from this product are:

1. Major time savings and the ability to keep the project moving on our time line and not having to rely on a spray foam contractor.

2. Major cost savings by being able to buy the product and use our in-house labor to apply it.

Ryan J.
Lakeville, MN

Quick, friendly ordering and knowledge of the products.

Product was as advertized, excellent!! I am a 55 year old female and I used the the product for my homes rim joist. I followed the directions and it was very easy to use.

Louisa G.
Blacksburg, GA

The spray foam we purchased was for the use of spraying the inside of aluminum truck bodies. This was done to reduce the condensation and the freezing of this condensation in the cold months. After freezing, the sun will rise and the now unfrozen condensation is then deposited on the contents of the truck body. This cycle repeats itself every day causing a mess to stored equipment and inventory. The spray foam works as a thermal barrier and as a seal from outside moisture thus preventing or significantly reducing the cycle.

Dan B.
Plymouth Meeting, PA

I had a commercial company spray the attic of my 117 year old house, but they did not contract for the small attic area over my small gallery room. That room was impossible to keep cool in the summer or warm in the winter. I decided that since it was such a small area, less than 200 square feet, that I would try your product and do it myself. The day after I finished, it turned cold, and for the first time in 15 years, the gallery room is warm! Your product was easy to use and performed beautifully. I am ecstatic with the results and have already told a number of people about my positive experience. A warm room for the first time in years!

James S.
St. Augustine, FLA

Over all i am happy with your product. i think the only issue i have is i figured the square footage of the walls without subtracting the window and door and did not have enough foam to complete the job.

I expect it to “shine in its glory” in january and february when it is 5 degrees and windy and i walk through the room and it is warm and cozy!


George W.
Middleport, NY

What a great product! After hurricane Sandy we had to open up walls on the first floor of our house: flood damaged insulation and sheet rock, there was a moldy smell all over the house. My cousin suggested not to use any old style materials, but try Foam it Green: innovative and health-friendly. It was easy to use, and I love the result: we were done in one day, my rooms are warm, no moldy smell! Try it: it worth every penny you’ll spend!

Lana K.
Staten Island, NY

Everything is fine here, i bought the kit to finish off my basement and it worked great, I am a contractor and spread the word to some of my customers so I may be ordering more kits in the near future..

Jim D.
Stratham, NH

The foam worked exactly as advertised!! My project was to “foam” between the floor joists in my basement. My house is 60 yrs old and has a garage enterance into the basement. With the foam I now have a barrier between the basement and the rest of the house -- noise reduction, air infiltration stopped, and fire block.

Very pleased.
Robert S.
Saint Peters, MO

Performed well and happy with the results. Thanks for asking.

Ralph A.

I am a very specialized user of foam products, as I a,m the CEO of 3 companies and I sometimes build our facilities. Below is what I just used your smaller foam kit for- making cages for a new nature center that look like rock. For more pics, see- to see the Barn Nature Center. I am near the end of my career now so there won’t be many other big produces, but I am about to create a yoga studio that will have a meditation cave and fish pond using your foam and the whole interior will look like a forest. My biggest project completed 8 years ago and using a more high end foam sprayer was to create a 50′ high by 60′ wide by 3 feet thick rock climbing wall as shown in the one picture. We operate a variety of programs -- see- for more about our companies. The rock wall has held up great and even with $35,000 in foam and $50,000 in total material plus labor, its 1/2 or less of what a manufactured wall that size would cost. If you have anyone who wants information on making foam rocks, etc, I can provide some information or even a workshop I will be getting some more foam in a few weeks, but its not a large project.

Roger D.
Jim Thorpe, PA


We are in the process of figuring out how to upload the pictures and video from our cell phone. We used the spray foam this weekend, and took pictures, as well as a video. We can’t wait to finish, and order our next batch. We put a full addition upstairs and will be spray foaming the entire upstairs. We did the front room first to learn how to use it, and to start to seal up the house. We will be sharing the photos and videos soon.

Valerie C.
Imperial, PA

I purchased the 202 closed cell product to foam my first rim joists in my existing uninsulated house. I researched all the products -- Dow, Tiger, etc. -- and based on the great “how-to” videos and written instructions decided on Foam it Green. The application went exactly as described in your videos (actually much easier) and the product performed as advertised. This was also a “cold weather application” (again, you have a specific video for that) and the foam performed and adhered properly. I have a little left and am hoping to use it on some other areas in the near future (again following your video on this specific reuse task).

After applying the foam I immediately noticed a new “quiet” about the room, and the room feels warmer.

Jim B.
Catonsville, MD

I have now had the foam installed in my crawl space for a couple of months and have been very happy with the tight air seal, and performance of the product. I will recommend this product to any of my friends.

Jeff B.
Wyoming, MN

I had to send an email to tell you what a great product you have. I just finished spraying my rim joist space and two small walls. I used you estimator to determine how much product I needed. After going over the space one time I was going to go back over some areas until I ran out of foam. I ran out on the first stud space. It did exactly what you said it would!!

I was also an expert spraying immediately! The local insulation company wanted twice the kits price but they actually refuse to do it as I had shelving and cabinets against the wall below the rim joist space and unless I moved them they would not spray.

You also had everything in the kit to do the job. From prep to finish took me one day!

I loved your product and service and WILL be a repeat customer!

Tim F.
Marine on St. Croix, MN

I am unbelievably happy with this product and the service you provided. Everything I needed for the project was in the box. You made what I thought was a daunting project, a breeze. My bedroom floor is now for the first time warm and toasty as we have a screened in porch below it. I discovered during some routine maintenance that the insulation batting was poorly installed. No wander my bedroom floor was always cold. After the spray foam project we actually had to lower the setting on our upstairs HVAC 3 degrees to keep from sweating at night. I have an unfinished space above my garage, about 550sq/ft that I will tackle soon. After seeing how easy this project was I am no longer putting off the previously daunting task of sealing the garage ceiling from the soon to be living space above.

Thank you.
Brad W.
Knoxville, TN

I live in TN. We bought the foam for my Mom’s house in Vermont. I believe it is doing it’s job and did receive a comment that certain previous drafts have been eliminated.

Suzette T.
Enosburg Falls, VT

Thanks for the follow up! Before I purchased the product from you folks I reviewed many different suppliers. I decided upon you for a couple of reason first the price was a fair value and the kit contained more than ample supplies to complete my intended purpose. I didn’t want to get into the project and find out oh my god I need more nozzles a mask special clothing etc., and then have to stop and purchase additional items. I sprayed my crawl space, block walls in two steps first one inch before setting the floor joist, then approximately a month later once the plumbing was in place and the ground was covered with plastic I re-sprayed the crawl again. I filled up the joist cavity with an additional inch plus added more to the first layer of spray foam until I exhausted the kit. I couldn’t believe how easy it was and how fast. It not my nature to send a referral to a product I’ve purchased over the internet, but I must say your instructions on how to use the product was right on the mark. If ever I need more material I certainly will purchase it from your company. Thanks so much!

Dave C.
Temperance, MI

The spray foam was a breeze and I tell all my friends about it and your company. I would like you to consider some sort of depth gauge that could be stuck to the joist/ rafter. My biggest problem was depth consistency. Using a sticky ruler, either in the middle of the joist or the side would help keep the proper foam level as you try to keep the required one or two inch level.

James B.
Buford, GA

I now have a fully “sealed” room that maintains a consistent temperature and I don’t have to worry about mice making nests in my walls. This product is great and I would recommend it to everyone, Even if you are on a tighter budget and cannot spray 3.5″, make the compromised to get a base layer of Foam it Green to create the cocoon for the space. It will make a huge difference.

I would send pictures but Foam it Green made the project go so fast I was done before I even thought about taking pictures.

Jeff P.
Palos Park, IL

I used Foam It Green in a crawl space. The rim had been poorly constructed with air gaps everywhere. Foam It Green worked just as advertized. Easy to spray directly where it is aimed. The clean up was minimal and the amount was just as expected for the system I bought. You could feel the difference immediately. The rim was under insulated to begin with so I was able to foam fill and use the batts of insulation over the Foam It Green. I will use this product again. It worked flawlessly.

Having the web site information was very help full. The videos describe the product and experience well.

Marty M.
White Bear Lake, MN

I have foam 3/4 of my new home, the thermostat is set at 65, the house is like an oven, we have found that we have to open the back door just to cool the house down, oh ya.. the last time I fill the oil tank was June. I have just hit a half a tank this week, so thank you, your foam kits are the best and I am saving money big time in the first 6 months new nickname is MR.FOAMIT…..

I will do my mother’s 1869 home in the spring when the weather get warmer….so I will be calling Linda again…

She the best… Enjoy the holidays

John M.
Spring Green, WI

We live right outside of Philadelphia in a home built in 1925 with no insulation. I found the foam easy to use. In retrospect i would have spent more time protecting the Hardwood floors as it does take the lacquer finish off. The first thing i noticed was how much quieter the house was. I used the foam in the living and dining rooms only.

Our home is located about 300 yards from a church and before using your product the church bells could be distracting -not any more:-) I’ve also noticed that on cold nights my boiler seems to run less and my hot water supply and return lines stay hotter-longer due to the foam that i used in the riser cavities.

Jose S.
Philadelphia, PA


We love it so far. It’s easy to use the sneal not to bad . We only have one wall done right now because we are putting a new kitchen in. Just starting to stud the walls for the living room, Can’t tell you about the energy costs right now we let you know when we are all done. I’m sure we will be happy.

Carol L.
Baltimore, MD

I only used Foam It Green once, but I used a lot of it. I have an old pole barn with no insulation in it. No eave vents or roof vents either. For the last 1.5 years, I watched my tools get rusty every winter due to the cold/uninsulated barn. I kept trying to figure the best way to insulate it with the least amount of trouble. If I used a bat or blown in insulation, I would have to add vents and a ceiling. That would be a lot of work. Adding the ceiling meant that I would loose my open joist space too.

Then it finally hit me one day. If I spray foam the barn, I will not need to spend the time and money on vents. I bought 6 kits of Foam It Green. Within one weekend, I was able to move everything out of the barn, spray insulate it, and move everything back in before the rain began.

Troy P.
Perrysburg, OH

My concerns are lowering my heating bills. We are working on restoring an old two story house. We have the 2nd floor just about complete. The entire first floor when we get the lathe and plaster removed and the wiring redone will be insulated with spray foam. That will probably be in 2 years, possibly some this summer.

Thanks, I was very satisfied with your product and I will use it again.

Jim S.
Neche, ND

The foam is working great, I plan on another order this coming Summer.

Randall A.
Mount Hope, WV

I found the mix very dependable and uniform for spray foam. I have not experienced ending up with a bunch of goo as with some other suppliers. Guardian Energy Technologies customer support has been excellent. Always they have been available to answer any questions and follow up.

I use foam it products to make scenery not to insulate. I use the fire retardant foam for safety on stage. It does not melt or catch on fire (we test it). For your amusement I have included a couple of past projects using your foam and one we completed this past week using your recent shipment in which we made a cartoon version of a 41 Ford from a golf cart.

Michael C.
Orange County, CA

I used your 602 spray foam kit to insulate some overhead garage doors in a mechanic shop. He is sooo happy with me now!! These doors were on the N side of his shop where the sun never hits, and heating bills were out of this world. The first morning the owner stepped foot in his shop he was blown away and so am I.

24 hour phone support helped so much when I first opened my package, I was not sure about the help I would get at the hour that I called, but it was great. And when I call in, my information and calls are remembered so I do not have to start over explaining from square 1.

Steph H.

Easy to use! went on fast , no problems in small crawlspace. Had a friend move the tanks for me , got it done in 45 minutes,600 sqft.

Saw a huge difference right away, added bonus no more musty dirt smell. Ready to do other side of full basement /utility where there is another 600 sq. ft of very cold & drafty crawl-space. Fantastic product!

Terence M.
Waterford, NY

I am currently renovating my house, one room at a time. Unfortunately, it was not insulated when it was built. I purchased your product to insulate the outside wall of the first room I’m renovating.

I am most concerned with lowering the cost of heating/cooling my house, the comfort for my family and increasing the safety and health of my home.

I will be ordering more product as I renovate the other rooms. I will also be using the product to insulate the ceiling (replacing the fiberglass batting) & crawl space as finances permit. When I have completed my renovations, I will have a fiberglass free home and decrease in utility bill.

Jeffrey K.
San Jose, CA

I have to say installing the spray foam in my attic was really straightforward. The instructions were clear and the kit came with everything I needed, since I already had a respirator. Just for your information, moving all the loose-fill cellulose insulation was a tremendous hassle, though. I used a broom, snow-shovel, and a leaf blower/vacuum, all of which were useful in their own way. The job probably took about four or five times longer than it would have it I had fiberglass batt insulation. Compared to moving the cellulose, spraying the foam was downright fun.

Brian S.
Smithfield, VA

I used your foam to fully insulate an older hot tub (which worked great!!)

Thanks; our hot tub is like new!

Hans J.
Monterey, CA

Ordering the product online was simple and easy and the product arrived earlier than expected.

The package includes everything a person needs to apply the product. The instructions were very easy to follow and applying the product went quickly. I was impressed with the low odor of the product. Several people who came to look at the results shortly after I applied the product were very impressed at the low or no odor residue.

Gerald F.
Lake Havasu City, WI

First, your customer service is second to none. I can place an order one day and receive the shipment the next. Second, the product WORKS and is GREEN for the environment! We were having issues with cold bay windows in our home. We discovered they were not well insulated by our builder. I went on line and saw your product and the demonstration video. Our contractors (I could have done it myself, but my job was really busy) were able to install the product with ease. It has sealed up all the cold airflow, making for a much more pleasant temperature in our home. Thanks for such great customer service and an excellent, safe and green product!

Excellent customer service — courteous staff, good online experience and fast and safe delivery.

A quality product that does what you say it will do -- insulate well and safe for the environment and our home.

Guy T.
Chesterfield, MO

I received a call from you when we made a mistake by sending the tanks back. I was asked was everything alright with your product. Nobody does follow up! Was given info on how to dispose of the tanks next time.

You call & you call back with info. You are a “new tech” company with old customer values. It is so refreshing to be able to talk to a person.

Carol D.
San Francisco, CA

Foam worked perfectly for the ceiling. I used the extra on an uninsulated sidewall of the garage so that I could trash the empty tanks

I’m on my 3rd application of wallboard pasted getting ready to paint. Adding insulated sleeves on the 4 inch metal heating and cooling ducts that ran 20 feet in the garage ceiling and sealing their joints also helped. I used 9 inch fiberglass to finish the joist cavities. Too early to tell but the bedroom feels better. This winter will be the test.

James S.
Ragley, LA

I thought that insulating with spray foam was beyond my means, but not so! I needed to re-insulate my garage and needed to cover about 600 Sq. Ft. with walls and ceiling. Only one of the local contractors returned my call, and he wanted over $2K for the job, maybe more. Your Foam-It 602 kit was the perfect solution for less than half the estimate. The instructions told me everything I needed to know and made applying the product incredibly easy! If you can run an airless paint gun, you can insulate with Foam-It. The most pleasant surprise was the quick drying time. less than 5 minutes, and the foam is expanded, set and solid, making clean-up a breeze….thanks again for a great product that’s perfect for a DIY Homeowner. PS…the one negative was the hissing noise from the spray nozzle scared my cat….:)

The best features of the foam-it green are that it’s closed-cell and anti-microbal. Fast set, cure and dry time makes for easy clean-up. Now a problem garage can be mold-free and easy to keep warm for winter projects.

Jim K.

I have to say the simple step by step video online made the whole process very easy. I am very satisfied with the results and look forward to completing the rest of the basement next spring once our basement family room is completed. Our older yet sufficient field stone walls were quite drafty and the train which constantly goes by wouldn’t take long for the cement filled gaps to crack and fall apart. Happy I never have to worry about filling those cracks back in again.

The online video and step by step instructions made the project a no-brainer. Everything was as exactly as they explained it would be all the way down the swipe on the temperature tank monitor. I was lazy and didn’t lay down a drop cloth on the floor to catch nozzle drips but found clean up was a piece of cake the drips hardened and were easily cleaning up with the shop vac leaving behind no residual foam.

Joseph S.
Northfield, MA

Before i was using a Tiger foam, but i like yours better. Green color wins.

Martin S.
Washington DC

Mark, just wanted to take a minute and let you know I am pleased with how easy the product performed. I was concerned that your product would be difficult to apply. I found the kits complete and informative. I am very pleased to say that your product did in fact go on easily and was not difficult to control or apply the correct amount. It filled holes quickly and the floor boards easily coverage was perfect no waste or extra.

The only thing I did not like was the price. While it did work very well I almost did not want to buy it to try out. But I did and was happy with the results.

I work for a mechanical contractor and I will remember this product for future use.

Bob J.

The Foam It Green kit arrived in a very timely manner so that I was able to take advantage of our last warm and dry day to do the work. Everything that was supposed to be in the box was there, not always the case with some manufacturers.

Foam It Green phone staff are without a doubt excellent and showed great patience with me as I made my repeated phone calls for more information.

Porter O.
Madison, WI

I didn’t have to destroy the house to insulate, didn’t have to remove trim, kitchen cupboards, etc. I sealed off the drafts behind the plaster walls and filled the large voids around the windows and doors. Its faster, not too messy once you get things in rhythm, and gives the best R value I can get with how those walls are built. When we feel the walls in the house now in these cold fall mornings, we can tell there is a difference, and for that, i am very happy. Thank you!!!

Dan B.
Hortonville, WI

We have a lake cabin in North Dakota 20 miles south of our home. Well two years ago Easter the lake started rising and rose 4′ by summer. This has never happened in at least 100 years. My front yard was all water up to my foundation and the crawl space had 20″ of water in it the fiberglass insulation was wet and a mess. Finally this summer we were able to build a sea wall and push the water back to the old shore line and put in a sump pump to drop the water in our craw space. I needed to re-insulate but it is damp and if sump pump stops it will rune it again. That’s when I Googled it and knew that was the stuff for me. It worked GREAT!

Andrew F.
North Dakota

Yesterday, Oct. 17, 2012 was a warmer day here in South Lyon, Michigan. The high was in the upper 70’s I was able to spray the foam on the foundation of the project room addition. All went well. Your videos are a great help in the preparation for doing the job correctly.

Craig S.
South Lyon, Michigan

Being new to using your product, the company staff and customer service was more than helpful in calculating material, pricing application instruction and comfort in knowing they were only a phone call away should a question to a problem arise,even in the midst of the job.

Being new to your company’s product it was very comforting for a small buisness owner such as my self, who is willing to expand his capability of income. Doing so requires risk of improper application for a quality end result.Foam it Green was there for me to get that acomplished. For that I am very thankful.. Thank you,

Tony B.
Pompton Lakes, NJ

Spray foam kit I got worked great. This winter I want to prep some areas in my attic and then spray foam those as well.

I give energy seminars and will be recommending your products for the DIY’s.

Robert E.
Gainesville, GA

I took off yesterday afternoon from work to spray my quansit hut. It was sunny, but only about 55 deg. So I put a small kerosine space heater (being careful about the open flame) in the hut, kept the door open a crack and let it heat the place up for an hour or so. Then I sprayed it an it went well! The kit worked as advertised, did a great job. Note: I didn’t wear the nomex suit or gloves -- wear the gloves!

Thanks for the good material kit.
Earl S.
W. Clarksville, NY

A year ago I researched DIY spay foam but did not have a project to use it on. August 2012 my home had hurricane damage to the roof over the bathroom, so I had to remove ceiling and walls. There was no insulation which is why the room was hot in summer and cold in winter. I decided to get the spay in foam in place of pink insulation for this project. The spray foam package was just the right size for my bathroom.

The spray foam sealed up the walls and ceiling and the room does not get hot during the day. the product was easy to use.

Troy B.
Metairie, LA

I was extremely happy with your product. I found it to be easy to use, safe and a well engineered system. The videos online are awesome and very informative. I used a Foam It Green 202 for my basement and to fill a number of voids around a duct system. It has made an unbelievable difference in the basement. I will be using your product again in the future and have already raved about it and recommended it to numerous people. I have even taken them on tours of my basement work to show them the system and still have the tanks for “demo” purposes when showing. I know, a little wierd.

Videos were great instructions and very informative. No moisture from sweating wood -- The bulk of my basement work was in the Rim Joist/Sill Plate. It was previously filled with fiberglass that did not do the job and the wood was black with mildew. No problem anymore! Everything is great.

Paul M.
Ortonville, MI

Just wanted to say that I just bought the 202 kit and found it to be awesome! I am going to recommend this to anyone/everyone that will listen. Thank you very much!

Jonathan C.
Lake Villa, Illinois

We have a remote cabin in Colorado mountains that no one wanted to come and insulate. We cleaned out the old fiber insulation and sprayed in your product. The temps up there are already dipping down to 8 degrees. The crawl space that was insulation with your product is toasty warm compared to outside. We feel now we can use our cabin this winter because the pipes will not freeze!

Tracy S.
Denver, Colorado

I wanted to let you all know how happy I am with the product so far. I bought the product in early August, but do to construction delays, (late supply order) I was not able to use the product until today. I was anxious as the temp. in this part of the country are about 20 degrees cooler now than then.

I proceeded, following the instructions to a tee. (Actually, I think that I memorized them). Everything went great. Set up, application and final results all went as the instructions said. Dont know about energy savings yet, but am pleased with ease of application. I did not use all of the product, so I will report back as to how things go after storage. Thanks for all of your attention and concern.


Steve S.
Eagle Bridge, NY

Resently had a leak in my Hot tub. Once fixed and old foam removed, I needed a better new foam to finish the repair. A super helpful person guided me to the right product. I bought the Anti Microbial E84 202 Kit. Worked Awsome. Filled area fast and completely. Closed Cell foam is better for water, in case it leaks again. Fast Clean up, Kit had all need items in it.

Fast supportive personnel that had great answers for my needs. I learned about a new product and had great success with it which will definitely make me become a return customer and recommend it to others.

Mike M.
Barlett, IL

I sprayed my basement walls before dry wall to provide a vapor barrier, insulate and resist mold. Using Foam It Green saved me almost $1000 and only took me two hours! They say nothing speaks louder than words, but I think $1000 in your pocket comes awfully close.

The only complaint I had was that after dressing in my suit, gloves and respirator, our Yorkie wanted to eat me. I guess I’m just glad we don’t have a Pit Bull.

Mike R.
Oak Harbor, OH

We will definitely order again when we are ready for our next room renovation. It sealed just as it said on their website and they where very helpful in our order and it was delivered with no problem. We are actually excited for the winter months, we know that we have really sealed our home from wind and chill with the Foam it Green. We even invited friends and family over to see the finished product of foam it green and they where amazed, I would recommend to anyone redoing their home.

