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Get the Right Amount of Spray Foam Insulation

2 Simple Steps & Done

Step 1: Calculate the total area to be sprayed.

Step 2: Choose your desired thickness.

It’s that easy!

Join more than 50,000 homeowners that chose to do it right.

Hate math? Got Questions? Call our US based team! We’re here to help.



Three Step Project Estimation:

Enter the Square Footage

Enter the Thickness of Foam You Need

R-value : 7

Allow for Project Overages


Foam It Green 602 Kit: 0 $0.00
Foam It Green 202 Kit: 0 $0.00
Foam It Green 102 Kit: 0 $0.00
Foam It Green 12 Kit: 0 $0.00
Total # of Kits: 0 $0.00

Results based on theoretical yield.


Enter your average monthly
heating and cooling expenses:
Use Foam It Green
and SAVE Up to:
1 month $57
1 year $682
5 years $3408
That means your payback period, the amount of time it will take for your insulation to pay for itself, is just... ? years.

The Only Kit Proven in Over 50,000 Homes

  • Dramatic savings on energy bills
  • Safe for Homes | Fire & Mold Retardant
  • No VOCs, CFCs, or Urea Formaldehyde
  • Stops drafts & deadens noise
  • Easy for anyone to use & get right