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Doug and Heather Sheehan have been living with a tiny kitchen for over three years. Unable to change the original footprint, they’ll gain storage space by extending their cabinets to the ceiling and reconfiguring the layout, but they’ll need some help from John to save ten grand. These environmentally-friendly homeowners will do the work themselves, using green products… Read more >>

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SMART INSULATION — DIY POLYURETHANE SPRAY FOAM INSULATION KIT – This is a great do-it-yourself project that can help you save up to 40 percent on your heating and cooling bills. It’s a DIY “polyurethane spray foam insulation kit” that seals air leaks and insulates… Read more >>

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The Speediest Way to Cut Your Summer Energy Bills Read more >>

A leaky house can run up hefty energy bills. So rather than continuing to heat and cool a 70-year-old home with virtually no insulation, the Wilson family embarked on a Deep Energy Retrofit (DER) that will eventually bring the operating cost of their house down to zero… Read more >>

Terrapass funds projects that destroy greenhouse gases and produce renewable energy. Each project is made possible by the purchase of renewable energy credits and carbon offsets. See how Foam it Green supports this effort by balancing it’s carbon footprint.

This professional credential signifies that Foam it Green is a leader in the field and an active participant in the green building movement… Read more >>

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Foam it Green qualifies for this verified seal because they have met the criteria for third party disclosure, private information security, and email notification security. Read more >>

Guardian Energy Technologies, Inc. is an insulation materials company which sells insulation kits to homeowners and contractors, including closed-cell spray foam with antimicrobial applications. This company has received an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau. Read more >>

Foam it Green is proudly made in America. Your team is based in Chicago. It’s a city with broad shoulders and a strong work ethic. It’s also a city with wickedly cold winters and broiling summers… Read more >>