Tim & Jane S.
Bryan, OH

It was hot work last weekend, but we did it. We insulated our entire cottage main floor and attic. We started out with just one 202 closed cell kit to see if we could really spray our own insulation. That went alright so we jumped right in and bought 7 kits and within 48 hours had our job done! It was much easier that we thought it would be and we saved over $1,000 on installation costs.
Mike and Holly B.
Sewickley, PA

Less than an hour after I started, my new bathroom (still just roughed studs and joists) felt like the tightest room in the whole condo. With a cold Rocky Mountain winter just a few weeks away, I couldnt be happier with the results!

Brad P.
Aurora, CO

I was searching for a product that would “seal” in my front porch so that I would not have to re-do the project again later. That’s when I came across your website, by a search I did online. Your website is very informative and is what made me decide to even try your product!

When I received your product, I was a little overwhelmed but once I watched your videos again, it made me realize that anybody can do this!! The actual process of spraying the product is simple and easy; and it is super fast, too. I have seen a major difference in the temperature of the room I insulated and I am thrilled, to say the least! I am glad I came across this product and I have already referred friends and family to you. It is absolutely THE easiest, best, and most affordable way to insulate your home on your own without having to pay labor costs to somebody else. Just give it a try and you will NOT be disappointed!

Valerie S.
Avoca, NY

This was my first spray foam experience and I will never have to regret the decision I have made. I am currently saving money monthly, I do not have a cold floor and instead warm feet, I have no drafts at all, and also my HVAC ducts hold the hot or cold air to make my new living space very comfortable. Thank you Foam it Green for a making an easy and cost effective DIY product that really works!!!

From one 602 kit, I now can now comfortably stand in barefeet in our new bedroom addition and look out at the window as snow is falling. It is a great feeling my project was a success.

David P.
Pittsburgh, PA

So far, after the first few nights of cold weather here in the northeast my customers and friends are thrilled with their investment in Foam It Green.

James C.
Wantage, NJ

The spray foam was just the ticket, the R-value of my ceiling is at least twice what it was before and the tin cannot possibly “sweat” because the foam is water resistant and more importantly for me, an allergy sufferer, it also resists molding which was a serious problem for me with the old roof. My house is warm and dry thanks to Guardian Energy Technologies and I project that my heating costs will be cut by at least 35%.

Branden K.
Rockwood, PA

I am a 53 year old lady of small stature. My first career was baker/pastry chef…second career is a registered dental hygienist with license to perform anesthesia. I would enjoy doing applications of these foam products for a third career. I have no special skills at all, just made the right decision when I purchased this product. Set up was easy, every step followed precisely and application went wonderful. It was so much fun to spray.

Laura W.
Fayette City, PA

Just wanted to let you know I finally got around to foaming my rim joists in the basement. The hardest thing was pulling out the batts of insulation and putting them back after foaming. That stuff was awesome! It was so easy to use and took a total of 30 minutes from start to finish of moving around the batts of fiberglass insulation. Great product and great customer support!

Aron F.
Hinkley, OH

Using the green foam spray has been an enjoyable process. It is very easy to use. I used it on an addition and the coverage was right on, thanks to the great customer support team. I will definitely use this product in the future and know that this has given me and my family the best insulation and comfort that money cam buy.

The most important benefit that comes to mind for me using this product is the sealing benefits. I don’t think any other product out there can do this.

Jason D.
Colombus, OH

This message is for David S. I just wanted to thank you for all you did in explaining the green foam and how it works. I finally sprayed it under my cabin in upstate N.Y. I worked great, a little messy but I covered the whole bottom twice and will get a goodR value. Now my beagle can sit on the floor without having to freeze.
Roy D.
Staten Island, NY

The project is going well. I love your product. I am spraying the roof side of my attic. I have a house that is 112 years old and we have had a bat problem. I am sealing the inside to help with energy savings but mostly to seal every crack to keep out the bats. My other option was to replace the roof. I have a tile roof (spanish style). The tile roof is 112 years oldand has historic value. The house is one of a kind.

I can’t see how the foam will not work. It seems to seal the wood just fine. The wood is a tongue and groove type andthe foam is sealling those cracks. I may not have needed to do the entire underside of theroof butdoing so will help with energy savings as well asseal all cracks.
You are welcome to usethis information if it helps you tosell your product.

Tom S.
Chamberlain, SD

I ordered the largest kit you sell. It came with 4 kegs of foam. I installed it one month ago. It is getting colder outside now, but it is warm and quiet in my basement. I love the product and all of the extras it came with. I thought no way would I need all of those nozzles. I was wrong, I used the last one to finish the job. I ran out of foam and nozzles at the same time. It is almost like you all planned it that way. Someone has great math skills @ Foam it Green.

I look forward to getting more foam and getting the rest of the basement done. It will take a few months to save the money to get it purchased. Or if you have any new products you would like me to test? For free? LOL. Anyway I am extremely happy with the Foam it Green system and the service I got from all of you at

Andy S.
Bloomfield, IA

Emailed in a snit to ask where my other tips were. Linda called twice immediately and emailed to explain that they may have fallen down next to one of the tanks. OK, so I’m an idiot.

Use this product before you do ANY framing in the basement. I didn’t do that so it made my job much more difficult. I found after taking the insulation out of our rim joists in the basement that there were several places where you could actually see light. I used the 602 kit and filled 215 feet of rim joists. Now there is no light and no breeze. NICE!!!

I found that putting the tanks on a furniture dolly helps a bunch and having a friend hold a light and help move stuff is nice also. Also, as soon as your spray starts looking different, change your tip. This product is awesome and I’d like to get some more to insulate my heat ducts, sound proof the basement bath walls and the master bedroom from the basement.

Ray S.
Aurora, CO

We used your product to add insulation to the exterior wall space in a couple of rooms when they were opened up as part of a renovation project. The product works fine. The builder had not worked with it
before, but picked it up without too much trouble.

I’d like to put more in, but on top of the other renovations, I don’t have the money right now. My house was originally built in 1955 so it certainly will benefit.

I and the builders are pleased with the product. I can certainly see them recommending it on their future jobs.

Glenn P.
Edgewater, MD

You have a wonderful product. It was easy to apply and seems to work great, the big test will be this winter.

I bought your spray foam for the North wall of my shed, for the winter winds. I’m not much for giving praise, but good product.

Ray D.
Salem, NJ

I have been completely satisfied with your product. I purchased your closed cell spray foam kits (4 x 602 kits).

Fixing problems that Nag me are what I feel good about when it comes to my home, personal life and work life. Currently I am finishing up my basement project with the spray foam closed cell kit. I should have that completed this weekend prior to the cold weather setting in. I have been thinking about ordering your open cell kits to fill my stud walls further.

Lowering my monthly cost of energy usage is important, but comfort comes first on my list. Noise reduction in my house is also a greater consideration.

Unfortunately, my home value would be difficult to increase at this point in time due to the low cost housing market in my neighborhood. Which prompts me to take care of my responsibilities first, such as my home, personal life and work life (finishing my basement is priority #1).

Jon M.
Big Lake, MN

(Editors note: It is a fact, and a growing trend, that people will pay more for an energy efficient home. While Jon enjoys the benefits of noise and energy reduction and increased comfort, he will also enjoy a bigger sale price on his home when he decides to sell.)

Just wanted to let you know I had a great experience spray foaming. It went just like the videos.

I foamed the underside of a floor so I had to cover about 600 sf. so I had to drag the boxes across the floor. I think a good tip would be to tape the two boxes together and perch them on top of a moving dolly. This would make moving the tanks across the floor a little easier. I didn’t think I would need all the nozzles that came with the kit but I actually only had 1 left over so that work out just fine.

Thanks again for a great product.

Ed P.
West Harrison, NY

I am happy the I used foam insulation in most of my exterior walls as to save, raise value of the house and air tight house.

Ramsis A.
Malden, MA

Stuff is working great. I used it to insulate galvanized sheet metal mainline duct in actic. AC is working now and looking forward to heat this winter. I have no idea what the previous owner was thinking when they installed those uninsulated. Problem solved.

Doug C.
Kearney, MO

The HVAC person we use has looked at completed job and stated that any insulation issues with our HVAC duct work have been eliminated forever. The product not only is a permanent solution for insulating HVAC duct, the sealing abilties are hard to beat.

Ray S.
Greenbrier, AR

Hope you don’t mind a photo attachment--does a better job of explaining what I was doing than text. I recently moved in with my girlfriend, and I needed to eke out a place to store my tools in her damp rubble stone foundation basement. The water issues were just dampness and mustiness (as opposed to bulk rain water coming through the walls), so I figured it would be sufficient to apply a layer of closed cell spray foam to the walls for moisture and condensation control.

The floor, FYI, is 2″ extruded polystyrene with seams taped, and a layer of either cement board (Wonderboard) or fiber cement board (Hardie Tile Backer) as a walking surface. I prefer those materials to plywood, because (a) it “flops” down instead of curling up, and (b) if it gets wet, who cares? FYI, I like fiber cement board a lot more, but it is more difficult to cut around obstructions.

I would have loved to spray the wall all the way up, but I ran out of foam before I get that far up the wall--the below grade stuff was the top priority.

Yes, I know that I should have painted the wall with intumescent paint, but it was a higher priority to me to get moved out of my old apartment at the end of my lease.

This has been up and running August--so far so good! Also, I helped a friend do the same thing in their basement in New Hampshire (a finished basement room) almost a year ago, and they’re all good.

Kohta U.
Arlington, MA

All went good on this project. Sealed up 2x6 walls and then put some of the old insulation over that. No more air leaks in that room. Great product. Thanks for all the helpful videos.

Mike H.
Fairfield, IA

Hi Linda, I ordered my 202 kit Friday and applied it today…! Great product. Way better than some of the other stuff out there. The kit performed flawlessly, and made the project easy. I almost can’t wait for cold to come…almost. Thanks for all your help!

Glen D.
Gilberts, IL

My friends thought I hired a professional to apply the spray foam product. I will not hesitate to recommend Green it foam to anyone who has handyman skills and is willing to perform a project for themselves. I could not be happier with the application process or the quality of the materials supplied to perform the project.

The combination of the foam turning green in color makes the process foolproof as far as knowing if the mix ratio is correct. No Guessing with Foam it Green!

George S.
Independence, OH

The first experience was a very typical insulation job at our house. It was very easy to use and worked great. What was once the coldest room in the house became the warmest. So much so that we often close off the heating vents. I was very impressed, so impressed that it lead me to use a second time.

We were able to create a very realistic looking log flume ride car and hope to bring home first place in the Red Bull Flugtag Philadelphia competition. As you can see from the picture, your product knocked it out of the park! It is seven feet long, three feet high, and over three feet wide. Your product allowed us to create a single solid structure what was easy to carve and paint. Flugtag competition is very tough and we are hoping your product will give us the quality edge we need to win!

Steve H.
Philadelphia, PA

(Editors note: while this Flugtag entry didn’t win 1st place, Steve and his team are big winners in our book! Congrats on the entry and getting your log to fly. We are glad you had fun with the log all summer with the kids in the backyard. Cheers!!)

I think Foam it Green is a great, easy way for anyone to air seal and insulate any part of a home. Foam it Green is such a versatile product it can be used just about anywhere and the kit makes installation very safe and easy. Being able to order various kit sizes a homeowner can choose to insulate small portions at a time making the insulation process more convenient. I already have plans to insulate other parts of my old house with Foam it Green!

Jess W.
Gunnison, CO

Worked great. Had some of the blue left over when the yellow ran out, but the color was right in the mix and it set up well. Thanks.

Stuart H.
Lancaster, WI

(Editors note: It is common to end up with more of one component than the other at the end of the job. This broad tolerance is actually designed in so that the kit will work under a variety of conditions, while still balancing the pressure andviscosityof each chemical.)

We used the Foam it Green over the week end and were able to get our project completed. It was very easy to use. We are now looking at some future projects since this was much easier to do than we thought it would be. Thanks!
Shari B.
Bettendorf, IA

Dear Help,
You must have the easiest job on the planet. I received the foam kit, read the instructions, and sprayed the walls (my first time). It was so easy I couldn’t believe it. Except for an occasional drip from the nozzle it was very easy to control with little to no overspray. It was easy and turned out just like I hoped.

Scott G.
Spring Grove, PA

Thank you. We used the product over the weekend and are very pleased with the ease of process and the results!
David A.
Hubertus, WI

I’m a residential contractor. I recently used your closed cell kit. It was amazingly easy. I will never insulate with fiberglass again, its just not worth it! I had a difficult room to insulate as it sits facing Northwest on the side of a New England mountain side. This room gets plenty of wind and weather. I appreciate the quality of your product.
Fran B.
Chicopee, MA

We used foam insulation on a previous remodel and were amazed at the simplicity of the installation. Plus, we immediately began to recognize significant savings on our heating and A/C bills. So, when we decided to finish half of our current basement and needed to insulate two exterior walls, we decided to try it ourselves. The instructions were perfect and we finished the task in only 30 minutes. We could not be more pleased with the results and will absolutely order from Guardian Energy again…and again!

One benefit is the ease of use. The product is pre-essembled so that the customer is set up for success. You really can’t fail. We also value the attention to detail and success. The tyvek suit, the goggles, the extra tips that were included were just what we needed to get the job done without going back to the hardware store.

Greg M.
Atlanta, GA

All of the experience from the web site to the first contact was very knowledgable and helped with the questions I had. Delivery was quick and all of the product was there. Very friendly on the phone which is hard to find nowadays.

We purchased land in Iowa with no home. Bought a shipping container to make into a home. The spray insulation worked GREAT on the steal and made a BIG difference in the new home such as: keeping cool in and heat. We put drywall over it and looks just like a house. We are VERY happy with the results and would definatly recommend to anyone who is looking to us this product.

Michael R.
Milwaukee, WI

We did our basement walls yesterday(Saturday!)…..and it went well. We had to make one call to your Help Line #: @ 7:15am Chicago time!!! (I forgot about the time difference but a woman answered anyway!!) Our house is 200 yrs old with a rock wall basement. It took 5 1/2 hrs (after 5 days of prep by my husband!!) but the result was as promised.
Many thanks for your help and attention to our questions!!

Nancy R.
Calais, ME

Finally installed the foam kit that I purchased in February over the Labor Day Weekend. I was surprised that the kit was able to cover the entire area of the 30x10x12. It was a coat between 1/4 to 1/2 inch but a little thicker at the top to prevent condensation.

The big key is to keep the tip clean!! The problem was I was working off of step ladder and the time it took from getting down from the top,moving the ladder, and climbing back up took as long as minute and that will clog the nozzle.With practice anyone can have a nice finish….just remember to keep your tip clean!

Glenn M.
Suisun City, CA

This company was everything that it portrayed themselves to be which in this day in age is a complete blessing.
Joe M.
La Grange, TX

Just wanted to say THANK YOU! Everything was exactly as advertised and worked perfectly. Great product, easy to use, and I look forward to a warmer house this winter!
Thanks again,
Randy P.
Freeport, ME

Far and away the biggest compliment I can pay your company is you make the consumer feel like they matter and that you are there for them.

Randy V.
Jean, NV

I saw the value of this product right away. the apartment stayed cool, the air conditioning ran less, and I could no longer hear the noisy neighbors through the walls. In addition to that the company took care of me from start to finish.

Cory M. -- Sunnyside, WA

We were delayed in starting but have successfully installed the product. Instructions were good and installation meets my expectations.

David C.
Pasadena, MD

We experienced flooding in my shop and the fiberglass insulation was a mess so I opted for a product that would solve future water absorption and resist mold. Your product meet my needs and was easy for a 70 yr old to install.

James S.
Rodanthe, NC

The product is very easy to spray and the end result is amazing. I did the crawl space under our front porch and it has made a huge difference out there and I’m not even done yet. Worth every dollar spent.
My customers have also commented on how much warmer the areas where I have sprayed are compared to pr-construction. It is definitely giving me an edge over my competition. Thanks!

Steve F.
Wethersfield, CT

Just wanted to let you know what a great experience it was to work with your product. And, thanks for the jump suit and goggles as i had forgotten to get these items. Thanks again!

John N.
Fort Worth, TX

Used the two 202 kits this weekend and they worked well. Had some extra “blue” but overall it went on easy and cured fast. Thought I would provide the feedback that the coverage was good. (Editor’s note: It is not uncommon to have a little blue left over at the end of a kit.)

Paul H.
Livonia, MI

The foam sprayed in as expected.Adheredwell and the coverage was good. I had some difficulties at first getting the coverage even, although by the time I got done, things were going good. Found that one needs to be on a constant move, Thanks!

Phil M.
Tillamook, OR

Your product worked great. I wish I would have done this years ago. Next project is the garage.

Jerry H.
Woodbine, MD

This was a complete kit that included everything you need to finish a weekend project of insulating. Instructional videos on the web site made me feel like a pro.

Timothy C.
New York Mills, NY

The product goes on easily and consistently -- no mix problems like with other foams! Plus the color makes it really easy to see what’s been covered and what hasn’t. And the finished product is already taking a bite out of our bills!

We’re saving money -- our gas and electric bills are dipping, just a couple weeks after installation! And our attic is so quiet -- it cuts down on street noise a great deal, making this livable space, not just storage space!

Ron C.
Akron, OH

The van is still being built out, but the noise reduction was immediately noticeable. It used to sound like driving in a tin can, and now you can actually hear the radio or have a conversation. Sure makes long drives less taxing for both us and the dog. On a few hot days while working inside the van I noticed the heat radiating off of the roof interior was reduced as well.

Thanks for making it easy. I know what product I will be using when we properly insulate our 40 year old house.

Don B.
Sedona, AZ

Foam it Green worked well in the bathroom I justupgraded.While it was a mild winter here in the Northeast, I cannot detect any drafts orair leaks from the outside wall in which we sprayed. Thanks, product worked great.

Dennis S.
Little Falls, NJ

My son and I successfully foamed the foundation wall of our crawl space. It was only around five hundred square feet so I am using whats left to reinstall the vents in another property I have.
The kit worked very well, thanks to an adequate supply of nozzles.
Gil S.
Pikeville, TN

I wasn’t sure I could do the project myself. I’m 50 years old and kinda handy but I was intimidated with the thought of spray foaming my new addition to my chicken coop all on my own. The walls looked like it would be easy but I wasn’t planning on doing walls, I was doing a ceiling. The videos were very good in explaining how to prepare the product and how to get good coverage.

I did it! It was very easy and I am very proud of the results. Now my new chicken coop will be insulated, free from condensation from a metal roof and leak-proof. I’m tickled! Thank you Spray Foam Direct!

The instructional videos were awesome and helped give me the confidence I needed to do the project all on my own. The product arrived quickly. 24/7 help was available but I didn’t need it. My coop ceiling/roof is water-proof now, there will be no condensation and it is insulated. 🙂

Christine M.
Murphysboro, IL

It worked great. I like it for the insulation purposes and because it seals things up so nicely, which works great in my old drafty house. Also, is great on keeping the bugs out!

Ron R.
Wentzville, MO

Since we have completed the duct work we have noticed that our AC IS RUNNING LESS AND OUR HOME IS COOLER!!! Would recomend this product to anyone that needs a insulation that is easy to apply, is very effective, and is priced below what a contractor would charge. Thanks Foam It Green, you have earned a customer for life in the Cooper’s.

1. Fast friendly personel that know the product and understand the customers needs.
2. The ease in ordering and getting the product shipped to us and the delivery company working with our schedule.
3. Easy to follow instructions that are in plain easy to understand english.
4. The ease in applying the product.
5. The peace of mind knowing that help was only a phone call away 24/7. Which we did not need
6. The savings we are getting already with our AC running more efficiently.
7. The comfort we getting out of a more efficient cooling system.

Randy C.
Madisonville, LA

I recently ordered and used your sprayfoam system and LOVED IT! I used your “Foam It Green 602” and couldn’t be happier. It was easy to use, and exceeded my expectations. I am a building contractor specializing in remodeling, and plan on using it often in the future. Keep up the good work!!

John P.
Wallkill, NY

I am finished with my project, your product worked great, no problems with the equipment or gun at all. It was a very tight space and I thought I was going to have to use an extension of some kind, but was happy to find out that the range of the gun was plenty to hit everything.
Carl S.
Springfield, VA

The Foam It Green Spray Insulation worked awesome.
Compliments from the builder, electrician, municipality, and the drywaller on my choice to use Foam It Green Spray Foam Insulation.

Addition isn’t finished but we can already feel a difference in the room compared to the rest of the house as well as compared to the outside temperature. I have had several people stop to take a look and I have sent pictures I took to several people. I found this product after seeing it used on a TV show. Very thankful I found it.

Greg B.
Cedarburg, WI

Here is what we used your product for- we had to cut down about 18″ into the roof, through a corrugated metal roof, then attached these standoffs to the structure. This is where the spray foam came in. We used your product to fill the holes, and then the roofers would come and seal the penetrations with a single ply Firestone Rubber product. Great results!

Kenny G.
Santa Fe, NM

I haven’t even drywalled yet and I can already feel the difference in room temperature in the room.

A job I was quoted $5,500 to do by a contractor was done for $2,800 and 5 hours of work by myself, definitely a great move.

Joel B.
Chicago, IL

The job is done & the spray foam kit worked great. I wound up fixing a lot of hidden mistakes from builders & fly by nights of the past! Talk about cutting corners, one section of wall had no insulation in it at all!!! Thanks for the help.

Jamie M.
Wyckoff, NJ

We received the order of spray foam from you and our son & nephew did the spraying, and THANK you very much for your product!! It has made a world of difference in the inside temperature of our home. It was well worth the money spent. Thanks again for your wonderful product!!!

Connie S.
Urbana, IN

Labor saver, was the quickest and easiest way I could come up with to do this job by myself. I was able to remedy a condensation problem on my a/c ductwork in my crawl space without extensive labor and time replacing my ductwork. I was able to seal and insulate the entire ductwork system using one anti-microbial, closed cell foam 602 kit, and one 202 kit and a set of 30 ft. hoses.

Wayne B.
Princeton, IN

I used this product to seal off the air leaks on a second story overhang. The leaks would lead to heating problems which included having the pipes freeze and bursting. This product not only stops the airflow, it also insulated the exposed pipe saving me from future disasters and a much reduced energy bill.

The product was very easy use and apply.

Ronald G.
Mechanicsville, MD

The drafts are gone and the temperature is holding at a steady 75 degrees. The Foam It Green spray foam insulationdid the job. Thank you.
Larry H.
St. Louis, MO

My new fiance wanted to turn my 12′ x 12′ pumphouse into an art studio for her hobbies. This meant air conditioning/heating for this space. This is a post and beam structure that would have been extremely difficult to insulate using conventional methods. I did some online research and found your sight. After a quick review, I used the project calculator to determine the amount of product I needed and place my order. Following online info and provided instructions with your kit, the job came out perfect! We now have a great space for an art studio in a fraction of the time it would have taken with conventional insulation!

