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Foam it Green 402 Fire-Retardant Open Cell Spray Foam Kit

There is nothing easier than spraying this Foam insulation. It is picked up within 15 seconds. Applies so much faster that fiberglass insulation. It is air tight leaving no places for insects to make a home. – Richard C., Acworth, GA

Stops Drafts, Deadens Noise, Resists Mold & Pests, Fire Retardant
Covers 200 Square Feet at 2″ Free Rise

402ocThe World’s Only:

  • Fire-Retardant open cell spray foam insulation (Class 1 E-84).
  • Do NOT be fooled by cheap prices. Put Only Fire-Rated Open Cell in Your Home.
  • Anti-Microbial open cell spray foam insulation (ASTM G21).
  • Blue + Yellow = Green color indicator foam that reduces mistakes.
  • Use as Fast & Slow Rise 1 kit to do 2 things.

Foam it Green is proven in Over 35,000 Homes:

  • Installs easily on Saturday morning
  • Get savings of up to 40% off energy bills
  • Re-use – stopping & starting is no problem
  • FREE Shipping to Lower 48
Features: Cold Weather. This kit works in colder temps with proper preparation.No Worry Warranty: Your kit arrives in working order.Same Day Shipping: This kit ships the same or next business day.Everything included: tanks, chemicals, hoses, gun, nozzles, and tips.17 Extras Included:: Tyvek suit, goggles, gloves, extra nozzles and tips and 24/7 customer support.

Use this for spraying and cavity fill applications.

Call us: 800-516-0949
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Class 1 Dual Purpose Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation

The world’s only open cell spray foam insulation with:

  • Class 1 E84 Fire Retardant included.
  • Blue and Yellow make Green foam for peace of mind of proper mixing even in a blind cavity fill.
  • ASTM G21 Anti Microbial Formula.

Useful for Spraying or for Filling Walls & Cavities Efficiently – Lowest Cost Spray Foam Insulation per Board Foot

Spray foam insulation that’s fast and easy to use.

  • Approximately 402 Board Feet (202 Square feet at 2 inch thickness) of free rise spray foam insulation. Enough for roughly 100 sq ft at 4 inches thick. This foam is meant to rise a minimum of 2 inches per square foot. It is always recommended to buffer 20% for the project.
  • R-Value of 3.6 in 1 inch – 8% Closed Cell Foam.
  • Use for Cavity Filling interior Walls or behind Fiberglass (DropFill). Blind filling may cause foam to condense to a denser foam while curing, which can reduce yield.
  • Use for Sound Deadening or Other Applications where Moisture is not an issue.
  • Open cell foam can absorb water.
  • Light Green Indicator Foam Helps Keep You From Wasting Chemicals.
  • Class I E-84 Fire-Retardant – meets building code spec.
  • Helps Prevent mold from making your home less healthy.
  • Helps Stop Mold before costly remediations.
  • Not for remediating existing mold.
  • Expanding sealant creates a tight building envelope.
  • Shelf Life: 13 Months unopened, 1 Month Once Opened.
  • Includes a pair of isocyanate resistant gloves, 10′ hose assembly w/gun, 10 nozzles and 3 fan spray tips- everything you need to complete your insulating project.
  • Get the most control with the best gun in the business.
  • Ships same or next business day.
  • Each 402 includes a garden hose style gun and a 10′ hose. If you can water your lawn, you can seal and insulate your home.
  • Includes 24/7 Product Support so You Get the Results You’re Really After.
  • 17 Accessories Free! Includes Nozzles, Fan Spray Tips, a Tyvek Suit, Goggles and Gloves. All You’ll Need to Foam Your Home.
  • Steel canisters pressurized with nitrogen for foam delivery. No outside source of pressure or power is required.
  • Complete detailed instructions make it quick and easy to foam like a pro.
  • A Fit-Tested Respirator Mask with Organic Vapor Filters and a Prefilter for Particulates is Required when Applying Spray Foam Insulation.
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Ships Same or Next Day
  • 1 x 41 lb box (considered hazmat due to pressurized nitrogen).

How To Use Open Cell Foam

Customer Top Questions & Answers

What is the R-value of Open Cell Foam It Green?

R-3.6 at 1 inch.

What is open cell used for?

The most popular open cell projects are internal wall sound deadening (if not a bathroom or kitchen), or spraying on the ceiling of a basement in a conversion to a home theater. Closed cell foam should be used for any exterior walls or basement walls, rim joists, etc.

I need 400 board feet of closed cell foam but your sizes are 202 and 602- can I just use this instead?

If your project calls for closed cell, stick with closed cell. Get the 602 kit, and you’ll find there are probably other areas you’ll want to use the rest of the kit on when you’re done with the 400 board foot project.

Any tips for spraying open cell?

Open cell is less forgiving that closed cell foam. Don’t use the fan tips right away – get a feel first for laying down about 1/2 inch of wet foam with the regular mixing nozzle. This will cure up to about 2 inches thick. Going for 2 inches in one pass with open cell gives you the best yield.

Can I spray this overhead?

Open cell is less forgiving than closed cell, so it’s important to follow these steps if spraying any foam, but especially open cell overhead. First, cover anything you do not want foam on. Then, get closer to the surface than for normal spraying, spray 1/2 inch of wet foam, which should rise up to about 2 inches. Balance the pull of the trigger to avoid overspray from blasting it on, and never use the fan spray tips.

Why is this called Dual Purpose?

Our closed cell foams are either fast rising (30 second setup) or slow rising (2 minute setup), but the rise starts right away as you spray it on. Open cell sprays on as wet foam but only starts to rise after about 45 seconds, and then sets shy of the 2 minute mark. This allows you to use the dual purpose open cell as a slow rise product for filling blind cavities or as a fast rise foam for an open vertical wall.

How much is shipping?

It depends on which kits you need, how many, and where they are going. You can sign in and put together an order to see exactly what it will cost, or you can call us toll-free at 1-800-516-0949.


  1. Went great and quick. Nice to use a product that is as advertised- don’t find Christian honesty much anymore.

  2. Everything worked great. Thank you for not skimping on the extra nozzles. They came in handy. Great product.

  3. The kit is the best thing since slice bread. You can install at the time you want, not when they have time to come out. The kit has everything you need to do the job right. I will tell everyone I know that is doing this kinda work. This product is the best I have ever used.

  4. The experience with Foam It Green was similar to walking into a deep green forest for the first time. At first, along with the excitement for a new experience, there is a little trepidation and fear of the unfamiliar. But talking on the phone with the representative helped to quell the insecurity involved in trying to enter into this uncharted territory for the first time. The people I dealt with were very courteous and clear about every step involved in this project. When I received the product it was also very clear and simple as to how to go about the procedure with plenty of tools and equipment to get the job done properly. I would recommend this company for those who want to insulate their house on their own, especially without prior experience.

    Two benefits of being able to do this on our own were to be able to control how much coverage we wanted and when and where we wanted to do it. At first we were depending on an outside company but they were not reliable enough to get it done when we wanted to and never finished the job they started.

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    Features: Cold Weather. This kit works in colder temps with proper preparation.No Worry Warranty: Your kit arrives in working order.Same Day Shipping: This kit ships the same or next business day.Everything included: tanks, chemicals, hoses, gun, nozzles, and tips.17 Extras Included:: Tyvek suit, goggles, gloves, extra nozzles and tips and 24/7 customer support.

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    FREE Shipping & 17 Extras Today!