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Get the Right Amount of Spray Foam Insulation & Start Saving

You get what you pay for. We’re not always the cheapest, but we’re always the best.

Save Time, Money and Hassles with Foam it Green

This handy spray foam project estimator helps you optimize your spray foam project. Step 1: figure out how much area you need to cover. Then decide on the best thickness for the results you want. It’s that easy.

Then the savings calculator shows how quickly Foam it Green pays for itself.

Remember – it usually costs more to do it right. You don’t drive the cheapest car, and you certainly don’t shop for bargain surgeries. Join 50,000 other homeowners that chose to do it right with America’s top rated spray foam insulation (4.8 stars).

Hate Math? Got Questions? Call us at 1-800-516-0949. It’s What We Do.

3 STEP Calculator

Enter the Square Footage

Enter the Thickness of Foam You Need

R-value : 7

Allow for Project Overages



Foam It Green 602 Kit:0$0.00
Foam It Green 202 Kit:0$0.00
Foam It Green 102 Kit:0$0.00
Foam It Green 12 Kit:0$0.00
Total # of Kits:0$0.00
Results based on theoretical yield.
Savings Calculator
Enter your average monthly heating and cooling expenses: $
Use Foam It Green and SAVE Up to:1 month$57
1 year$682
5 years$3408
That means your payback period, the amount of time it will take for your insulation to pay for itself, is just... ? years.
Next Step

Foam it Green is proven in over 35,000 homes

  • Saves up to 40% off of energy bills
  • Class 1 ASTM E-84 fire retardant
  • Retards new mold growth (ASTM G-21)
  • 100% free of CFCs, VOCs, Penta-BDEs, & Urea Formaldehyde
  • Stops drafts & deadens noise
  • Installs easily on Saturday morning
  • Re-use - stopping and starting is no problem

After Foam it Green pays for itself, the savings go right into your pocket!

Ready to start saving?
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Actual results may vary:
This spray foam insulation cost calculator is based on conclusions from the US Department of Energy. As such it is a guide and not a guarantee of savings.


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