The summer heat is brutal here in the South. This building has a tin roof and is exposed to direct sunlight all day long so it is very difficult to air condition. Prior to using Foam it Green, we could not make it comfortable for daytime use. After applying the Foam it Green per the directions, the space is very comfortable with no condensation issues! The online project calculator was a great help and dead on!

Chris W.
Lumberton, MS

If anyone does find this review and is on the fence about what to do, get the Foam it Green kit. The directions are clear, the kit has everything youll need. It’s fast, clean, dry to touch in minutes, and it was fun. I will be ordering this kit for my upcoming family room project.

Shane S.
Sturgeon Lake, MN

Great product. I own an ice carving business that is located in a metal building with a metal roof. When the sun beats down on the roof and the back of the building my shop would get about 15-20 degrees hotter than outside temperature.
I added an insulated garage door, a 24,000 BTU air conditioner, and two inches of Foam It Green to the ceiling. My metal ceiling use to be so hot you could hardly touch it. After the applying the insulation, I noticed the insulation did not feel warm at all. Proving that the insulation had done its job. Today, the outside temp reached 97degrees and my shop was 81-82 degrees. With out the improvements my shop would have been at least 115 degrees. It was money well spent.
Robert “Sparky” S.
Colonial Heights, VA

The spray foam worked as advertised. We only had a skylight to insulate but it was easy and fast. Will use the spray foam again!

Karen F.
Oklahoma City, OK

I just wanted to let you know I completed my spray foam job yesterday and how happy I am with how things turned out. Your product was very easy to use and exceeded my expectations. Thank you for putting out an excellent product and providing everything necessary to complete the job successfully for a DIYer like myself.

Mike H.
Allen Park, MI

Thanks Guys and girls that stuff works GREAT! Was able to work it with no problems did the whole basement in a day with a little left over.
Dennis M.
Middletown, NY

The online Video showed how to use it and what to expect. It worked just like it was suppose to. Real easy and quick. Will use it in all jobs now.

Robert Oliver
Albany, GA

I opted for Foam It Green because of the r value of the finished product and also because I could use the Slow Rise formula to get the job done effectively without having to tear out any of the plaster and lath walls, and in fact I could NOT tear these walls down because the dust would have sent one of my asthmatic tenants to the hospital!

Jim A.
Tilton, NH

The product itself was perfect for our needs: we moved from occupied apartment to occupied apartment, working in as many as 30 apartments in a work day, and we were able to keep up speed and keep down any mess with Foam It Green’s 202 kits. The kit worked exactly as we had been told and not one resident complained about any odors afterward.

Ben H.
Oklahoma City, OK

I believe in your product so much that I’ve actually already done this.

Ed M.
Johnson City, TN

P.S. -- Could you please forward this to “Linda.” She helped a TON in this project that I was greatly apprehensive of.

Even only having between 1-2″ of the closed-cell anti-microbial foam in the walls / ceiling, my second story is a completely different world now. Quiet, no drafts, feels clean! I plan to fill the entire cavities with more of the closed-cell anti-microbial.

Furnace was kicking on every 20-30 minutes previously and now it’s once an hour! Basement also feels 100 times more comfortable and even quieter. Everything looks perfect and there’s no mess of cutting foam board or using other tedious products.

It was the single largest expense in the rebuild but by far the wisest choice I’ve made so far. The intelligence of my decision was made very evident to me several weeks ago. We had a few inch snowfall and the snow was on my roof well after the snow was melted off of the roofs of other houses nearby.

I did it 100% by the instructions and was very easy to do. I bought the 202 anti-microbial kit and felt like I was able to do roughly 200 board feet at what seemed to me a 3 inch thickness when fully expanded and cured.

I used the spray foam and worked very well. I am very happy the way your product performed

Robert M.
Garnet Valley PA

I saved $400.00 in one Hour from the two bids that I had received to have somebody do it for me, it was REALLY Easy……

Richard M.
Wichita KS

Now it is as though we shut a huge open door as the basement is warm and breeze free! In fact, last night we had temps in our area of 9 degrees F. I went to the basement and checked my work with a lazer thermometer and the coldest temp I could find in our unheated basement was 57 degrees.

Did a good job. Passed inspection. Have and will tell others.

William D.
Bluff City TN

Both kits worked great it took me a little time to get the hang of how fast to move the gun but after that it was easy. I will keep you guys I mind on my next project.

William S.

Foam may be great and green, but the customer support is even better!!!!

Stephen S.
New York, NY

The product worked just like I had expected! I was very happy with its ability to do the job.

I will recommend your product to others as I liked its simplicity, expansion, and insulation value.

Thank you once again,

Nick S.
Roscommon MI

In short, I am a proud customer and advocate of this technology

Gregory C.
Allentown PA

This worked VERY well, and was easier than expected to apply. Great system you have for your product.

David H.
Attica, NY

5.- Invited a friend of mine we where still a bit scared because we never did this before, but we shake the cans get all the things moving and it was very easy we where even talking about starting our insulation business at the end 🙂

I love that Foam-It-Green product sprayed every inch of my shop. Love the results , No rusting of my machines and not a lot of bugs, keeps moisture pretty much out. I wish I could remember the guy’s name who spoke with me , but he was very patient and explained every quality the GREEN stuff has. Boy was he right. Whoever he is Thanks to him.

Rick H.
Lufkin TX

Wow. You just don’t see this level of customer care anymore. I feel very well taken care of by Linda and Phil K. and intend to use their product as often as I can. Not only is the product superb, the level of customer service from Spray Foam Direct must be applauded and rewarded! Thank you.

Thanks your product is awesome. We had the perfect project for the application of the product and everyone is totally impressed.

Jim H.
Oswego IL

Product came in 2 days, ordering was easy, directions were easy to follow. Product went on easy and works very well.

This product sticks to many types of surfaces, helped with stopping condensation on steel plate I have, stopping the moisture and mold issues I was having.

Brice J.
Springwater NY

I recently used the spray foam kit for the first time. I was really pleased with how friendly and helpful the service rep was when I ordered the kit. Then I was pleased with how easy it was to use. The instructions were very easy to understand, and the kits were easy to set up.

With the closed cell spray foam, I was able to get the insulation and vapor retarder in one, and save countless hours and potential future problems.

That what was once a room we had to keep closed up and sealed off in winter- -- the drafts are GONE and the temp stays regulated…..great product and I’ll be using it again

Jeff f.
Arlington Heights IL

I am indeed a happy customer.

I installed the foam a few weeks ago and I’m now happily insulated, air-tight, and most importantly, mouse-free.

Its a wonderful and easy product to use. I loved it. I will be ordering some more in the future.

Carla C.
Maplewood NJ

Thank you, thank you very, very much.

Vera M.
Galloway OH

It has worked out great and my home was much warmer this past winter. I will be ordering more soon for a future energy project on my home.

Gregory M.
Levittown NY

I used the spray foam to insulate the rim joist in my crawl space. Worked as advertised. Very satisfied.

Robert M.
Point Pleasant, NJ

The radiant heat given off from my boiler and associated piping alone (also in the basement) is now being captured and the basement has not gotten below 65 degrees (usually gets down to 50 degrees this time of year).

Increasing the comfort of my home and lowering my utility bills is my main concern…we used the foam in a bathroom we remodeled and we are very impressed.

Laura R.
Choctaw OK

The foam worked excellent, it was on time getting here, it was easy to install and it did great job of making my house real tight. I am truly pleased and have recommended you to many.
Thanks, John C.
Augusta, MT

Last night the outside temperature was 8 degrees and my upstairs bedrooms stayed at 67+ degrees without any supplemental heating. I’m very happy with your products ease of use and quality.

After returning to my retirement home to do some more remodeling I noticed that my pellet stove seemed a bit more efficient I believe due to half of my home was gutted and closed cell foamed earlier this fall! Can’t wait till spring to spray the remainder!

Thanks for a great DIYer product,

Larry & Kathy W.
Carson City NV

My project was a small, one-time project. Your product worked very well, beyond expectations.

Gary C.
Columbia MO

My basement is concrete block and it was always cold enough to hang meat in it! I purchased the foam with hopes of saving energy and making my basement usable . I sprayed the walls and ceilings at a 1 to 11/2 ” thickness, WOW what a difference!! my energy bills have dropped and my basement is much warmer and the road noise from outside is gone!! Thank You foam it green!

Lawrence M.
Parkville, MD

A video testimonial from Andrew who used Foam it Green to make some extraordinary trees. Check it out!

“The overwhelming amount of information made available on the website prior to purchase, as well as the reminders and links pointing to specific video or details to remember AFTER my purchase was delivered were more than enough to give me the confidence that I would end up with exactly the results that I did.

I didn’t have the time immediately following delivery to install the spray foam, but that delay helped me to go over the information relayed after my purchase (prior to delivery) so that I felt comfortable with exactly how the whole process would unfold -- everything went off without a hitch for me.

Jeff V.
West Allis, WI

“I was very happy with the customer service, they answered all my questions quickly. I was also happy with how easy the product is to apply. It did take a minute or two to get the hang of how to apply it but after that quick learning period the rest of the project was a snap to complete.

I think the biggest benefit is the sealing properties. I used this to seal/insulate a sun room and even with all the windows it is the warmest room in the house.”

Roger B.
Rochester, NY

“The product was very easy to use, environmentally safe, and last but not least, very effective!

Your customer service couldn’t be better! thanks again for creating such a great product!video to follow…”

Ken B.

“Our problem: Overhead, metal stairwell in an unheated, closed entrance way. The area was cold and damp due to condensation. Needed to correct the problems in order to enhance the appearance of entrance by adding a drop ceiling, lighting and paint. None of this could be accomplished with the problems. In addition we are a non-profit, for the most part dependent on our members for labor. So, whatever we were going to do had to be fairly simple and a reasonable cost.

We used the 202 kit to insulate the entire metal ceiling and a small wood peaked roof. The area temperature improved, although the area is still unheated, the condensation is gone and we were able to proceed with adding a drop ceiling, new lighting and painting the area. We now have a much more attractive entrance way into the building. For the cost and benefits we couldn’t have done the project any other way and we did it ourselves.

Great product in many ways.”

Ron M.
Downingtown, PA

“Did exactly what they advertise. Easy to do. I had no problem figuring it out. I put on my basement wood framing walls it eliminated all drafts. Will definitely used this product again on other projects in the house.”

Rich O.
Oceanside, NY

“Foam it Green shipped my foam kits (I purchased two kits at different times) quickly. I like the fact that Foam it Green made using the kits fool proof. Examples is the temperature strip on the tank, which lets you know when the tank was at the right temperature. And the labeling of the hose so you knew which hose connector went to which tank. I was able to suit up and use the 600-ft kit without any trouble. Seems everyone is selling kits around the same price. I purchased the second kit from Foam it Green due to ease of use, informational support on their site, free extra supplies, and lets not forget the $50 coupon they sent me with the 1st kit.

The two benefits I liked about ordering from Foam it Green is the amount of information on the site detailing how to use the different products and the free accessory kit.”

Doug N.
Woodbine, MD

“Our cold elevated living room was a 3 season room until we used your product. Now its the warmest room in the house and we will be opening our Christmas gifts in it. The product is great. I will be celebrating Christmas in the room with treated with my children and grandchildren. The tree looks great and our feet aren’t cold. I am so impressed with your company.

I have already cut my propane bill by 40%.”

Joe C.
Gales Ferry, CT

“While deciding if I wanted to attempt doing the job, after watching how to video, and talking to your associate it made me feel confident to do it. Job came out great. I know I will have heating cost savings.Supplied kits have everything to do job.”

Peter A.
Billerica, MA

“Ordering the foam was a simple process, even though I changed my mind less than 24 hours after placing my order. I called back and the upgrade was made without a hitch! The updated order was shipped out and arrived in no time at all. Thanks, Mike

I had my doubts if the cost was worth the benefit. The day after we sprayed the exterior walls of the house with a thin layer of “Foam It Green” anti-microbial foam, my wife and I were checking to see how the foam had cured. I was leaning against the wall with my hand on a stud. The stud was quite cold to the touch. Out of curiosity, I placed my hand on the foam next to the stud and was in disbelief at how warm the area covered with spray foam was compared to the stud. The is one fantastic product. We plan to buy more for our crawl space this spring when the weather warms back up. Great stuff and well worth the money! Mike”

Michael R.
Waitsburg, WA

“Well first off my wife and I live in a mobile home and if any one knows, mobile homes are not that well insulated. So back in september of 2011 the wife had me move the dressers in our bed room away from the wall so she could vacuum the floor and wall.While moving my dresser in sock feet mind you I got a wet foot. Needless to say I was a little upset to find a 2’x4′ wet spot on the floor and I had know idea how long it had been there.

To make long story short I located where the water was entering from outside and made the repairs.And as I said earlier the insulation in a mobile isn’t much. So did my home work opted for your product and your 602 kit.

After following the instruction it was very simple to apply and fun as well. Once the job was complete I was impressed with how the product went on and clean up was a breeze. And for insulating well it was to say the remarkable. No more air drafts along the floor. The inside wall compared to another wall with just batt insulation is 5 degree warmer. Not to mention the metal out side skin of the home has tightened up. The insulating property and how it has taken away the rattling outside metal of the home on that wall.

Thank You”

Walton G.

“Happy with the ease of use of the product and its effectiveness.”

CoRey B.
Montgomery, NY

“Staff was very cordial and down to earth.

The insulating product I purchased was superior to anything available at the local lumber yards. And the price was very competitive.”

Ryan L.
Colchester, IL

“We had a contractor give us a bid on foaming our crawl spaces in the basement. However after watching the videos that Guardian Energy Technologies sent us I decided to do it myself. My two son-in-laws and myself started on a Saturday morning and we were done by that afternoon. We immediately noticed a difference in air flow from before and after the installation of the foam. We still have one more room to go but it has to be done at a warmer time. We are very happy with the results and look forward to lower energy bills in the future.

We have also talked to our Orkin man and he is unhappy because we will probably no longer need to have his services. Last year we had several mice get into our basement and since the foaming we haven’t had any.”

Robert L. M.
Thomson, IL

“Very easy to use, all what need are in the bundle, except air breathing mask, harden very hard, I think is a very good product and will highly recommend it. Customer service response quick, web site very friendly and clear, with price posted!”

Joel R.
Brooklyn, NY

“Your product works fabulously!!! My project turned out better than expected!”

Catherine R.
Madison, NJ

“This has been one of the best all time purchases for us, The weather is warm during the day and cool at nite, I do not have condensation problems like before. there is a 10 to 15 degree difference between the inside and out temp of my shop. With a small electric heater I am able to keep the inside temp well above 60 degrees at this present time.

Again thanks for the support and a great product.”

Dale T.
Winchester, KY

“I ordered a kit from you 2 weeks ago and on 10/16/2011 finally got a chance to use it to insulate our outdoor spa.

Wonderful! Worked just like the instructions said it would! I will be ordering from you again to insulate under our crawlspace.

Thanks for the wonderful product!”

Joe W.
Salisbury, NC

“My project is now complete and I finished spraying on Saturday. It tookone 602 kit and two 202 kits for me to spray my crawlspace.

I had picked up the 602 kit in Reno but had both 202 kits shipped to meand both arrived next day which is nice.

The entire process worked as advertised and I’m very happy with theinitial results. I was able to apply ~1 inch of foam to the undersideof my floors and stairs and a thicker layer on the back side of somesmall sections of 2x4 wall that are exposed to the crawl space. I KNOWthis is going to make a difference and I’m going to start tracking mymonthly utility bills and compare them to my historical usage (I’mexpecting a downward trend); perhaps I’ll check back in a year and letyou know.

Anyway, a big thanks to you and the entire Spray Foam Direct team foryour excellent website, helpful videos and ease of ordering and delivery.It really IS that simple.”

Brendan R.
San Jose, CA

“Thank you so much! Your product worked great and our community was impressed with our parade float -- it was heads and shoulders above the others. I look forward to using your product again in the future.”

Dennis H.
Newland, NC

“I did have one big problem to deal with regarding your product… Gettingover worrying if I was actually capable of doing it.

It was easy! I watched the on-line video’s, read the instructions, and testsprayed in a box. The product was outstanding. The guidance was superb.The warnings and watch outs were perfect. While the finished product spraywas not the prettiest in the world due to my first time, it providedoutstanding coverage and didn’t take much time to empty the tanks.

Thanks for a great product and outstanding support.”

Scott B.
Louisville, OH

“Linda,Sprayed the first of my insulation job in the cabin. Was really surprised that it was as easy as you said .I also noticed the difference in the internal temp.of the cabin. I took some remarkable pictures of the roof of my cabin after a real frost overnight during our stay. Everywhere I sprayed the insulation the frost was still on the roof. You could actually see the demarcation lines on the roof. I need more and will order it after the winter season. I am very happy I used your product.

Thank you”

Al C.
Kissimmee, FL

“Linda, we sprayed my crawlspace today 1,200 sq. ft. We really needed those white protective suits and goggles/vapor mask. What a mess but we got it done before the temp dropped below 60 degrees up here in the Sierras of California. We are going back under the house next summer/spring to add more for a better R rating. While we are at it I will also do the 1,100 sq. ft. Attic. Thanks again for the Videos, my crew got a lot out of them.”

Joe K.
Pine Grove, CA

“Bought a 602 microbial closed foam kit just before the fall set in to spray the sills in the basement and close up gaps around door leaving basement to outside. It sprayed on easy enough and was done under 2 hours. It used to be the coldest place in the house now it actualy feels and is warmer. I am going to buy another 602 when finances permit to continue to finish off areas needing further insulating. Kudos to you Foam it Green!”

Christopher W.
Plainville, CT

“Using the spray on foam on my basement foundation was the best move I have made.Great product. Basement temp is at least 15 deg warmer down there.

Thank you for a great product.”

Steve R.
Lynn, MA

“I applaud you and your company for your customer support!

Our cottage was flooded half way to the ceiling before we purchased it. We live on the fastest running river is the US, the Cedar River in Iowa. We’ve raised the cottage, insulated the underside with Foam-it-Green, and now want to insulate side walls a few feet up from the floor for protection from water penetration. It will also protect pex water lines in outside walls from freezing. We get -5 -- -10 below, I’ve seen -26 below zero for26 days straight! This winter will be interesting to watch our heat bill, with Foam-it-Green under the cottage!”

Don S.
Muscatine, IA

“I have owned my weekend home for nine years now and have been tightening up the envelope on the home with new doors and soon new windows recently. The home is only 19 years old.The original owner/ builder of my home had only insulated the areas the building inspector could see near the bulkhead entering into the basement.You can imagine my surprise to find no insulation around the perimeter witha heated basement/ crawlspace.

As advertised everything was there that I needed. I followed theinstructions and proceeded to spray foam in the rim joist around theperimeter of my home. I used a car creeper to slide the boxes along thecrawlspace floor and basement floor with ease. It made the job much easierwhen moving around the crawlspace and going under the pipes.The nozzle didn’t even clog up once ! I moved along quickly being carefulnot to spend too much down time as in the instructions.

What a great product and I have since recommended it to friends in thebusiness. Too bad the tanks can’t be recycled to be refilled by you.


Greg M.
Levittown, NY

“Dear Foam It Green,

If you live in an old house as I do, you will chuckle at some of the videos showing how to use spray foam. The situations shown dont match some of the tricky circumstances youll encounter with an older home. But have no fear! With some creativity you can insulate many difficult spaces with spray foam. Here are a couple of tricks for hard to reach areas that require the slow-rise, cavity-fill formula:

Tim C.
Wilmington, DE

“Hi Phil,
First, I would like to tell you how pleased I was with your foam product and the customer service that you offer. Everything was top notch.Second, I’m about to place another order… and noticed that your website has a discount code for repeat orders. Would you be able to provide me with one?


John H.
Toronto, ON

“We care about a product that does what it says it will do.

We care about keeping our heating costs down and the efficiency up. They spray foam we purchased, twice, is a great product. We have told many of our friends and when they are ready to insulate, they will know where to go for a good product that does a good job.

Thank you.”

Liz F.
Saugerties, NY

“I have been using your products to better insulate my rental properties. It works well for insulating crawl spaces and has proven to cut utility cost for my tenants. I plan to continue with the remaining 4 houses.

Im looking to take it a step further and insulate the walls. Do you offer any products that will allow me to insulate a finished wall? I know there are contractors that will drill holes along the exterior of the house and use a hose to fill between the studs. Im looking for a similar solution.

Thanks you for your time.”

John M.

“You have a great product. Right now the house is closed for the winter!!!!!!!!!!! We will contact you in the spring to get a spray product that is fire retardant. We have to seal all the openings between the 3 floors: electrical, plumbing.heat,ect…. Thanks for the help on the first order. ”

James T.
Worcester, MA

“My goals for my house are mainly to reduce the my energy usage; the reduced monthly costs and other benefits you listed are just extra value added. After your product was recommended to me by multiple coworkers and I did the cost analysis versus other types of insulation, your product was a no-brainer. I love the color changing feature. I feel that this is a major benefit over other closed cell spray foams regardless of cost.

I used your product to flash and bat my crawlspace and over polyiso boards in my attic, which I hope to reduce my energy usage and monthly energy costs considerably by reducing the stack effect in my house. I haven’t finished these projects yet, but I am very hopeful of the results.

Thank you for providing a wonderful product.”

Chris S.
Norfolk, VA

“I owe you folks a stellar review, including the problems I encountered and how you all stepped up to make it right. I am going to get it to you. Right now, I am still deep in the finishing stages of the remodel, so I would expect to have it to you very early in the new year.

Have a great holiday (whichever you celebrate) and warm and sincere regards to the rest of the crew over there at Foam it Green~!”

John B.
Monroeville, PA

“The project is done. I have finished spraying, then put the fiberglass bats back and then a 6 mil vapor barrier. I still have 600 sq ft. remaining. Enjoyed the project and the product.


Dean N.
Ellicott City, MD

“Over the course of a year, I’ve ordered 2 spray kits, sufficient to coverabout 1200 sq. ft. I used these products as follows:

1. Spray ledger sill around basement and inside a crawl space. Thatapplication made a significant improvement in basement temperatures bystopping free flowing air movement. Now I can keep basement air in, andcold, damp, humid air out. This improvement is more than temperature, itblocked the summer hot humid air. By stopping the humid air, I also stoppedmold growth caused by condensation.

Kenneth C.
Liberty, KY

“This last weekend I used the 202 kit andsealed the rim joist in my crawl space, I was very pleased with the product, instructions, accessories and the fact that they weren’t any surprises during the process. I hope to purchase more Foam it Green this spring to do the duct runs for the cooling system that is located in my attic.

