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Project Ideas for Spray Foam Insulation

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39 Uses For Foam It Green Spray Foam & Counting…

Foam It Green polyurethane foam kits are used in General Construction, HVAC and other industries. Foam It Green works great as insulation, sound proofing, sound deadening, condensation control, sealant, caulking material, and void fill.


  • Spraying between stud walls
  • Insulating your home’s rim joist (also known as a band joist)
  • Crawlspaces and under floors. Prevents drafts and flood damage
  • Loft and/or Roof insulation
  • Pipe Insulation – up to -200 to +200°F (-129 to +93°C)
  • Airplane Hanger Insulation
  • Cold storage warehouses, trucks, tankers, and rail cars | See instructions in PDF >>
  • Pool and spa insulation | See instructions in PDF >>
  • Marine flotation and insulation | See instructions in PDF >>
  • Truck, trailer, bus and RV insulation | See instructions in PDF >>


  • Air
  • Water
  • Crawlspaces and under floors. Air and Water Tight! Great for preventing flood damage
  • Emergency or temporary water dykes or stops for projects or flood/hurricane zones
  • Resists Oil and Petrochemicals – temporary hazmat spill containment

Plant and facilities maintenance | See instructions in PDF >>


  • New home & Remodeling/Renovation
  • Filling gaps post and pre construction
  • Insulating commercial & residential construction
  • Large surface coverage and large voids
  • Sealing and Insulating Uneven Cavities
  • Roofing | See instructions in PDF >>
  • Sealing penetrations and creating flashings
  • Sealing fluted edges on metal roofing
  • Filling pitch pockets
  • Temporary night seal for a single ply project
  • HVAC | See instructions in PDF >>
  • Barn conversions

Vibration and Noise Control

Metal buildings

Spas and hot tubs



  • Motor wells, wheel wells, storage on boats, barges, planes
  • Filling openings in boats & trailers
  • Converting vans & buses

Stage and Film props

Skateboard Ramps/Parks

EPA Tank Fill

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