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Slow Rise Project Package

Easy to work with, thanks for great directions and customer service! – Rian R. Natrona Heights, PA

For Slow Rise Projects: Plastic tubing, tape to attach tubing to nozzle, & extra nozzles

Available for Immediate Shipment


Everything you need to use Foam It Green Slow Rise spray foam kits to fill existing walls!

  • 50′ of the correct size tubing to fit snugly over the end of the Foam It Green mixing nozzle
  • 5 extra mixing nozzles
  • Strong electrical tape to keep the tubing on the nozzles

Just cut the tubing to the lengths you desire, attach to the end of the black mixing nozzle, and use to fill the wall!
*Use for Slow Rise Projects only. Do not use this tubing with fast rise Foam It Green spray foam kits.

Customer Top Questions & Answers

Why use this product?

If you’re doing a slow rise project where you fill existing walls with foam, you don’t want to just stick the nozzle in the wall and pull the spray gun trigger. You need to pipe it into the wall. This product gives you the pieces you need to do just that. 40′ of hose to cut to length and extra nozzles and tape.

How many should I buy?

This depends on how many square feet of wall you plan to fill, and how prepared you’ll be to go from hole to hole. If you’re set up well, you can do all the bottom holes with 1 nozzle with extra hose length attached. Typically people buy 1 set per project.

It looks like tubing I can get at the home store?

That is correct – this product includes tubing and electrical tape, both items you can get at the home store. You cannot get extra Foam it Green mixing nozzles at the store. This product is a convenient one-stop-shop for the slow rise project.

How will this product come?

If your order is coming via UPS, it will come in a separate box. If you purchased multiple kits, and the order is coming on a pallet, the items may be tucked into multiple B boxes to keep a smaller ancillary box from disappearing in transit. Or, it may come as a smaller box wrapped on the same pallet.