Thank You and Great Product”

Tony P.
Grand Junction, Colorado

Hi Mike,
I completed the spray foam installation this weekend.

The one thing I would stress to you customers is to be sure to have spare p100 filter for the respirator. I had to heat the space for the application, but was also able to open a few windows and the filter only last about 90 minutes.

I purchase new filters the next day in order to complete the project. Other than that, the job went well.

Doug J.
Windsor, CT

It worked very well. Only improvement (which was my fault) -- I should have changed the little green nozzles more often to keep the spray more consistent.

John B.
Millerstown, PA

Very happy with my purchase. Thank you.

Jim F.
Denver, CO

Used it on my airstream trailer -- worked great

Phillip J.
Wesley Chapel, FL

It worked great and I’m happy.

spraying foam

Frances M.
Omaha, NE

The spray foam kit I used was for the rim joist and I have to tell you what a difference it has made. We’ve lived in this house in upstate NY for 11 years and can most certainly tell the difference now that it is winter. Both my wife and myself have commented to each other several times over the last couple of months about it, and especially now that the nights are colder. 60% of the basement is unfinished and unheated, and it’s probably 10 degrees warmer in that space. In addition, the rooms on the first floor (abover) are warmer as well.

Steve G.
Vestal, NY

I love it!

Gwen W.
Jacksonville, FL

The foam works great! No more leaks via wind or water. No more entry points for rodents. And it is much more quiet.

Justin B.
Yorkville, IL

The project is completed and it went well. Following the directions made it simple. The only situations I encountered were; novice spraying ended up with some heavy spots and thin spots, and the recommendation on the web video for a thin layer of petroleum jelly on the goggles is not a good one.

No matter how thin you go it still hampers your vision to much.

Overall, a great product -- easy to use and will be recommended.


Ron M.
Downingtown, PA

So Far so good, this fall has been warm here in the catskill mts. but colder days are coming for sure I am sure we will continue to enjoy the warmth the spray foam insulation provides. We arein the planning stage to do the other roof with the sky lights installed cause itworks well with them. Talk to you soon.

Acra, NY

Still happy with the results. Our spa heater runs less and the water stays warmer longer when we are in it! This summer, we will buy from you again and spray the floors under or kitchen and dining room…the tile is cold to walk on!

Joe W.
Salisbury, NC

No more drafts, very happy with your product. Will order more when we get to the other rooms. Thank you!

John S.
Union, MO

Great product! User friendly as well. I used it on a modification to my earth home’s roof. The major savings for me was not having the cost of a pro to come for my 100sq.ft. job. Thank you for being there.

Paul L.
Pine River, MN

It went well, and we’ll probably order another 602 in the spring for the crawl space. It’s a bit too cold to do it now!

Waitsburg, WA

I sprayed the foam on a 100 plus year old foundation here in Maine. I immediately noticed two important observations. Much warmer,draft free space and the second, I did not anticipate; the space was noticeably quieter This product is easy to apply and will order again when the need arises.


Steve F.
Manchester, ME

The foam kit worked great. I’m enjoying a much warmer and quieter bathroom.
Thanks again.

Bob B.

Just finished using it yesterday. Everything worked great. Thank you.

Scott A. J.
Mount Sterling, Ohio

It worked perfectly, no problems at all.


Jon P.
Palmyra, PA

Your product worked great. I will use it again for a future project.


Thomas G.
Highland, MI

Just to let you know I didn’t know how easy this was going to be. I wish I would have done this a long time ago. Your spray was as easy to use as you said. You gave me more than Ineeded on the nozzles. My house is much more warmer and my electric bill went down just from my fan not coming on all the time on my furnace. I haven’t received my gas bill yet but I’m sure it went down. I used this under my home that only has a crawl space. But with the hose and the extra nozzles I didn’t have to hurry and I could take a break and go back and not worry about everything being backed up or plugged. Thank again for your product.

Lynn P.
Kimball, MI

Although I have done tons of DIY projects, this was quite easy to do. I sprayed an attic to cut down wind draft up the rafters and think it was quite succesful (too early to tell fully).


Frank M.
Hammondsport, NY

Used my foam on basement walls, helps improve sound and draft control. One problem i have had is when the foam turns blue and you are spraying in a dim lighted you continue to spray. This makes the blue foam hard to clean up and attaches to the existing green foam making it extremely to clean up if not impossible.

Used ***** foam before but I like your product better

Maybe another kit in the spring to spray the cold storage room

Great follow up and used the hot line several times. Good response

Bell River, ON

Actually, we are well into our project. I used up 1 set of 602 tanks just last weekend. WOW! What a difference it has made in our basement. You will think it silly, but attached are a couple of pictures of my amateur handy-work. I am thrilled. This room represent approximately 30% of the total project. As advertised, the product has already made a very noticeable difference in the comfort of our entire house. As a testament, the contractors working on the basement have had to start wearing t-shirts rather than sweat-shirts, otherwise they get too hot. Also, my wife, who has always been cold in our house during the winter, has been wearing light-weight shirts rather than sweaters this last week. So she is thrilled!

I am on hold until the contractor finishes the remaining framing in the rest of the basement. This weekend, I am going to use the second set of 602 tanks to fill-in as much of the air spaces I can in the other area of the basement. This will give me a better idea of how much more of the product to order.


Steve D.
Woodinville, WA

I used the sprayfoam in one room at the end of a trailer house and ”OH HOWDY, I’M IMPRESSED”. I want to do the whole house with the stuff. I’ve told all my friends and fellow workmates about this sprayfoam. My home is better because of this cool product. Lets foam everything ”Green”. Thanks again,

Tim M.
Columbus, MT

I used up all the foam and finished all outside walls. A little shaky at first, but after a minute or so, I got the hang of it and everything went smoothly. Boy I was happy with it. Every body who saw it were amazed. By the way, I had finished with the sheetrock and ready for paint. I will need another order of that foam sometime for finishing my attic. I will let you know when I am ready for that step.

Best regards,

Son D.
Houston, TX

We love Foam It Green, We had a 28 x 10 1/2 back room we gutted out which had a metal roof. Concerned about condensation and wind is why we choose Foam it Green insulation. We no longer can hear the metal roof on windy days and it does get very windy in our area. The room is much warmer and sound proof! Wish we could have done the walls but with cost we choose where we felt it would be more effective. The kits were easy to use. My husband sprayed the 602 kit, then we felt we needed more, So we ordered the 202 kit and 2 patch kits which I was able to spray with no problem. Highly recommend this product!

Thank you!

Brenda A.
Winchester, IN

Greetings from Louisiana I am a Foam It Green customer for the following reasons. The Foam It Green product saved me $1,000. The Foam It Green product allowed ME to control the quality of work. The Foam it Green web page and customer service is outstanding.

My project was the insulation of a 40 ft steel cargo container. I converted the container for use as additional work and storage space for my business. All the research I uncovered showed that fiberglass insulation would cause the steel of the cargo container to sweat under the high Louisiana humidity. This was not acceptable due to the climate control requirements for the product I manufacture. Foam was the ONLY answer for the proper insulation of a steel cargo container.

Brady B.
Milton, Louisiana

I am in the process of remodeling a 1920’s addition to my 1908 house. The addition, which hangs off the back of my house, never had any insulation when it was built, and was always cold (or hot) depending on the season. I was determined to address this fact and make it a comfortable room once done, as it it being turned into my master bathroom. Old house construction is pretty basic, and the addition consists of clapboards over plank sheathing (with gaps between the boards) -- hardly a recipe for keeping the elements out. For this reason, I knew I wanted to go with a spray-foam insulation, and after doing myresearch, decided on Foam It Green. Among other things, the online videos convinced me this was the way to go.

Peter J. B.
Lynchburg, VA

I am writing to let you know how satisfied I am with the Spray Foam System.I did some research prior to selecting your product.Having never used spray foam other than the small cans of crack filler, I wanted to learn as much as possible before jumping into this kind of project.My project was to stop drafts and insulate a 100+ year old Maine foundation, comprised of granite, brick, concrete, and various unrecognizable stones. Typical foundation construction prior to concrete basements.

Steve F.
Manchester, ME

I bought your 202 foam kit to insulate the exposed beam ceilings in my master bedroom which I was gutting and remodeling after 40 years in our house( Boss’s orders) I have been doing carpentry work for several years as a profession and now as a Honey doer.The kit I got had everything and the directions were clear and easy to follow. I foamed the ceiling and it went so well that I took all the fiberglass insulation off the exterior walls, ordered another 202 kit and sprayed those walls also. My one regret was that I should have ordered the 602 Kit which would have been less money for more spray insulation.

Gene N.
El Cerrito, CA

“Our project was insulating the 7 ft attic peak of our 107 year old house we purchased less than 5 years ago.We first called our “local” spray foam companies and one gave us an estimate the other didn’t bother to call us back.After researching products on the Internet we found “Foam It Green”, called them, and Linda calculated the correct amount!

Jennifer & Loren M.
Medora, ND

Dear Women (like me) Who Hate Projects and Want to Save $$$

Our ski house in the Catskills of New York had several problems coming up from the dirt floor of the crawl space: mice, moisture, and heat loss. On Friday, I sprayed two 602 AM kits on the ceiling and rim joist (I think it’s called a “rim” or “band” joist) of the crawl space. (The ceiling is three inch tongue and groove flooring from the 1950s.) It was a piece of cake and a big success! Now my crawl space is sealed off from the house so mice and moisture cannot come in and the heat cannot get out.

Eileen F.
Monmouth Beach, NJ

“My husband and I bought our dream cabin, built in the 1920s, that had never been lived in year around. There was no foundation, the cabin was built on rock and dirt. The pipes, usually drained in the winter, were under the cabin, completely exposed to the elements, yet inaccessible. We used the Foam It 202 Polyurethane Spray Foam kit to build a “foam foundation” around our cabin, spraying foam around the perimeter, and under the floor boards. Since we put in our “foam foundation” the weather at 8500 feet has been frosty and the wind ferocious. The pipes have not frozen and we have toasty warm toes in our dream cabin. Thank you Foam It Green! ”

Michelle and George H.
Estes Park, CO

“I’m normally a do-it yourself kinda person. Recently I started a business and found getting it up and running virtually by my self was too much. So I began to look for contractors, finding that they were unreliable, at first. Then after doing my own research and talking to the knowledgeable staff of Foam It Green found the contractors also didn’t know the proper product to use for my situation,or just wanted to cut corners. Either way I was now glad they were unreliable and I didn’t end up getting stuck with a Bill for a job done wrong.

Tony Z.

“I purchased three of the 602 kits so shipping was cost effective and fast. With winter fast approaching this was important to me. Set up of the kits was a breeze. Really it only takes a moment, then your off and spraying. It took only a short amount of time to get the hang of how much material to apply. Our home was built in the late 1800’s, so the wall studs are not 16″ on center. Fiberglass insulation would be difficult to install. Spray foam was the fastest an easiest was to go.

The ease and speed of installation was awesome. Being and old house it was very drafty, after the installation of the spray foam, no more drafts. The house is very tight, it cut down on the noise levels too.”

Shawn D.
Broadalbin, NY

“I am very satisfied with the Foam It Green Insulation product. The materials arrived quickly, with generous supply of nozzles. The spray process was easy, the equipment worked very well and was problem free. My house was damaged by storm Irene, wind & wave action ripped off shingles and sheathing of my house. The best fix was to remove the remaining sheathing and old blown in cellulose which was wet and spray the Foam It Green from the exterior directly on to the outside face of interior 1 x 4 wood paneling, we then re-sheathed and shingled. We had enough material to also spray the attic floor over the bedroom facing the water as wind driven rain came in through the gable louver wetting the existing insulation.

Kimm W.
Milford, CT

“My wife and I live in a 1924 bungalow home in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our house has plaster and lathe wall construction with no insulation in the exterior walls. We are converting an old Summer Sleeping room which we used as our office into a master bathroom. The room was originally designed with 8 windows so that sleeping there was more comfortable during hot Oklahoma summers before air conditioning in the 1920’s. Because of the room’s 3 exterior walls with many windows on a Southern exposure, it was consistently cool in the winter and hot in the summer.

Michael & Jennifer K.
Tulsa, OK

“I usually would ignore this sort of thing, but I am so impressed with the product, I thought I’d send along a response. I have been impressed with three elements of your company: the people and the service they provide, the product’s ease of installation and its performance. I am renovating a 160 year old house with huge gaps in the sheathing, randomly spaced framing members and huge heating oil bills. All my questions about chemical compatibility and installation issues were promptly and competently handled by Linda. The learning curve on the use of the foam was very short, made so, in large part by the terrific videos on the web site. Most significantly, snow no longer melts off the sloping roof area where, in the past, melting would begin within minutes of a snow fall.

Larry C.
Chester, VT

“Easy to setup and use. The information provided made it painless and simple to use. It was a great experience. The tools, tyvec suit, extra nozzles played a key role in getting the job done. I’m a computer geek with zero experience with this stuff or construction in general and I felt like a pro once I was done.

Steve S.
Iron Station, NC

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Nick A.
Chicago, IL

“We had an unusual situation that required us to use foam spray insulation. Without that need we would have never considered foam spray insulation unless professionally applied, but our project didn’t warrant that expense. In our search for a product we could apply ourselves and that was reasonably priced, we chose Foam It Green for our project. We never expected spray foam insulation to be such an overall positive experience.

Julie M.
Burr Ridge, IL

“Your 602 kits were more than i could have hoped for. i do not see why anyone would want to use anything else for insulating their home or like me, a metal shop that has many dollars worth of woodworking tools, the 602 kits will solve my condensation problems.

1st : all information you have provide either on line or with the kits was most beneficial in all respects. 2nd: saving hundreds of dollars in machinery from condensation.

Dale T.
Winchester, KY

“Guess what the guys did yesterday
Yup they insulated the shop
It went pretty smooth
Son sprayed and husband moved him around on the scaffolding and set him up. I visited, took photos and will clean floor.

Margie V.
Silverdale, WA

“Dear SprayFoam Family:
The product and installation was a breeze. We are building a geodesic dome and needed something that could go on easy and quick. Not only was it easy to use but the whole process only took a few hours to cover over 2,000 sq feet of complex patterns. The safety gear also helped me get lots of fun facebook feedback too!”

Evan K.
Kansas, IL

“We have about a 6x3x3 space under a tub that is not under our foundation that has for 13 years been about impossible to completely seal … until NOW! This space had been insulated with fiberglass insulation which only provided a “resort experience” for mice. I pulled out all that insulation and sprayed the walls with foam. I was concerned that it would be difficult, but oh how I was wrong! In a matter of minutes I felt like a pro who had been doing this for a living for years. Thanks Foam it Green!

Michael B.
Murray, KY

“Simply stated the product worked as advertised. The instructions were plain and easy to follow. I followed them and the product performed. It truly is as easy as spraying a garden hose. One of the untold benefits is the easy cleanup of the overspray and “globs”. Once dried everything scraped right up.

Also because I used this in my tax office the noise reduction from road noise has been greatly reduced. Great product. I will be ordering more when I start work on my house. I used this product in my tax office. Can’t wait to see this year’s heating bills.

The benefits will be in lower energy cost, road noise, and sound proofing. Your company has been great to work with. This is the first time I have used this type of products. Many of my clients came in before the drywall was put up and commented on it. Some have inquired as to where I got the product. I have had no problem in telling them about your company. Thanks again.”

Roger H.
Burlington, KS

“Great customer service. Friendly knowledgeable representatives. Shipping on time with no delays.

I have used the foam it green products on a few different projects and they do what they advertise. Excellent air and moisture barriers. Applied to the roof of a camper it stopped the leaks around the skylights as well as reduced inside temp by 20 degrees in the heat of summer. I strongly recommend these products. As a contractor I have used many different types of products, and I can say that their do it yourself kits are very, very easy to use.”

Kenneth K.
Waverly, TN

“We read the simple instructions. We prepared the area to be sprayed. Shook the cans as instructed. We sprayed around the 33 windows and the area where it would be impossible to Insulate. In about 2 hours we were done.

Wow. The next time we need to close up an area we will use only Foam it green. The benefits were that everything we needed came with the kit …and that was because the person on the phone at the time we order it help us to order it the right way. We had everything.”

Thank you,
James T.
Worcester, MA

“I had quotes to insulate rim joists in a rental house: $850!!!!! I ordered the FOAM IT GREEN, watched the how-to videos, suited up with the included safety gear, and went to work! It took me less than an hour to do it myself! And here’s the kicker: I’m a 52 y/o female, 5’2”, 100 lbs! HA! $500 still in my bank account! Tickles me “GREEN”!!

By doing it myself I saved ALOT of money, and also have the satisfaction of knowing that it was done right….with no skimping. The service was extremely quick, the product is easy to work with (once you get the ‘groove’) and the benefits? Well I’m sure they will be substantial as this was applied to an 81 y/o home!!”

Karen B.
Painesville, OH

“Friendly, intelligent service from start to finish. They answered my questions and help calm my nerves I’ve never done this type of work before.

I found that the temperature that was coming out of my A/C ducts went from 70* down to 62* on a very, very hot TN. Day. It was 99* outside and it was nice and cool inside I had to step outside to warm up a little bit.

By spraying the underside of our house (crawl space) and spraying the A/C ducks the house is cooler PLUS a side benefit is that the removal of the old insulation has made the house smell better under and inside there’s no place for the mice to poo now.”

Robert H.
Granville, TN

“On my first purchase I received a very friendly thank you for my business. To me it held higher value for showing me gratitude and moral character, and exceeded any other that I have ever received.

I have a downward forced central air system with a 5′ crawl space. I was having problems with condensation building up under my house on my ductwork. This was keeping my crawlspace damp. So I bought a Foam it Green kit and sprayed my ductwork under my house. It did exactly what I wanted it to and more. Not only has the condensation stopped building under my house, but my ductwork is now quiet. No more noises from the metal expanding and contracting. On top of that, I’m no longer heating and cooling under my house and very pleased with the drop in my energy costs. It was very easy and fast to put on, best decision I ever made with this high quality product.”

Ron C.
Brighton, MI

“First use was in Texas in a small A frame with open studs. Before installation of foam building was so hot the AC would not bring down the temp at all during the 100 plus temps in Texas last month. When the install was complete the room dropped 15 degrees without the AC running. With ac the room was able to cool down in one day.

The second use was in Florida inside trailer walls of an unfinished trailer. Before foam unit was always hot even though I had some insulation installed. Once i installed foam the trailer changed from over 100 degrees to where AC could lower temp and cycle the AC unit. Hope this helps to tell your great product story. I will be buying more product in the future. Thanks mcd”

Mark M.
Dime Box, TX

“I purchased the kit that includes two (2) Foam It 602 Kits, goggles, a Tyvek suit, gloves and extra nozzles a couple of weeks ago. The kit included everything that was advertised and was delivered as promised to my doorstep two (2) days after it was ordered with absolutely no charge for delivery. You won’t find that deal anywhere else on the internet.

The product was much easier to use than I expected and performed exactly as promised. The Foam It Green kits are so easy to use that I have no doubt a reasonably intelligent monkey could apply it.

Joe V.
Devils Lake, ND

“Real easy to do! Preparation was the most important factor in using Foam It Green. I prepared and when it came time to do it…. My son and I completed the basement (Spraying) in 3 hours and it’s perfect!

We purchased our home in Oct 2010 and we didn’t know a few things. It’s a great house but it had rodents, bugs and a snake problem. NO MORE!!! Every morning I would have to vacuum the hundreds of millipedes from my basement floor. Not anymore! Next day and every day since not a single bug to be found!! Since doing the work we haven’t had a single mouse in a trap! I was worried I bought a bad house but now I know I have a great Home for my family.”

Bill C.
Sussex, WI

“I sprayed my HVAC with it. It stopped the condensation that we thought was a leak from the bath & dish washer. It’s easy to use with good coverage. My wife kept the thermostat at 68 to 65. Now set at 74 she complains she is cold.”

Robert P.
Edison, NJ

“When I got the product delivered I started reading all the instructions. I even went and watched the video on the Foam it Green web site several times before I started using the product. Doing everything they said to do, I had no problems with the foam.

Everything worked just like they said it would.

Buster D.
Pampa, TX

“I retrofitted an older though well insulated house with a five ton heat pump. The installer did not insulate my legacy galvanized works, leaving me with a condensation problem. I originally planned to just cover the galvanized portions with anti-microbial spray foam, but decided to go ahead and spray my rim-seal while at it.

The spray foam, not only sealed my legacy galvanized registers etc. flawlessly, completely sealing against condensation; but, we’ve had to cut the air conditioner up two degrees in my upstairs because in sealing the rim we increased the efficiency of our heat pump that much too!

Al J.
War, WV

“I do not own but have considerable experience with the cart mounted compressor driven two part urethane foam systems. I decided to try to do a foam insulation job without borrowing or renting the equipment and selected the Foam It Green System on the basis of price and testimonials.

I couldn’t have made a better choice. I will admit to being a little skeptical at first, but the video assistance and promise of real time help should things go wrong sold me and I bought the 1200 board foot kit.

Ted L.
Bristol, VT

“I used your product last weekend when I did my basement sills and an addition crawl space.

I will be getting more from you folks!

Simple, quick and easy. And it does what it’s supposed to.”

Dave M.
Baldwinsville, NY

“The aspect of purchasing from you that was most satisfying was the service after I placed the order online. I received detailed emails confirming the order, confirming when the order would ship and then an email confirming that the order had actually shipped.

The two most beneficial aspects of purchasing from you were the information on your website and then the service after I placed my order. The information helped me decide on the specific product and to order from you. The service after the order was placed reassured me that I made the right decision.”

Jost L.
Houston, TX

“We could not be more satisfied with the customer support and product.

One thing I noticed right from the start is if you call for support or to order foam, no matter what time of the day, you don’t even have to leave a message the company calls you right back. To me customer support means a great deal.

Last year I ordered thousands of dollars of foam from another company to insulate my basement. The last few orders the performance was not that great. We decided to try your company and after using the product I wish I would have tried it sooner.

A couple of things that I like better is the temperature label on the outside of the tank for optimal performance and the extras that come with the kit. I plan to foam the rest of my house with this product.”

Kevin A.
Painted Post, NY

“My wife & I decided to redo an attic area of our home. It is small and was last renovated in the 1960’s. We gutted it to the bare studs and started over.

The ceiling rafters were only 2x6 and the heat from the sun made it feel like an oven. It had “Rock Wool” insulation that was dirty, and showed evidence of mice.

Lou D.
Madison, NJ

“When we lost the insulation around the ductwork under our house due to river flooding, Foam It Green was the only replacement option that made sense. After a messy cleanup of the old insulation, we are so relieved to know that should flooding reoccur in the future, our new foam insulation can be cleaned and will be safe from mold.

