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Foam it Green Delivers to Your Door

+ FREE Local Pick Up in Illinois

For Free Pick up, order with us at 1-800-516-0949

Estimated Delivery Time Frames from Raleigh – Durham and Colorado Springs:
Once we have your order, it usually ships out the same business day.


The map above is an estimate from the carriers. They don’t guarantee standard ground delivery times.

Your shipment will come to you one of two ways:

    1. If you order one Foam it Green 602 kit or smaller, it will come to you via UPS Ground.
    2. If you order two Foam it Green 602s or larger, then it will likely come to you via one of our delivery partners, R&L Carriers, UPS Freight or FedEx Freight. They will call you the day before delivery in order to set up a delivery time that is convenient for you.

UPS Shipments from Durham, NC & Colorado Springs, CO

    • Ships Monday — Friday
    • Delivers Monday — Friday
    • UPS doesn’t guarantee ground delivery by a specific date
    • UPS Air Provides 1-2 Day Delivery Guaranteed. It costs roughly $797 per 602 or $319 per 202. Call us if you have an emergency and need it this fast so we can help get you the best solution
    • No one needs to sign for UPS Ground unless you request that on the order or the delivery driver finds the location unsafe to leave your order.
    • Tracking info is automatically sent when it ships.
    • If the product was left on your doorstep on a cold day, it will not damage the product. Move it inside to warm up. The longer it sits in the cold, the more time it needs to warm up.
    • Alaska and Hawaii shipments require additional shipping costs.

R&L Carriers or UPS Freight Shipments from Durham, NC & Colorado Springs, CO

    • Ships Monday — Friday
    • Delivers Monday — Friday
    • Guaranteed Delivery dates are often available to commercial addresses at a reasonable additional cost. If you need it by a specific time, let’s see if it can be done.
    • LTL carriers don’t guarantee delivery by a specific date unless specified and paid for.
    • The carrier will call you a day before delivery to arrange a convenient delivery time.
    • Someone must be there to sign.
    • Tracking info is emailed to you when it ships.
    • Alaska and Hawaii shipments require additional shipping costs.

Shipping Times:

Standard Class 1 Closed Cell Spray Foam Kits:
98.9% of orders ship the same day if ordered before 12 PM EST Monday — Friday.

Slow Rise, Open Cell Dual Purpose & High Density:
87% of orders ship that day if ordered before 12PM EST. Otherwise they usually ship within 2 business days.
Not all inventory is in Colorado Springs.

We won’t ship product if it’s clearly going to be below freezing for days. However, your Foam it Green kit can be in sub-32 degree weather and come back to operational temperature in a few days, so normally there are not weather delays.

Questions? Call your U.S. Based Customer Support Team at 1-800-516-0949

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