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The Solution for Closed Walls with Fiberglass Inside

Foam it Green Open Cell Kits

Do you have walls that are filled with fiberglass but still have drafts or high energy bills? Do you need better insulation but can’t figure out how to do it without making a huge mess?

Insulating vertical closed walls with existing fiberglass used to be impossible. With Foam it Green you don’t need to destroy your inner walls trying to remove the existing fiberglass. And you don’t need someone drilling ugly holes on the outside.

Below are the simple steps in the DropFill System™. This is used on vertical walls where the fiberglass is stapled all the way up. Still got questions? We’re always here. Give us a call at 1-800-516-0949.

Insulate Existing Walls Containing Fiberglass

One-Hole Under-Baseboard Installation

  • No expensive contractors tearing your walls apart
  • No expertise required, designed for first time users
  • No removal of existing fiberglass means big savings

Uses Proven Foam it Green Solutions:

  • Yellow + Blue = Green system makes installing simple
  • Installs in Minutes, Lasts For Years+
  • Unique Class 1 Fire Retardant & Anti-Microbial formula

How Easy Is It? Here are the Steps:

spray foam insulation for existing walls wallsrevStep 1:
Remove, and then drill one 2” hole per bay under, the baseboard (or above it if you prefer).

Step 2:
Feed the patent-pending DropFill System™ up the first cavity BEHIND the fiberglass, trying to keep it as centered as you can.

While foam will spread to fill the space allotted, it is ideal to fill from as close to the center as possible.

Step 3:
You’re ready to start filling your first cavity! This product is uniquely designed to fill the cavity (already containing fiberglass) correctly if you follow the easy metering system in the instructions.

Pull the trigger. Follow the unique metering system for Foam it Green open cell that comes with the manual below. Then, remove the system from the wall and pop the nozzle off the gun.

You can finish an entire bay in 5 minutes, and be done a whole wall in an hour!

Drop Fill Manual

That’s it!

vertical-dropfillNote: There are always minimal risks that come with filling walls blindly. If you don’t follow the easy metering system, or if your walls are previously damaged or contain fillers other than fiberglass, the cavity may not fill entirely, or the walls could bow.

If you think your fiberglass may be wet or moldy, you may want to remove a larger section of drywall and inspect it before deciding which method of spray foam to use. If your fiberglass needs to be removed, then you’ll want to use our Slow Rise System instead. Slow rise is intended to fill an empty wall cavity. The DropFill System™ is specifically designed for walls that do contain fiberglass.


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    Foam it Green Open Cell Spray Foam for Sound Deadening

    Features: Cold Weather. This kit works in colder temps with proper preparation.No Worry Warranty: Your kit arrives in working order.Same Day Shipping: This kit ships the same or next business day.Everything included: tanks, chemicals, hoses, gun, nozzles, and tips.17 Extras Included:: Tyvek suit, goggles, gloves, extra nozzles and tips and 24/7 customer support.

    Easy to Use Open Cell Spray Foam Kit w/ Class 1 ASTM E-84 Fire Retardant and Anti-Microbial Formula

    Great for Sound Deadening internal walls

    Yields approx 602 sq ft at 2 inch thick of cured foam (or 300 sq ft at 4 inches) at free rise.

    Available for Immediate Shipment

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    FREE 17 Extras Included!