The delivery was quick, which we really needed since we were replacing insulation around ductwork after river flooding in the spring. We wanted the ducts insulated before turning on the air for the summer. The fact that EVERYTHING needed was in the box made the project so much easier. I could NOT believe that it was done in an afternoon!”

Brian W.
Mount Vernon, IN

“Thanks. Your customer service is impressive and a bit stunning. Careful or people will start to expect other business to behave in the same way and you may lose friends in the business community.”

Mike F.
Mendota, IL

“I used your great product in a Solar Energy School I have in Ensenada, Mexico. The school is located in the Sierra Juarez mountains and for our standards in Mexico, the weather is extreme. Is not really hot in the summer because of the altitude, but is very cold in the winter. We teach solar electricity and sustainable living subjects.

Deciding which product to use (I used it for the roof) was easy, taking the risk of not using the product you advised me (3 lb. density foam) because of the reasonable price, the high R value and the easy usage.

Luis L.
Escuela de Energia Solar

“I just used my foam kit this weekend and it worked great! Thank you for including all the gear: the tyvek suit and goggles, gloves and extra nozzles. I used them all but one.

I foamed an exterior wall and a large crawl space.”

Eric N.
Newbury, OH

“I used the first kit to spray part of my barn wall, where my water lines froze last year. The kit was easy to use and it gave a good coating, it definitely should help.”

Charles W.
Youngstown, NY

“Thank you Mike and the team who helped track this last part of my kit. I was able to stay on schedule and we used the kit yesterday, to insulate between the floor joist of our camp located in the “Tug Hill Region” of New York State. The kit worked as described, absolutely flawlessly. My only suggestion is it would be nice to offer a size choice for the tyvec suit, it was a little snug. (Editor’s Note: Please just put your preference in the order notes so you get exactly the size you want).

Thanks again and I will be a returning customer”

Harvey F.
Clyde, NY

“The product worked fantastic. I found it was better equipped with extras that the T**** **** didn’t have.

Plus the gun and and tips are much better with your product. I still have a bit left in one of the kits (A&B component), that I will use for some rim joists. The tanks are shut off and I have an additional hose to put on the other part of the second kit I ordered from you. It yielded to expectations on two subsequent 80 degree days, the tanks were that warm too.

It’s the only way to insulate as far as I’m concerned. I’ve had friends over, and they find it quite fascinating. They ask if it itches, to which I explain, no, but you must wear a respirator, vent the house and it will indeed stick to anything.”

Aaron R.
Englewood, CO

“Everything worked great! We used the product to seal up the basement rim joists and plates. We also sealed around all forced air vents where they met the ceiling in the basement. We can already see the difference with our cooling system as doors are pulled shut in some rooms via the cold air returns we sealed also. We will see this winter how it really works.”

Steve D.
Lincoln University, PA

“I appreciate the help with my project. I have successfully finished my spraying today and was very pleased. The instructions were clear and concise; the mix was perfect first time. My problem was inexperience with spaying as I changed out my mixing tips too often and ended up using all of them. I was working between the fan and non-fan, so I just changed tips when I should have just threaded the fan tip on and continued using the same mixing nozzle. I was able to completely empty both tanks. I am very pleased and will gladly recommend your product.”

Thanks again.
Tom W.
Kirkwood, MO

“Wow what a difference your product has made. We purchased this for a two story shed/workshop/club house in SE Georgia. This week has been near 100 degrees and we are still able to work inside the shop to finish up all we need to do and it is warm but very comfortable -- At least a 20 degree difference when we go outside! Your product was easy to install and does what you said it would do -- thank you! I should have my workshop finished this weekend and can finally start working on all those projects I want to do!”

Shirley R.

“Wow this went extremely fast. Here’s what happened, then how I got there for anyone interested… Anti-microbrial foam arrived yesterday.

Started at 9am this morning, and by 10:30 I’m up to the point (nearly 90%) finished where I have to stop and do a little carpentry on old-works. Sprayed 8 registers nicely with attached galvanized pipe for condensation issues. Then sprayed about 150 feet of rim seal nicely. A good thing in that it’s s’pose to be 96′ here today.

Al J.
War, WV

“So far so good!!! All we have done so far is open the patio door and one window so the air conditioning can get out there and it is working great!!! We have not put a run out there for heat or air and it looks like we do not need to, as the insulation is working great keeping the outside elements out.

My husband even commented on how we cannot hear anything outside, on how much quieter it is out there. In other words, we have no complaints so far. Just waiting on winter to see how it worked on the north side of our house. Thanks again.”

Shirley H.
Creston, IA

“25 years as a professional carpenter/builder and I was “volunteered” to remodel the interior of my mother-in-law’s shoddy turn-of-the-century home in Northern Minnesota.

Four generations of code-less methods and materials left no choice, but to gut, re-frame, new electric and insulate for -30 to +90’s temperatures all 1,200 sf of ancient walls of window and door frames, stairwell, and gaping cracks to the exterior; a framing nightmare.

Michael H.
Steamboat Springs, CO

“I used the spray foam to replace the fiberglass insulation on my 1981 mobile home. So far I have seen a 34% decrease on my electric bill.

This is compared to my bills from last year at this same time. I am with out a doubt completely satisfied with the product. I will be in touch when my next project comes up.”

Jimmie M.
Pearl River, LA

“Let me just start by saying I would NEVER do a contest like this due to time constraints…………but I love the product so much the fact that if you win you get free product is what enticed me……………not cash………….product!!

My home was built in the 70’s and is a split level. It is a well kept farmhouse built sturdy by my father in law, who for some reason did not deem it necessary to insulate the basement………………..

Tracy R.
Indianola, IA

“I have never received a more complete set of instructions with a product that I’ve purchased. These were truly idiot proof.

Everything was available from one source, foam, protective gear etc. There was an ample supply of everything that was needed.The price was extremely competitive. I was able to perform a job for under $500 that a professional would have charged $6000!!!Cleanup and disposal were clearly explained and relatively easy for anyone with some handy experience.

Thanks again! ”

Dennis S.
Johnston, IA

“Everything worked out well. I was able to use the 202 product and insulate the entire rim joist area of my basement the other night. The entire process took less than 90 minutes and actually was a little fun. The included instructions and the How To videos on your website made this a very easy ‘quick win’ project for me.

Thanks again.”

Jason P.
Dyer, IN

“Hello. I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I have been completely satisfied with your product. I used your product on my poorly insulated, and poorly constructed home, and it has made a noticeable improvement in living conditions. The product is a bit messy, but very much worth it, when you see, and feel the results. Your product gives me the opportunity to seal my home in phases (a bit each year). I wish I could afford to do it all at once, but it will eventually get done.

Great product, good instructions, glad you included extra parts. Will buy again, and will recommend.”

Maurice G.
Elkhorn, WI

“Just wanted to let you guys know that I love your products and overall service. Ordered a 602 kit a few weeks ago as a test run. Wife and I applied and it made a noticeable difference. So much so that I just placed another order so we can work on the rest of the house. Normally I don’t do the feedback thing but I was really impressed. Thanks and look forward to continuing business with you guys.”

David H.
Wilmington, DE

“Dear Mark,

Your product was an answer to a big problem I have. Mainly, (I have) no insulation in many exterior walls. I have only used two 602 SR kits so far and I am well pleased with the results. I plan to order at least six kits in the future. The whole experience, from ordering, shipping, to using your product has been very satisfying. I would highly recommend your foam it green spray foam products to anyone who is looking for a way to fill existing walls and save money on their energy costs. ”


Alfred E.
Kershaw, SC

“Hello Dave,

I’m sorry I have not gotten back to you sooner. The spray foam kit I bought from your company worked good. My biggest concern was working in a tight crawlspace and trying to get the temperature up to specs and keeping the product warm enough to spray properly and expand as it should. I have about 3/4 of the project done and will be ordering another 602 kit from you in a week or two. Thanks for all your technical help. I will give you more feedback when the project is completed. Thank you very much and I have recommended it to a few other people with similar projects.”

Jerry M.
Parkville, MD

“The product has performed well. We are noticing a dramatic reduction in the air conditioning that we use. We purchased the product primarily to seal an area in the space between the living room ceiling and the upstairs bedroom, we were experiencing loud cracking and popping noises and research could not explain why it was happening. Since adding the spray foam we have not had that problem and are convinced that we were losing either hot or cold air in that area and the outside temperature changes meeting with it would cause the structural noises. Again, we are not experiencing any of that now and it use to be a year round problem. Thank you for your service, we recommend your products to everyone we meet.”

David and Kristine Z.
Las Vegas, NV

“Worked perfectly, I loved it, all went as planned, until I ran out. 🙂 Will be ordering more shortly! Thank you!

Easily found on the net, had a ton of info about the product and how to use it. always stressing safety (it can be messy if handled inpromperly) Super easy online ordering, I had the product sitting at my door the next day. Everything went like it should and my project turned out professionally”

Ron O.
Edgerton, WI

“Your Spray foam is a great product.

We used it on the ceiling of our basement, to insulate, and form a vapor barrier. It has worked well. We intend to buy more kits in the future when our budget allows.”

Christan D.
Morgantown, WV

“I would like to report to you that the installation of the Foam-it-Green spray foam went very well. After much worrying that I would screw it up, I attacked the task and was very pleased with how easy it applied. I am still in the building stage of the home so I don’t know the energy results at this time but am very sure they will be substantial. I wish I had a few containers to use here at my work site in Iraq.”

Roy W.
Seale, AL

“Well still not in home yet due to rain and not being able to get in septic. But House stays at 70 degrees in high 80’s to 90 weather. Now the guys who insulated the attic said that I should purchase a dehumidifier because the foam, It is 69 to 70 in house it does fill a bit damp in house. Should I get a dehumidifier? But YES Im still happy I have installed the spray foam. And I just want to tell you that your company has to be the best company I have ever dealt with. . . ”

Thomas L.
Lebanon, IN

“Dear Foam It Green,
I just wanted to say thank you for making such a great product! I was very pleasantly surprised with the speed of receiving my order. I am finishing the attic at my house and Foam It Green has made a tremendous difference already. I have been working on this project for longer than I care to admit I only wish I would have found this before I had finished remodeling the downstairs. In past years it had been too hot to work up there in the summer and too cold in the winter without some serious heating. There is a huge difference with just an inch. I have been able to work comfortably so far I just got it all foamed a couple of weeks ago). I might even be able to get most of the project finished this year. The installation was much easier than I anticipated. I had watched the videos on your site and jumped right in as soon as I received my order. I have already recommended your product and will continue to do so and when I remodel from now on this is the product I will order!”

Thank you very much.

Eric D.
Sugar Grove, NC

“Love your product. We did an entire 2580 square foot house by ourselves. We were initially going to use a company to do the work and they gave us a quote of $17,000.00. We decided to try it ourselves first and ordered the kit and with the next two kits should have the project completed, for just a little over $7000.”

Cindy D.
Greenville, MO

It took me a while before I used the spray, I was waiting for the temp to rise and I needed to complete some construction. I applied the foam it green spray a week or so ago and what a great product. I read the instructions and if you follow them it’s very easy to apply. It took me less than 30 mins to apply and I was extremely happy with the results. I plan on insulation other parts of our 200 yr old farm house as we work our way through the renovation and I will definitely be ordering more in the future. Feel free to use this feedback in your marketing material or reply and I’ll try and draft something more if you need. You have a great product and I’m recommending your product to my friends.”

All the best
Derek B.
Macedon, NY

“Fast!! This stuff is easy to spray on and dries really fast so you are able to tell if you have thin spots. The old insulation was a dry-rotted, dusty, disgusting, ineffective mess. The foam is amazing and can be sprayed anywhere you need insulation, especially under rafters without all the fight to get it to stay up!!”

Glenda J.
Tunnel Hill, GA

“Now on my end of this, I really loved the ease of use and the benefits of your products. No more air leaks in our old home (160 years plus old). Have already noticed a difference in our temperatures in the area we used it. Very satisfied. ”


Rick J.
Waterloo, IL

“We leave our temperature set at 75 degrees on our central a/c. Before the spray foam was installed in my house the temperature would not go below 79 degrees. After the insulation was installed not only does the temp stay where I put it, at 75 degrees, the unit will turn off during the heat of the day. It has NEVER turned off, it would run all day! I will definitely be putting it in the new addition on my house. Thanks for a great product foam it green!

Jason Y.
Vidalia, LA

“I recently insulated my garage door with you product and it turned out GREAT!! I was surprised at the precise control I had with the spray gun to reach in all the tight spots on the door.

Set-up was very quick and easy. I was surprised at how easy it was to apply the product with accuracy and control.”

Chad W.
La Place, LA

“After receiving just one of the component containers via UPS, I called the company to inquire why only one component was delivered. The answer was straightforward and prompt. Components are shipped on separate days as a safety measure. Sure enough, the second component arrived the next day. In preparation for foaming the junction of my basement foundation and floor joists, I read the instructions several times, planned the movement of the canisters to minimize the need to change nozzles. I called the company to make certain I had the correct respirator filters. The people I spoke with were very helpful, polite and knowledgeable. When all the planning was complete, I completed the project over a two day period doing half on the first day and the second half the following day. Despite the instructions suggesting using caution when using the foam it only took me about 15 seconds to adjust the pressure on the trigger. The rest of the project went very smooth because I followed the instructions carefully. The finished project looks fine and I will use FOAM IT GREEN again.

Roy Q.
Saco, ME

“I research most any new product before I try it. Foam It Green was no exception. I found your information to be helpful through your website. In addition I read many reviews of your product and others on the market. After much review and trying your product with another person I settled on Foam It Green. The packages arrived on time and in great condition. I planned carefully with protective safety clothing, glasses and gloves. Though I had my own…Foam It Green also provided these too.

George M.
Lancaster, PA

“I used your foam to repair a roof on a motor home which needed a complete new roof. The product was as good as it was proposed to be and the equipment worked as promised. After building a new structure on the roof, I went back and sprayed your foam in between the matrix I built and it worked perfectly. Not too much pressure yet enough to fill all the voids. I received exactly what I wanted to get. Increased structural support with limited weight gain.”

Ken B.
Petosky, MI

“I was amazed how the 602 spray foam kit came with everything I needed for the job. When I ordered the kit, they were very informative on insulating my house and answered all my questions. The hotline number answered all my questions while I was doing the job. These guys do NOT leave you in the dark!

I have lived in my house for 15 years. Every summer, my central hvac a/c would never shut off from early morning until midnight. I thought it was heat coming in from the doors, windows and even from the exterior walls. I even thought my a/c unit and furnace needed to be replaced. I sprayed the foam in the attic and for the 1st summer, my house is staying cool and the a/c unit actually shuts off! Believe me, this is the cheapest option out there!”

David B.
Bartlett, IL

“The HOW DO video’s were a great help. Even the instructions were easy to follow. But because we are so inclined to audio/visual learning now days, I was so glad y’all took the time to create the video’s. They really are what sold me on your product and company. Plain and simple, Thanks for the How To Video’s.”

Robert G.
Marrero, LA

“I watched all the How-to videos, but I was a little nervous about doing it myself. I finally mustard the courage and place my first order. I order 4 units of 601 close cell form and in three days a truck delivered the order and very helpful in unloading it. The next morning I started. I re-read all the instructions and helpful hints and place the emergency phone number near the phone expecting to use it.

After about 3 hours I was finished without a hitch. It was almost fun I hated it to come to an end. I applied 2 inches of close cell foam to my workshop of 1200 square feet of wall space including all the electrical wiring and plumbing that was in the walls without a hitch. I was going to finish with 4 inches of fiberglass batt to the 6 inch walls but i change my mind after finding out how easy it was to apply the foam. I decided to finish the project with 4 units of 1200 open cell foam. Clean-up was a little messy but not difficult, I even use the spill and over fill shaving of foam by bagging it and placing it in the attic over my porch.

The how to videos and the helpful hints was the most benefit, without them I would never attempted to do the project myself. They made it look easy and it was easy.”

Frank F.
Lutcher, LA

“I purchased the EEH kit and a slow rise, worked great installed with outdoor temp being -10. I put 3 portable heaters in the attic for 3 hours and let the surface temp get to 60F and did a 1″ layer on the attic floor and topped off with R30 batts with the slow used in the eve area of the attic. NO PROBLEMS. We have been in the house 7 years and the 3 bedrooms on the south side of our house have always been 15 degrees colder then the rest of the house in the winter and 20-30F warmer in the winter. installed thanksgiving weekend and noticed an improvement overnight, AWOKE to find my furnace not running all night. The thermostat in our room read 68″ and the main one in the hall 70″, when our bill came in January for December it was under $200.00, first time in 7years it has been under $270.00 November thru February.”

Mike C.
Westminster, Colorado

“I bought a new house with a huge basement, and decided to remove all fibreglass from the basement since it was not stopping the cold air in the winter and humidity in the summer. I used the NEW Anti-Microbial Formula and it is awesome, and was very quick, and easy to apply.

-- My basement stays dry
-- The insects aren’t getting in anymore
-- No more drafts on the main floor”

Claude H.
Poestenkill, NY

“We had to be out of town for a few days for due diligence on a property we are purchasing up North. While we were gone, Jason did a test on a small tasting room we are rehabing for lease in 2 weeks. Upon our return I turned on the computer to 150 new emails I must wade through and found yours, at the same moment my husband Allan was calling Jason to see how the test went, so I picked up my extension and eavesdropped on the conversation.

Mary R.
Paso Robles, CA

“I purchased two 602 closed cell foam kits and one 1202 open cell foam kit to insulate my attic. Spent less than a full day to complete the project. It was extremely easy to get the hang of it and was easy enough to do it by myself.

I was offered a $250 for a contest for the best testimonial, and to be honest I was so happy with the product and service that I would just put it towards buying more and getting another room done. Speedy Delivery and the Videos offered online as a reference tool.”

Troy S.
Beverly, MA

“Foam it Green is a terrific product! In our 30+ year old home, the drafts were bad until I purchased and used the Foam it Green product to insulate it. The best reason to purchase Foam it Green is that is very easy to use. To make it even easier, the instructional on-line videos provide comprehensive demonstrations and details. I highly recommend the easy to use and effective Foam it Green product.

Charles H.
Clarksburg, MD

“While researching the benefits of adding spray foam insulation, I contacted Foam It Green and the customer service rep took the time to explain the benefits and installation instructions for a first timer. Great customer service.

Our unheated basement has poorly constructed and insulated cantilevers. With no heat in the basement the cold basement climate caused the wood floors to be extremely cold on your feet. After installing the insulation, the drafts were almost eliminated raising the normal temp of the basement by almost 3 full degrees. This reduced my heating bill by almost $25 per month after installation……..Thank you”

Keith S.
Granby, MA

“All of our needs have been met.

We used the spray foam insulation kit to insulate our rim joists in the basement. The spray foam worked extremely well for this purpose.

In the past, during the winter months, we used to have to wear a jacket down there. Since we have insulated the rim joists, it’s nice and warm; we have noticed a big difference.”

Tim F.
McGraw, NY

“I’m happy with the kit, the foam and all the stuff that came with the kit. The applied foam is doing as advertised, “keeping the cold outside”.

If I have to buy spray foam again, I’ll be coming back to Foam it Green.


Alex C.
Upper Providence, PA

“Just waiting for the weather to warm up and it looks like I’m gonna be needing your product because it worked great on the last project. I think it came pretty close to paying for itself this winter.

Thanks, ”

Ken K.
Saint Louis, MO

Just finished up a 10 kit job for John C. They have already turned down the thermo 2 degrees and she is walking around without her turtle neck sweater. Can’t say enough good things about your staff and product. We have more homes to retro. Awesome!!”

Charlie F.
Charlottesville, VA

“Yes all my expectations were met. I can’t believe the difference this made. I found that my builder had left gaps in almost every bay and cantilever in our home. The gaps I could see and measure totaled over 60 square inches. Remember , that is what I could physically see. All is sealed now, no more cold drafts rolling through our finished basement.”

Tom S.
O’Fallon, MO

“I have to say I was shocked at the difference the spray foam made just doing my basement sill plate… night and day!

The unheated basement went from being the coldest place in the house to the warmest place by 5+ degrees. The difference in our air seal is tremendous. I used to open the casement windows and feel a little winter air, now it feels like a fan on high! Clearly all that air pressure was pushing cold air into my house from leaks I didn’t even know I had.

100% hands down the best investment I have made in this house yet.

I strongly recommend to my friends on a regular basis… If you can rattle can anything, you can spray foam. Great stuff!”

Kurt K.
Merrimack, NH

“From the time of delivery to clean-up-this foam insulation was better than advertised; it really works -- no smell and easy to work with. Thanks for enclosing the protective gear. ”

Len M.
Laurel Springs, NJ

“Thanks for a great product for the DIYers. Went on just as directed. Very easy. I would put the suit and extra stuff in all the products. They save a lot of time and do a great job while they last.

Thanks, ”
Ralph T.
Nesbit, MS

“At this time I don’t have all the insulation applied but what is done has definitely been noticed. The first round was sprayed onto a limestone wall in the furnace room. The leaks were pretty big and the drafts very noticeable. Now the drafts have been stopped and I am looking forward to doing the same in what was a fruit cellar but will be office storage. The product seems to be doing what you claimed it would. Thank you. ”

Judy O.
Humboldt, IA

“The product is AMAZING and we are very pleased! We will be getting more, as I recall the conversation, of another product you offer. I’m not in charge of that, Dan is, so he will be calling you with some questions and another order in the foreseeable future. Thanks for the follow up! ”

Chris K.
McHenry, IL

“Purchased foam kit this summer. House 1959 ranch, took siding off sheathing off removed the fiberglass and fill the wall 3 1/2\”. The house faces west with little wind break. I have no drafts and my fuel oil bill so far this winter is half what it was last year, and fuel oil cost more this year. This is the best and easiest way to seal up your house. Thank You ”

David W.
Rome, NY

“Dear Sirs,
I just finished with your 202 kit. I sprayed the underside of an aluminum atv trailer. It was flawless thanks to the videos. The overhead spraying was scary at least, but I was impressed with the very little amount of drop out. Almost all your product is stuck to the aluminum. This was the first time i ever did something like this.

Thanks a lot, ”

Jim M.
Wright, WY

“The project went well. The product worked great, I will be sure to use it again. I am a remodel contractor and your product is ideal for the scope of insulation work I do.

Thanks again, ”

Will N.
Olympia, WA

“All is well. Difference is noticeable. This is the end of my remodel project, wish I had known of your product when I started 10 years ago. We’ll keep you in mind for the next one.”

