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Foam it Green Open Cell Spray Foam for Sound Deadening

Stops Drafts, Deadens Noise, Resists Mold & Pests, Fire Retardant

Covers 600 Square Feet at 2″ Free Rise

  • Foam It Green 1202 Open Cell Spray Foam Kit product image
  • Foam It Green 1202 Open Cell Spray Foam Kit product image box dimensions
  • Foam It Green 1202 Open Cell Kit box label
  • Foam It Green 1202 Open Cell Foam within box cavity showing that foam expanded to fill entire cavity space
  • View of Open Cell foam sprayed on attic floor for sound deadening
  • Open cell foam sprayed on underside of upstairs floor for sound reduction between upstairs and downstairs levels in home

The World’s Only:

Fire-Retardant open cell spray foam insulation.
Do NOT be fooled by cheap prices. Put Only Fire-Rated Open Cell in Your Home.
Anti-Microbial open cell spray foam insulation.
Blue + Yellow = Green shows it’s done right.

Foam it Green is proven in Over 50,000 Homes:

Starts rising in 45 seconds, fully rises in 2 minutes
Use for sound deadening between rooms
Use to fill behind fiberglass in existing walls
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Class 1 Dual Purpose Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation

The world’s only open cell spray foam insulation with:

  • Class 1 E84 Fire Retardant included.
  • Blue and Yellow make Green foam for peace of mind of proper mixing even in a blind cavity fill.
  • ASTM G21 Anti Microbial Formula.

Useful for Spraying internal walls for sound deadening or for Filling Walls with fiberglass

Spray foam insulation that’s fast and easy to use.

  • Approximately 1202 Board Feet (600 Square feet at 2 inch thickness) of spray foam insulation. Usage of this product recommends applying for 2 inches cured from one free-rise pass to achieve maximum yield. It is recommended to buffer 20% for the project.
  • R-Value of 3.6 in 1 inch – 8% Closed Cell Foam.
  • Use for Sound Deadening or Other Applications where Moisture is not an issue.
  • Open cell foam can absorb water.
  • Light Green Indicator Foam Helps Keep You From Wasting Chemicals.
  • Class I E-84 Fire-Retardant – meets building code spec.
  • Helps Prevent mold from making your home less healthy.
  • Helps Stop Mold before costly remediations.
  • Not for remediating existing mold.
  • Expanding sealant creates a tight building envelope.
  • Ships Same or Next Business Day
  • Shelf Life: 13 Months unopened, 1 Month Once Opened.
  • Includes gloves, 15′ hose assembly w/gun, 10 nozzles and 3 fan spray tips- everything you need to complete your insulating project.
  • Get the most control with the best gun in the business.
  • Each 1202 includes a garden hose style gun and a 15′ hose. If you can water your lawn, you can seal and insulate your home.
  • Includes 24/7 Product Support so You Get the Results You’re Really After.
  • 17 Accessories Free! Includes Nozzles, Fan Spray Tips, a Coverall, Goggles and Gloves. All You’ll Need to Foam Your Home.
  • Steel canisters pressurized with nitrogen for foam delivery. No outside source of pressure or power is required.
  • Complete detailed instructions make it quick and easy to foam like a pro.
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Ships Same or Next Day
  • 2×60 lb boxes.

How To Use Open Cell Foam

Fire Retardant✔ ASTM E84 Class I
Anti-Microbial✔ ASTM G21
R-value per Inch

3.6 ASTM C518
Closed Cell ContentASTM D2856 8%
Sound Barrier
Formaldehyde Free
VOC & CFC Free
DensityASTM D1622 .75 lb/f3
For Use in Open Walls
For Use in Attics
For Use in Finished Basements
For Use in Ceilings
For Use in Closed Walls behind Fiberglass
For Use in Soundbooths
Starts to RiseAfter 40 Seconds
Rise Time2 minutes

What is the R-value?

Foam It Green closed cell spray foam insulation is R-7 per inch. That is double the R-value per inch of fiberglass batt.

Is this a vapor barrier?

Foam it Green is a Class III vapor retarder. Your local code will determine which Class vapor retarder you need. If your code requires a Class II or better, then hang kraft paper (comes in rolls at home stores) after you have sprayed the foam.