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Using Foam it Green Spray Foam on a Nissan Van

Nissan Van

People are using spray foam insulation kits for sprinter vans, school buses and tiny homes. It’s an incredibly popular project.  More and more people love the simplicity and flexibility these super cool projects afford them.  And the super easy nature of Foam it Green closed cell kits mean these projects can be done quickly and properly in just a few short hours.

You want to use Foam it Green closed cell spray foam kits for this project so you get durability, insulation, sound deadening, and water resistance. Try to keep the van in the proper temperature range for 24 hours after spraying to allow every cell of the foam to form and bond to the metal.

Nissan-Van 2

Foam it Green was recently featured on a episode of Tiny Luxury on HGTV called Tiny Home with Vintage Glam

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How to Insulate a Nissan Van