Michael S.
Grand Rapids, MI



Hagerstown, MD

“The spray foam did exactly what I wanted it to do. I had a little learning curve getting the spraying technique down but I expected that because this was my first time using the spray foam. I will be using the spray foam again when I get to the next project in the garage. ”

William W.
Gaithersburg, MD

“We have our kitchen over the mechanical room. We heat with radiant floor heating.

I had previously insulated the kitchen floor/mechanical room ceiling with R30 batts, and everything was fine.

This summer I removed the batts because the insulation was hanging down, messy and in the way for some electrical and plumbing work I had to do.

David B.
New York, NY

“Our project was insulating the kitchen exterior facing walls during a down-to-bare-studs renovation. We have also used ********** products before so we can say that your standard kit was more complete with more spare tips, goggles, etc. Your foam kit gave more coverage than estimated, a nice plus. Both products were easy to use and had similar levels of smell, but your kit reagents did not cause a problem with small splatter ruining plastic surfaces such as goggles and glasses. We also like the fact that you offer smaller sized kits for touch-up or small projects, something that the other company doesn’t offer.

All in all a great product that we were very pleased with. ”

Mike and Mary L.
Fleming Island, FL

“My project was to insulate the rim joist of my house prior to finishing my basement. Previously I had R-13 fiberglass along the rim joist and between the floor joists. I had issues with mice, ants, and even wasps.

I received the foam (anti-microbial closed-cell) within 5 days of ordering it; it came well-packaged and with excellent instructions. After reading through the instructions and getting the foam up to roam temperature, I started my work. The foam came out green and fluffy with the first fire of the gun, so I went to it, and it took me less than 20 minutes to put down the first layer of foam on the entire rim joist (about 130 linear feet).

Jake W.
Glenelg, MD

“I was very nervous about trying to use spray foam to insulate an outside wall in my house. I went ahead and decided to try this product and I was very pleased with the results. It was a very simple task and I should have not been nervous. I will use this product again. I can already feel a difference in the room I insulated because the insulation I removed was R-7. I will use this product again.

I was very pleased with the help of your customer service. I called with a couple of questions and was treated like a customer. ”

Bryan B.
Marietta, GA

“I had a big problem with my new house. They had put an addition on in the least expensive way years before and it resulted in continuous problems with roof leaks and staggeringly high heating bills.In fact I had one bill for Feb. 2010 that was almost equal to my mortgage payment! Foam it Green had the perfect answer. Their high density spray foam roofing gave me a leak free roof, a solution to the ponding water that caused it, and insulation. An added benefit was the lowered air conditioning bills due to the cool roof.

John A.
Franklin, MI

“I really liked the quick turn around on my order. The follow ups from you folks has been great. I like when a company will contact the customer and ask if there are any questions or if there is anything they can do to help with the project.

You have very good short and sweet how to videos. If I contacted you with a response to an email you responded back quickly with a personal message and engaged me in conversation. None of the old “We sold you product and we don’t care to hear from you anymore unless you want to buy something. You give discounts on future orders. Product is made in the USA. My grand-daughter will enjoy her playhouse for years to come.Thanks, ”

Brick M.
Lexington, TX

“God Bless Our Troops”

“We live in an older home with drafts, we even considered moving. Then my husband found Guardian Energy Tech’s Foam it Green. Instantly we could feel a difference, so much so he purchased another and we are purchasing yet another set of tanks! We are very pleased and we have returned again and again and yet again!

Daryn and Tamara K.
Foley, MN

“I recently bought an old brick house and it was cold with the heating furnace running all the rime and high gas bills.

I heard that pumping foam into the wall cavities would increase insulation quite a bit.

I had previously used foam cans bought at hardware stores and they were really a pain in the neck, each lasted only shortly, and then there was the problem with straw… I used probably 150 or 200 of them, and was tired.

Valerio Z.
Washington, DC

“Our house was built in 1972 and uses galvanized duct work in the attic to circulate the conditioned air throughout the house. When houses were built back then there was no real emphasis on sealing the duct work so up to 20% of the air could escape through seams and connection points.

Kelly A. M.
Pensacola, FL

“In the process of building our home we decided to look into the benefits of spray foam insulation. After contacting several contractors we were shocked at the cost, but impressed with the benefits. So I began researching online and found FoamItGreen. At less than 1/3 the cost of our other quotes we purchased several kits. It took my husband 2 hours to spray the whole 2500 sq ft house. We have recommended FoamItGreen to family and friends. I’m so glad we found you!

After spraying the exterior walls of our house my husband said he noticed a significant change in the temperature. I can’t wait to get moved in to see how low the electric bill is!! ”

Leslie G.
Newton, TX

“I bought my house in 2003, which was originally built in the mid 70’s and had had very few updates. I live in northern Maine and finally in 2010, after years of minor upgrades to the house I decided it was time to go all out.

I bought 2 Foam-It Green kits and insulated my attic and basement.What a remarkable difference this winter has been! My home was very cold in the winter, despite my best efforts to heat it with two sources of heat and wicked hot during the summer. Foam-It Green has solved both those issues.

I am now using less heating oil and wood pellets (saving big money on both) and now my home is more evenly heated. ”

Richard F.
Caribou, ME

“This product was so easy to use. I used the product on new construction. I can now light a candle anywhere in the house, with the wind commonly gusting to 60mph, without the flame even moving the slightest.

By far one of the best things I’ve added value to my home with. Moving in in the spring, can’t wait to enjoy the low cost of heating. No draft equals less heat.

The most benefit i got was the immediate value added to my home with the installation. Water tight and wind proof with one application. ”

Don M.
King Cove, AK

“Spray foamed basement ceiling for a finish basement project. Basement is warm and quite. Basement stays warmer longer and sounds from basement entertainment center cannot be heard from 1st floor.

I have a home kitchen dining room rip out re-model project that I am working on now. I plan on being ready to insulate in two months. I will be using spray foam to insulate the walls and the ceilings. Thank you”

Jerry G.
Merrick, NY

“Product is easy to use and it fills all cracks and voids. I used it around my can lights in the ceiling to keep draft down and save on heating and cooling. ”

Bill A.
Bethany, IL

“We are living off the grid. We have no electricity except for a couple of solar panels. The spray foam and one wood stove keeps us warm all winter.

The foam thoroughly seals out any drafts allowing our wood stove to heat the entire house. We also had problem with scorpions and the foam seals the critters outside. ”

Francine L.
Elgin, TX

“I purchased your spray foam in order to insulate an attic wall between my house and garage space. The room adjoining this wall has always been extremely cold. I applied the foam in the early fall and was especially interested to see how the insulation would perform this winter.

Dennis S.
Johnston, IA

“I took a leap of faith and ordered 2 boxes of the insulation. I was skeptical about it being useful because I have a 110 year old home built with rock and mortar. I used it in my basement in the front part of my house where the rooms above it are forever freezing, I sprayed 24 feet out of 30 feet across the front of my home and I can truly attest to the performance of the foam.

Dorothy M.
Avoca, PA

“Of all the Do It Yourself projects I have had, this is the first one that was really as easy as the web site claimed! I read the directions, followed the steps and it just worked! I could not believe how easy it really was. We are remodeling a 100 year old building in Colorado and it has no insulation. We are wood framing the walls next to the stone and insulating with Foam It Green. What a difference!

The product filled in gaps and made the remodeling job easier. The temperature of the completed room stays constant. I can’t wait to use it in more rooms as we continue our remodeling project. ”

Michael G.
Hugo, CO

“The transaction was smooth and the product worked as advertised. I was able to apply the product with great ease and confidence. The online video was a big help and I reviewed it many times before actually doing the foaming.

My old house was of brick construction, the walls were three courses of brick thick and not very air tight. Not to mention not rodent proof either. So armed with you easy to use kit, I sprayed the walls and openings to the dirt crawl space and corrected both issues. Not to be just satisfied the advertisement of insulating the cold air out, I walked around with bare feet and felt no draft. After 30 years of drafts I am completed satisfied it was the best money I ever spent. And not a mouse in sight either. What a great product. ”

Dennis H.
Mechanicsburg, PA

“While gutting my kitchen and first floor I decided to re-insulate and went with foam it green…now that winter winds are howling, I sealed every possible draft in the walls ceilings. Burning alot less wood in the fireplace insert and hardly turn on my house heater…We wear Tee-shirts in the house while it’s below freezing outside! The foam has paid for itself in less than a year!!!

The foam seals out drafts…strengthens walls…and cuts down on outside noise entering the thru the walls…can hardly hear my neighbors tractor anymore….Sweet! ”

Fred W.
Lansdale, PA

“You gave me a straight forward answer about the importance of using 1.75 density foam that other competitors did not care to mention.

1. Using Foam It Green stopped outside drafts and garage odors from infiltrating my basement -- it sealed all the gaps that batt and rigid board insulation fail to do.
2. Using Foam It Green sealed the gaps where lady bugs liked to enter basement. ”

Mark M.
Amelia, OH

“I purchased a home built in the 1950’s, unfortunately for me, I quickly found out there was no need for insulation at that time. During the winter my master bedroom closet that is on the northwest side of my home would get so cold that ice crystals would form on the interior wall. After looking at many products I chose Foam It Green. My concerns quickly shifted once I found that there was only 1 1/2” of space between the interior and exterior wall, but I purchased the product hoping it would make some difference.

Terrell A.
Chicago, IL

“Jenee’ & I live in a log cabin in upstate New York. In the chilly mornings (which is most mornings), the floors were so uncomfortably cold, that it made touching them like dipping your feet in ice water!

I did research online about energy sealing & found the rim joist was an especially leaky area in most houses. I had used your product before in a remodel & decided to give it a try in air sealing our rim joists. Both Jenee` & I are amazed at how just sealing around the basement in the “rim joist” area has helped to warm the floors.

Jim S.
Cooperstown, NY

“This is my first time using Foam it Green. The floor of my home has always felt really cold and the gaps between the floor joists of my home is far too wide for conventional rolled insulation, so I started looking into the spray foam option.

The internet is full of companies that advertise spray foam solutions and after a few days of searching, I was overwhelmed with offers from online companies, to a point where I was ready to give up on trying spray foam since I was so confused by all the options and suggestions from companies.

Sach L.
San Jose, CA

“I always receive shipments in a timely manner and the How to Videos are great. I do Heating and Air Conditioning and find that this product is great to seal and reinsulate old galvanized ductwork and it even works on flexible ductwork. An inch of Foam it Green and that gives you R-7 value on top of what the duct already has. An easy, cost effective way to bring ductwork up to code without replacing it.”

Alan S.
Raleigh, NC

“We are contractors using this product and have gotten many comments on the comfort in their homes. The energy savings have been amazing! ”

Dee Dee M.
Union, SC

“We used it for our renovation the 1st weekend after we received it. All went well. It was one of the coldest weekends of the winter. Our home is all masonry exterior (stucco over double block) built in 1950 with about 3/4 of an inch of air space between the gypsum board lath and the cinder blocks. We stripped the interior walls down to the block. We then had to raise the temperature in the room but more importantly the interior surface of the block. It took us about 15 hours. We raised our thermostat to 74 and placed two electric space heaters in the room for about 8 hours to get the surface to at least 65.

Tom S.
Newtown Square, PA

“We found the product very easy to use. It only took a few minutes to do the entire basement wall that needed coated. It has saved on our energy bills and we are very pleased with this saving in just a short timeframe.

It has also helped with the water penetration, but has not stopped it totally. If we receive less than an inch and a half of rain we are OK. We do get some leakage if the amount is greater than an inch and a half, but it is a lot smaller amount than what was coming through the 100 year old basement wall.

We are now able to use the basement for the first time since moving in in 1978. We are very pleased that we took a chance and purchased the spray foam from you. ”

Jimmy & Carolyn C.
Trafalgar, IN

“Everything is working out great.It’s currently 40 degrees outside. It typically would be near 65 in the basement already and needing a zip up sweat-shirt. In the dead of winter, near 62 in the basement and an hour is the max spent before our hands start getting cold.NOW, it’s a comfortable 71 with our heating vents opened only a sliver and I haven’t even put in a return duct yet. It’s made our unfinished basement already enjoyable during the colder months with plenty of room for our 3 young children to play.

It’s definitely been a wise investment to keep the heat in and the cold AND moisture out… ”

thanks again….
Brian V.
Bolingbrook, IL

“Just wanted to let you know we used your touch up kits for a bathtub and it worked beautifully. Great product! We will be back for more. ”

Kim T.
Dillon, MT

“Just want to thank you for an outstanding product and great customer service!”

Jim B.
Salem, AR

“We finally used the spray foam on my underground pipes for our wood furnace. Your product is tremendous. The instructions were complete and straightforward and the product worked as advertised. We have a very long run from the furnace to the house and were losing about 15 degrees in heat before we applied the product. We are now losing less than 3% of the heat. What a difference it makes!”

Mark H.
Veedersburg, IN

“I just bought 2 602 kits and ripped off the vinyl siding, insulation and sheer board and full-filled the exposed walls. The entire insulation process took about an hour for the whole house (row home).

My neighbors were staring from their decks across the way wondering what that minty fresh green stuff was and what I was doing; \”Foam-it green!\” I yelled with a thumbs-up from inside my Tyvek suit.

Nick S.
Philadelphia, PA

“i purchased 2ea 602 kits and sprayed the bottom of my house. Right now, its 45 degree F outside and with no heat running for about 2 months now, lol, its 73 degrees F inside the house. Wow, and my utility bill last month was only $65.00.”

Robert S.
Houma, LA

“My wife and I are still saying “Can you believe how much warmer it is, or is it me, is it really warmer?” Yes, it really is warmer. We have a steel framed house. The structural members are all designed with open areas, allowing fiberglass to fill and actually touch between the studs and rafters, providing 40% less heat loss than wood. However, the sill plate and top and bottom of the stud walls are no more than a steel c-channel. We bought your foam to insulate the sill plate, even though we had fiberglass tucked in all the joist-to-sill areas. We only had two walls done and already it was obvious how much heat we were losing. I wish your product would have been available when we built this house, all those channels would have been sprayed.”

Thanks for your interest,
Tom K.
Williamsport, PA

“I am 100% pleased with your product, and will not hesitate to order again in the future. ”

Mike B.
Montrose, CO

“It is 0 degrees in Minnesota today… but my lounge, with a concrete floor and your insulation with no heating system in place is about 40. NICE!”

Roxy L.
Red Wing, MN

“We are currently renovating our kitchen and I have just finished insulating the exterior walls with Foam it Green. The kit was easy to use and the job was quick, easy, and had none of the problems that are inevitable with the pink stuff!

When I do a renovation I’ve come to learn that it’s usually best to do a complete gut. This is especially true for kitchen and baths. Many problems from previous renovations or just sloppy work from the original build is uncovered. With such a costly expense as a kitchen renovation I didn’t want to skimp on the insulation.

Kevin Z.
Pilot, VA

“I love your product, the addition to my home is So comfortable, I can pretty much heat it with a candle. Great product.”

Gregory K.
York, PA

“I used the spray foam to insulate the underside of a bathroom sitting over an unheated crawlspace. The heated floor used to stay on continually and now the floor is warm even though cycling on and off and the nighttime temperature is down in the low 20s.”

David D.
Cherry Hill, NJ

“I called the 24 hour support line early one AM. The lady was nice and extremely knowledgeable. She answered my esoteric and geeky questions without hesitation.

I now have an R-28 in my outer walls; rooms are now “sealed” and extremely warm. I saved tremendous money as I am doing several rooms, one at a time. This saves money as it prevents a company making several trips to the house; and I know the job was done correctly and to my standards as I did it myself. I actually enjoyed doing it. It is interesting and fun.”

Dr. Chester B.
Cobleskill, NY

“In our basement, I removed the fiberglass insulation around the mudsill, cleaned it up, and spray foamed it.

Ordering was easy enough, shipping was fast, and it was handy to have all the necessary accessories, the goggles and gloves and tyvek suit.

Jeremy T.
Summit, NY

“I purchased a 2nd home in Northern Wisconsin where the weather gets pretty cold as a get away place to do some summer and winter sports. This is my 2nd winter and since last winter I’ve insulated the attic space, and even went so far as putting down an insulated sub-floor in the lower level of the bi-level home.

Randall C.
Milwaukee, WI

“My feet used to be cold, the crawlspace might have had mold. I used foam it green, it was easy as a dream and now my feet are happy and warm.

Your product has made my kitchen floor warm enough to walk around in my bare feet in the cold weather and has created a seal that now keeps the little bugs out as well.. Very easy to use product and I will be using it again in the future. Thanks Foam It Green!!! YOU ROCK!!”

Chuck L.
Westmoreland City, PA

“Well, it a very light green and it sticks to just about anything, and I mean anything. The sprayer gizmo works exactly as advertised.

The coverage listed in the product descriptors is very accurate.

Daniel M.

“Besides weatherizing client’s homes, our company installs radon reduction systems. Sealing leaks around the foundation is part of the mitigation and those surfaces are can be very difficult to seal with caulk, can foam or plastic. Spray foam is often the best solution to insulate and seal out unwanted soil air, which can contain cancer-causing radon gas as well as mold and mildew, not to mention the energy-saving benefits.

Besides the quality and ease of use of the product, I like the convenience of being able to shoot small amounts when and where i want without having to wait for another contractor to do it. ”

Scott E.
Taos, NM

“The way your company dealt with the order/delivery and customer satisfaction. Very prompt, professional and timely. Reassuring to see a company stand behind their products.

The web site covered and helped me a lot to becoming self confident.

The basement is already feeling warmer too early to comment on actual power savings but we have not had to have the extra heat on at all so far so a very good indicator. Saved having to pull the sheet rock and saved much time. ”

Nicholas T.
Wirtz, VA

“It’s the beginning of heating season up here in NH, Just thought that I would let you know that on the few cold nights/mornings we have had so far the Foam it kits that I used to rebuild my basement have made a huge difference already.

We supplement our heat with a wood stove and boy what a difference the spray foam and batt insulation have made. I expect to use half as much wood and 1/3 of my heating oil this year. When we finally start remodeling the rest of the house I will be using your awesome kits for insulation. They are easy to use and work excellently.

Again, thanks and keep up the great work.”

Mitchell & Jo L.
Barrington, NH

“Ordered on Wednesday, received on Friday, sprayed on Sunday -- you have a very happy customer. The process went really well. Thanks very much for the super-easy instructions, tips for success and big pack of extras. I didn’t use all the mixing tubes but it curtailed anxiousness during the process knowing I had plenty.

This is my first time doing any big insulation project and your website with all its information convinced me to do it myself instead of paying someone else. Certainly I’ll recommend your product to others if the opportunity presents itself.”

Thanks again,

Hattie C.
Prairie Village, KS

“Thanks for the follow up. Your product worked great. Only took several hours to do the project.

Great product and customer service.”

Keith E.
Sussex, WI

“Thank you very much. That’s great service. And, by the way, your product is absolutely great. I’ve recommended it to several friends and will continue to purchase from you if the need arises. Thanks again!”

Joel M.
Nashville, TN

“I first tried out a 202 kit to see if it was indeed a quality and easy to use product. It was. I then purchased 8 602 kits to insulate 3200 sq ft. I had plenty of material to do the job. The instructions that are online, as well as in each kit, are very thorough and easy to follow.

Alan R.
Sheridan, IN

“Dear Foam It Green:
I’ve never written a testimonial before, but I was so impressed with Foam it Green that I thought I would.
Our newly purchased home was constructed in 1959, when fossil fuels were abundant and insulation was not. In winters gone by our furnace ran constantly just to keep the house at 68 degrees, and often it felt warmer outside than inside. The attic had a pathetic layer of first generation fiberglass that probably produced a whopping R2 insulation factor at best. Besides the lack of insulation there were air gaps large enough to fly a Frisbee thru. I knew we had some issues to deal with.

David A.
Bellingham, WA

“Today was the first time I had used the foam it green system and could not be happier. After seeing the product used on HGTV I immediately looked into purchasing it. I own an old balloon framed home and have always had trouble finding a product (besides those cans of foam at the home improvement stores which are basically useful for small penetrations) to air seal the amount of square footage and volume area that I need completed, until I found the foam it green system.

Mark M.
Long Branch, NJ

“OMG ! Your spray foam exceeded my expectations. We bought it for the exceptional insulation properties -- but WOW -- what a difference it made in the noise levels. We live on a busy street and in the morning you can hear all the delivery trucks rumbling down the road -- well that is you could hear them before we used the spray foam -- now -- peace and quiet all morning long. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Highly recommend this product to all homeowners -- company is great to deal with and product is shipped quickly and easy to use. ”

Robin J.

“I was pleased with the whole experience. It was a smooth and quick process from beginning to end.”

Daniel T.
Bastian, VA

“I could do it myself without any help. When I purchased the spray foam insulation and told my sons what I was going to do the look that they gave each other was one that said, oh no what has mom got us into this time. I was able to spray the crawl space under my house by myself and it sure was satisfying when I told them that I had already completed the project.

Dorothy A.
Hobbs, NM

“Thanks for your follow-up. I am so glad there is HGTV, for this is who introduced me to your product. I couldn’t be any happier to have purchased it and installed it on the basement walls. It’s the perfect cure for all of my concerns for sealing out path ways for bugs to enter, water and the elements. More people need to learn about your product. I have passed it on to all of my friends that I know who are during remolding to their homes.”

Ms Mattie
Tyrone, GA

“I got my basement floor joists/rim joists insulated today. Your product worked really well! I’m almost excited for the weather to get cold so I can feel how much better this is going to be.

By the way, if you want to see the final product,click on this link.

Joe R.
Madison, WI

“After installation of the foam my hardwood floors are warm to your bare feet. Gone is the crawlspace odor. Last year at this time my furnace was running. Not this year! I’m looking forward to lower heating bills and warmer feet.”

Douglas M.
Linden, MI

“I was apprehensive at first. I ordered a kit, and everything I needed came as promised. Very easy setup and a dream to use. Absolutely no problems. Felt I accomplished a great deal to cut down on drafts and save fuel. Would highly recommend Foam it Green spray foam.

Compared to other kits, the extras made the difference. All quality gear, ease of use. Anyone could handle this product Satisified customer.”

Alan R.
Little Falls, NJ

“From beginning to the end, plain and simple. From the customer service/order dept. to spraying the walls, it has been an incredible experience.

Simple and easy instructions. The easy use of your products.”

Ed A.
New City, NY

“I used the Foam it Green closed cell anti-microbial spray foam kit. It is the easiest kit to use with detailed directions and great videos for those who still have more questions on how to use. I used 3 kits to insulate my attic rafters and it worked awesome. It is a little messy spraying over head but that is to be expected.

Richard R.
Dolgeville, NY

“We have a 130+ year old house that we are renovating, room by room from the studs out. We did our kitchen and used standard batts for insulation. There is still cold air blowing in. So for our living room and my office we wanted something better. After reading about your product, we decided to give it a try. The foam was on our doorstep 3 days after we ordered it -- wow!

