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Your Wine Collection Deserves Proper Storage

Seal Your Wine Cellar with Spray Foam Insulation

built in wine closet
You don’t spend the kind of money you do on wine not to store it correctly.

We’ve helped many customers over the years protect their collections and create the wine cellar of their dreams.
Keeping the quality of your wine during storage depends on proper temperature and humidity levels.

Wine cellars typically perform best when the humidity level is 55 to 70% with a temperature of about 55°F.

The ideal way to achieve this without affecting the living area surrounding it (since you normally don’t keep your living space at 55°F), Foam it Green recommends using Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation.
built in wine closet

If you have access, completely surround the cellar- walls, ceiling and floor, to create a complete barrier. Sealing every seam and hole will stop condensation from forming as the two competing air temperatures meet.

As many of our customers have rock wall basements, the use of a spray on foam helps to seal into all the nooks and crannies of the uneven surface.

As a bonus, if you leave the insulated wall exposed and covered in a fire barrier paint, the aesthetic becomes that of a wine cave.

Do NOT use Open Cell foam for this project – it will not provide the vapor barrier needed partly because it doesn’t test as a proper air seal.
stone foundation

Also, open cell’s R value is about ½ that of closed cell so it isn’t as effective at holding a temperature without using more energy.

Plus, considering many customers use at least 1 external wall for wine cellars, you typically never use Open Cell for an exterior wall.

So, if these examples inspire you to protect your current and growing wine collection, nothing compares to Foam it Green Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation.

It is fire retardant insulation and includes a mold resistant additive which is a valuable bonus for a specific project such as this.

We’re here to answer your questions and help you get your wine cellar completed – call us toll free at 800-516-0949 or email us at
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