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How Your Foam it Green Order Gets to You

Delivery Times

Estimated Delivery Time Frames from Raleigh – Durham and Colorado Springs:
Once we have your order, it normally ships out the same business day.


Your shipment will come to you one of two ways:

    1. If your order is one Foam it Green 602 kit or smaller, it will come to you via UPS or Fedex.
    2. If your order is two Foam it Green 602s or larger, then it will likely come to you via our delivery partner, R&L Carriers. R&L will call you the night before delivery in order to set up a delivery time that is convenient for you.

UPS Shipments from Raleigh – Durham. NC

    • Ships Monday — Friday
    • Delivers Monday — Friday
    • No Saturday delivery
    • No one needs to sign unless you request that on the order.
    • Tracking info is automatically sent when it ships.

R&L Carriers Shipments from Raleigh – Durham, NC

    • Ships Monday — Friday
    • Delivers Monday — Friday
    • Guaranteed Delivery dates are often available at a reasonable additional cost. If you need it by a specific time, let’s see if it can be done.
    • The carrier will call you a day before delivery to arrange a convenient delivery time.
    • Someone must be there to sign.
    • Tracking info is emailed to you, typically within 24 hours after it ships.

Shipping Times:

Standard Class 1 Closed Cell Spray Foam Kits (Energy Efficient Home Kit & Foam it 602s / 202s / 102s):
98.9% of orders ship the same day if ordered before 12 PM EST Monday — Friday.

Non-standard Foam Insulation Kits (Slow Rise, Open Cell Dual Purpose & High Density):
87% of orders ship that day if ordered before 12PM EST. Otherwise they usually ship within 2 business days.
Not all inventory is in Colorado Springs.

We won’t ship product if it’s clearly going to be too cold. However, your Foam it Green kit can be in sub-32 degree weather and come back to operational temperature in a few days, so normally there are not weather delays.


You can easily have your Foam it Green shipped to Canada.

The costs we give you include freight to your door, customs broker fees, and GST.

The final price will be in USD.

Some of our Canadian customers prefer to have us ship to an address in the US and then handle the border crossing on their own.

All you have to do is send us a short email letting us know what you want and your town and postal code. We’ll get a quote back to you as soon as we hear back from the freight companies.

Once we have your order, it normally ships out the same day.

Spray foam kits are quicker and easier to use plus you get a seamless air barrier and high r-value in just 1 inch. Choose Foam It Green spray foam insulation kits and don’t settle for less than you deserve.

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