Chris B.
Monmouth, ME

“Dear reader, I did not know much about spray foam but after reading you web site, I felt like I could try it. I found the DIY tanks worked great and sq.ft. estimate was very close. Great experience with something “unknown” to me. I have told many friends about how easy the whole project was. I will be ordering more this winter to finish my project.

I actually tore a mobile home down to the frame and rebuilt it, using your spray foam insulation. I was amazed by the efficiency of the product, my home does not have any cold spots. I love the product for its easy application and great payback. Thank you!”

Steven N.
Loyal, WI

“Your customer service is second to none. While I had specific concerns and many questions, your people answered every question I had and put my fears to rest with simple, straight forward info. Ordering was a breeze and delivery was fast and easy.

Joseph C.
Westbury, NY

“Hey Guys, I just purchased a 1937, three story Colonial in Detroit, Mi. (mansions on the cheap!). I’ve been warned of the high heating bills, so I decided to insulate. No previous insulation!!

A local construction company quoted $13,500 to spray foam my future Penthouse.

Mike H.
Detroit, MI

“I am happy with the slow rise because I am able to super insulate my home with minimum impact on its architectural interior. The insulation fills all the nooks and crannies of my home’s exterior walls without having to tear apart the walls and damage the inside. I really like the fact that all the voids are filled with a vapor barrier so the insulation will not act like a sponge, holding moisture against the interior of my walls.

Ken L.
Franklin, PA

“It was even easier to use then the instructions say! It was FUN to use. Anyone who likes watching expanding foam from a can will just LOVE this!”

Brian K.
Austin, TX

“After watching the instructional videos and the ease of roaming around your web site, I bought a kit. YOU MADE IT LOOK SO EASY AND IT WAS!!!

I insulated the underneath of my crawl space of my summer camp. The benefits were unbelievable, no more drafts, the floor is warm now. I plan to add another layer next year.”

Jim B.
South Grafton, MA

“The personnel at spray foam direct were very knowledgeable and helpful, especially Linda. I will purchase additional product as needed. Great product.”

Milton C.
Gibsonville, NC

“It is so easy to apply, that I feel like a pro who has been using it for years. The room felt warmer than before after only half the room was done.

The efficiency of the product is amazing. The included Tyvek suit, the booties, gloves and goggles kept me spray foam free. Having the extra tips, and petroleum allowed me to work at my pace, and not rush to avoid clogging the tip.”

Jonathan B.
Carmel, NY

“It was prompt delivery, received all the necessary applications and instructions Heating and cooling bills down and temperature in attic is more comfortable.”

Stephen S.
Bensalem, PA

“Kudos to you for a very predictable product. Your directions are excellent, through troubleshooting info. After my initial experience I’m sure I won’t need them. Material works as described. Short learning curve with product, I saw a noticeable improvement in the uniformity of application from the first to the second 602 kit. I will apply the remaining foam this coming weekend. There will be more vertical cavity application for this phase, I’ll use the fan attachment. All in all I give you & your product very high marks! Great product, communication and technical support. I will definitely purchase more of your product for my next project.


Dennis M.
Strafford, MO

“The ordering process was flawless and so easy. Not having ordered this product before the on site sales staff walked me through what we needed for our project and the order arrived a day early!!

It was wrapped well and shipped in a professional manner with no damage to any of the containers we build and remodel high end homes and have had a call for spray foam insulation on many projects. With the down turn in the building industry we have had to tighten up as everyone has.

We can not handle the prices being charged in our area for this service. We had prices just below 20,000.00 to do the same job we self preformed for less than 9000.00. The instructions were clear the product worked just as claimed and our on staff guys applied it in 2 days.

We made more profit on this job than building a addition of 50K that takes 2 months. We are now converted to using your product and the cash flow that now goes into our account not the overcharging subcontractors.”

Kevin K.
Charleston, SC

“My heat bills from Nicor were on average$750 -- $800 per monthduring the winter, this year in two rooms that I redid and used this product have without a doubt resulted in a warmer home for my family. My last bill was$140 dollarsand Dec was without doubt a very cold month with many days below zero. Thank you.

It was very easy to use and the result is exactly what I aimed for. There was no mess involved with the application.”

Sandra S.
Rochelle, IL

“My husband was skeptical about Foam It Green. He had never used it, was unsure how it would work or even how much it would really cover. Well, to his amazement, he was overly excited about this wonderful product. It was easier to handle, no mess, no waste and it went on smoothly. It covered more area than he thought it would and he added more than an inch between each stud. He is so impressed with Foam It Green, after he finished, he called me and asked me to place two more orders for Foam It Green!

Brenda M.
Blue Mountain, MS

“I finally got at the project of insulating the joist pockets on the perimeter of my house. The 602 kit was just right for this project, and there were plenty of tips and accessories to do the job.

Great product, certainly many times better than unfaced fiberglass batt which the contractor installed.”

Thank you.
Art K.
Tomahawk, WI

“Hi, I just finished installing my 602kit. AWESOME! I’m really happy with the install/finished product (should have worn the goggles! I totally messed up my eyeglasses)”

Domenick D.
Flushing, NY

“I’m finishing a basement that has a dirt, yes, dirt ceiling and the only way to keep the moisture and mold that likes the environment was to seal it with spray foam. I searched for the best and found it! From the minute we turned the valves on, pulled the trigger the beautiful light green foam started to seal the area. I can’t wait to see the savings in heat/air. Makes me proud that you’re an American Company! Thanks for being all that you advertise.

J H.
New Stanton, PA

“As a single father with 2 daughters, it was not affordable to hire a spray foam contractor. When I searched and found Foam it Green I was glad to see I could do the job at half the cost I was quoted from other companies. I was hesitant at first taking on the job alone but the videos on line helped alot. It gave me the confidence and the staff was very helpful. I completed the job and was more than happy with the outcome. I believe the cans of foam actually cover more than the square footage they advertise. Great product and the best thing: NO ITCHY FIBERGLASS.

Ralph J.
Williston, VT

“It worked great. Easier to install than batt insulation. Love the product.”

Daniel S.
Falls Church, VA

“Sir,I am very pleased with the product, if I build again, I will definitely be in touch with you.”

Albert K.
Edmonton, AB

“The slow rise formula seemed to expand into even the smallest holes in my 1920 era home. I think probably the greatest benefit will be the increase to greater R-value. I also think there are structural benefits that are hard to explain.”

Wesley C.
Hot Sulphur Springs, CO

“I’ll definitely be back for more spray foam insulation….We notice a big difference in the rooms where it was applied….pretty impressive stuff….. Thanks!”

Fred W.
Lansdale, PA

“We have been very happy with the product. Our only problem has been that we end up wanting to put it everywhere because it works so well and we run out.

Anyway, we will be ordering more but not until the spring. Thanks for the great product and support.”

David G.
Silver Spring, MD

“I used your product today and it worked perfectly. I had never used spray foam before, and was a bit nervous to try it, but I followed your instructions and had no problems at all. It looks like a professional did it. My wife said Mike Holmes would be proud! ”


Bob and Judy G.
Bellingham, WA

I used the “Foam It Green 602 Spray Foam Insulation Kit”

As far as my experience goes, nothing short of **AWESOME**!!! Linda and Mark were FANTASTIC tow work with!

Having never used and/or done anything like this before, I was extremely nervous about doing this. For whatever reason I decided to use the product at about 10:00 on a Friday evening. Prior to actually starting the process, I called the 24/7 support/help line, just to verify that someone would be there and… yup, Linda was there and answered all my questions. (Extremely helpful)

Going forward in life, I will *ALWAYS* use Foam it Green on any exterior facing wall. I cant recommend this product enough. My only regret is that I wish that I would have tried/used it years ago!

Steve S.
Reedsburg, WI

“We are in heaven with this 602 set up, being an older person we found it very easy to use and all went well. We have done several remodeling projects and wish we had known about this spray foam sooner, will use it again if we need to. Very, very easy. Great product and we will recommend it to anyone who needs to insulate.

Saved us time by using this product and is better than regular insulation. Have not drywalled as yet but am sure the benefits will be in the utility bills.”

Lane A.
Austin, TX

“I finally had a chance to use your spray foam insulation. Wonderful product, easy application!”

Michael M.
St. Louis, MO

“Your product worked really well. Very easy to use and you had a lot of videos so I felt very comfortable using it.”

Keith M.
Bay City, MI

“WE LOVE IT!! It’s installed and it’s fabulous!! I’d like to refer to some friends.”

Michael E.
Freeport, PA

“I have used Handi-F*am and your product. I must say that your product worked excellent, nice color and you included more tips whereas the other company did not. I appreciate the quick delivery too.

I didn’t think I would use the free gloves, goggles, etc…but I did and they came in real handy. You game me plenty of tips/nozzles which meant a lot and helped me do the job right without rushing. I am a building analyst and I will use your product again!”

Russell B.
Asheville, NC

“All I can say about Foam It Green is, follow the directions. Everyone needs to read the instructions two to three time. Also read the Trouble Shooting page BEFORE you start. That’s what we did and had not one problem. Finished a job a local insulation contractor made a mess of. We will be using Foam It Green for any future insulation needs.”

Mike S.
Garner, NC

“My whole experience has been great. I did a lot of searching for the best product for the money. And sometimes cheaper isn’t always better, but in this case I am glad it wasn’t true. From the easy to navigate videos to the online help where I can actually speak with someone, anyone who has any questions after visiting your website should just open their eyes and read.

The videos I would say are the best part, because you can actually see the product being used. The next would be the customer service. Every question or problem I had or wanted to ask was addressed somewhere.”

Lee T.
Orchard Park, NY

“I bought 3 kits of the R7 foam and did most of my roof deck, my attic temperature now peaks at 102 during the hottest part of the day and I still have not finished the job. Great saving so far, my electric bill has dropped since applying the 2 inches of R7 foam and I have ordered 3 more kits to finish the roof deck, seal the attic, and then put the slow rise foam in my exterior block walls.

In addition to the ease of use, easy shipping (pallet to my door) and ease of ordering (website very easy to use and good explanations) I was impressed by the attitude of the customer service department when I needed a replacement hose set and the follow up afterward.”

Paul P.
Belleair Bluffs, FL

“We have a 45x60 quanset style aircraft hangar that was built in 1969. It was never insulated and after weighing several options, I decided to do it myself with Foam It Green. Several kits later, it was done except for the end with a bifold door. We had 2 main goals, stop water leaks and stop the building from rattling in the wind. Both those goals were met with the added benefit of a lighter color than the tin, which makes lighting more effective and some relief from the Arizona heat.

Craig D.
Rimrock, AZ

“I did my Spray Foam project today; insulating my home-built RV trailer. It worked perfect! Thanks for such clear instructions ~ I started with the overhead work first, then did the walls ~ everything worked as described. The canisters were exactly the amount you advertised & I used-up every last drop just as I knew I should.

I really appreciated the Tyvek suit and “extras”, they were all necessary to the success of the project and made the overall experience positive.”

Thanks again,
Robert E.
Oconomowoc, WI

“We have been spraying foam for about eight years now. What we like about your product is that its small for touch ups, and small bond areas. In other words we take the kits to places where we can`t take our big rig or it’s not worth it to take 28ft. Trailer to do a 20min. Job. We seem to get good yields consistent foam from your foam kits. They do everything we need them to do.”

Thank You,
Henry B.
Sault Sainte Marie, MI

“Overall, working very well. Even the initial coat made a tremendous difference in the inside temperature. It stays cool inside throughout the day unless the guys open the windows. At this stage of the remodeling the building has no heat or AC.”

Jerry W.
Bridgeport, WV

“Things are going well. I waited a while before beginning my project -- to ensure that the ambient temps were high enough. I am filling the sash pockets (where the old iron weights were) on some old double hung windows. Then, we are replacing the windows with a jamb liner and new sashes with insulated glass. We blew cellulose into the walls last year, and are now putting in the new windows. But if I hadn’t found your product, I would have had a 4″ space around the windows that was uninsulated, and I might as well not have bothered with the expense of replacing the windows.

I completed all the windows I had hoped to, and will now finish off the foam in my unfinished attic. Thanks for the product, it worked incredibly well. And I hope the results are as good.”

Dan K.
Glen Ridge, NJ

“It was great. It was easy. What little mess that may hit the floor sweeps you with ease. I will be doing another kit next week. And then another kit after that. Then I will be nice and warm this fall and winter.”

Dave D.
Allen Park, MI

“Things are going great. I’ve only completed about 50% of my spray foam project so far.

Now my wife & I are working on completing the project and with a regular job and trying to do the remodeling it adds time on to project completion. We are going about the project doing the right things such as replacing the entry doors to the house and all the windows are new as well, this should provide a major improvement to controlling the environment we live in.

Alan F.
Fort Collins, CO

“I am a woman who has to fix her house on a shoe-string budget, so I do a lot of that myself. After researching about do-it-yourself spray foam on the internet, I found Foam it Green most convincing due to the videos that made it simple to understand the whole process. It gave me the confidence to try it out and I placed an order. I had to insulate some attic space, sealing in pot light boxes and especially the perimeter of the space and tight niches, where the pink insulation never completely covers. I was a little skeptical at first about the spray foam’s ease of use -- but, as you advertised, it worked like a charm.

Elke S.
Brownsville, TX

“I have been really happy on how your product worked and how it came to me. I watched the instruction video. It is that simple to use. Everything came in one package. I really liked the fact that a suit, goggles and such came with the foam. I used the Foam it Green to spray a bottom of a fish house. The Tyvek suit not only kept the product off of my skin but kept me clean from crawling on the ground.

Doug G.
Elk River, MN

“We are extremely happy with your product and know the benefits of spray foam as we have paid installers for years to spray for us. We are delighted that we can spray our own jobs now. We no longer will experience delays in schedule waiting for a sub to spray. Look forward to working together.”

Jeff S.
Bethel Park, PA

“Thanks. All went very, very well both inside and out. The product was a pleasure to use. Took a few minutes initially to get used to but after that it was a breeze. Also got far more coverage than I thought. I am very pleased and will use your product again without hesitation. Your product and serve are excellent and I would be happy to provide a testimonial if you ever need one.”

Thanks again.
Thomas M.
Saint Charles, IL

“The kit came with enough tips (we only burned through 6 or 7 of them). We took great time rolling the tanks around to make sure it was mixed up good. My son came home from NC to NY to spray it on. He read the directions, he is mechanically inclined and said it was just as easy as spraying a garden hose!

Patrica C.
Fulton, NY

“I am a petite woman, 105 lbs soaking wet. Foam it Green was so easy for me to use, and I got very professional looking results. I do a lot of the carpentry work on my house myself and it is often heavy, bulky or jarring work. Not the case with this product. I look forward to insulating more of my home with Foam it Green.

Application is easy and a time saver. I appreciate that it insulates and air seals in one step. And again, so easy to use!”

Shawna B.
Lake Pleasant, MA

“Very easy to use. Simple videos to watch and it was a walk in the park. Did not have to contact you for any help but you were there if needed. The green spray foam made it easy for installation and just like in the videos, just make sure it is green.

The foam sealed perfectly and added more insulation factor between the outer walls. I also used this as a sound barrier between two different rooms.”

Rob C.
Severna Park, MD

“The product (6-602 kits) was delivered promptly and with no difficulty. I am renovating a very old farmhouse as a retreat center for a non-denominational, non-profit corporation and hired a crew of local Amish to do much of the labor.

Matt L.
Melrose, MA

“I used this kit to seal my 1959 ranch from the outside. I took the siding off and the 1 X 10 planks that were on the house, pulled out the 1 inch of fiberglass, sprayed the foam, covered with plywood, and reinstalled the siding. This is a west facing wall, with little shade in the afternoon. Two days later we had 90 plus temp, and that wall was cool to the touch, not hot like it is before I spray. I can’t thank you enough for making these kits for the DIY’ers.”

Thank you,
David F W.
Rome, NY

“I build model railroads for people and I needed to build an 8 foot tall mountain covered with rock outcroppings. I sprayed your open cell foam over a supporting framework of plywood and landscape fabric then “carved” the rocks with the side of a spade bit in a power drill. I still need to add grass, trees and bushes and it will look great. My job involves thinking outside the box to find innovative products and techniques to save time and money and turn out a better product. Your foam worked great and saved me time and money. I will be using it again.”

Dave B.
Woodstock, GA

“I just applied the foam and had very good success. I am quite pleased with the product. As we continue our project, we will need more foam, and will certainly purchase from you.”

W. Lee N.
Green Ridge, MO

“So far, so good! The kits arrived today -- excellent delivery service.

Went in, read and re-read instructions, attached hoses, attached nozzles -- had jar of vaseline and spares handy close by -- turns out to be a good thing because the 30 second nozel changing rule is right on!

Bruce B.
Chicago, IL

“Basement had moisture issues. Foam completely sealed block with no moisture problems since installation. Fast delivery.”

Kathy B.
Wayne, WV

“I recently purchased the “Foam It Green” product to seal and insulate the crawl space in my cottage. The product was delivered promptly; the kit contained everything that I needed; and the instructions were super easy to follow.

I was a little hesitant to tackle this project on my own but the 24 hour telephone support and goof-proof guarantee gave me the confidence to get the job done.”

John W.
Macomb, MI

“The Foam It Green 602 product that I purchased was delivered in a very timely matter. The product itself was extremely easy to use. Anybody can apply this product successfully without any problems.

I have a brick exterior house. It is an older house, so the mortar has some cracks in it that allow the water to seep in to the wall which caused damage. By using this product it sealed the wall from the seeping water and it also makes it air tight. With both of these benefits and the fact that it is an insulator, the benefits that I receive from this product will last for years.”

David L.
Pittsburg, KS

“I had a problem with condensation in my air-conditioning ducts. Since I insulated my attic so well (R38), the warm air from my home would condense and drip from my ceiling vents. The foam will also seal the joints in my ducts and act as a moisture barrier. You have a great product. Directions were clear.”

Domenic D.
Bryn Mawr, PA

“I was so excited to try my hand at using spray foam insulation in our new bunk room, located in our barn. My experience with Foam It Green have been nothing but positive. It’s Easy to order, to use and to reap the amazing insulating value from this product. And a thanks to you for sending me a hand written thank-you in a hand written envelope with a real 20.00 bill for recommending a friend To foam it green. They love your product as well.

Debra P.
Fluvanna, TX

“I had a problem to solve: how to insulate my 1950s ranch house. I investigated the options:

1. Tear out the plaster walls -but-this is not feasible.
2. Blow in cellulose by hiring an installer. But this is expensive and gives me no guarantee against moisture penetration being absorbed by the cellulose; i.e. ‘I don’t want to risk “wet newspaper” in my walls’.
3. Option 3 was slow rise foam being injected between my stud walls … or where possible … between the brick and the outer [wood] frame of the house.

Michael H.
North Judson, IN

“My husband (66) and I had been looking at the different products found your product to have the best value. Bought in December had to wait till March to spray. The ease of using this product was great for seniors. We sprayed the foam on the inside basement foundation where the wood sets on the concrete before you could see daylight. Now completely sealed no drafts and outside noise is gone. We are remodeling and will continue to use foam it green.

Wind and daylight are gone since we sprayed. Noise level is great. Our basement is a lot warmer.”

Judy M.
Hillsboro, MO

“I used your Spray Foam Product on my basement walls and within the rim joists. I couldn’t believe how easy this was to use. I took me about 1 hour to finish 175 linear feet of space. That’s a fraction of the time it would have taken me if I used rolled up batt insulation.

James S.
Joliet, IL

“Things have gone well with the foam. We conduct home energy analysis and upgrades, so we decided to use your product to seal and insulate cracks and so far it worked pretty well. We still have a lot of material left in the canisters so we will see how well it works on the next job.”

Shawn A.
Durango, CO

“Just used the 602 kit and I just ordered a 202 kit to finish up. I am so glad I bought this. It provided a lot more than I expected and went on better than expected. From the quotes that I got from spray foam contractors I am saving close to $1,000.

Thanks for the quick delivery too.”

Dennis H.
Danbury, CT

“It is obvious that this company has high standards, not only in quality of their product but in researching the very best way to give instructions to prospective buyers! The insulation immediately lowered sensible temperature of a non-insulated metal building and after having to make penetrations into wall I have every expectation that it will last a very long time! The material covered slightly more area as expected and published, so it is not only a very solid material but very cost effective. Very high marks from someone that has been in business for over forty-five years in the construction industry, specifically HVAC! Thank you Foam It Green!

Rick P.
Irving, TX

“When I decided on spray polyurethane foam to insulate my small cabin, I went online. Foam it Green was one of many sites that the search engine found. What sold me on Foam It green, was all the information on their website. Technical specifications, how to, what not to do, videos etc. The information on the DIY aspects was definitely a big plus even for someone like myself that has been tackling big DIY projects for 40 years. This stuff was totally new to me and too expensive to waste. The website info and Foam It Green’s 24-7 support line was all I needed to go for it. They are right, follow their instructions and it is easy.

Ron L.
Garnett, KS

“I can’t believe how easy it was to apply the foam and how simple your product is to use for the average person, I don’t have to hire an outside contractor and i save money on my energy bill, what more can i ask for?”

Patrick D.
Chicago, IL

“It would be easier to describe what we are unhappy with than what we were happy with. When we called to place our order the help and knowledge on the other end of the line was great. The two 1,200 square kits were shipped on time and got here a day early. The videos on your website had given us all we needed to know about how to use them. The foam worked even better than we had hoped for. After I had used the first set of cylinders I had a question so I called and got a live person on the line at 9.00 PM.

Elizabeth S.
May, TX

“I had set approx. 4 hours to install 375sq of foam. My wife had made dinner arrangements with some friends that evening. I got off to a slow start that day and was expecting to cancel dinner. Once I started to foam i was shocked at how easy and painless it was to apply. I was able to install the foam and make dinner that day with little clean up. Your web site helped with so much info that i needed.

Vince L.
London, ON

“Just finished using the product. Most of the time you only hear from a customer when something is wrong, in my case I am extremely pleased. The product worked great down to the last drop. I am renovating a cottage that is 225 years old. I used the product in the cellar to insulate the wood floors. To say the least the owner was amazed. Looking forward to doing more business with you soon.”

Steve M.
Louisville, KY

“Thank you all at Guardian Energy Tech. The spray foam insulation kit worked great and all the stuff in the kit made the job so easy to do.Thanks again,”

Mark W.
Galveston, TX

“Hi,Just thought I’d drop you a line to let you know that today I sprayed foam under my bathroom which is above a crawlspace (10x12′). The difference is amazing, to say the least. The floor is now warm, which it never was before. I only put an inch or so just to stop the air flow from outside. The fools before me put 6″ fiberglass under the floor with the vapor barrier facing the cold air…DUH! Anyway, this has been the best $700 bucks I’ve spent so far on this old house. I actually had enough of the foam left (almost half tanks) to give to one of my friends who just bought a house and needs to do something to stop the cold air flow in the basement. I am totally impressed with the coverage and the results. Thank you very much.”


