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Spray Foam Gun with 30′ Hose

30' Hose Assembly Extended Reach

Available for Immediate Shipment

  • Extended Reach Hose for the Foam It 602.
  • Super Convenient: You won’t have to frequently move the kit. You can leave the kit on ground and use while on a ladder.
  • The Foam It 602 kits are pressurized for the 15′ hose assembly. That means your yield may be less than 602 board feet w/ this hose.
  • Don’t waste a whole kit if the problem is crystalized chemical in the lines, which can happen if hose is not properly flushed weekly.
  • For use with Foam it Green kits
  • Don’t forget to grab some extra nozzles, too!

Customer Top Questions & Answers

Which foam kits does this gun and hose assembly work for?

The 30′ hose and gun assembly will attach to any Foam it Green spray foam kit except the Foam it 12 Patch & Repair kit.

What comes with this gun and hose assembly?

With the 30′ gun and hose assembly, you receive the spray gun complete with 30′ length of component hoses to connect to the A & B Tanks. You also receive an instruction manual, nozzles, petroleum jelly, nitrile gloves and a wrench to secure the hoses to the tanks.

Do I need to purchase this in addition to the spray foam kit?

At Foam It Green, we only sell kits complete with gun and hose assembly because it’s important to use a fresh gun and hose assembly with each kit. These are, after all, disposable kits. You do not need to buy additional items to make the kit work. Some people purchase this gun in addition to a kit to be able to extend their reach by 15′ if they are spraying in places that make it hard to move tanks.

If it’s more length, shouldn’t I just use 30′ hoses instead of the standard 15′ hoses?

The 602 sized kits are pressurized and designed to work with the 15′ hose assembly. There is a finite amount of pressure in the tanks, and using a 30′ hose doubles the length the foam components need to be pushed by that pressure. Therefore, it’s best to use the 15′ hose assembly when you can to maximize the pressure at the end of the kit.

Can I reuse this gun from kit to kit?

If you are using multiple kits all on the same day, it can be done if another gun can’t be used, but it is not recommended. These are disposable guns designed to work 1 per kit. Foam It Green sends 1 gun and hose assembly per kit so you don’t have to worry.