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How to Avoid 3 Costly Insulation Mistakes

Every one of us hates making mistakes. They’re embarrassing, expensive, and hard to fix.  So let’s make it easy to avoid them.

costly insulation mistakes 01Don’t Just Focus on R-Value

We see R-value comparisons time and time again. It’s hypnotic. It can easily sway you to going back to comparing apples to oranges.

But, there’s more to insulation performance than just R-value. Keep that in mind, and ask how the insulation performs against air leaks, moisture, mold, and pests.

Air leaks alone count for up to 40% of energy wasted in heating and cooling. So, stopping air leaks is vital and it has nothing to do with R-value.

Plus you want more than just r-value.  You want comfort.  You want better air quality.  You want to make sure you don’t have to redo it again in a few years.  You want to keep pests out of your home.  So don’t be a sucker for just R-values.

Foam it Green has twice the R-value of fiberglass per inch – R-7 in just 1 inch of cured foam.  Better still, Foam it Green seals out air in just 1 inch which saves up to 40% of energy bills by sealing in the air you heated or cooled and sealing out the outside.


costly insulation mistakes 02iStock_000025071621LargeDon’t Mistake the Lowest Cost for the Right Thing

You didn’t buy the cheapest house you could.  You don’t drive the cheapest car on the road.  And you didn’t buy the cheapest furniture.

You buy the right house for you.  You buy the right car.  And you buy the right furniture for your home.

You’re not buying the most expensive furniture in existence.  You’re buying the best furniture for your home.

And that’s what you want to do with insulation.  You want to buy the right insulation for your home.  Not the cheapest and not the lowest bid.

Foam it Green is the best way to get spray foam insulation into your home.  It’s simple, it’s fast, and it’s been proven by 49,000 others ahead of you.  No one else can say that.


costly insulation mistakes 03Don’t Assume it’s All the Same

When everything else seems even, it makes sense to try to save some money.  After all, do you choose the car you’re going to buy and then find the very highest price for it?  No.

But there are big differences between different types of spray foam insulation.  Even if it’s closed cell, and the r-value is similar and it’s going to seal out air there are some big things to consider.

For instance, your family’s safety from MDI’s when a contractor is using a high pressure spray foam trailer to push chemicals through 100 feet of hoses.  It takes 24-72 hours for those to settle down.  Foam it Green is a low pressure system that lets you come back into the space in an hour.

Foam it Green is the simplest, easiest spray foam insulation you can get.

And it’s been proven in over 49,000 homes with top reviews from people just like you, choosing to use it for the first time.  It’s a simple system that makes it easy to slam dunk getting amazing results with a true minimum of effort and expertise.

No one else can say this.

Foam it Green is a tried and true system that yields fantastic results.  If you’re ready to start saving today, figure out what you need, or learn more.

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