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Expanding Foam Insulation’s Costs & Benefits

Do You Even Need it?

First time using any type of spray foam insulation… As a somewhat handy person I was very happy to save almost $4,000 by doing it myself. David Z. Braintree, MA | Read more >>

spray foam insulation benefits spray-foam-kits-customerHow does expanding foam insulation justify the costs? It depends on your situation. Here’s how to figure out if it’s worth your money or not.

The U.S. Department of Energy urges homeowners to air seal their homes. That’s because sealing out leaks saves up to 40% on energy bills.

That’s where expanding foam comes in. The #1 benefit is that it’s the best way to do this.  Why?

Because expanding spray foam provides a tight air seal and high r-value in just 1 inch of cured foam.  It’s the amazingly simple way to save a ton of energy and add comfort to your home in 1 simple pass.

Expanding foam provides a 100% air tight seal. It fills in the gaps and holes that let air in.

When you keep your heated air IN you also keep the cold air OUT.

That same air tight seal keeps your air conditioned air IN during the summer AND the hot air outside OUT.

Foam it Green closed cell spray foam doesn’t absorb moisture. That helps prevent mold and mildew. The air tight barrier also seals out bugs and pests. And that same barrier helps improve your indoor air quality.

  • The 100% air tight seal keeps cold air out and warm air in during the winter, and vice versa in the summer.
  • Foam it Green closed cell spray foam helps prevent mold and mildew.
  • Creates a tight barrier against bugs, pests and allergens.

Installation is simple and easy.  The spray foam adheres to almost every dry surface and expands to fit the space.  That means air leaks are sealed quickly.

Side by Side Comparison


Spray Foam Products >>

Foam it Green offers 4 different spray foam products:

Closed cell kits for 90% of projects

Open cell kits for sound deadening

High Density for outdoors

Slow rise kits for filling existing walls.

See How You Can Save up to 40% on Energy Bills >>

The U.S. Department of Energy states that 40% of the energy in a home can be saved by sealing air leaks. With energy costs skyrocketing, this makes it more and more important to plug the hole in your pockets.

Type in your monthly average heating and cooling expenses below to get an estimate of how much you could save with Foam it Green.

Estimate Your Savings
Type in YOUR monthly utilities spending* »
Use Foam It Green® and Save Up to: 1 month $57
1 year $682
5 years $3408

Do You Need Fiberglass or Expanding Foam Insulation?

It depends on what you want.

The harsh reality is that no matter how many inches of fiberglass you install it will never provide a tight air seal.  Plus fiberglass degrades over time, absorbs moisture, sags and settles and makes a nice home for pests. Most of our customers are replacing worn out fiberglass with Foam it Green.

If you want to save lots on energy bills you need to seal out air leaks so what you heat or cool stays inside. And that air seal keeps the cold (or hot) air outside from coming in too! That’s what expanding spray foam insulation does. It’s the primary spray foam insulation benefit.

Foam it Green vs Fiberglass Foam it Green® Fiberglass
Stops Annoying (and Costly) Drafts X
Makes it Easy to Seal & Insulate in 1 Step X
Saves You up to 40% Off Energy Bills with 100% Air Seal X
Gives a High R-Value (R-7) in Just 1 Inch X
Saves You Time with Much Quicker Installation. Over 2x Faster >> X
Finishing the Job is Easy with Foam that Expands in to Corners X
Improves Air Quality by Sealing out Allergens X
Stops Sound Transfer Because it Stops Air X
Resists Mold because it Doesn’t Absorb Moisture X
Resists Bugs & Pests because it’s Solid X
Adds Structural Support X
Durable and Long-lasting X
Do it Once and Forget it X
Doesn’t Trap Dirt or Moisture X
Easy to Use on Metal Buildings or Boats X
Energy Saving Air Seal X
Stops Smells, like in a Room over a Garage X
Increases your Home’s Value X
Improves Your Home’s Desirability X

Should you have someone else install expanding foam insulation for you?

It depends on what you want.

If you like keeping things simple, quick, and easy, then you should join 50,000+ others and choose Foam it Green. Why?

Because spray foam installers use high-pressure machines which push loads of chemicals through the hoses and into your home.  That means you have to leave for 24 to 72 hours. Foam it Green’s low-pressure spray foam system means you only need to wear a respirator in the area you are spraying, and everything is settled after just one hour.

With Foam it Green there are no quotes to gather, no days out of your home, and no worries about the quality of the work.

Foam it Green vs a Spray Foam Contractor Foam it Green® Contractor
Saves You Money
No Paying Someone Else X
No Paying for Foam You Don’t Need X
No Attic Roof Foaming Just Because It’s Easier for Them X
No Cutting Corners X
You Can Use a Hybrid to Save on Foam X
Pay as You Go, Not 1 Big Check X
No Time Spent In Hotels X
No Vetting Contractors X
No Worries About Them Showing Up X
No Waiting for Bids X
No Leaving your Home for 24-72 Hours X
Done in Hours, Not Weeks X
Freedom to Schedule As You Prefer X
Done Your Way to Your Standards X
No Cleaning Up for Company X
No Leaving your Home for 24-72 Hours X
Sidesteps Hassles of Needing Someone Else X
You Know Exactly What You’re Getting X
You Control What, How and When X
Done Your Way to Your Standards X
No Hoping They’ll Do What They Promised X
No Worries About Substitutions X
No Strangers in Your Home X
No Guesswork Whether It’s Done Right X

Foam it Green is Proven in Over 59,000 Homes.  It’s the most highly rated spray foam insulation in America and that’s from people just like you.  Foam it Green makes it easy to start saving money right away. Use this proven solution to seal & insulate your home quickly and easily today.

Ready to start saving? Buy your spray foam kits right now, or call us at 800-516-0949.