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Regular Nozzles (10)

10 Additional Regular Mixing Nozzles

Available for Immediate Shipment


Here’s what to get if you need more nozzles. Remember to change your nozzles if you ever stop spraying for more than 30 seconds.

Works with any FOAM IT GREEN except the Foam It 12 Patch and Repair kit.

Customer Top Questions & Answers

Which foam kits do these nozzles work for?

These cone nozzles work on any Foam It Green spray foam kit except the Foam it 12 patch and repair kit. That kit uses a different, smaller nozzle.

Do I need to buy these in addition to a spray foam kit?

No. Each Foam It Green kit (other than the patch and repair kit) comes with 10 cone nozzles. If you plan to start and stop a lot (leaving more than 30 seconds between each spray), and you’d like to have extra nozzles, this is the right product to add.

How many come in this product?

Adding this product to your cart gives you 10 more cone nozzles.

Will these nozzles work with other manufacturer’s spray guns?

No. These nozzles only work with Foam it Green gun and hose assemblies.

Can I wash and reuse these nozzles?

The double-helix mixing part of the nozzle is where the two components meet and make foam. After 30 seconds of having foam move through that piece, it cures. Throw the nozzle away and use a new one. Foam it Green provides you with 10 nozzles with each kit, and most customers have plenty to do their project.

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