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How to Spray Foam an Attic – When to Choose Floors vs. Rafters

We had frost in the attic and received a contractor estimate of $5,000.00. We did the job with Foam it Green for $1400.00. This compared so well, plus we have cleaner air! Plus, shipping and accessories were flawless. – Robert O., NJ

When to Spray Foam Attic Floors

Using spray foam insulation in an attic is an incredibly popular project. That’s because it’s very important to seal the top of the house so your heating and cooling stay inside your home. It’s quick and easy to do. Plus the benefits range from much lower utility bills to fewer pests to reduced sound transfer.

You always want to spray foam an attic floor UNLESS you use the attic for living space. Here’s why: You don’t want to heat and cool more space than you have to. When you spray foam the rafters you are adding more space you pay to heat and cool. PLUS you’re adding complexity to how you vent to the outside. Makes sense, right?

Do the rafters when you need to, not just because you think you should. Often consumers are told to do the rafters by contractors because it’s MUCH quicker for them to do the rafters because they don’t need to remove any of the existing insulation or handle any can lighting, etc. That leaves you paying month after month for heating and cooling a space you don’t even use. In other words, it’s penny wise and pound foolish.

The best part of using Foam it Green spray foam on an attic floor is you only need 1 inch cured thickness to seal the living spaces you use from the attic. Then you can use other forms of insulation like fiberglass or cellulose to add R-value now that you have a tight AIR SEAL. That gives you the chance to do save money on energy and by buying less spray foam insulation.

You’re using Foam it Green for what it does best – seals in just 1 inch and offers a high R-value in just 1 inch. Then you’re building the R-value with other insulation that can’t offer you the air seal. Or you can finish the project with Foam it Green closed or open cell formulas.

By using closed cell Foam it Green, you create a seamless air barrier and high r-value that will keep your home much warmer than before in the winter and much cooler in the summer.

The spray foam creates a pest barrier that helps keep insects and rodents out. And because it never sags or settles, once it’s in place, it’s done. Plus, you’re much less likely to have mold issues with the anti-microbial formula.

How to Insulate an Attic Floor

Attic Floor

Using Closed Cell Foam it Green to Spray Foam Attic Floors

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How to Quickly and Easily Spray Foam an Attic Floor:

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051613 Foam Installation Instructions1) Follow all of the instructions in the included instruction manual regarding proper Foam it Green setup, project area preparation, and substrate readiness. Make sure that you have all of the tools required for the job (see Tools).

2) Remove attic floor boards if they exist. Also remove any preexisting blown-in or batt insulation, or move it to one half of the attic, then repeating all subsequent steps when one half is completed. (Fig. 1)

3) Air seal penetrations around chases, flues, and bypasses, which includes junction boxes, lights, and exhaust fans. (Fig. 2)

4) Air seal the furring cavity at the exterior wall (the gap between the exterior wall plaster and the brick bearing wall).

5) Check attic access covers to make sure they are air tight. Install roof vent baffles to be used as insulation dams in order to keep the soft vents free and clear of foam or other insulation materials. (Fig. 3)

6) Apply Foam it Green in 1” cured layers to desired thickness, between the joists, sprayed to the attic deck or backside of the ceiling material below. If using multiple insulation materials, roll out batt insulation over the foam, or fill with blown in to desired R value.

7) If storage space is desired, construct a platform with joists running perpendicular to the attic’s, at a height tall enough to accommodate the insulation’s ultimate total depth.

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Spray foam kits are quicker and easier to use plus you get a seamless air barrier and high r-value in just 1 inch. Choose Foam It Green spray foam insulation kits and don’t settle for less than you deserve.

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