Guy S.
Natrona Heights, PA

“Thanks for the check up I have found that the spray foam kit is everything I expected and more I am currently insulating a home that my wife and I purchase recently this house was built in 1880s out in the middle of a corn field so needles to say it’s a little drafty. Before spraying as it is the end of winter with no heat in the house currently I was using ta turbo heater to warm the rooms I am working in I took over an hour to get the room up to 65 but after foaming it only takes about 10 min to get to 75 or 80 and holds the temp for about 25 minutes so yes I am happy how ever I ran out of foam and I am trying to save some money to purchase more still need two 606 Kits to Finish the job”


Lance S.
Ravenna, MI

“I purchased your “twin 602’s” package with plans to insulate the ceiling in my basement. When the kits arrived, I hooked them up just like the video’s show, set up my ladder, put on the suit, and off I went. This looks very easy in the video’s so I expected it to be a little bit difficult, but for the first time in my life I found a product that is easier than it looks to use! I work a normal day and decided to just work on a little bit each night after work. You can’t imagine my surprise when I finished it in two days only working three hours each night. Six hours to do my basement including the sil plate.

Cory J.
Sterling, CO

“Foam it green works awesome! My crawl space leaks like a sieve. I live in a historic home from 1861 and the hardwood floors are the only floors. There is no subfloor, so air comes in through every gap and all around the base boards. My crawl space it tight so I just purchased the 202 kit to try it out. It worked great. I was able to do the entire outside wall perimeter and look forward to purchasing more to do the rest.

Thanks again.”

Gerald B.
Savannah, GA

“This was used to insulated a chevy express 3/4 ton van. I am in carwash chemical sales and service and often carry around 15’s & 30’s of product, sometimes 55’s. At night the heaters we have could not keep up when it gets down to around the 0 degree mark, products started to freeze. Now its nice and toasty in the mornings with out product freeze. Thanks for a wonderful product.”

Chris H.

“Great, makes all the difference from being cold or comfortable. Thanks!”

Bryan O.
Albertson, NY

“Just a quick note to let you know that I was able to spray the sill plate in my basement today with no problems whatsoever. It actually took longer to make sure everything was ready than it did to do the actual spraying (45 minutes).There is a HUGE difference in the basement temperature since the cold air is totally blocked from infiltrating. Used to be about 50 degrees on a good day in the winter….it is now atoasty66 degrees. I’d just like to thank you for producing a quality product that is easy to use and also performs like you said it would.

When the need arises, I will surely be ordering from you again.
Thanks very much.”

Guy S.
Natrona Heights, PA

“We raise miniature horses and needed to turn a old horse stall into a medical room for the horses. The space we had to use, use to be a horse stall. Who ever built the stall did not built it with insulating it later in mind, the studs were to far apart to use batten insulation. I tried to find someone in our area to do the job of spraying insulation in the old stall. There were no contractors to be found, so now what could we do. We could rebuilt the room or do the spraying ourselves. I went online and found your web site, and of course the answer to our problem.

Mike M.

“I contacted five “professional” insulation contractors to apply foam insulation to my rec room walls for my remodeling project. I heard back from only two of them. Their $2500 quotes were astounding. I felt that there had to be an easier, lower cost way to insulate these walls.

Vince D.
Naperville, IL

“After a lot of research, I decided to purchase SPF from Spray Foam Direct. The information that is provided on their website is fabulous. I would most definitely recommend that any prospective purchaser spend a lot of time reading this information — you will find it unbiased and extremely helpful. The information provided by Phil was also extremely useful and, with his help, I was able to purchase the proper amount of product needed to complete my renovation project.

Hal R.
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

“Just wanted to say this is an awesome product. Easy and fun to use. Thank you very much. ”

Roy B.
Mansfield, PA

“Remodeled a bathroom in a mobile home manufactured in 1969. First thing I noticed was that almost all the noise from the road disappeared. The difference was that drastic. Even the homeowner noticed the change when she walked into the room. Secondly, the temperatures dropped to below zero for the next few days, the water never stopped flowing, the homeowner even noticed that she was getting more hot water in the kitchen (the longest run) than she had before.

All in all, a great product, I can’t wait to use it on my own home.”

Jerry K.
La Valle, WI

“When UPS delivered only 1 box out of the 2 that were supposed to be delivered together, I called customer service and the representative was very helpful and acted immediately to rectify the matter, even though it was clearly a problem with UPS and not Foam it Green! I was nervous about doing this project so thus I called customer service multiple times with questions and concerns! I was always able to get through to someone and they were able to instruct me, answer all my questions and assure me! I truly appreciated all the kindness and patience!

Zachary B.
Sagamore Beach, MA

“I had been trying to find an attractive insulated entry door but didn’t like what the manufacturers were offering. Being a woodworker by trade I decided to create my own shaker style door insulated with your product. It turned out better than expected and have found another great use for “Foam It Green”.

I have an older house and have foamed a north wall, my attic, and a shaker style door. I love that with one product I can have a vapor retarder where none existed, great sound proofing and of course excellent insulating value. I also have to say the customer service goes above and beyond.”

Walter M.
Vineyard Haven, MA

“My fiance and I have been building our house for the past 3 years (ourselves!), so when I arrived at the property one weekend to see him dressed in the “spacesuit” that comes with your kit, blue gloves and a breathing mask -- I thought he had lost his mind. He then explained that he was “going green”, instead of “going insane” and using the Foam-It-Green for insulation. We have gone through 12 canister sets and just love the product.

Jon H.
Casselton, ND

“Foam it Green is a very easy to use product with very helpful technical support in case something goes wrong. We couldn’t get our 3rd tank to mix correctly and called the 24 hour 1-800 number on a holiday and they had us up and going in under 5 minutes!

We have a 100 year old house which had serious air leaks in the attic. We installed the product on our rafters in our attic and our air quality is much better in our attic. It keeps it from getting a million degrees in the summer and it’s much easier to breath when going up there for storage.”

Heather H.
Hagerstown, MD

“We recently purchased a house with a three season addition that we had hoped to convert into a home office. The addition was really poorly constructed and the materials used were what I would normally expect in a garage. When we got the walls open man was it leaky. We did the work in December and you could really feel the cold wind whistling through the place.

Steve Q.
Chicago, IL

“BTW, one “lesson learned” is that if you plan to put in batting on top of the foam, avoid shooting the foam onto the sides of the studs. In some cases I shot a lot of foam on the sides of the studs and had to trim it back to get the batting -- which is sized to fit tightly between 16″ centers -- to fit properly.

I’m in the process of remodeling a home built in the 20’s. I used the spray foam kits in the exterior wall cavities-noticed a substantial difference in noise reduction and the homes ability to maintain heat. Very happy with the product, ease of use, and the exceptional customer service!”

Jim G.
Oconomowoc, WI

“Remember me? The nut with the plastic horse trough hot tub. Well it finally got finshed enough to move outside for wiring and final laminating. Weeks of garage testing with a thin hot tub cover proved the insulation to be exceptional. Thanks again for all the help. Without Foam it Green, this wouldn’t have been possible. It got done just in time for sub zero outdoor testing. I’ll let you know how that goes.”

Paul B.
Cleveland, OH

“This has to be the product of the decade I am so happy with this I am about ready to burst. After doing much research on this subject I went with Foam it Green and I am so glad I did. It was super easy to use and the tanks emptied completely. I am so thrilled. The shipment arrived on time the instructions were clear and concise and shortly after I ordered someone was on the phone asking if I had any questions. The gal I dealt with on the phone was super, I just wish I could remember her name. It already is making a difference in the comfort and quiet of the basement part of my home. The product, people and company are absolutely first class. Thank-you so much.”

Charles C.

“I will be ordering more in the future.”

“Foam It Green and purchasing experience met or exceeded all our expectations. Use was easy and flawless due to the great explanations and the effort put forth by you in the videos and overall website.

We had a lot of choices available to us in the foam world and settled on Foam It Green even though we used it in Alaska. It was worth the extra shipping cost. We look forward to our next experience with your company.”


Art & Joan C.
Juneau, Alaska

“First —- I read the instructions.Then I waited for about an hour —- Then I read the instructions again.
Unpacked the product. Got it ready to use. Read the instructions again. And wouldn’t you know it everything worked just like the instructions stated and I ended up with a very satisfied end product.”


Ed A.,
Albany, GA

“The spray foam worked great, it was exactly what I needed to seal drafts from outside. Basement has never smelt better.”


Chuck D.
Alma, MI

“Thank you for caring what happened after the sale. It worked, it was easy to apply and you sent every thing necessary to do the job.

Frankly I was apprehensive but decided to try the closed cell because of the surface -- i.e., an old warehouse with “ripple metal”, cross bar framing plus one wall of 2″ X 6″ framing with wood inserts. You could see daylight coming through the metal overlays. I needed the sealing ability of the closed cell foam.

Donna S in Arizona

“We can tell you that to this point, we do see a substantial difference already in our home. With not many frosty mornings so far (21* has been the coldest morning yet), and nighttime temps in the 30’s usually, our home is noticeably warmer. The cellar is literally draft-free and tight as a drum. Our floors are warmer (we have a wood furnace that operates in sync with our oil-fired, baseboard hot-water system), and the house retains heat even better that before.

Carroll W.
Skowhegan, ME

“The foam worked great. Thank you for all of the resources you have provided in case of any questions/problems. Because of the success I had and the top notch customer support I will be purchasing more foam from you.”

Shane M.
Greentown, IN

“I’m very pleased with the insulation. I used in basement, first day I have already noticed temperature is 4 degrees higher than before. Note that’s without any heating installed.”

Robert Z.
Medford, NY

“We used our green foam to insulate some high tech deer blinds. Have been able to stay comfortable in them without heat. Amazing. We built three that are 4 x 6 x 7, put almost 2 inches on the walls and it is great. Will send u pictures if you desire. Thanks!”

Joe B.
Knott, TX

“Hey Guys! Thanks! It worked out great. And it is that easy.”

Kevin H.
Elmira, NY

“We live in a 100 year old house that ordinarily costs us $6000 a year to heat. With the economy the way that it is, we decided we could no longer throw out money out the window.We started a large renovation project that included gutting the exterior walls and replacing the old insulation with your product. We immediately noticed a difference! The house is no longer drafty and we are able to heat the 4600 sq ft house with space heaters! We are truly amazed at how well your product does EXACTLY what you say it will do! We have told all our friends about the benefits of Foam It Green and will continue to do so. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!”

Tonya R.
Virginia, MN

“Dealing with your company was a most pleasant and rewarding experience. The prompt service was unbelievable. The instructions were easy to understand and worked to a perfection. I installed your product with plenty of time to spare. I had a most productive Sunday insulating my porch while still having plenty of time to watch some football!

I am now reaping the benefits of a warm porch as a result of using Foam It Green. In addition to the warm floors, I can now be assured the structure will be protected from the elements as well.”

Michael S.
Stamford, CT

“Good evening, staff at G.E.T. We’ve used the spray-it-green and we are very impressed with the ease of use and the high amount of coverage. We only sprayed our joists bucks, but the amount of time we’ve saved is worth a lot.”

Kent H.
Sasketchewan, Canada

“I used the cellar walls as a place for any extra product left over from the kits when I finished an upstairs wall. I used 6 kits upstairs, and have 4 left for the downstairs, which will be more than enough. The “excess” from upstairs was enough to do almost 20% of the cellar walls. The kits give great coverage.

Mike K.
Brackney, PA

“My husband and I recently bought a historic home. We weren’t really prepared for all the work we would need to put in to it, but Foam it Green was by far the easiest and fun project we’ve done!We did our attic in less then a day and it really made a difference it many ways!

Heather H.
Hagerstown, MD

“It’s plain simple to use and do the job. All the tools are there, temperature strips on tank. Just fool proof. When I was done I thought to my self a drunk (ass) monkey could do this.To save money on my heating bill. And a job I can take pride in that I did it myself. And customer support just a phone call away.”

Mike N.
Lake Mills, IA

“I used your 602 kits to cover between the joists in my crawl space as a vapor barrier. This was so much easier than covering with fiberglass without the itch. It started as a vapor barrier job but had enough to spray a 2nd inch under my back bedrooms to give me R-14 value. This is without a doubt a DIY product. I had the whole 800 sq.ft. area done in 4hrs (with my wife moving the tanks and work light). I can’t imagine how long it would have taken to hang fiberglass or nail vapor board.

Scott M.
Bethlehem, PA

“First of all I own a real old house and its hard to keep warm in the winter when I first moved in my electric bill was $200 plus month in the winter I wanted to Re-insulate the attic.

So I ordered the 602 Kit to see how hard this project was going to be, after removing the old roll in insulation I got the kit up in the attic and within 2 hours I was finished I waited a day and went back and rolled out the old insulation over the spray foam to increase the r-value of the insulation, by using the spray foam and the old insulation now I have a r-value of R-45 up stairs.

By using the spray foam in Know that I have a sealed attic and am not losing all my heat thru the old insulation plus by using the spray foam it helps keep out the noise and drafts, This stuff is so easy to use I Recommend it to everyone.”

Russell R.
Mount Savage, MD

“I worked with Janelle and she was always very helpful. The product was delivered in a timely fashion and worked as promised.

I was able to insulate my house with dense foam at a lower cost than having it done. Probably 40-50% cheaper than contracting it out. Also I have a tip for other 602 users. We put the tanks in a wagon and wheeled it from room to room. It worked out nicely.”

Bob P.
Cheswick, PA

“Sirs,I used Foam it Green to insulate my crawl space last year, and what a difference. We work out of our basement, and I always felt a cold draft across my feet, while sitting at the computer. Wondering where that cold draft was coming from, I Looked into the crawlspace, from the basement, and saw three spots with light showing through and a frost line on the wall. This with the outside of the crawlspace wall covered in one inch thick, foam board.

Ted P.
Lakefield, MN

“The foam is great, far better than others I have tried, the house is finally warm, it will be sealed when I finish the attic rafters over the extension, and them I’m set for comfort, it snowed yesterday, so I need to wait until next week when it will be 60 degrees to finish. Can’t wait to have a proper insulated house,even with out that section of the attic not done ( which is basically a wind tunnel) the heat rarely kicks on, my heating bills will be minimal. I will be able to compare last years heating cost versus this years, and let you know how much I saved.

Diane K
Hamden, CT

“Ireceivedmy kit by UPS 3 days after I ordered. I was very nervous about using the product but after I started I found out how easy it was to use. I have TJI floor joist system and I built my house 8 years ago. With TJI joists the rim is very dense and stays cold in winter. If there is any humidity in the basement you get moisture. With a new tight house you have humidity. This is the only product to properly insulate the rim joist in this application.

Brian L.
Iron Mountain, MI

“We just used the spray insulation yesterday and it went beautifully. We have an old house and we are working on one room at a time. We removed all the old plaster and then were able to spray in the insulation. (I say “we” -- my husband 🙂 It worked great. We should have a very warm bedroom this winter. We’ve already started telling our friends 🙂

We priced having this done professionally, and with your website and all of the instuctional videos I’m convinced we were able to do just as good a job -- if not better -- and for half the cost.”

Thank you.

Ronda B.
Carrsville, VA

“Received your foam it green, used it, and it was just great. You guys are the best. Great product. recommended it to my brother. Delivery was great too right on time. Thanks guys (should have worn a shower cap, now i have green hair hahahhehehe). Worked in crawspace on my back, product was great, thanks guys.”

Ed H.
Shortsville, NY

“Sorry it took so long to get back, the spray foam worked out better than i thought easy to work with, controllable. That is what I was worried about but with the slow rise and the extra nozzles I had about 90 -110 seconds before it was setting up. It even covered more area than I expected. I only used 5 nozzles in a 602 kit over 5 different days of work. That’s right 1 nozzle per day! Thank you again Guardian I will be using your product again.”

Mark C.
Shepherdsville, KY

“I just used the Foam it Green 202 Anti-Microbial Formula kit. I have to admit the I was a little worried about using this do it yourself kit, but I have to say this product is really a do it yourself kit. It was very easy to use and following the supplied instructions.

The bottom line is Foam it Green is a great product and I will be getting more of this product for other projects around my house.”

Tom D.
Redford, MI

“I placed my order Wed. PM. It arrived this am [Friday same week] and everything appears to be there, so, I can attack the job this weekend. I’m not a big DIYer but your instructional videos on the web and your web site and your customer attention have me feeling very empowered. Your product is also the best solution for my problem.”

Thank you,

Robert J

“Great company to deal with no problems bringing it across the USA and Canadian broader. Application videos where very helpful. The product went on easily, noticed a big difference in the room temperature. Bit of smell for the first 24 hours. Very happy with the dealings with this company.”

Thank you,

Bill S.
Strathroy, ON

Editors note:All E84 formulas have a slight smell- it’s the fire retardants. That smell will dissipate quickly.

“Thanks for your quick response today. I am truly impressed with your concern and solution to the problem. You and your company are to be commended-and I appreciate it.”

Best Wishes,

Chuck B
Chetek, WI

“I love, love, love the foam it green kit. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to apply. I was also surprised how much coverage I got out of the 202 kit. Thanks!”

Amy A.
Columbus, Ohio

“WE LOVE IT STILL!!! And it was the perfect size for the project but Chris thought it was a bit pricey. I personally think it was just the right price since it can be done one project at a time where, the company we called that offers spray foam services said we have to have the whole house prepared with ALL outlining walls ripped down to the studs and the attic exposed. I feel that with 2 children under 3 years old and another at 7 years old, your basic kit was perfect. We may not have the money each time we do a project, but I am very happy with your product.”

Alice O.
Magnolia, IL

“Just want to say Great product. Just walked in from spray foaming my polyethylene stock tank and 8 foot by 7 foot deck/platform for the tub. It worked just like you said it would. I put six inches on the tub and 5 and a half in the platform- that’s like R-42. I have plans to use this stuff on the garage I’m building soon. It’s expensive, but the garage would be better insulated than my house!

Paul B.
Cleveland, Ohio

“Could not have found a better product at the price that I paid for it. Very easy to use. The instructions explain clearly how to assemble and use. The product does exactly what it is suppose to do and if done the right way, you’ll be done in no time. This product lives up to its name. Thanks for inventing this product. I have recommended you to a friend that is building right now.

I have saved thousands and I will still be saving because the product works. My energy bill shows the effectiveness of this product by how low it is. This is the best deal I could have found.”

Nicole E.
Whitehouse, TX

“I have been working on a fairly large room addition above the garage in our house on and off for the last two years doing the project myself, of course! When it came time to insulate, I was faced with a pretty significant cooling challenge for the area. Yes, I could get the forced air to the room and return it, but with it being so close to the roof line, the radiant heat was overpowering. Standard insulation by itself simply wasn’t going to do the job. Plus, with the air conditioning being supplied to the rest of the house as well, I simply could not run it as long as needed to successfully cool the upstairs on hot days, without making the downstairs main living area unbearably cold.

Jeff L.
Mooresville, IN

“I was simply amazed how easy and how little time it took to complete my project. Everything that I needed was included in the kit. I would recommend this product to anyone.

My wife and I used this product when we built our home on the Bay of Green Bay of WI. The winter winds off of the frozen bay are nasty and we know our house is warmer because of this product.”

Doug A.
Egg Harbor, WI

“I bought a spray foam kit from your company and used it to spray under the floor boards on the add-on in my house. They built in a porch to add an office using insulation bats in the floor boards. I always felt a breeze through the floor. I crawled under and their bats that had been stapled on had come loose over the 20 years leaving a 10 inch hole.

My heat bills came down and my comfort level is wonderful!”

Tom F.
Mitchell, SD

“Our bathtub is an old and heavy-duty, but when we drew a bath, especially in the winter months, the water would be too cold by the time it’d filled up enough to get into the water. One day while I was in the crawl space under the house, I looked up and noticed the floor was missing under the tub, and I could see the entire bottom! I bought a small spray-foam kit and applied it all over, directly on the bottom of the tub and we could tell a difference immediately! We drew a tubful of hot water only, and placed a thermometer in the water.

Christopher K
Tulsa, OK

“I live in Orlando Florida. My house was built in 1960 and is in the flight path for Orlando International Airport. My home had no insulation and I could hear everything outside along with very high electric bills. I took down the sheetrock and placed (2″X2″) steel studs on the cinder blocks. Then I sprayed foam between the studs. I also ran furing strips on the trusses. Between the trusses I put 2” foam board. Then I sprayed foam on the foam board. This project is a payday to payday project that has gone on for the last 7 months. I’m living in the home as I work on it. So I have been watching my electric bill slowly go down as the weather has gotten warmer.

David S.
Orlando, FL

“We were building a soundproof wall for a therapist’s office. We used sound attenuating sheetrock and heavy hotel doors (double solid core doors hung on the same jamb) but we had a partition wall that didn’t mate with the second floor joists above it and there was no way to make them meet without a lot of expensive work. If only there was some way to fill the boxes where the first floor partition wall’s top plate ran perpendicular to the second floor floor joists.

Brien C.
Ithaca, NY

“My experience with Foam It Green may be a little unusual and unique. I have a very old farm house that has been modified by numerous individuals over the years. My problem was a specific wall that had no insulation with a 4” cavity. The interior room was remolded into an office with a custom built cherry work/computer station and literally fastened to the walls, the outside is new insulated vinyl siding. The only way I could think to insulate the inside was to inject the foam into the wall from the top as to not damage the interior or exterior. This ended up working well as I connected a 10′ tube to the spray gun and lowered the tube into the wall from the attic. As I injected the foam I pulled up the tube until the complete wall was filled between each stud.

Tom D.
Mount Joy, PA


Mary Ann P
Wellston, Ohio

“Just wanted to say thanks for your help in selecting the right product for our project. This is the first time that we stepped outside the “fiberglass box” and elected to insulate a crawl space. I had quoted the homeowner using the traditional fiberglass against concrete block method of insulating the space and was a little apprehensive about using a more expensive solution to the problem. It went on the walls quickly and saved us a lot of labor over a fiberglass install and we did not have to handle the nasty fiberglass piece by piece through a small crawl opening.

Dan & Mary M.

“After using your “Foam It Green” Kits I ordered recently I called to place another order today. Your 602 bd ft foam kits were the best I have ever used. I was thrilled with the expansion, the even flow both through the round and the fan tip nozzles. I have a very consistent finished product from your kits. I had previously used 4 or 5 different kits from ha**i foam from another insulation warehouse and was not very happy with the results.


Brian S.
SPS Insulation

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