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Get the Right Amount of Spray Foam Insulation

It’s easy to see how much spray foam insulation costs. You can balance out costs with benefits to optimize exactly what you want with what fits the pay back period you need.

Step I: Use a Tape Measure to find the area to spray.

Step II: Choose the desired thickness.

Multiply I. and II.

That’s the number of board feet you need. A board foot is just a fancy way of saying a square foot at 1 inch of cured foam.

It’s really that quick and simple.

Join over 50,000 other homeowners who chose the quick & easy way without cutting quality or corners.

Hate math? Got Questions? Call our US based team! We’re here to help.


Done in Minutes!

The Only Kit Proven in Over 50,000 Homes

  • Dramatic savings on energy bills
  • Safe for Homes | Fire & Mold Retardant
  • No VOCs, CFCs, or Urea Formaldehyde
  • Stops drafts & deadens noise
  • Easy for anyone to use & get right