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Energy Star’s Recommended R-Values*

Closed Cell Spray Foam Can Use a Lower R-value


Step 1: Find Your Zone # on the Map Below

* Residential ICC Code 5.2.9 R806.5 For Attic Insulation:
Air-impermeable insulation is not required to meet the R-value minimum.
N1102.2.2 Minimum required R-value for attics if covering completely (air tight seal) is R-30 [not R-49].

The ONLY way to meet R-value code for walls (R-21) in a 2×4 space is with 3 inches of closed cell spray foam insulation.

Attic Floors and Heating Ducts (Residential ICC N1103.3 & N1102.4.5) mandatory air seal around recessed lighting.

Residential ICC N1102.4.1.1 (R402.4.1.1)
A continuous air barrier shall be installed in the building envelope.
The junction of the foundation and sill plate shall be sealed (rim joists).
The junction of the top of exterior walls shall be sealed.
Knee walls shall b sealed.
Air sealing shall be provided between the garage and conditioned spaces.
Recessed light fixtures installed in the building thermal envelope shall be sealed to the finished surface.

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Step 2: Look in the chart below to see recommended R-Values (if only using Fiberglass)

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