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I did my foamed my crawl space wall andrim joist last Saturday and it the project went well. It was really pretty fast and the hardest part was dragging those 60 pounders around. – Dave J., MI

Dave J

“First phase went fine.. a 6′ x 10 room in my studio that I can keep above freezing for paint and a deep sink and hydronic heating.. The rest of the studio will be heated from a heat exchanger in that room. The exterior walls have been too cool to apply foam to the main room, so i’m waiting till spring or a good warm snap I think. The material should keep well till then? I used one pair of containers completely and have not opened the second set. – Anthony C., New Cloucester, ME

Anthony C

My project went very well. I insulated the box sill of my house. I replaced the fiebrglass insulation with 2″ foam board and 1″ foam it green (=R-17). Excited to feel the results as winter approaches and to keep the bugs out come spring. Impressive shipping time and appreciated the quality packaging. Very satisfied, thank you! – Eric A., Oconomowoc, WI


Everything worked great. Instructions were clear and I had no issues. My only comment would be to provide a cheap construction respirator or face mask along with the other free items. I have attached some pictures which are not that great. Sorry. Ha. My house was built in 1923 and the exterior walls do not have insulation so I pumped the insulation in the walls and in between the frame of the window. – Abel M., Coronado, CA


I have finished with spraying second kit. I do have pics of applied foam, ready to complete wiring within remaining wall cavities. Next will be to use Fifoil radiant hybrid roll material. I live in the low country of South Carolina. Lots of humidity and sun to deal with in summer. As we are still working in an unheated space, can’t appreciate the expected results yet. – Richard K., Walterboro, SC

Richard k
Richard K2

We sprayed it into a 5.5″ ceiling joist cavity, on a 28′ tiny house! We we are satisfied with the outcome. – Ian S., Saint Inigoes, MD

Ians 2

I had a Gas Fireplace installed & two windows in my living room. I sprayed 2 inches of foam 3 inches of fiberglass insulation. The reason for the foam was, they had to remove all the siding from that sideof the house &when they did that the sun was shining through all the hundred of nail holes. So The best way to seal all those holes was spray foam. – Tom P., NY

Tom P
Tom P2
Tom P3

Finally, things have slowed down on work and project. I did get the foam sprayed into my room. Did it early in the morning because of the Gulf Coast weather it get hot quickly inside a room with two sides being metal. Following the instruction was quick and easy. The spray went on easy and went through the bottles in about three hours with prep time. I wish the foam was as thick as some of the YouTube, but I have not got the electrical to the barn so I do not know how the AC will do. Am I happy with the product — Yes – Galen S., Brazoria, TX

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