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Foam Insulation Videos:

HGTV & DIY Network’s Jeff Wilson:

How Jeff Wilson Saved 80%

Jeff Wilson Retrofits a Basement

Jeff Wilson Retrofits a Home

Most Viewed Helpful Videos:

How Fast & Easy is Foam it Green?

Save Money with Tax Credits

How to Prevent Frozen/ Burst Pipes

Alternative Way to Fill a Wall

Popular Homeowner Projects:

Insulating Attic Floors & Rafters

Insulating Crawlspaces

How to Insulate Basement Walls

How to Insulate 2x4 Walls

How to Insulate 2x6 Walls

Insulating Rim Joists or Sill plates

Spraying Overhead Projects

Filling Existing Walls with Slow Rise Foam

Insulating Metal Buildings with Spray Foam

Set Ups, Demos, & Tips:

Incredibly Fast Spray Foam

Foam it Green 602 Set Up

Foam it Green 202 Set Up

Foam it Green 12 Patch Kit Set Up

Open Cell Anti-Microbial Spray Foam

The 17 Free Extras from Foam it Green

Shutting Down & Reusing Another Day

How to Adjust your Respirator Mask

Cold Weather Tips

Frequently Asked Questions Answered:

What are the Top 3 Projects?

How Thick Should I Apply the Foam?

Open Cell Foam vs. Closed Cell Foam?

Should I Really Wear a Respirator?

Is Sealing Air Leaks Important?

Should I Cover the Foam with Drywall?