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Here are some of our photos!
– Patrick T., Rochester, NY


Photos from Steve G., Sturkie, AR

I completed another project, went really helps so much withe road noise ,and keeping the elements out.

– Lawrence M., Parkville MD


2016-amy-lYes, the major portion of our project is complete!  We used the spray foam in our garage, converting it to a usable building.  The product far exceeded our expectations!!  It was so easy, we plan to use the remaining part under our sunroom, which has no insulation under the floor.  I did take pictures and i will send them this week.  We would highly recommend your product.

– Greg and Amy L., Jackson MO

I am very proud to report that I just completed applying the foam insulation in the kitchen of our nearly 100 year old home. The unique characteristics of the walls–shallow depth, masonry with countless cracks–made foam the perfect choice. In fact, our contractor recommended that we use it and offered to give us some references for professionals to do the job. I figured that I would explore DIY options first, just to see if this was even a possibility. That’s when I found Foam it Green. I acknowledge that I was a bit taken aback at first when I saw the price. This was a much different ballgame than the fiberglass products with which I was familiar. I did more research and concluded that fiber glass simply wasn’t an option and when I priced the cost of having the foam installed professionally, the cost suddenly appeared very reasonable.

I ordered the materials and everything arrived promptly and in excellent condition. I admit to being a bit anxious over the prospect of donning a Tyvek suit and wearing a breathing mask, but I got over it. My biggest concern was that I not “mess up.” I watched the instructional videos multiple times and read through the instructions. I probably over prepared the walls (after I finished the job I realized that I could have saved myself a great deal of aggravation simply by trusting the foam’s impressive capabilities). As it turned out, my biggest challenge was the unseasonably cool weather we’ve been having. I had to wait several days for the temperature to surpass 65 degrees.

When the moment to begin arrived, I set everything up as instructed. I was a bit unsure as to whether I should use the green tips but decided to start without them and see how things progressed. I did a brief test run using one of the shipping boxes. Things looked good and so I began the project. I have included photographs of what the walls looked like just before I started as well as afterward. Once I got going, I found the experience to be almost enjoyable–the application was proceeding exactly as the video tutorial had portrayed. The equipment worked exactly as advertised. I was able to complete the entire application in about an hour. I shut things down per the instructions and let things sit overnight. The next day, I re foamed a few areas. The City building inspector reviewed the work–a prerequisite to installing the drywall–and commented that our kitchen would now be the warmest room in the house! The drywall was installed a couple of days later.

My wife and I are very pleased with the outcome of this project. Our association with Foam it Green has been extraordinary from day one and we would recommend it to others. It was the ideal solution for us.

Best regards,

Dave and Cheryl Pearl

2016-anthony-bI am thoroughly impressed with the product.  It went on extremely well and easy.  It made a big difference in the room that we put this in.  The room is no longer drafty.  There is a 2 degree temperature difference in the wall that had the spray foam installed versus a non-spray foam wall.  I also sprayed part of a vaulted ceiling in my attic to see what difference that makes this summer.  If it is as good as I expect I will be spraying the entire vaulted ceiling area.  I am a mechanical engineer that designs HVAC systems for large commercial applications and have seen the commercial products installed.  For me as a homeowner to be able to install this myself and get the same results minus the professional appearance (mainly because of it being my first time using the product and not because of the product) is incredible.  I have already recommended the product to several friends and family members.

I have attached some pictures of my installation for you.  I don’t use facebook so I can’t upload them to your facebook page but feel free to use them.

Thank you,
– AnthonyB., Ellijay GA

Finally! Easy to work with, thanks to great direction and customer service!

– Rian R., Natrona Heights, PA


nick-pictureCold air from outside and from the crawl space under the den was passing into our den through major gaps in the wall and next to the brick fireplace. There was moist air entering the room and we had extensive mold in the book cases that were on either side of the fireplace. As you can see the Green Foam sealed up the wall between the studs and around the brick fireplace. Thank you Green Foam.

– Nick K., Mount Pleasant, SC

Image from Mike S., Akron NY

Looking good so far. The air leak we had in this room is gone now. Getting the sheetrock up slowly now.

– John C., Bonney Lake WA

Images from Jason H., Adrian MI

Jason h

I sprayed two kits of 602 on my garage steel decking ceiling worked good. I missed a lot of places so had to go back and hit where I missed. It was hard seeing and gettingthe technic down to cover all sides of the decking itis like corrugated ups and downs hills and valleys. I could have used 4 more pairs of goggles. I only used 5 tips would have traded tipsfor more goggles.Putting jelly on the goggles doesnot work. After youput it on you can’t see through them. I guess I needed more goggles because of spraying overhead instead of on a wall. I went through two more goggles and still needed more. Anyway that is my only complaint when working overhead you need a lot of cheep throw away goggles. Here are some picks of garage ceiling.

– Ken R., Oak Ridge TN

Garage Ceiling 1
Garage Ceiling 1
Garage Ceiling 1

WesThe kits arrived on time and with everything expected. I wish my garage had been as prepared. It took me three days to get it done as I was moving things around at the same time but I think it came out great. I live in a flood zone and had to use closed cell and chose foam it green as you had really helpful info and good ratings. I am happy with the results and glad I selected to do it myself. We have installers in the area but being able to do it in pieces and on my timeline was important. I still have some touch up to do.
– Wes B., Carolina Beach NC

The ceiling insulation project is done. My goal was to fill the entire space between the 2×6 trusses and the kit was almost enough material. The remaining space is filled with R13 fiberglass mat, this also helped getting a smooth surface to mount the drywall to, the green foam is about 3-4″ thick, it should help reduce my power bill quiet a bit.

– Karsten N., Orlando, FL


I own an old school house that had little or no insulation, you can see the boards for the roof in one picture. The foam was very easy to use and covered more than I thought, I am looking forward to seeing if this stops the ice from forming on the end of the roof. Last year, the ice was almost a foot think. I definitely recommend the company and will use them again in the future.

– Tim B., Waterford PA

Tim 1
Tim 2

We will improve our Foam-it-green installation skills with time, but we are fully impressed with the quality and ease of installation. Of important note is that, previously I could easily tell if it was hot or cold outside simply by placing my hand on the front wall. Now, I can’t tell; the wall is the same temperature as the ambient air in the room. To put it bluntly – we are amazed at the difference that Foam-it-Green made. We plan to purchase more in the future as now we are eyeing the energy savings potential of using Foam-it-Green. With an all-electric house, our HVAC is the single most costly appliance during the summer and winter. Thank you for making such a high-quality product – and taking the “stupid” out of installation!

– Jon B., Saint Robert MO